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The Piano Player


I'm sorry, I just don't see myself that way. I know how it looks, but I am not what everyone now seems to think, they have it all wrong. It was the piano, her damn piano, which is what caused this horrible misunderstanding, just her piano.

You see, I live next door to her in the apartment building and the walls aren't very thick. I know I have had to constantly be careful to keep my television turned down low and I don't dare even consider having a party, it would simply be too loud. She seemed very aware of the sound problems and I rarely ever heard anything from her, an occasional bang as she dropped a frying pan or something, but otherwise nothing. Well, nothing except for the piano.

At first I didn't pay much attention to it, usually when she practiced it was at a time I was in a room at the other side of my apartment, and if I closed the door I really didn't hear much. It was only when I stepped into my kitchen or living room that I would hear the monotonous plink, plink, plink on the keys. One time, just the one time mind you, I happened to be in the kitchen when I heard her start on the piano.

To understand just how it all came about, you need to know how the apartment building is built. The wall of my living room is apparently shared by her living room and just off the living rooms are the kitchens, but they don't share a wall, they are kind of inset into the building, allowing for a window turned on an angle so we can kind of get a view into the courtyard. Of course if I leaned back from my kitchen chair, I could look at the window to her kitchen.

Anyway, she started hitting the same note over and over again. I had heard it before, but like I said, from the other room with the door closed I could easily ignore it. Well, that day, sitting in the kitchen, it really began to annoy me, so while I considered simply walking into the living room and banging on the wall, I leaned back in my chair and looked at, no, I look into her kitchen window.

Her kitchen was dark, but I could see into, the well lit, living room where she sat at an upright piano. Immediately I noticed that she was completely naked and looked away, but as she continued I heard her change notes, moving up the musical scale one key. Intrigued, I looked back, this time really looking.

I don't know if I would call her beautiful, I mean her face always seemed kind of plain when I saw her in the elevator or in the corridors of the apartment building, but seeing her like this she suddenly was very alluring. Her light brown hair was down, cascading onto her shoulders and from the angle she was sitting I could just see her left breast. It wasn't large, but seemed nicely perky and I remember how large her nipple was, I mean even from the distance I was, well, it just seemed very large.

I let my eyes roll down her body and I realized that as she continued striking that single key on the piano with one of the fingers of her right hand, her other hand was down between her legs, moving in unison with the note she played. I then heard the note change again as I noticed her move a bit, kind of sliding her hips forward and back. Only then did I understand what she was doing.

I watched for a while longer and after a while, as I noticed the note changed again, I saw her begin to move more urgently. Yes, she was masturbating and as she slowly got more and more aroused she would continue moving up the keys of the piano. Well, by that time I was aroused too, so I lifted up from my chair and slid my shorts and underwear off. Gently wrapping my fingers around my erect cock, I began to slide my hand up and down in unison with the piano notes.

The woman at the piano was now obviously very aroused and I could see as she spread her legs wide apart. I could see her breast bouncing slightly as she moved her body. So I could get a better look, I stood up. The sensations running through my cock were so good I began to move my hips as I imagined sliding my cock in and out of the piano player's pussy. She moved to another key on the piano and I could see she was about to come, so I slid my hand faster and faster.

Glancing down I could see the clear pre-cum rolling over my fingers and I imagined her fingers, wet from her juices. Suddenly she arched her back and played one final note, holding it as she lifted her hips up and came. That was all I could take and I pushed my hips forward, feeling the pleasure explode from my balls up the length of my cock. White hot cum spurted from me splashing onto the window and running down it in long, sinewy rivulets.

I remained in the window stroking my softening cock as the woman at the piano relaxed back onto the piano seat for a moment. She then stood up and moved out of view. Only then did I look down at the courtyard two floors below and see several women looking disgustedly up at me. I quickly pulled up my shorts and moved back into my apartment, away from the window.

"That's basically what happened officer," I said, dropping the pen onto the table and handing the pad of paper to the policeman.

"Okay, please sign here and put the date here," he said, pointing to the space at the bottom of the page.

I signed and dated the paper, "Okay, what happens now?"

"Well, I'll get this to the D.A. and see what they want to do with it."

"Will it take long?"

"No, normally someone from their office is... oh wait, there she is now," he said grabbing the pad and standing up.

I looked through the open door and saw the back of a woman with light brown hair tied nicely up around her head. As she turned to talk to the officer I noticed the alluring curve of her left breast and then glanced up, immediately recognizing her face. Suddenly I could hear that monotonous sound of the piano as my fingers nervously tapped the table.

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