The Picnic


It's a beautiful summer's day – not blisteringly hot, but warms enough to be out in the lightest of clothes.

As arranged, I pick you up outside your office at 12.30pm. As you leave the building I can see that you have followed your instructions and are wearing a long, cream, button-through dress with simple pumps. From the way that your breasts are bouncing as you walk I can also tell that you are not wearing a bra, as instructed. I hadn't believed you would be so obedient.

You slip into the car, and we speed off. You glance backwards and spot a large wicker hamper on the back seat. A small smile slips across your lips and is not missed by me.

After a long drive we pull up in a car park which has a café in it, and as we get out I grab the hamper. I take your hand and walk you from the car park, past an area with some picnic tables and through some trees. There is a clearing of grass which runs down a fairly steep hill with woods to the left and the town is spread out below us like a map. There are a few couples dotted over the hill, but most people are still at work.

We wander a short way down the hill and stop and put the hamper down about 20 yards from the trees on the left.

I take a large rug from the hamper and spread it on the ground. You sit on the left edge of the rug, and I sit to my right with the hamper in front of us. I retrieve a sliver of black silk from the hamper and understanding my wish, you turn your head away slightly so that I can fasten the blindfold.

I spend the next hour or so feeding you cheese and grapes, crisps and other tasty morsels. Telling you when you may drink. On occasion I tell me to stick your tongue out and wait while I put crushed ice on it and the sun melts it so that it trickles down your throat.

Once we have eaten I push the basket to one side and we lay back. You raise your knees and rest them together with your feet apart – perfectly relaxed. I lay beside you with my right arm draped, lazily, across your stomach. We lay in the sunshine for a while, listening to birds, distant traffic and the mumble of other couples talking a few yards away.

I remove my hand from your tummy and you feel the fabric of your dress move slightly. You assume it's the gentle breeze, but then you feel my fingers walking up your inner thigh.

I move them on to the front of your legs and up onto your pubic bone, which I can feel is thinly veiled in a sheer fabric. I trace the edge of your panties and then slip a finger around them and find that your pussy is already moist in expectation. I run my fingertip up and down your feminine folds, pausing to tease your clit at the top and arse at the bottom of each run. The different sensations are starting to make you squirm. I whisper in your ear that you should lie still, which you find difficult, but manage.

I push a finger into your wet pussy and start sliding back and forth, quicker and quicker, before returning to playing with your clit. You sense that my hand has gone and can only imagine what is coming next. Nothing could prepare me for what you feel, even though you can hear you rummaging around in the hamper.

I tell you to open your mouth and, slowly, you do. You can feel a freezing fruity lolly sliding over your bottom lip, and your tongue accepts it gratefully. As quickly as it appeared, it disappears and then you feel two things happen simultaneously: your skirt is pushed up to your waist and you can feel the fresh air all over your legs and tummy which are now fully exposed, and you can feel the cold lolly pushing at your pussy lips. It slides in easily and you catch your breath as you slide it up and down inside you.

Your pussy is so hot that when you next feel the lolly in your mouth it is much slimmer than before. You can taste your juices mixed with the fruit and it's divine. I take the lolly and suck it myself, before tossing it to one side and burying my head between my legs so that I can get at your juices first hand.

You can feel my warm tongue against your lips, and I am lapping hungrily at you now. Your hands stray to the back of my head and push my head further down on to you as you roll your pussy up to meet me.

I retract slightly and use my hands to push your knees together and I slide your panties down to your ankles and off. I then push your legs wide apart, with your feet close together so that your pussy is wide open and inviting.

There is not much fabric in your thong and you can feel me gently pushing it inside you, making the most of the fact that every time I push some more material into your eager pussy my fingers are going deep inside you. Once it is inside you, I gently pull on the tiny 'tail' that is still outside and you can feel the tugging deep within you. I reach up and you feel me undo the blindfold. As you blink away the bright sun you look down where you can see me playfully pulling at your panties with my teeth. You look around and see that at least two other couples are trying desperately to look as though they are not watching ... and failing. They are rapt by our every move.

I pull a little harder and your panties are released from your pussy and I crawl towards you with them dangling from my teeth. You open your mouth and I let them drop into your mouth where the mix of juices and fruity stickiness is amazing on your taste buds.

I sit up and let my fingers drift down to your pussy lips which are aching and throbbing. I can sense that you are keen to have my thick cock inside you and after teasing you with two and then three fingers in your pussy, I use the juices which have run down over your pink puckered anus and slide my middle finger inside. It takes your breath away and you can feel me wriggling it inside me. I put your thumb inside your pussy and you can feel me pushing thumb and finger together through your flesh. Your pussy lips are pulsing and you are getting desperate to fuck me.

I quickly withdraw and stand up. I lean over you and slowly undo all the buttons on your dress, starting at the top. As I see your breast, I gasp, ever so slightly, and I cup each one in turn, pinching the nipples, and squeezing them together. I remove your panties from your mouth and take something else from the hamper and tucking it in my back pocket. I offer you my hand, and, grateful that as you stand you are no longer on show to anyone else, you take it and follow me. As you move your dress falls open and you try to cover yourself. I pull at your hand and as you look at me, I slowly shake your head. I lead you into the edge of the woods. And you follow, stumbling slightly on the uneven ground.

When we are a few paces inside the woods, I turn you around and sit you down on a fallen tree. I stand in front of you and undo my jeans and release my long vein lined cock for you. You lean slightly forward and take it in your mouth, letting it slide between your lips as your head bobs up and down on it. Your fingers stroke my balls and your fingernails tickle a little. You can see my legs twitching occasionally and I spread my feet a little to be more stable. As you get more excited you let your finger run between my legs and to my arsehole where you insert just the tip and excite me even more.

I don't seem to be able to take much of this, and very quickly I pull you up off the log and push you against another tree. The tree is quite sturdy but the trunk is only about 8" in diameter. Your hands are on the trunk and feet are about half a yard from the tree so that you are leaning on it on my shoulder. I tap at the inside of your ankles so that you spread my legs further, making you a little lower too.

Then it happens. You feel my cock forcing its way into your tight pussy. I grab at your hips so that you can't move out of my direct approach. I start thrusting into you and you start to cry out a little, only too aware that you cannot scream. I swish the skirt of your dress to one side and slap your arse, hard. Your head jolts back and you take a sharp breath. My palm lands a few times more and you know that I am leaving red hand mark on you.

You can sense my urgency and my strokes get deeper and quicker all at once. My grip on your hips is vice-like and you know you will have a few more bruises, but they will be a gentle reminder tomorrow of today, and you are grateful for them. Within a few minutes you can feel me buck and thrust deep into you as I let my cum explode inside you. You hear me groan as I am spent and then you feel my weight as I lean forward over you, exhausted.

We stay there for a couple of minutes and you can feel my cock softening as you milk it with your muscles. As I pull away from you, my hand stays on your lower back enforcing the fact that you should hold your position. You can feel a few drops of cum as they start to slide down your inner thighs.

"Do you like the fresh air?" I ask.

"Oh, yes", you say "It makes me feel so alive."

You feel me gather the flimsy material of my dress and I straighten it down over your arse which is sticking out.

"Then you should feel more of it," I say, and you hear a strange sound. It is a second before you realise that I am cutting your dress shorter. You make a move to stop me, but I warn you there would be a penalty for moving. The scissors from the hamper slice through the thin material with ease.

When I have finished cutting I tell me to stand straight. As you do so we both look down and see that the hem of your dress is now only an inch or so below your crotch. You look at me in disbelief, and see a wry smile spread across my lips. I reach out and do up two buttons at your waist. You start to help, but I hold your hands back.

"That's enough buttons. You like the fresh air, remember?"

I take your hand and lead you back to our picnic rug. All of the couples on the hill seem to be looking in our direction and you blush as you wonder what they must be thinking. Every pace you take reveals your nakedness and you feel vulnerable, empowered and sexy all at the same time.

I bend down and retrieve a small bunch of black grapes from the hamper. I stand in front of you so that none of the watching eyes can see with any clarity what we are doing. Again I tap your feet so that you spread them a little wider. I pluck six grapes from their stalks and I pop one in your mouth, and one in mine. Then my hand takes the remaining four and lowers to find you're dripping pussy. They are large grapes but they slide easily inside you. I repeat this process again with more grapes, and then with a handful of cherries (stones already remove), and it is a sensation you have never felt before. On my third dip into the hamper I hide what I have picked up in my hand, and you look me in the eye as I raise my hand to beside your face. As you turn your hand you see that I have a plum in it, your eyes widen and you start to slowly shake my head. I nod mine and again lower my hand to your pussy. I have to tap your feet again to get the access I need to slip the fruit inside you, but once it's inside, your lips close again and all the fruit is locked in.

I bend over again, and the thought of what I might be retrieving is terrifying you ... but I pack up the hamper, pick it up, and hold my hand out. You take it and we walk slowly back up the hill, back towards the car. As we get to the picnic tables I stop, and tell you to wait there. I go back to the car, and you can see me put the hamper in the boot and get something else out, something small enough to fit in my pocket. I return to you and I tell you to sit on the bench with your back to another couple who are a few tables away. I sit opposite you and hold your hands. I ask if I am having a nice time and you silently nod with a huge grin on your face.

"How are you feeling?"

"My pussy feels really full, like I could explode, and it's kind of squishy, but I'm very horny."

I tell you to get up, walk around the table and sit on it facing me. You do this but are very aware of the other couple looking at you, and of how short your dress now is. You are sitting on the table and your knees are together, level with my chest. I slowly push your knees a little way apart and you can smell your fruity wetness. From the look on my face, you know that I can smell it too. I slide my fingers up your thighs and let two fingers slip inside you. I can feel the fruit in there and it pushes against my fingers, making you appear tighter than usual. I lick my fingers and you are slightly nervous as I reach into my pocket, but understand fully when I show you one of your vibrators. I slide all 6" of it into you. You can feel a strange 'bursting' sensation as some of the fruit flesh is giving under the pressure. I move the vibrator back and forth and you can feel it 'pushing' deep inside.

I can't resist and turn the vibrator on, up through its settings until it is buzzing away so loudly you are convinced that the other couple can hear it. It's not long before actual fruit juice is seeping from your pussy and running off the edge of the table and onto my lap. I remove the vibrator and quickly lower my head to drink from your pussy. I lap at your lips with a thirst you have never known, and our display has finally outraged the other couple and they storm off into the café.

With no-one else around, I stand up and release my cock from my jeans once again. This time there is no hesitation and I plunge it into you, feeling the fruity pressure and grabbing at your arse so that you can't move anywhere.

It's only a short while before we can no longer take the excitement and I feel you jerk as I fill you to overflowing with my hot cum. You throw your head back, pushing your breasts out & scream as a massive orgasm takes control of every nerve in your body.

You hear sounds behind us, a ripple of applause from 3 couples standing outside the café watching our every move. I quickly do up my jeans and gab you hand as we run to the car. You can feel the juices cascading down your legs, making you sticky and streaky.

After a long, silent drive, I drop you off, but am careful to park 100 yards away from your front door. You get out of the car and give me a deep, lingering kiss which I return, never wanting the afternoon to end. Then I watch as you walk to your house. I can see that it is not easy for you to walk with the dripping and squelching that is still going on inside your pussy, and as you turn to wave, I smile.

You blow me a kiss and then are gone.

Until next time.

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