tagErotic CouplingsThe Piano Lesson

The Piano Lesson


Sometimes music is the window to pleasure. I’m not talking about just that recycled crap that dominates our radio stations. I found that out when I took a piano lesson with Katya. She was 24 years old, and had the body of a Greek goddess. Chances are she could have been a Greek goddess in another life. I was only a few years older. I only went because my friend Tom recommended her. He told me I would not be disappointed with the lesson and that I’ll kept coming back for more. So I decided to call up one day and make an appointment.

"Hello?" she answered in a cute voice.

"Yes, I wanted to make an arrangement for a piano lesson," I said nervously.

"Were you referred by someone to me? I only take people who are single, lonely, and male."

"That’s an interesting list of prerequisites," I laughed.

"It’s how I work. Do you want the lesson or not?"


"How about tomorrow at 3 p.m.?"

"Okay. How much will this cost?"

"$200 for 10 lessons."

"I don’t have that kind of money," I exclaimed.

"We’ll I’m sure we can work something out. Like a payment plan. Tomorrow then?"

"Fine. See you tomorrow."

I hung up the phone and kept wondering why she charged so much and gave me multiple lessons. I mind turned to erotic thoughts of this porn film of a piano teacher giving a student more than just lessons if you know what I mean. I laughed and just shrugged it off. The only other reason could be that Katya is really good and was going to make a star out of me. I called Tom and asked why she charged so much. He told me that the lessons were very good and I will be pleased. He even gave me an example of his piano playing. The selection was some classical stuff and he went through it without a hitch. This was a guy who couldn’t play a note five weeks ago. I waited with anticipation to see why she was good......

The next day, I was like a chicken running around with his head cut off. I couldn’t sleep all night wondering what she was about. So around three, I headed over to her place. The door was cracked slightly open. Could she have been waiting for me. When I got inside, This vision of beauty was at a grand piano. Wearing Daisy Dukes and a white tank top, she played the piano with robustness. Katya's body was tanned nicely, and she had long black hair. I was not only amazed by her ability, but by her beauty. When she was done, she turned around as I applauded. The tank top was incredibly tight to shape her nicely rounded breasts. Now all the thoughts of that movie I watched seemed eerily real.

"Hi there," she said with a smile.

"Hi," I said as I drew a blank.

"Are you ready for your lesson?"


"Well, come on down."

I sat on the bench as she stood close to me. I could smell her perfume. I knew right off the bat it was Chanel No. 5. She put her hands on mine and slowly directed me. I kept fluffing every third note.

"Here, this may help," she said as she turned on a classical CD, "Let your mind go and your body will follow. Close your eyes and play."

I tried again and this time I played with confidence. She took her hands off of mine and started to stroke my chest. My head fell back onto her breasts and then she started to kiss me. I took her into my arms and kissed her. It began to get wild and intense that I took her tight tank top off and started sucking on her breasts like a newborn baby and nudging her nipples softly with my teeth. She got up and removed her short shorts.

"Get on top of the piano. I like playing with other instruments too," she said sweetly.

I did what I was told and she removed my shorts and revealed a huge example of my manhood. I was nervous as she traced a heart on my chest.

"Don’t be afraid," she said, "Just listen to the music and let it guide you."

She took out a condom and placed it on my cock. Instead of putting me into her vagina, she slid her asshole down onto it. She moaned a little responding to my meaty cock inside her ass. This was just like the film and now it was happening to me. A beautiful girl was taking anal from me. She couldn’t control herself so she rode it fast and hard. She moaned like crazy for she loved to have a cock, dildo, or strap on up her ass trying to break the tension.

"That’s right baby," she said tirelessly, "Follow the music. Feel the rhythm we are in. Let it become you."

After about 15 minutes of that, She got off of me, took my hand and helped me off the piano.

"Come from behind me and pleasure my other senses," she instructed.

She put her hands on top of the piano and I inserted myself inside of her. I started out on slow thrusts. Even for her that let out a reaction. She turned around to kiss me while I was working in and out of her. Suddenly, the music started to get thunderous.

"Faster, baby," she said, "Feel the music."

I began to work her faster and she started to scream and praise me in the process. The music just took a hold of me and made me its prisoner. I loved it.

"Oh, baby, I’m ready to cum," she declared.

With that incentive, I thrusted harder into her. She was ready to fall, but I held her up. I didn’t want to let her down by not bringing her to orgasm. After two long and hard thrusts, she let out a sigh of relief and came. She turned her head around and kissed me.

"Ready to continue your lesson?" She asked.

We both laughed and sat on the piano bench together. We played until time was up. I got dressed afterwards and set my appointment time for the next lesson.



"Thank you. I know it probably didn’t mean much to you, but it meant a lot to me," I said as I smiled.

"It meant a lot to me too, darling," returning my smile.

"But don’t you do this with every guy you give lessons to?"

"No. You were the first."

"Why me?"

She then approached me and kissed me again, "Find out next week."

When I got home, I called up Tom to tell him that the lesson went well. I didn’t tell him about the other stuff that went on.

"So are you going back next week?" he asked.

"Yeah, I think I am going to like the piano."

"Good. Katya sure knows how to tickle the ivories."

"Amongst other things," I added.


I just laughed and waited with baited breath until next Thursday at 3 pm.

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