tagGroup SexThe Piano Teacher's Daughter

The Piano Teacher's Daughter


The music, pounding through my body, was like a deep massage, and dancing was sweet relief after the day I'd had. It'd started stressfully and my feelings of tension had grown exponentially all day. At the crest of this avalanche of small troubles crashing in on me was my ex-wife, who was on my case about missing a payment for my son's piano lessons, which I felt really bad about already, but she couldn't seem to be convinced of my remorse even though I did end up paying the late payment and two months in advance. I figured there must be a correlation between the state of our affairs and how my beer were disappearing like rain on a Georgia highway in August. So tonight I knew I'd be sweating them out as fast as I could drink them. I'm not a bad dancer and that's funny coming from a guy as big as I am. Dancing is therapy for the soul, and the proximity to so many others sharing the experience was invigorating, sort of tribal, good for the spirit, and exactly what the doctor ordered.

I was with some of my university rugby buddies, drinking and enjoying the view of tonight's diverse assembly of beautiful women, many of whom went to my university. Being on the team, and heavily involved in the Arts in a university town like this one, proved to be a good way for me to broaden the base of my social contacts after my divorce, so I found myself waving all night to buddies and ladies smiling and living the good life. Tonight had party written all over it, and I was in a major party mood.

I stopped to take a drink from my beer which I'd placed on a narrow shelf that surrounds the dance floor; leaning against the brass rail that sat atop this shelf, I took in my surroundings, surveying the crowd, then my eyes met those of a lovely young lady waiting to be served at the bar. I smiled and she shyly returned my greeting. This exchange of looks and smiles soon had us laughing so I told my buddies, who were already busily chatting and dancing with some cuties who had joined our little circle, that I was going for a refill and would return shortly. I approached the line at the bar with several beer orders. The line-up was enormous with people probably waiting ten minutes for drinks, not wanting to stand around for that long, I surprised the young lady by walking up to her and giving her a big hug. She just looked up at me and smiled perplexedly.

"Hi honey," I said loudly enough for anyone standing in line behind her to hear. "Sorry I took so long, huge line-ups in the bathroom too, thanks for holding my place, what did you say you wanted?"

"Ahh? A teddy bear would be nice I guess." She was still smiling and looking at me questioningly which was a good thing, I knew I was flirting with a slap in the face for the uninvited hug, but she seemed to be giving me a minute to explain what the hell I was up to. I leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"Thanks, this line is a killer, I guess I'm using you to cut in front of about 30 people, so the least I can do is buy you a drink." I smiled my winning est smile, giving her no choice but to return it, though she was still a bit leery of the stranger standing beside her. I noticed a couple guys standing behind us were eyeballing me, a bit miffed at my line cutting techniques so I launched a pre-emptive strike to avoid a hassle which would possibly turn off this lovely creature if a bar room brawl started because of me. I turned to the two fella's behind me and tapped one on the shoulder.

"Hey, tell me what you're drinking and I'll bring it to you by the dance floor. Least I can do since you fella's have taken such good care of my lovely girlfriend." I smiled and though they were looking at me like I was crazy, they told me what they wanted and I turned my attention back to the beautiful girl who's name I didn't even know yet. She tugged my collar and pulled me in so I could hear her.

"You're crazy, you didn't have to buy those guys a drink."

"I wanted to ensure a pleasant night, free of hassles, and cutting in front of those guys might have caused some trouble later on tonight, and I really want our first evening to be magical." She laughed, and it was contagious. "You're obviously crazy and I'm your girlfriend apparently, so what does that make me?" She laughed charmingly. " I'm Heather, I'm pleased to finally make your acquaintance darlin'." She took a step towards the bar as the line shortened. I moved up to her and leaned in.

"I'm Jay, sorry about all this, I'm sure it must seem a bit juvenile, but I'd imagine you'd be familiar with that sort of behaviour, your killer smile probably has this same effect on men all the time. I'm Jay by the way, and I have to say, you're looking breathtakingly beautiful tonight." She pulled back and smiled quizzically.

"Spreading it a little thick wouldn't you say, Jay?" I pulled her hand to my lips and kissed it softly, she blushed and looked around shyly as she pulled it away.

"You have no idea how thick I can spread it." We both laughed, and as the people in front of us moved, a space at the bar opened, we moved in. I placed my order with the keeper, "Four Bud, three Moosehead, three Alpine, and a double Teddy bear please."

"You don't have to buy my drink, you seem to have enough people to buy for." Her giggle was melodic and enchanting.

"I insist, a small price for the grace of your company, I'll need a hand carrying all these drinks to the dance floor though, if you don't mind." She smiled and we handed out the drinks to my buds and to the happy new friends I'd made tonight. I smiled and twirled her into my circle of friends, introductions and appraisals were made all around and just in time for a mad jam to kick us into overdrive. Happily Heather could keep up, and we were having an awesome time. Each of my buds took a turn standing in line at the bar and way too soon the Closing Time song came on with the lights and we filed off the dance floor, heading to the coat check line. Heather gave me her ticket and stepped into the ladies room while my crew waited for our coats. Ken, a good buddy of mine smiled and patted my back.

"Damn, I don't know how you do it, she's a fox. Ask her if she has any sister's or if her ma's single." Heather rejoined us and we walked into the cold February night with our coats pulled snugly. Some how from the coat check inside to the shivering sausage vendor on the sidewalk, Heather and I were holding hands. We didn't say much as we waited for a cab, we smiled a lot and the deep questioning looks between us were lengthening. When the cab showed up Heather held me back.

She leaned inside the van Ken had ordered and told my smiling, nodding group of friends. "We'll get the next one." I got a lot of approving looks, whistles and thumbs up.

Heather pulled me into the next cab and we drove away from the club. "Where to?" The grizzled cabbie asked. I turned to look at Heather.

"We'll head to my place first." She reached for my hand and pulled me to her in the back of the cab. "We'll decide if there'll be one drop or two, along the way." She smiled exposing beautiful white teeth. I leaned in, closing my eyes, my lips kissed the soft pad of Heather's forefinger.

"Tut-tutt. Too fast buddy." I smiled, hesitantly. She was quiet for a moment, looking me over. "I know you. Did you know that" Warning bells went off in my head, I smiled through my internal stalker alarm, should I remember her, she was so beautiful, I was sure if we'd met before I couldn't possible have forgotten her..

"I've seen you before, at your house. I've seen your son, and.....your wife." Thunk, thunk, thunk, I could feel the spikes being hammered into the lid of this evening. I was sure my chances for action were heading six feet under quickly. "My father is a piano instructor, he teaches your son." After a night of drinks, dancing, holding hands, talk of the wife has never been a good omen for a romantic evening.

"Aahhhhhh, your dad's a nice fellow, my son really enjoys his lessons." It was hard not to act alarmed by the way things had suddenly turned to this. My son's even teaching me a thing or two. I'm learning a classic, Hockey Night In Canada, our other national anthem." I felt this date, which is what I felt our encounter had become, would be as hard to hold onto as a greased pig. "Do you play piano?"

"Yes, and very well thank you. Nice try, at changing the subject by the way, but about your wife and son..." I could feel myself start to sweat. I'd experienced these situations before, but never in captivity in a moving cab. She was so pretty but I could feel things slipping away.

"OK, what would you like to know?" Why not get it out of the way.

"I know you're divorced, I'm cool with that, but I know your son and wife, we've met before, it would be awkward if they knew I 'd been out with you, on what was a pick-up but is now feeling a bit more like a date." She looked into my eyes. "I just don't want to get caught in any trouble. Capeesh."

"I don't kiss and tell, especially my ex-wife, I think we can get to know each other without involving everyone I know...for the time being anyway." I smiled, she returned it. Her hand was so soft in mine, she was such a beautiful woman, deep in my chest I could feel excited knots twisting, I leaned in and she moved into our kiss. Lips as soft as summer rain, her perfume was intoxicating, her skin was so delicate, so rich and flawless. I kissed her eyes, her nose, her forehead, and devoured her lips. I could feel her hands slide up my shirt, her nails drag across my stomach and chest, she pinched my nipple and twisted hard enough to make me wince. I was so seduced. Magically we were at her place, a three story apartment overlooking a pristine view of the Mall's parking lot and the liquor store, they find diamonds in dirt don't they?

"Five fifty and by the looks of you two, I'm figurin' there'll be only one stop, eh?" The cabbie was smiling, it must be a treat to see two lovers makin' out once in a while as opposed to watching puking teenagers every night. We climbed the stairs to her place, I nervously followed her through the security doors and up the two flights of stairs to her corner apartment. Its decor was university chic, part bohemian, part modern, sort of like a fashion magazine exploded in her living room. We walked in on her roommate, a very pretty blonde in jammers watching TV and eating popcorn. She smiled as we entered and doffed our coats and scarves.

"Hi, I'm Janna, Heather's roommate." She nodded at me, offering me some popcorn.

"Jay." I introduced myself to the pretty roommate. "Pleased to meet you. Nice place." I added surveying the small abode. It had a joined kitchen / dining room / living room, there was the entrance and a closet on one wall and three doors on the adjacent wall. Two bedrooms and the bath I assumed. "May I use your facilities please?" I asked as I walked to the door I figured was the washroom.

"Help yourself Jay. If you want anything to drink don't be shy, whatever's in the fridge is yours." Heather entered a corner door as I entered the one next to it, it turned out to be a study, or an office with a desk, a computer and lots of shelves, no beds. I tried the next door and found the bathroom. Closing the door I was a bit puzzled, if this is a two bedroom apartment, and two girls live here, but one room is strictly an office, where did Janna sleep? Or Heather for that matter, it couldn't possibly be the couch. I checked myself in the mirror, nothing in my teeth, eyes pretty bloodshot but not maniacal or anything. I walked back into the living room and Heather and Janna were busily chatting on the couch, both smiling with excited eyes. The chatter ceased as I entered the room and they both smiled at me.

"I'm gonna take you up on your offer of that drink if you don't mind. Which cupboard do you keep your glasses?" I walked into the kitchen, and Heather stepped up behind me, her hand snaking around my waist as she opened a cupboard door for me, revealing the glasses. I put it on the counter as she turned me around and pulled me to her for a deep penetrating kiss. I glanced over her shoulder and my eyes met Janna's, her gaze was intense, and she didn't look away. A bit strange I thought, closing my eyes and falling into the kiss Heather was lavishing me with. We parted with a smack, both of us flushed and my gaze flicked to the bedroom door, Heather and Janna both noticed and started to laugh. My Freudian glance had not gone unnoticed, I was caught and had to laugh along.

"Well, I'm gonna turn in Janna, we'll see you in the morning, I guess. Don't stay up too late." Heather squeezed Janna's knee as we passed and I offered a shy smile, we all knew where I was heading, I didn't really know what I was in for, but I knew what I wanted to happen and the fact that it was so obvious was awkward. Janna gave me a knowing smile in return.

"Have a good night Jay. You guys can stay up as long as you like. Don't mind me." She smiled and watched us enter the bedroom. The bedroom was intriguing, there were two beds on opposing walls. It looked like a dorm room, the space divided in two. Janna's bed was covered with stuffed animals and cushions, Heather's was neat and tidy, a neutral comforter and the surrounding walls were partially tiled with mirrors. I had a lot of questions but I figured this would play out and I didn't want to ruin the mood, I wanted this woman very bad. I sat on the bed and Heather jumped on my lap, a leg on either side of my own, her arms draped around my neck and she kissed me deeply, her weight pushing me onto my back. She was so delicate in my arms, her wavy brown hair streaked with gold, spilling around her face in the low light of the room. With the window between the two beds we were lit fairly well by the street lamps outside, I could see her face, her eyes, and even her teeth as she slowly danced, grinding her hips into my lap. I was so hard for her, I'm sure she was feeling how excited I was.

I grabbed the hem of her top and slowly pulled it over her head, stopping half way up her arms so I had her partially bound with her hands over her head, she wore no bra, her C cups looked exquisite, as I took a nipple into my mouth. Her breathing quickened, her gyrations on my lap became more accentuated. I finished pulling her top off and she put both hands on my shoulders and pushed off me. She stood in the centre of the room, half naked, dancing rhythmically to a song she was humming, I pulled my own shirt off and reached for her hand, she came to me, smiling slyly and dropped to her knees in front of me as I sat on her bed. She playfully nibbled at my crotch, her fingers slowly pulling my zipper down, unbuckling my belt and raking her nails over my stomach. She glowed, the light from the window outlining her smooth body, her hand slid into my boxer briefs and cupped my balls. Her nails gently ran over and around my balls, tracing lines up and down my thigh and penis. It felt so good, I ran my hand over her hair, across the back of her neck.

She tugged at my pant legs and I lifted my ass slightly so she could slide them to the floor. I was naked with her between my legs, her nails overwhelming my skin with sensations as she ran them over and around my penis and balls. I closed my eyes as she lowered her head and took my six inch dick into her mouth. Slowly, luxuriously slow she sucked on my dick, her tongue sliding up the length as she slid her lips up and down my dick. It was the most intense blow job I'd ever had, slow and hot, her hands all over my legs and stomach, her mouth so hot and wet, I moaned freely as she patiently lavished my cock with broad tongue strokes with each thrust she made on my dick. She truly seemed to be enjoying herself, I hated to disturb her but I heard the TV turn off so I pulled her into bed with me, covering us with her fresh smelling blankets.

"No, I don't like to be covered when I'm fucking. I need to be free to move around. If you get cold we can turn up the heat." She kicked the blankets off and we were lying there exposed on the bed when the door opened and Janna tiptoed in.

"Hi Babe," Janna whispered, "gonna hit the sack, gotta get up early tomorrow if I'm gonna get a work out in before I go to work." She doffed her jammers and shirt and climbed under her covers wearing only panty bottoms.

"No problem hun, sleep tight." Heather sat up and kicked off her pants and panties and flopped down on top of me. Kissing my neck and ears. Wiggling her body against mine. I was a bit disturbed by the nonchalance of these two girls. I had no problem being seen naked but this arrangement had me confused. I kept my mouth closed though and my thoughts to myself, and hugged Heather tightly, kissing her soft lips, inhaling her sweet breath. She slid down my body kissing me as she went until my dick was once again in her hot mouth, her tongue sending me into spirals of pleasure, I couldn't stop the moan that escaped my lips, I instantly glanced over at Janna who was snuggled under her blankets, I could see the light reflecting off her watchful eyes. I could see her blankets moving slightly in the dark. This was so strange, I watched her watch Heather give me a world class blow job and I almost lost my load.

I grabbed Heather's waist and pulled her up my body, she whined in complaint when her lips lost their purchase on my penis, but she giggled when I spun her around so I could get my mouth on her pussy, and my dick soon found its way back into her mouth. I moaned loudly into her vagina as I deeply flicked my tongue in her sweet pussy. She squirmed on top of me, her tits rubbing my belly as we pleasured each other. I lifted my head and stole a glance at Janna, she was still watching us as we explored each other's body. Her head was propped up now by her hand and she watched freely, as her roommate's head bobbed up and down on my cock. I lifted my head and watched from the corned of my eye as I rimmed Heather, who screamed when my tongue slid around her rosebud. Janna almost fell out of her bed, she was leaning so far forward trying to see what I was doing. I smothered Heather's pussy with deep kisses and long, wide tongue strokes.

Finally, I had to pull Heather off my dick and rolled her over on her back. I lifted her legs up over my shoulders and slid my dick into her fantastically tight pussy, one smooth thrust to the hilt and the moan Heather let slide from her lips filled the room. We were past the point of politely being quiet I guess and Janna was watching us openly, not trying to be stealthy or hide the fact that she was playing with her pussy. I had a nice long slow rhythm going, my dick making a slight popping sound as I pulled pretty much all the way out of Heather with each stroke and driving deeply into her with each thrust. I had my hands on the bed on either side of Heather's hips, my arms partially supporting her as she raised her pussy to meet my thrusts. I hugged her legs closely with my arms, helping to raise her ass so I could penetrate as deeply as I could. Her moans, though sweet sounding as spring rain, were turning into grunts as I picked up the tempo, driving into her more forcefully, she was pinching her nipples hard, biting her bottom lip and writhing all over the bed. I was in heaven, she was so delicately structured, her body was perfection to me, and I was drunk on the heady aroma of her vagina, I was close to cummin' and I let her know.

"Oh fuck, Heather, I'm gonna cum, oh this feels so good, I just can't hold on much longer." I was fucking her hard and deep, my hips slapping her ass, bouncing her off her bed, I turned to look at Janna and she had her blankets off and her legs draped over the bed as she rubbed furiously at her clitoris. The look in her eyes said she was close to cumming also. I clenched my teeth, fighting off the pressure in my balls, my abs burning from the steady thrusting. When I heard Janna gasp and hiss as she reached climax I couldn't control myself any longer and I came deeply in Heather, who was still grinding her pussy against my spasming dick. I pumped as long as I was hard then pulled out. Heather looked at Janna and started laughing.

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