tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Photo Shoot

The Photo Shoot


This story is about another incident that happened while I dated Bob. As I've mentioned in some of my earlier stories. I met him while we both attended art school up in New England. I was Fine Arts major and he was in the schools Photography program. As our relationship progressed, I started to model for him if he wanted to try some new ideas out for his photography.

At first it was just portraits and clothed shots, but eventually it progressed to some lingerie shots, then topless but not exposing anything, just kinda sexy. Finally, I agreed to let him photograph me in the nude. He had a way with lighting and I suppose I had a way of posing that really produced some interesting, provocative shots. Most never saw the light of day, Bob just used them to perfect his technique and were kept as our kind of private little turn on game.

After a while though, Bob started getting some really good shots and wanted to show them in class. He wore me down or I maybe I just relented a bit; I don't know. I guess, at the time, it seemed that I was making a bigger issue of the whole thing that was necessary. I figured that as long as my face wasn't shown, it shouldn't really be a problem with him using the pictures for his classes. What I didn't think about at the time was the fact that he had used me pretty much exclusively for most of his clothed and portrait photography up to this point. So when he started bringing in these black and white nude studies, everyone in class just assumed it was me anyway. For a long time, No one ever said anything, but I did notice that the guys and some of the girls looked at me a bit more speculatively when I would go to parties and other school events.

I guess I was really pretty oblivious to it all until one night at a party a girl in Bob's class commented on how good a model I was and would I be interested in modeling for her sometime. I thanked her and as we talked I realized that the shots she liked included some of the nude ones. I just looked at her, I guess with a kind of shocked look and she realized that she let something slip.

“How did you know that was me?” I asked her.

Somewhat hesitantly, she said that pretty much everyone just assumed that it was me because most of the earlier modeling was of me and the figure matched those earlier clothed shots.

“I'm really sorry” she apologized; “I just assumed that you knew and were cool with it. I think it's really ballsy on your part and wish I had someone willing to do the same for me, so I figured what the hell, I’d ask. You know, you really have a great body” she finished.

After a bit of a pause to gather my thoughts, I told her that I was OK with the posing, just a bit uncomfortable with everyone realizing that the nudes were of me too.

“Oh god, Jenn you shouldn't be! You have such a presence, it's incredible, really incredible, but think about it, I don't want to pressure you...Ok! When you're ready, let me know. I think you're a great model and I'd love to work with you.”

I thanked her and said that I would think it over and get back to her either way.

That night on the way back home I mentioned to Bob what Linda had told me about my photos.

“Ummmm, I guess I just never thought about it too much, I didn't think that it would ever be an issue, it was just photography.” He was quiet for a few miles. Then he asked, “So... What do you think??”

“I don't know”, I answered, “I mean I'm kind of embarrassed that everyone has seen me bare ass, I mean I guess it depends on how much you showed them, was it just my breasts or everything?” He hesitated a moment and finally replied, “well nothing pornographic if that’s what you’re asking, but maybe a couple of shots where your pussy is showing.”

I turned and looked at him stunned, “My god Bob, what were you thinking? You told me that no one would know it was me!”

“Hey, it's not like I showed your face, I kept my word, I can't help that some of them figured out it was you. You could've thought of that as well as me. You knew that I was using the images in class.”

“Yeah” I agreed “and I don't have much of a problem with people seeing my tits, but my pussy, Jesus Bob, why not just show them the video where you're fucking me for Christ's sake. I bet they’d love that one.”

“Oh come on Jenn, it's not that bad, everyone loved the shots... even the women. If anyone thought that it was crude or in poor taste I would've heard about it. You know how the women in my class are. Maybe I shouldn't have shown those ones that showed your pussy, but the shots were so good and everyone loved everything I shown so far that it just seemed like a natural progression.”

“Now I know why I've been getting looks around school, even your goddamn instructor has been giving me the eye.”

I stopped for a moment after I said that about his instructor and thought about that comment.

I looked at Bob, “you showed him everything didn't you?”

Bob was silent. “You did you bastard! You showed him all the shots... everything!”

“Hey come on now, he's helping me put my portfolio together, I need his advice and I needed to show him everything I had so we could pick out the best.”

“So you showed him the sex shots too?”

“Yeah I just said I showed him fucking everything Jenn”, Bob said getting pissed himself now.

“What the fuck Jenn, you knew that I was working on my book. What was I supposed to do? Keep portfolio shots hidden because you're a little shy. I promised I wouldn't show anything nude with your face in class and I kept my word, I can't fucking help it if people guessed it was you. As far as Jack is concerned, he’s helping me, he has contacts in New York, so I left him the full storage box of 8x10's. He was sensitive to the fact that you might be uncomfortable with people seeing some of shots and so didn't even look at it at school, he took it home for the weekend to go over my stuff, so he's the only one besides me who's seen them. I told him that you would be sensitive about anyone else seeing some of the shots and he promised that no one other than himself would review them. He went through them and when I met with him the following Tuesday he had sorted out the ones that I should blow up for my portfolio. He thought you were an awesome model, in fact he wanted to know if you'd be willing to pose for him sometime too. I told him you probably wouldn't because you were shy around other men. He was also the one who said that we should keep the more intense ones for the portfolio and not show them in class, but he thought they were some of the technically best ones, he really liked them.”

I just shook my head, “Jesus Christ Bob, the guy’s a certified pervert, just ask any girl in the school, any one, he's always hitting on them... the fat, old pervert. He’s like…what 50 years old and hitting on all the young girls around school. And then... then you just hand over a copy of all the photos you've ever taken of me...” and then I had another thought... “did you at least take the videos out of the box before handed your collection over.”

Bob shook his head, “no, I didn't think about them” he said.

”Oh bullshit, you wanted him to see me in action just like when you’re drunk, you like showing your buddies nude pictures you've taken of me . I think you get off on other men seeing me naked, and now I'm sure he has copies that he can show to all his cronies too, thanks Bob, I really appreciate the publicity. I'm sure he must've appreciated it too... the fat bastard.”

“Jenn, come on… please... It's not like he hasn't seen this kind of stuff before, I doubt that he even looked at the videos, he's a busy guy and they didn't look like they'd been touched, and that thing with the photos only happened once, I apologized, it was stupid. I wish to fuck you’d stop bringing it up every fucking time we argue.”

I didn't say anything, I was pissed but also underneath it all, I guess in a way it kind of excited me that people had seen some of these pictures. I really didn't like the instructor but the fact that he'd seen me having sex turned me on. Just the way my twisted psyche works I guess.

“Jenn, I'm sorry... I don't know what else I can say.”

I turned and glared at him and then sighed “oh goddamn it, it's too late now, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

I was quiet for a few more minutes as we drove back to the apartment, finally I said, “now I guess I know why I've been getting all these looks from guys around school," and I laughed bitterly, “Jesus Christ Bob, you can really be a jerk!”

When we got home, I showered and got into bed, I was still worked up and had conflicting emotions, I was pissed but aroused at the same time. A little bit later Bob came to bed and spooned in behind me. He started rubbing his hands over my body telling how good I looked and how lucky he was to have me. As soon as he touched my pussy, he could tell I was excited and the bastard guessed why. I moaned as he slid a finger into me and pinched my clit.

“Oh baby, it turns you doesn't it?”

I didn't say a word. I just let him work his magic on me.

“Oh yeah, I can tell... oh yeah... it turns you on that strangers have seen you pretty little pussy doesn't it Jenn. You act all mad, but secretly it makes you so wet.”

I moaned as he continued to play with my pussy, he was right, the son of a bitch was dead on.

Slowly, he slid his dick deep into my pussy from behind and began to pound away in long measured strokes while twisting and playing with my clit. He kept whispering in my ear.

“You like it that my photo instructor, Jack has seen you with my dick in your mouth doesn't it? I bet it really turns you on knowing that he probably got a hardon staring at your pussy spread wide open while I sucked your clit and fucked you with a vibrator til you came.”

I was getting so hot listening to his nasty whispering.

“Right now, he's probably jerking off watching the video of us having sex, he must’ve copied it... you know I would’ve. He’s watching your tight pussy stretch around my dick. Oh yeah Jenn, he really likes you, I think he wants to fuck you himself. Maybe I'll tie you up sometime and let a few of them in to fuck your pussy and mouth while I film it, what do you think about that Jenn. You laying there helpless while they play with your pussy and titties. I think that'd be pretty cool."

He reached up and twisted one of my nipples, pulling on it.

They'll love these big juicy nipples of yours too... oh yeah... imagine his twisted old fingers playing and teasing them like this... he’s told me a bunch of times how much he likes your nipples when they’re all hard…

Oh baby, oh fuck... and then he started to pump into me like a man possessed, a few seconds later he blew his load deep into my wet, throbbing pussy.

His coming sent me over the edge and I thrashed around on the bed moaning and screaming out my orgasm as he held on for the ride. His whispering in my ear had driven me nuts. The whole idea of being used like that, being shown off, having strangers jerking off to pictures of my body was so sexy in such a twisted way. I knew it was wrong but it was so intoxicating, that the thought of it sent me right over into another orgasm as he continued to play with my clit and nipple. I just couldn't help it and now he knew my secret, a secret I didn't even know myself until tonight.

He got out of bed and came back with his camera and started taking pictures. My nipples were probably more swollen than ever and my head was light from the intensity of my orgasms. He was taking closeups of them and then of my pussy. He told me to play with my nipples, I did and finally I moved a hand down to masturbate for the camera. He snapped away all the time telling me that he was going to show these pictures to all his friends, let them see the real me... until I came again. He practically pushed the lens of his camera into me as my pussy pulsed through the orgasm.

Afterward, he put the camera away and climbed back into bed and curled up behind me. He kissed the back of my neck and shoulders telling me how much he loved me and how hot I made him.

“Baby that was the best ever”, he was still kissing me as he fell asleep.

The next morning, we were back to normal again, but I knew that a line had been crossed. He left for school and I went into his studio, found the box of photos with the videos. I put one video after another in the VCR and the thought of that old man watching them had me squirming on the bed as I got myself off. I was in deep trouble and I knew it.

About a week later, I asked Bob if he had put his portfolio together and could I see it. He said he hadn't made the final cut and felt that it was missing something.

He was quiet again for a couple of minutes before he spoke up again. “Well, since we're talking about it, I'm thinking of doing a new shoot, but I need to use two models. I wondered if you'd be willing to be one of them?”

“Well, it depends... what are you thinking about?” I asked tentatively, sensing that he was working up to something.

“I need to start working with a couple of models together to do some different clothing and maybe some lingerie shots. The idea is to get a chemistry thing going between the 2 of them and see what kind of shots come out of it. At first I wasn't going to ask you, I didn't think you'd be interested, but to be honest, I'd rather work with you than anyone else. I know what to expect from you, I know I can get the chemistry from you. I'd only have to worry about the other model and getting what I wanted from him.”

“Him?” I questioned

“Yeah, it's got to be guy/girl shoot,” he said. “That's why I hadn't mentioned it before now, I was trying to get Steve and his girlfriend to pose for me, but she's kind of freaked out by the whole thing. I don't think it'd work too well with her if she's freaked already and hasn't even seen a camera. She’s posed before for him and for me too, you’ve seen the shots, but the thought of me filming them together bothers her.”

“I don't know Robert, I'm not really sure how comfortable I'd be posing with another guy, I really need to think about that.”

“Well whatever… it's totally up to you Jenn, if you're not into it, then you probably shouldn't do the shoot because it'll show in the shots. But, if you decide not to, and that's fine, I understand, let me know in the next couple of days though so that I can make other plans and get everything organized. I need to get the shots done next weekend.”

That night when we got home and got dressed for bed or undressed as the case may be, he turned out the light and when he climbed into started talking again about how people knew it was me that he photographed. It really got him hot thinking that other guys had figured out it was me. He started talking about them leering at my tits and ass and how crazy it'd make them to see the shots if he had his way with a really wild shoot. Then he started to fantasize about a photo shoot that goes completely out of control.

The more he whispered the hotter I got. I closed my eyes and he described the shoot and things that were going to happen to me. He moved up my naked body and straddled my shoulders and slid his hard dick into my mouth as he talked and fantasized. I stroked his dick and blew him as he described a strange man totally having his way with me, making me suck his dick and then fucking my brains out while Bob photographed the whole thing.

Then he started talking about showing people pictures of my pussy filled with a hard dick and pictures of me making love to that same hard dick with my mouth. He was rubbing my pussy as he was describing the pictures and it just sent me over the top and he blew his load down my throat.

I didn't give him a chance to rest, I rolled out from under him and then on top of him. I slid down until I felt his dick rubbing against my pussy. In one move, I reached down slipped it into my pussy and then sat back burying it deep inside myself.

He closed his eyes and then I started to talk.

“Is this what you want, you want to see me riding him like this? This what you want to take pictures of?” I whispered.

He nodded and I rode him harder pinning his shoulders down as I rotated my hips in a circular up and down motion.

“You like the idea of seeing a stranger fucking my tender pussy don't you, it makes you hard... the thought of my pussy lips wrapped around someone else’s dick… huh Bobby, makes you want to come doesn't it?”

He nodded again. I leaned back so that he could see his dick sliding in and out. “Is this what you want to see? This what you want to take some pictures of as his dick is slowly working its way in and out of me? Stretching my pussy Bobby as he pulls it out only to ram it back in again, you want to hear me scream and moan and beg for another man's cock Bobby?”

He groaned and reached up to grab my hips, and started to thrust hard into me. “Yeah he growled, that's exactly what I want, I want him to fuck the living shit out of that tight little pussy of yours, I want you screaming like a whore in heat as he plows his big, black dick deep into you.”

I started to moan and cry out as he slammed into me like a madman. The orgasm hit like a ton of bricks and I attacked him with my pussy. He couldn't take it for long and started to blast his load into me. I leaned down and bit his shoulder as my orgasm overcame me. I rode him hard and squeezed every drop out of him.

I don't know if I just passed out or what happened, but in any event we both must’ve been asleep for awhile. I woke up with him slowly moving inside me again. I was still lying on his chest and I'm pretty sure he was asleep while he was doing it. I guess it didn’t matter if he was asleep or not, it was still good enough to work me into another orgasm.

The next morning over coffee, he asked me again if I wanted to do the shoot next weekend. I hadn't really had much time to think it, but I was still in a kind of sexual languor from the night before and so I guess that's why I casually agreed. I figured that most of the people in class had already seen me, so there really wasn't going to be anything other than the maybe a milder form of what had already been exhibited. It never occurred to me that maybe it could be alot more intense.

The week went by in the typical blur of academic life and before I knew it, Saturday was here. Bobby told me that he had gotten a guy named Mark from his photo class to be the model and that he invited him over for dinner before we set up to do the shoot. I knew Mark, he and Bobby were friends at school. He was pretty good looking black guy and had a swimmers body. He was cool, a little quiet, but seemed nice enough guy.

I took a nice long bath while Bobby made dinner. Around 6, Mark showed up and when I came downstairs a few minutes later, the guys were drinking some beers and laughing. Bob said that everything was ready in the kitchen, so we sat down to a spaghetti dinner. Now, I have to admit, Bob could really cook, he made a pretty mean sauce. We must've drank like 3 bottles of wine during the meal and afterwards while we cleaned up the kitchen. I was pretty loose. Not drunk mind you, but relaxed certainly.

It was a little after 8 pm by the time we made our way into the studio. Bob had the clothes he wanted me to wear for tonight's shoot all laid out. I noticed that he had got an old fashioned chaise lounge somewhere, it one of those things that had just one arm and no back on it. He had set it in the middle of the floor. Around that he had material draped from the ceiling to the floor and over other boxes and stuff. It looked pretty cool when it was all lit up.

I went over to see what clothes he had selected. Most were pretty routine things, but mixed in was some lingerie including some of my nicer bras and panties. Bob had more wine down there and we all refilled as he explained what he wanted to do. It seemed pretty simple, really. He wanted to start off doing a play on textures and tones. Mark would be in rough clothing, like a wool shirt and blue jeans to start and I would be in a softer flowing or silky things.

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