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The Photographer

byDr. Bull©

"So when can we give that thing a work out?" Laura was looking over the new digital camera I had bought, "I'm thinking we need to something fun, something skimpy and outside." She had that funny smile I usually saw after several shots of tequila, but today she was sober as a judge and had brought her friend Marlene with her and they were sitting in my office. "Don't you think Marlene?! We do some nice photos, then some more personal ones?" she looked at her friend with a grin that told me the pressure was on.

"I guess so," Marlene half giggled back, turning a couple shades of red.

I knew both girls from a bar they used to work at, RJ's was a bit of a dive that belonged to a friend of mine, not a place I would be expected to be and that was one of the reasons I hid out there. I'm an amateur photographer and a business professional, John had been letting me photograph the wet tee shirt contests and other parties at the bar for a number of years. Laura was a winner on a regular basis and I had quite a collection of her flashing those big tits. Marlene had flashed me once, but I wasn't packing a camera at the time and had not been able to talk her into it since.

Alcohol had been a problem for both of them, I bailed Laura out of jail six months earlier and 3 months later she entered rehab joining her friend Marlene who was doing a court ordered 90 days. Laura had been home about a week when she stopped by the office with Marlene to let me know how they were doing. The camera had been a Christmas present to myself, the Nikon was quite a step or two up from what I had been using and I was burning up hard drive space taking photos of just about anything you can think of. Now Laura was volunteering to model for me and bringing Marlene along for the ride.

"OK girls if that is what you want to do?" I questioned, giving them a way out.

""Can't drink, can't drive, might as well do something for excitement!" Laura grinned, "Right Marlene?"

Still blushing she replied "Could be fun."

The weather in Wyoming can be a bit nippley and it had been real cold for a while, but the weekend promised to get into the 40's nearly 50 degrees warmer than it had been so the girls and I planned on going on Saturday. It had been a long winter and the rest of the week showed us winter wasn't over. It was Monday when we made our plans, on Tuesday the temps dropped back below zero stayed that way through Wednesday, Thursday was in the 30's and then it snowed, not a lot but it covered the ground and made me nervous. Friday the sun was out and promised to be a nice day, temps got up to the mid 30's and just started to melt the snow when the sun went down.

I called Laura, "So are we still on for tomorrow?"

"I think so, but it has been a bit cold." Laura sounded like she was ready to backtrack, "I'll talk with Marlene and unless you hear from me pick us up here at 10:00."

Saturday morning was a glorious blue skied day, at 8 the temp was up to about 40 and climbing, when I stepped outside the breeze hit me and I smiled. Wyoming gets Chinook winds from time to time, warm breezes in the winter that just make life great and warm up the area in a hurry. By the time I got my equipment loaded in my Ford Escape the temp was about 55 degrees and climbing. I kissed my wife, Karen, goodbye and headed to Laura's apartment.

I rolled up to the apartment complex and rang the door bell "Come in Mitch." Laura's voice came through the screen door. Both girls were dressed in light zippered hooded sweatshirts, Laura in her favorite color, black, with tight black jeans and a pair of hiking boots. Built big, Laura's 36 inch chest had a pair of DD or E cups holding up well for 30+ years, at about 130 lbs, 5 foot 8 inches tall she is pretty shapely. Her tight fitting sweatshirt was unzipped enough to show off her cleavage and the top of her black lacey bra underneath. Marlene's sweatshirt was light blue with pink highlights, its snug fit accented her smaller build, her C cups were ample on a small frame she may have tipped the scales at 100 lbs but just. She had her zipper up to her neck, conservative as always.

We headed out the door and into the hills; we live in a high mountain desert at about 4000 feet, surrounded by mountains. The Bad Lands are stark backgrounds with just a bit of sagebrush and grasses growing, if you're near a creek or a reservoir native cotton wood trees grow giving you some interesting photo shots. Also there are a lot of oil field locations, you must be careful around them but they also make for interesting backdrops for photos.

Our first stop was a cotton wood stand I know on No Water Creek, about ¼ mile off the main road so no one would see what we were doing. We started with classic photos, shot you can show your mother or daughters, then as we played Laura's zipper kept crawling lower showing more and more of her bra, Marlene had even relaxed and was showing the tops of her breasts, and the strap of her pink bra was showing up from time to time. Now normally I would bring a bottle of wine to help loosen up the attitudes and the clothing but since both of them were in recovery I didn't want to give them any excuse to relapse. But it seemed the girls were relaxing with out any adult beverages, soon they both had their bras out with the sweatshirts still closed at the bottom.

"Wait a minute!" Laura stopped and looked at me as I snapped her photo, "How come we are standing out in the cold bearing our selves and you're still wearing your jacket?"

"Yeah Mitch, this doesn't seem fair!" Marlene agreed, pulling her top back over her bra.

"OK Ladies," I answered, "I will wear the same amount as you, after all fair is fair." I figured I could handle going shirtless even with the cool temps. I set my camera down and pealed off my jacket and shirt, don't let anyone fool you an hairy chest does not give you a lot of warmth and my nipples went hard almost immediately. "Better?"

"Yes," they both giggled and let their shirts fall open once again.

I picked the camera back up and took a couple more shots "Now who has more clothes on?" I queried "Something is not fair yet." Laura hardly hesitated slipping her top off and reached for the clasp on her bra between her breasts, "Slowly" I said as the camera clicked, she open the clasp and the mounds of flesh still in the cups parted. Raising her hands above her head she wiggled her torso popping first her right then left breast out into the air.

Laura's breasts were massive when unleashed, they fell some, only natural with a gal this big, her nipples pointed somewhat down but not at the ground. Her areolas are huge the size of the bottom of a soft drink can and dark brown, full round and the camera was screaming at full auto 3.2 shots per second. Laura's long brown hair fell down and across her breasts, enhancing the shot.

"Hey! What about me?" I shifted the camera lens to the right in search of Marlene's voice, her shirt and bras straps were pulled down to her elbows and her hands reached behind her back to unclasp the bra. "Are you ready?" as the bra loosened, the camera click was all she needed as an answer. She dropped her arms allowing the shirt and bra to fall to her feet. Marlene's fair skin and short blond hair were almost as big a contrast to Laura as her breasts were. Sloping low the scooping up almost like a ski jump and nearly as white as snow, her hard pink nipple pointing towards the sky supported by pink cone shaped areolas making them a fascinating set of twins.

"Oh Mitch..." Laura cooed. I widened the view and turned back toward her keeping Marlene in frame. Laura unsnapped the top button of her jeans; Marlene stepped towards her and did the same. I stepped back taking in the full picture of what was about to happen. The contest was on... both girls started dancing to unheard music, swaying their hips bouncing their breasts and slowly sliding the pants off their hips. Their backs to me over the hips revealing the small pink panties Marlene wore and Laura's black thong. They danced together pressing their breasts together as I took pictures, my hard on raging to get out of the confining pants I was wearing. Then it happened... my SD card on the camera was full, I fumbled with the camera case to get a new one and put away the old one, before they noticed when I heard.

"Now who is over dressed?"

"Yeah! Drop Trou. Mister!"

I looked at the girls, side by side hands on hips with the goofiest looks on their faces, practically nude, who was I to argue. I kicked off my boots, unbuckled my belt and let them drop. I stepped out of my jeans, leaving me wearing a pair of boxer briefs, socks and a smile. Never have I claimed to have the world's biggest dick, but right then I had the biggest hard on of my life and it was pushing for all it was worth to get out of the fabric holding it uncomfortably in check.

I looked through the view finder to see Marlene whispering in Laura's ear she nodded and they both advanced on me as I took pictures. "Not to close, I can't focus that fast." I said taking the camera away from my eye as they got right to me.

"We just want you to be more comfortable." Laura smiled. They each grabbed a side of my shorts and pulled them down, releasing my throbbing member to the cool air.

"Lift your foot!" Marlene commanded as I stepped out of my shorts. She kissed the head of my circumcised member tickling it with her tongue as she stood and stepped back. Not to be out done, Laura, my shorts still in her hand, slipped my entire 8 inch member into her mouth for just a second, then she stood next to her friend twirling my underwear on her finger.

"So do you want to take more pictures... or do you want to fuck us?" Laura's voice was low and sultry, she hooked her finger in her thong and pulled it down, her pussy shaved but for a small heart shaped patch of hair, she slipped her finger inside and rubbed her clit. Marlene slowly pulled down her own panties her juices had made them damp; her full blond bush was trimmed but full,

"How about both?" was my reply, I clipped the camera into the tripod and set the menu to auto - 45 sec and pushed the button, isn't the digital age wonderful? Now every 45 seconds the camera would shoot until I turned it off or the card was full.

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