tagLoving WivesThe Photographer Ch. 04

The Photographer Ch. 04


After her last experience Becca wasn't sure if she wanted to do another scene with domination... but when Chelsea told her the next client's desires she thought it might be ok. Basically, it was a couple - man and wife - and the wife wanted to be fucked while she watched her husband being dominated. Since it wasn't the women being dominated, really, maybe she'd be ok. Certainly the man wouldn't be Vince again and that would be just fine... he had completely unnerved her.

Getting ready for the shoot was no problem, she was wearing the exact same outfit as she had last time except that now her hair was back in a ponytail. She just wanted it out of her face while she walked around, even if it had provided her a useful curtain to hide behind.

The female Domme wasn't nearly as intimidating to her as Vince had been, her name was Clara and she seemed like a very sweet and short brunette with kind hazel eyes. Plus she was only 5'5" tall, much less physically imposing. Becca couldn't picture her at all doing the cruel things that Vince had, and she did seem to have a different set-up in the studio. There were two ottomans, one in the center and one off to the side - presumably one for each couple. She did have a bag just like he had though, and Becca wondered if it had a lot of the same toys.

"Becca honey? Can you come help me with the cart?" Yes, she was even re-using the same cart that Vince had. Interesting that she wanted to have it set up before the couple even got there. Hurrying out the door Becca felt a bit of shock at how sexy she thought Clara looked. Around her waist was a leather strap that propped up her breasts and did nothing to cover them, they were perky and pale, pink nipples soft at the moment. Beneath the leather strap all she had on were thigh-high black stockings and a wicked looking pair of leather boots with spiked heels. Her mound was smooth and pink, pussy lips peeking out enticingly.

Trying not to stare, Becca helped her get the cart in position, very aware the Clara was eyeing her up and down as much as Vince had.

"You know honey, I actually prefer females to males... if afterwards..." There was an open invitation in her eyes and Becca felt her mouth go dry as she shook her head, trying not to actually back away. Just then the doorbell rang and she practically ran to answer it... saved by the bell.

Smiling she shook hands with Peter and Joanna, a very attractive couple in their thirties. Peter was 6'1" with sandy blonde hair and deep brown eyes, nicely muscled and obviously in shape - although as both he and his wife started to get undressed she noticed that he did have love handles and some flab on his stomach. Really she thought that just made him a little more attractive, she liked a guy with a little bit of meat on him. The doorbell rang again as she was eyeing Joanna's neatly trimmed dark bush and her slightly sagging round breasts, opening the door she found herself looking up at one of her friends.

"Hi Ned..." Oh dear, this was not good.

"Hey, Chelsea told me that uh... I could come and help out today?" His smile was slightly nervous, as though he thought she would shut the door on him.

"Oh... oh, well come on in." She introduced everyone, feeling very strange that a guy she had known for years was going to be involved with these strangers during one of her photo shoots. Ned was 27 and a good friend of Dean's as well which might be why he'd gotten involved.

Running to grab her camera she began taking pictures of Joanna as she settled herself belly down on the ottoman off to the side, facing the center of the studio where Clara was with her husband. The diminutive brunette already had him on his hands and knees and ordered him to crawl around the ottoman, occasionally smacking his ass to get him to move faster. Ned was running his hands up and down Joanna's back and ass, sliding his fingers over her wet hole... since Clara just had Peter crawling she let the standing camera take care of them and got some pictures of Ned's fingers spreading Joanna's pussy hole. Turning back she could see that Peter was already hard, just from crawling around the studio. Clara had also changed, there was something harder and less forgiving about her, a cruel smile that just hovered on her lips.

Shivering a little Becca took some pictures of her dominant stance as she ordered Peter over to her. Sitting on the ottoman Clara had him suck and lick her nipples, demanding certain changes, having complete control over the entire situation. Leaning back she told him to lick her pussy to orgasm. Immediately his mouth latched down on her wet slit like a starving man, sucking and licking, a look of complete ecstasy on his face as he serviced this woman. Becca went and made a few adjustments to the standing camera, wanting it to take a picture every 30 seconds and also making sure that it was catching both couples. Moving over to Joanna and Ned she got a few pictures as he began working his cock into the wife's pussy, her eyes completely focused on her husband as he ate another woman's pussy.

Clara announced her own climax with a primal scream, throwing back her head and using one hand to clutch Peter's firmly into her pussy.


The man was probably suffocating in that pussy, his face was completely buried in it.


Now Peter was panting in front of Clara and she took several pictures of his glowing eyes and pussy coated face. Then the small brunette took him over her lap and started spanking him... the absurdity of this very large man over this very small lap made for a startling contrast and Becca was sure to get a lot of pictures. Off to the side Joanna was crying out her climax as she watched her husband's spanking, and Becca turned to get a few pictures of the woman's face as she creamed herself. Behind her steady Ned was still pumping away, and he continued to do so even after Joanna was done. He looked to be able to continue for awhile really.

The next thing that Clara did absolutely shocked Becca. Placing Peter on the ottoman so that he was facing his wife, she picked up a strap on and put it on, it was absolutely huge. The rubber dick bobbled about 11" in front of her, 2" thick and rather frightening looking. There had been a much smaller dildo on the inside which she had slid into herself. Walking around in front of him she blocked the view of Joanna and Ned, ordering, "Suck me."

Peter devoured the rubber cock, and Becca snapped picture after picture of it sliding into his throat, his tongue running along its length like it was a lollipop. As soon as Clara was sufficiently lubricated she walked around to the other side of Peter, giving his wife the best possible angle to see his face as she spit on his anus and then began pressing the huge dong into it. He whimpered, looking straight into his wife's brown eyes, his expression pained and pleasured. Becca didn't know where to go to get the best pictures, his anguished face, Joanna's lustful one, where Ned was pounding the wife's pussy, or where Clara was slowly sinking a strap-on into the husband's ass. Finally she decided on the rubber dong, it was surely the most unique thing happening in the room at this point.

It seemed to take forever to work all the way in, the room filled with Peter's gasps and whimpers, he wriggled slightly as he tried to adjust to the invader. Clara went slowly, pulling out and spitting on the juncture before pressing back in, lubing him up some without making it too easy on him. In less time than Becca had thought it would take, the entire length of the rubber dick was buried in Peter's ass. She went around to the front of him to get a picture of his agonized face.

Moving back around to the side she saw that his dick was even harder than it had been before as Clara slowly fucked his ass, loosening the tight cavern. Kneeling, she got a few pictures of his hard dick thrusting into the air as the one behind him thrust into his body. As usual by this point in a shoot, she was now horny. The smells and sounds of sex filled the room as the two couples fucked, Clara's eyes were half-lidded as she plundered Peter's ass. Very soon Joanna was cumming again, shrieking as Ned pounded her non-stop. Becca had no idea how he was holding out like he was without release... he had to have the stamina of an ox! As Joanna came down from her second orgasm Becca realized that Clara was fucking Peter even harder, his eyes were glowing as they watched his wife orgasm on a stranger's thick dick. While her shudders slowed, Peter suddenly cried out and began splattering the ottoman in front of him with his cum.

Fucking him hard through his entire climax, Clara suddenly stopped when it was clear he was done. Leaving the strap-on in his ass, she took it off of herself and walked over to Joanna and Ned. Gripping the exhausted wife's hair, she pulled up her head and pressed her pussy into her face. Enthralled, Becca's shutter went on automatic as she watched Clara moaning her climax, Joanna following suit as she screamed pleasure into the other woman's pussy, and finally Ned bellowing and pulling out to cover the wife's back with his cum.

All in all it was one of the most erotic sessions she'd been through, and she found that she was becoming disturbed at how much all of this aroused her.

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