The Photo Shoot


Lia walked into the photo studio to prepare for a photo shoot. She stood on her toes and fixed the lighting, changing out the filters for her shots. She stared at the staging area and waited for inspiration to strike her. She suddenly felt a wide grin come across her lips and she walked quickly out to the garage and unlocked one of Anna's bikes and wheeled it back inside from the back entrance. She parked it in the spot she had envisioned it in and locked it into place.

She dashed upstairs to change her outfit. She stripped down completely naked then went to her dresser and pulled out a pair of red stockings and slid them on her long legs. She reached in the drawer again and found the matching panties, bra and garter belt. She put her fedora firmly on her head and then grabbed a trench coat. She wrapped it around her and slid her feet into her red heels. She walked downstairs to the photo studio, grabbed the relay for the camera and climbed onto the motorbike. She leaned forward placing her upper body on the tank of the bike as her legs straddled the seat and she clicked a photo. This was only a test shot for the lighting, but it was efficient nonetheless.

She carefully got off the bike and checked the test shot. She smiled as she saw her work. She went back to the bike satisfied with the shot and remounted the cycle to begin the photoshoot. She first leaned against the bike with her hand on her fedora with her face tilted downward and snapped a shot, then she untied the coat and let a shoulder become exposed, snapping that photo she began to get lost in poses. She had become oblivious to her surroundings and the fact she was being watched.

Anna stood in the corner of the studio just beyond the light umbrella. She watched as her wife took various poses over her motorcycle and smiled. She breathed in slowly quite intrigued with the ways the light hit her wife's body. She watched as Lia dropped the trench onto the floor and then pressed her palms to the seat of the bike and bent over it. Anna's mind slid into mischievous mode. She quietly, as not to alert to her presence, slid out of her own clothes and made her way around the side of the lighting umbrella to get a better look at her wife.

Piece by piece, Lia's clothes hit the floor. She removed her bra first, taking a shot with her hands over her breasts then another without them being covered. Anna grinned and felt herself stiffen. She loved breasts and especially those of her wife. She felt her hand slide down to her cock and lightly touched it; it was at half-mast as her wife would say. She watched as the next article of clothing cascaded to the floor, it was the panties next. Lia bent over the bike with her legs crossed showing the view from behind. Anna stared at her wife's pussy from this angle and that imaging the feeling of it under her tongue as she casually began to stroke herself, sighing quietly as she continued to spy. Lia then leaned back spread eagle showing off another view, lifting her left leg, then her right. Lia briefly thought she saw a flash of pink from the corner of her eye but dismissed it as a trick of the light.

Anna edged closer as Lia went down on the floor in front of the bike for some more poses. She saw Lia briefly look over in her direction and quickly backed up, Lia squinted then shook her head and went back to posing. Anna's heart raced a little thinking she had been caught but she realized Lia still wasn't alerted to her presence. She returned to her spot and watched her wife, her lust growing more demanding as she stared. She decided she couldn't take it anymore, her cock now painfully throbbing in her hand, she knew she needed to be inside her Lia. She waited until Lia had bent over, with her face toward the bike and crept over and slid her hand between her wife's legs and began to massage her clit. Lia let out a moan. Anna smiled hearing the sound. She leaned over her, her breasts touching Lia's back and whispered into her ear as she nibbled on it

"well hello there, babygirl"

Lia felt her pussy muscles clench and grow instantly wet as she heard those words in that quiet, gravelly English accent hit her ear, she shivered as her wife nibbled her ear. She smiled and in an involuntary squeak she replied

"Hello, Daddy, what brings you to the studio?"

Anna didn't answer she simply pulled Lia up onto her knees and ran her hands down the length of her body stopping to gently grab a handful of her wife's pussy and then licked up her neck toward her ear and then back down biting into her neck once she got to the space in the crook of her neck. She ran her teeth along her jugular and then bit again this time drawing blood from her beautiful wife's neck. Lia whimpered and felt her body writhe. Anna took advantage of her wife's hip roll and slid two fingers inside of her pussy and began to slide them in and out of her. Lia rolled her hips, her breathing becoming more intense. She felt her wetness engulf Anna's fingers as she cried out her wife's name. Anna smiled again having removed her teeth from Lia's neck. She slid her free hand up and grabbed a handful of Lia's raven hair and palmed the back of woman's skull in her hand. She pressed forward and dropped her to all fours, removing her fingers as she did.

She gave her cock two quick pumps, putting her wife's juices on the head and then with strategic aiming she rammed herself fully and fiercely inside of Lia's wet, waiting hole. She bit her lip as she entered her. Lia felt her wife enter her and felt a sigh of relief escape her lips. She lowered her upper body to make her entrance more accessible but was quickly pulled back up. She felt herself being pulled to a standing position, her legs straightening out. She was then picked up, her wife's hands sliding around her ass cheeks and fully enveloping her hip joints, she was carried over to the studio wall carefully and then dropped onto her feet and pressed against the wall, her face touching the cold stone.

Anna grabbed Lia's hair with one hand and put the other on her shoulder and slid herself 3/4s of the way out and then slammed back into her wife's hot slit as hard as she could, she repeated this action 3 or 4 more times then bent her over in front of her and fucked her ferociously.

Lia cried out as the first wave hit her, her muscles clenched up and she rocked back onto her wife's cock, pressing herself onto her, matching her movements, her pussy spasming and twitching. She tensed up her body and came almost to a stop when she came. Anna having none of that, grabbed her hips and pounded her from behind until the orgasm subsided. The scent of sex hit the air, causing Anna to moan quietly behind Lia. She flexed herself inside her wife causing Lia to cry out more. This sound was like music to Anna's ears. She grinned and began to chuckle as she pounded her wife's pretty, tight pussy.

Lia, hearing her wife's chuckle, suddenly became aware of a shift of energy in the air. She tensed her body in anticipation. She felt herself being lifted again and flipped onto her back, She felt her head spin as her wife dove between her thighs and began to lap at her pussy, sucking on her clit. Lia looked down at her wife's pink head between her legs and chuckled.

"weren't you supposed to do that first?"

"No law saying I have to do it first, I'll do it when I please, thanks" Anna flicked Lia's clit violently with her tongue,"besides, I was hungry, you're tasty, and it's mine, isn't it?"

"Yes, Daddy, it is"

Anna grinned and sucked on Lia's clit for a few moments and once the girl was writing under her tongue she whispered into her pussy lips against her clit in a low growl," Good Girl"

Lia shook as her pussy exploded against Anna's tongue. Anna lapped at her wife's juices like a woman dying of thirst from being in a desert for far too long. She licked, sucked and bit at her wife's pussy until she had exhausted the juiciness of it and then got back to her knees and pulled her wife to a sitting position, wrapping Lia's arms and legs around her she slid herself back inside. Lia pressed her pussy onto her wife's cock and began to ride her, grinding her pussy onto her as if her life depended on it. She pounded herself onto the stiff rod so hard she began to gasp for breath, She loved fucking her wife almost more than anything else in the world. She closed her eyes and felt the mammoth sword impale her over and over, her muscles quivering around it as it filled and stretched her to her limits. She bit her upper lip and whimpered quietly, directly in Anna's ear.

The noises having quite some influence on Anna's functionality, she lifted her hips to meet her wife's and the two began to move in unison. Sweating and panting the two rolled to a position where Lia was momentarily in charge. Lia pinned Anna's arms to the floor and lifted her pussy just inches from dismounting Anna and stopped. She looked down at her wife with a sly grin and she rocked her pussy on the head of Anna's swollen, throbbing, slick cock and then launched herself forward to meet her lips with Anna's and kiss her deeply causing Anna's cock to blast back inside Lia so deep it caused them both to moan into each others mouths.

Anna groaned as her tongue entwined with Lia's and her cock filled her pussy. Lia pressed her body against her wife and felt her pussy stretch more as her wife's cock prepared to fill her with creamy goodness. She smiled down and then slid off her wife and took her stiffness into her mouth and French kissed it, running her tongue around the head of her wife's cock and sucked it as hard as she could, Anna writing below her and crying out as Lia continued to rhythmically suck and lick. She felt her wife's engorged penis begin to twitch and jerk in her mouth and then spew forward her seed unto Lia's tongue, she lapped and suckled her, drinking down the drops of her cum, she sucked her wife like she was trying to work a thick shake through a straw, drinking down as much of her as she could. She continued sucking long after she had stopped shooting loads, wanting to be sure not to miss a single drop of the salty-sweet juice. She moaned happily as the final shots subsided. She gave Anna's dick one last lick and French kiss and then lay her head on her hip. She sighed and closed her eyes.

Anna lay trying to recall how to breathe and staring at the ceiling, absently stroking her wife's hair that lay across her stomach. She closed her eyes and felt herself begin to calm down.

"so why did you come to the studio?"

"Doesn't matter, this was a much better reason"

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