tagErotic CouplingsThe Piano Ch. 02

The Piano Ch. 02


Brian pulled away from the curb outside Rachel's apartment and joined the flow of traffic toward the freeway. She lived a fair distance away from Brian's place, it had taken him a half hour to get there. The whole drive there Rachel had been subdued and uncommunicative. Brian wondered if he had said or done anything wrong but he couldn't think of what it might be. Ever since she had wakened up she had been uncomfortable and very distant.

That was too bad because Brian genuinely liked her. She was smart and definitely talented; her piano playing was really something to behold and Brian loved hearing her play. He didn't think there was much chance of hearing her again though considering the circumstances under which he had driven her home.

He shrugged sadly and drove home, wondering if he would ever hear from her again.

Rachel watched through the window of her apartment as he'd driven away. She continued to watch his car until it faded away in the distance. She sighed heavily as she watched, uncertain whether she should be grateful he was gone or regretful that she might never see him again.

The truth was Rachel was very angry over this whole episode. She was angry at Brian for suggesting that she could buy his electric piano for less than the posted price if she had sex with him; but mostly she was angry with herself for having done it. Yes, she very much wanted to buy his piano and no, she didn't have enough cash to buy it. So, she had convinced herself to go through with it in order to get it. Now that she had the piano she was feeling cheap and dirty for having prostituted herself simply for earthly gain.

With an effort she tore herself away from the window and looked at the piano on its stand across the room. She frowned and walked slowly toward it and then stopped when she was close enough to touch it. She sighed again and reached for the keys, pushing down on one of them; she was surprised and a flicker of disappointment went through her when she heard no sound. Creasing her brows she pushed on the keys again and still heard nothing. She checked the power switch and the plug and assured herself that it was plugged in and it was turned on but still she heard no sound.

She groaned out loud and shook her head in anguish.

"Now what do I do?" she said to no one in particular.

She examined the instrument again and then took out the manual that Brian had provided with it and began reading. She couldn't understand any of it; it might as well have been written in Greek for all the good it was doing her. She looked once more at the piano, her expression quickly becoming hopeless.

"I'm going to have to call him again!" She wailed out loud.

She sighed again and decided to go take a shower before she decided what she was going to do.

As the hot water ran over her she closed her eyes and tried not to think. It was no use; try as she might, she couldn't help but think about what had happened last night.

She had gone out to dinner with Brian, resolved to go through with the idea of having sex with him in exchange for a discount on the piano. As they ate, she had drunk a fair amount of wine and had actually managed to get herself primed and ready to actually do it. By the time dinner was over, she was even eager to do it; that of course was the wine talking and she knew it, but she pushed forward anyway.

Brian though had also known it and he was not eager to take advantage of a girl who'd had too much wine. He insisted that they go to his place for coffee and sober up a bit before making any decisions.

Rachel did sober up enough to become nervous again but Brian seemed to know just what to do and say. He seduced her anyway; or at least, Rachel allowed him to seduce her.

'Why did he have to be the best lover I've ever met?' she asked herself as the water ran over her. 'Why did he have to be the one that seemed to know exactly how to turn me on?'

Their lovemaking had been spectacular for both of them. She had fallen asleep immediately afterward and then wakened him up a few hours later for another round.

She had nibbled on his ear and he mumbled sleepily. She took his cock in her hand and began stroking it; she was delighted when it got hard even before he had wakened up fully. He eyed her groggily and smiled as she handled him. She smiled in return and then scooted down the bed to take him into her mouth. He moaned softly as she engulfed him, taking his cock all the way into her throat with one gulp.

She giggled and cooed as she mouthed him, running her tongue up the underside of his member and then burying it all the way back into her throat again. She then swirled her tongue all around the head, pulling it almost entirely out of her mouth. At the same time she began stroking the shaft with one hand and cupping his balls with the other. She let it fall out of her mouth then and just stroked it. She giggled again when she saw Brian's reaction. His hips were moving slowly in a circular motion and he was holding her head gently with both hands. He was sighing and making contented sounds as she sucked, lovingly running his fingers through her hair.

"Do you want to cum for me?" she asked him with a grin.

"Uh-huh," he groaned.

She smiled broadly and took the head in her mouth once more, swabbing her tongue all over it and then removed it once more. She started stroking it vigorously and kissed the head occasionally, using her tongue to make love to it.

"Come on Baby," she said throatily. "I want you to cum for me."

Brian grunted quietly and she whimpered in sympathy.

"Yes baby, that's it," she said; her coaxing becoming more urgent. "I want you to cum all over my face. Would you like that Sweetie?"

Brian groaned and nodded, driving his hips in time with her stroking.

"Maybe you'd like to cum in my mouth instead," she suggested with a wicked grin. "Do you want me to take your cum in my mouth so I can swallow every drop?"

Again Brian groaned and his expression became one of desperation.

"Oh let me cum in your mouth!" he gasped quickly.

"Okay Baby," she cooed, "you can cum in my mouth. I'd love for you to cum in my mouth! I want to taste you!"

That was all Brian could take. He gave a loud groan and then the semen was erupting from his cock. Rachel felt it coming before it shot out and had taken his cock head between her lips. She sighed soothingly as the cum splashed onto her tongue. She moaned and savored the warm salty fluid as it emptied into her mouth. She whimpered softly as it shriveled and shrank. She swallowed the semen in her mouth and then used her finger to wipe her bottom lip as a stray droplet slipped out. She looked up at him and smiled mischievously as she saw him splayed out on the bed.

"Did you like that?" she asked innocently.

"Oh yeah," he said weakly. "That is the absolute best way to wake me up anytime you want to!"

She grinned and snuggled against his shoulder, nuzzling his ear lobe with her lips.

"I love doing that," she whispered to him. "I love the feel of it in my mouth."

Brian studied her for a moment and raised himself on his elbow.

"Really?" he said with a smile. "Well, you're going to love this!"

He pushed her on to her stomach and pulled her hips upward until she was on her knees. He placed his cock at her entrance and then traced the head up and down against her lips a couple of times.

"I can't believe you're ready to go again!" she said with glee.

"It must be because of you." He said.

He pushed inside her and then immediately pulled out again. He pushed and pulled while gripping her hips and bum for purchase. The rhythm he set was slow and purposeful and he did it so that both of them felt the slight friction in a deliciously unhurried way.

Rachel had never felt such gentleness when being fucked from behind. Her previous lovers had slammed into her unceasingly until they climaxed, usually long before she was even close. They had hammered her from behind and used her as nothing more than a place to deposit their sperm; until this minute, she had thought that was the only purpose she served during sex. Between her mother's none too helpful lectures on the evils of sex and her lovers' unhelpful attitudes on sex, she never knew any better. The only orgasms she had achieved during sex before were either accidental when her lover had drunk too much and couldn't cum right away, or when she had fucked herself with her vibrator.

Now she was sighing and humming with her bum in the air and her tits swaying against the sheets, the fabric teasing her nipples with every thrust from behind. She had a silly smile on her face, though Brian couldn't see it because her head was buried into her pillow. She gave a quiet grunt every time Brian thrust into her, punctuated by the occasional sigh. She reached between her thighs and twiddled her clitoris and then she gasped and shuddered with her orgasm. Her whole body tensed, including the muscles in her pussy, and her thighs trembled as the climax shuddered from one end of her body to the other. The she went weak.

Her bum was still in the air and Brian was still moving rhythmically in and out of her pussy, but Rachel lay there like a dead woman save for the soft cooing sounds she made as each thrust caused small ripples to travel from her pussy to directly behind her eyes.

Suddenly Brian was holding her still and thrusting into her with long hard strokes. She couldn't feel his cock spurt, her pussy was much too loose and wet for that, but she felt him shudder in his own orgasm. He held her still as he tensed up, his cock buried all the way inside her for a moment and then collapsed beside her on the bed.

They reached for each other and kissed, their lips touching gently and their tongues dancing lightly against each other. Then they sighed and fell into each other's arms, spent and satiated.

Rachel came out of her reverie in the shower and realized that she had her hand buried in her pussy and was cumming all over again. She cried out softly and held her open hand against her mound as the orgasm swept over her. When she came down from her euphoria she realized the shower was getting cold so she turned it off and stepped onto the bath mat, her skin dimpled with goose pimples and her nipples as hard as diamonds.

She dried herself off and threw a terry-cloth robe on and then hurried to her bedroom. She sat on the bed and sighed heavily again putting her head in her hands and staring at the floor between her feet.

"What am I going to do?" she asked herself, not realizing she had spoken out loud.

Brian sat by himself at the small café he frequented Saturday and Sunday mornings. They knew him well and had his coffee in front of him almost before he sat down each time they saw him. His breakfast was never far behind and he always wanted the same thing so they always got it right.

He was reading the newspaper and munching on his toast when his cell phone rang.

"Hello," he said, not recognizing the phone number on his display.

"Hi." Rachel said quietly.

"Oh!" he said, straightening in his chair and putting down the uneaten toast. "Rachel, it's good to hear from you!"

She didn't answer him and his heart sank as he imagined the conversation they were about to have. It started off with the phrase, I never want to see you again, and got progressively darker from there.

"Hello?" he said, "Are you there?"

"I'm here," she said, her voice almost inaudible she was so subdued.

"So," he said, trying to sound upbeat, "how are you?"

Again she didn't answer and he looked at the display to make sure he was still connected.

"Rachel?" he said.

"It doesn't work." She said despondently. "I tried to play it and there's no sound."

"Oh," he said with a frown. "No sound; that could be a number of things. I know the piano works, I mean, you played it yourself at my place, so there's no reason it won't work now."

"Well it doesn't!" she said much more loudly than she had intended.

Brian flinched and held the phone away from his ear. He rubbed at it, trying to get rid of the sudden ringing, and then he put it to his ear again.

"I'm sure I can get it working for you," he said quickly. "Just don't yell again okay?"

"I'm... I'm sorry." She said weakly. "I'm just frustrated."

"Okay I can fix this," he said. "I just need to ask you a few questions until I know what the problem is though. Is that okay?"

She paused and then agreed.

"Okay," he began, "I know this sounds dumb, but it is plugged in and turned on right?"

She told him it was and he could tell she was losing patience already.

"Okay that's good." He said. "Now, what is it plugged in to?"

"What do you mean?" she said, clearly puzzled.

"Is it an amplifier or your stereo or what?" he said, trying not to sound condescending.

"I don't have an amplifier!" she said with exasperation. "I didn't know I needed one."

'Well, it doesn't have built-in speakers so you have to plug it in to something." He said.

"Well... what am I going to do now?" she whined, her voice indicating she was about to start crying. "I can't go out and buy an amplifier! I gave you everything I could afford!"

Brian frowned and stared out the plate-glass window without really seeing.

"Okay, I know I can fix this, if you'll let me." He said.

There was another long pause and then she finally agreed. He told her to expect him in about an hour.

"And don't worry," he said with a grin. "This won't cost you a thing, except you'll have to let me into your apartment."

This morning, when he dropped her off she wouldn't even let him walk her to her door. She had just gotten out of the car and, holding her piano under one arm, had walked into the apartment lobby and never looked back at him.

"Okay," she said and then hung up.

As she set the phone down, a sudden feeling of relief swept over her completely unbidden. She chastised herself mentally for it and then frowned as she stared at the floor between her feet.

"What is it about this guy that gets me so worked up?" she said out loud.

'It's because he makes you cum like no other guy ever has!' the voice in her head said enthusiastically.

She frowned again and grimaced, trying to ignore it.

"I'm a grown woman!" she said in exasperation. "I shouldn't be smitten like some teenager going to prom night!"

'You didn't even go to prom night,' the voice said evenly. 'And even if you had, the boy you wanted to go with was Mitch Temple; and when he tried to fuck you two months later he came all over your thighs before he even got inside you. Brian is definitely not Mitch Temple!'

She stood up and stamped her foot angrily. She went to the kitchen and started trying to make some tea. She grabbed the kettle from the cupboard and ran some water into it. She put the kettle on to the counter, slamming it down a little harder than she intended to, and then plugged it in. She realized when she was done, she was breathing heavily and her hands were trembling with suppressed anger.

'Don't blame me if Brian is a better fuck than Mitch Temple.' The voice in her head said.

"Mitch Temple was a brilliant Cellist!" she said angrily. "He was invited to play for two symphony orchestras!"

'Yes,' the voice said, 'a brilliant Cellist with no idea what to do with that teeny-weeny penis of his.'

Rachel stormed out of the kitchen and sat on the couch in the living room, one leg crossed over the other at the knee, her foot stabbing the air again and again as her leg rocked up and down. She sniffed angrily and forcefully brought a vision of Mitch into her mind, his face smiling and his hands resting on hers as they listened to Mozart on her stereo.

She smiled as she remembered him leaning forward to kiss her. She had leaned into him, responding excitedly to his advances and she sighed contentedly as she remembered the awkward way he had undressed her right there on her living room couch. She tried to stop herself from remembering the rest of the embarrassing incident, his face stricken with shame as his semen had splashed wetly on to her thigh. He had hastily pulled his pants on and fled from her parent's house, leaving her grief stricken and unsatisfied, her blouse and bra on the floor beside the couch, her skirt rucked up over her waist and her panties pushed askew.

She stood up again and stomped angrily to the kitchen. She unplugged the kettle and reached for the tea on the second shelf of the cupboard. Before she could react, the can flew from her hand and clanged on to the floor. She looked around her at the tea bags scattered all over the floor and sighed again.

"Damn it!' she muttered.

'Why don't you call Brian and ask him to pick up some tea on his way over?' the voice in her head suggested.

"Shut up!" she said forcefully.

'Come on! It's not like I said he should pick up some whipped cream so he could lick it off your nipples like you were a life sized strawberry sundae.'

Rachel's nipples hardened at that thought and she smiled before she knew it.

'Or maybe some red wine so we could pour it in to each other's belly buttons,' the voice went on. 'I'll bet he's got a tasty belly button when it's filled with red wine.'

"Shut up!" she said again, although she was grinning while she said it.

'Oh stop it!' the voice said teasingly. 'You'd love to lick up his belly button and everything else he's got down there wouldn't you.'

"I said shut up," she said with a smile as she picked the tea bags up off the floor.

'Actually, we don't need any red wine,' the voice said excitedly. 'He tastes just fine the way he is, doesn't he Rachel. You remember how he tasted last night; mmm, yummy!'

"If you keep this up," she said, "I'll never get anything done!"

'Like there's so much to do today,' the voice said sarcastically.

Rachel put her head in her hands and tried to ignore the tingling feelings coursing through her veins. She finished cleaning up the kitchen and managed to find at least one tea bag to make a cup and then sat in the window seat, dividing her attention between the street outside her apartment and the electric piano beside her that she so desperately wanted to play.

Brian knocked on her door and waited. He smiled when Rachel opened it and he thought to himself once more what a good looking girl she was. At five foot four, she had a good figure, neither fat nor skinny, and with curves in all the right places. Her hair was brown and, as he guessed was normal for her, it was pulled back into a ponytail that fell to about two or three inches below her shoulders. Her glasses had dark rims and gave her a bookish look that Brian found very endearing. What he liked most about her was that she seemed to be completely unaware of just how attractive she was. She seemed just slightly awkward and moved with a certain lack of grace that most good looking women exuded. When she had the most confidence, he had observed, was when she played the piano.

When she played she was completely different. Whether her eyes were closed or opened, he knew that she would pay no attention to any distractions from the piece; she was so focused she would not see or hear anything short of a fire alarm.

He shook himself out of his reverie as she held the door open and stepped through the door.

"Nice to see you again!" he said warmly.

She blushed bright red and looked at the floor and then stepped aside, waving with her arm to where the piano was set up.

Brian walked quickly to the piano and knelt down in front of it. He placed a plastic grocery bag that he had brought on the floor beside him and then turned to her.

"I'm going to give you some speakers that I used to use before I got my amplifier," he said with a smile. "But there's a condition."

Rachel's eyes went wide and panic swept through her. She imagined that he was going to ask for sex in exchange for the speakers and she cursed herself for letting him talk her into that kind of deal the day before.

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