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The Picture


She was beautiful. Not that that was out of the ordinary. She was beautiful when we met in college, she is still beautiful today, and she will always be, as far as I am concerned.

As I mentioned, we met in college. She was working on getting her CPA behind her and I was about to finish a Bachelors in Business Management. We kind of hit it off immediately, and got married about a year out of college. It is amazing in this day and time, but, due to her college workload and quiet upbringing, she gave me her virginity on our wedding night.

After nine years of marriage, she is still beautiful. 5 foot 5 with a drop dead gorgeous figure augmented by a faithful gym regimen and the fact that we have no kids. She has tanned every year and kept a good dark color to her skin that highlighted the sun-blonde of her natural chestnut hair that hung well below shoulder level. Hazel eyes rounded out the beauty of this marvelous woman.

Since there were no children, her breast had remained basically the same as college. 34C-28-34 should be the right numbers. Due to her upbringing (I made the mistake of calling it her prudish upbringing...) her breasts were milky white, having never seen the sun. She was one girl that had extremely identifiable tan-lines. A one word description of this woman would be perfection.

We had a good marriage, and money was not an issue in our lives. Growing up in the mid-west, we both had an appreciation for moderation in our spending...everything we had was "nice" without being extravagant. For the most part, we were good partners, rarely ever fighting. She seemed to really enjoy our time together, and she was a wonderful partner.

Sex was not bad...after being married for nine years. In fact, she was good in bed, even with her boring upbringing. Truth be known, if I was readily going to admit it, most of the fights we had were caused by me...or more importantly, my fetish...I guess you could call it.

Even though this woman was perfect, I wasn't happy. Not WITH her, really, but at the boring lifestyle we had gotten used to after being married for so long. I do not know why I was this way; I still don't understand it myself, but for some reason, after around the 5th year of marriage, I began to fantasize about her having sex with other men. Most of you will not understand that, I still don't myself; but those that understand it know what I am talking about.

The first time I brought it up was after sex one evening. I don't really know why I brought it up, I don't even remember what I said about it, but she quickly shut the idea down. She thought the idea was gross and couldn't understand why I would want a wife that would cheat on her husband. Of course, that ended the conversation for quite a while.

Of course, as time went on, I became more and more fixated about this; and the more that she was vehemently opposed to even hearing about it. We rarely fought, but this was one of our common fights. It was during one of these that I made the mistake of mentioning her "prudish" upbringing. She teared up and left the room, going to our bedroom for a good cry. I hadn't really meant to hurt her and apologized profusely over the next several days. I promised to never mention it again.

Over the course of the next year or so, I kept my word and never mentioned it. I noticed however, that very occasionally she would bring it up during sex, just mentioning her in bed with another man, and if it turned me on thinking about it. It wasn't long before I approached the subject again. The first time or two, she quickly changed the subject and told me in no uncertain terms that the subject was for bedroom sex only and to not talk about it outside of the bedroom walls.

I did notice, though, that occasionally she would ask a question or two about the subject. She still couldn't understand why a man would want to know his wife was cheating on him, especially one that had saved her virginity for her wedding night. To this day, I still don't have an answer to that one.

On our ninth anniversary, we were having the usual round of anniversary sex and I kind of brought the subject up once again, mentioning how exciting it would be watching her having sex with another man. She didn't say anything about it that afternoon. In fact, I thought that I had hurt her feelings again.

What I didn't know was that she had been on the internet researching cuckolding. Evidently, she paid good attention to the things she was reading! I think she may actually be able to explain the things about my fetish that I cannot...

Several weeks went by where she mentioned nothing about it, nor did I. One afternoon, though, as we were having sex, I again mentioned how awesome it would be to be watching her in bed with another man. This time, she played with the idea a little longer, actually starting to ask me things about what I would like her to do with another man. Needless to say, it didn't take long for me to orgasm. She seemed pretty surprised by this turn of events, but didn't talk about my favorite subject until much later Friday evening.

I was sitting on the couch with her lying down. With her head in my lap, I was gently caressing her breast through her T-shirt as we watched the movie. Out of the blue, she looked up at me and asked if I was really serious about her having sex with another man. I guess the immediate erection gave her the courage she needed to continue.


I stammered out the best answer I thought I could give...I mean I had been thinking about this for nearly four years. "Well, of course, baby! You know how long I've talked about it...I think that would be awesome!"

She turned back to the TV for a few minutes. Without even bothering to look up, she said "He wants naked pictures of me..."

"WHO?" I asked, more than a little bewildered.

"The man that I am going to fuck for you." She said, as she looked back up at me, staring intently in my eyes. "It's all set up. He wants to see what I look like naked, and I told him that my husband had to provide him with his picture."

"I figure that IF you really want me to do this, then I will, but you are going to have to make that decision and initiate the process. This is a "friend of a friend"... and one that appears to be trustworthy. He is an acquaintance of one of the girls I work with...she says he is a nice guy. I got his phone number and we have been talking for a few weeks. I explained the circumstances to him, and he is all game."

"The ball is in your court, honey. If you really want this to happen, I will make it happen for you, but be advised, it will be your decision. Once you send him a naked picture of me, I WILL make it happen and there will be no backing out."

We spent the rest of that weekend talking about it. The longer the weekend went, the more excited I was becoming. She sounded pretty sure that it was all set up and it was all up to me to decide. All it took was sending him a picture of her naked.

There were none...even I as her husband did not have any naked pictures of her. So, Sunday morning, she took her clothes off and I took a single nude picture of her. She is at the bottom of the stairs with no clothes on. She is resting on her knees, with her legs slightly spread. Her landing strip is very dark surrounded by the white skin covered by her swimsuit. Her breasts are very firm looking and her nipples are pointed by the excitement she feels. She is displaying everything in this picture. As I am looking at it tonight, I can see her wedding ring on her left hand.

I send it to my cell phone; ready to put his number into the IM and send this picture to this man I have never met, that I don't know. She will be going to him then...That thought sobers me up, and I do not send it. Monday, she gets up early and goes to work; I am at the house alone because I work a four day work-week. I have been awake all night thinking about how badly I want to hit send but really afraid to.

After spending the morning going back and forth about this decision, I am looking at her picture. She really is a beautiful woman. The thought of another man looking at this picture, seeing that beautiful body finally got the best of me. I sent him the following text:

"We talked about it all this weekend, and she said she would do it. She said she had something set up with you, but I had to make it happen and it would be my decision. She told me once I sent you this picture, she was going to go through with it, and there would be no backing out."

"As far as I know, you are the only man to ever see a naked picture of her. I hope she meets your approval. The thought of you looking at her naked body is really exciting; I am trembling just thinking that you will be fucking her shortly. Please, may I watch you take her?" With that, I loaded the picture and hit the send button.

I watched my screen intently for several minutes, the log showed that my message had been "delivered". After about ten minutes, the flag suddenly changed to "Read at 11:30". This was it! He had received the picture of my wife, and even now he was looking at how perfect she was and how nice her breast and pussy looked. My hands were trembling thinking about this stranger looking at my wife naked. I quickly dropped her a text message that basically said "I just sent it."

I sent him another message that said "I just sent her a text message to let her know I sent you her naked picture as you requested. You should be hearing from her shortly." Again, I waited for what felt like an eternity to watch the flag change from 'delivered' to 'read'.

Within a few minutes, I got a call from her, asking if I had really sent the picture. When I told her I had, she hesitated and said "OK, it is on. This was your decision and I am about to go fuck another man. In the meantime, you have to be very specific about what you want him to do to me. I don't want any confusion about what you are expecting from either him or me."

"Baby, I don't want to be embarrassed telling another guy he can have sex with my wife..." I started to say, but she stopped me by saying "You just sent a strange man, a man that neither one of us has ever met, a picture of me naked. I have no idea what he will do with that picture, who he will show it to, or where it may end up...he knows that he will have me in bed shortly; and YOU are worried about being embarrassed?"

"Since you want to be my cuckold, you are going to act like it. I want you to actually beg him to have sex with me, and I want you to be very explicit and tell him what he can do to me. I want you to let him know what an honor it is for him to sex me!" With that she ended the phone call.

"Please sir, she just told me how excited she was to be getting your huge cock inside her. The thought of seeing your cock in my wife is unbearable. Please sir, would you let me watch as you fuck her? If you would allow me the honor to watch you fuck my wife, I will gladly be tied to a chair by the bed, so I can watch your cock going in and out of her." Again, the long wait as the flag went from 'delivered' to 'read'...this man knows how badly I want him to fuck my wife, now.

About 45 minutes later, I got a text from my wife. "I took off work at noon, heading over to meet my new friend. Should be there in less than ten minutes. Hope you enjoy your afternoon..." Was all she said, but she sent an emoji of lips in a kiss.

Oh...my gosh I hadn't expected it to happen that quickly! Holy shit, she was really going to go through with it! In just a few minutes, it would be happening!! The thought of her in front of him, naked, with his cock in her mouth or in her pussy was pushing me over the top. Thinking about my wife that had never even let another man see her naked in a picture and thinking about what all we had been through in nine years of marriage kind of sobered me up.

What if she left me for him? What if she left me for another man, now that she knew what other felt like? What if her were better in bed than I was? What if, what if, what if...I started getting cold feet...so, I called her.

She picked up on the first ring. "Yes?" was all she said.

"Uh, honey...I've been thinking...about a lot of things...and I want you to know that you don't ...uh...you can back out if you want to..." I started stammering.

"No, honey...it is too late. I told you that if you sent that picture, I was going to make it happen and I would go through with it. I am just now pulling up to his house, and I am going in there and he is going to have sex with the wife that had only had one man in her life until her husband wanted more. I am nervous, but I am not going to back out. I am really looking forward to having a strange cock inside me! Now, if you will excuse me, I am just pulling in to his driveway. He is on the porch waiting for me. Goodbye, sweetie. I am going to go fuck a stranger for you!" The phone suddenly went dead.

For the next several minutes, I was in a daze. I tried to call her back, but she wouldn't answer. I finally sent him a text that just said "Please enjoy fucking my wife. Just the thought of your cock in her pussy is driving me to ecstasy. Please fuck her good."

About thirty minutes later, I got a message from her phone. When I opened it, it was a picture of my beautiful wife, naked. She was sitting in a chair; it looked like in a living room, scooted to the front edge. She had her back arched back which had the effect of really lifting those beautiful tits of hers and aiming them at the camera. She had her arms behind her, leaving everything to view. Her legs were parted the width of the chair, giving a wonderful view of that delicious little pussy that until today, I had been the only man to enjoy.

It dawned on me that this picture was definitely not a "selfie"; she had deliberately posed for that picture with a dedicated camera man...the same man that was about to be fucking her. I looked at the image intently; it left very little doubt that she was going to go through with her ultimatum.

Over the next few minutes, my emotions had run the gamut of 'hurray! She's going to do it', to 'holy shit! She is going to do it'. I was at sensory overload just thinking about what was happening...wondering if she was in bed with him yet...hoping she had changed her mind...wishing I could be there to watch him take her.

In just a few minutes, my phone buzzed again with a message from my wife. Opening this one was a picture of a man's cock. It was taken from a short distance away, meaning she was naked and she was looking at his cock...the cock that was probably inside her at this moment.

Even though I am not a 'small' fellow, this cock was HUGE compared to mine. It was nearly twice as long, and it looked much bigger around than mine. It kept going through my mind that he was going to be finding places in my wife's body that a dick had never been before, and it humiliated me knowing that she was going to enjoy riding that hard cock.

About this time, I happened to notice that what little pubic hair he had was GRAY! I thought that she would be in bed with a young stud...maybe a jock or something...but this was definitely an older guy, and by the looks of his package, I think he was prepared to give my wife what she came to get.

Within a minute of the last text message, another one came in. It was a picture taken from above my lovely bride showing very plainly how deep she was able to take that cock in her throat. Her eyes were looking deeply into mine as she sucked on his cock. The realization that it was happening kept me on an emotional roller coaster that left me feeling used and spent. I didn't get another text or phone call from her until the next morning.

"Good morning, sweetie, I am on the way home. Did you miss me?" She asked sweetly, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened in the last twenty-four hours.

"Baby, I love you so much" I said, and choked up not able to say anything else.

"Well, I love you, too! Sweetie!" she said brightly.

There was a pause then, for just a few seconds; but it was a pause. "Well, uh...did you do it?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Oh, HELL YEAH!" She said enthusiastically, "I enjoyed it so much; I have made another appointment for next week. As a matter of fact, I might just make this an every week-end thing for a while. I really had a lot of fun!" she said. "Oh, and I am bringing some presents home for you."

"What could you be bringing me?" I asked in surprise.

"Well, for one thing, he wanted for you to be reminded that another man had fucked your wife, so he left some pretty good hickeys on my breast. He said that every time you saw me naked, you would think about his cock inside of me and my tits in his mouth! The other thing you will have to wait on...I will be there in a minute. I love you...Bye!" with that she hung up the phone.

In another minute or two, I heard the garage door opening and heard her SUV pull in. The door opened, and my lovely wife of nine years walked in, definitely looking like the old proverb about being 'rode hard and put up wet'. She was wearing the same skirt and shirt that she had worn to work the previous day, but she was very obviously not wearing her bra. I could see her nipples jutting through the thin fabric of her unbuttoned top.

She looked at me just a minute and then walked forward and hugged me real hard. "Oh, baby I LOVE you!" she exclaimed breathlessly. "That was so much fun!" With that, she finished unbuttoning her blouse and dropped it off of her shoulders, revealing several huge dark bruises on both of her breast. Both nipples were red, hard, and looked like they had been abused royally. "I want you to remember that another man not only got to see me naked, but he played with your wife's breasts and enjoyed himself immensely!"

She raised her skirt up and I looked at how red and inflamed her pussy looked. It was still gaping from that big massive cock that she had just had, there was still some semen dripping out of her pussy and running down her legs. I had forgotten to mention wearing condoms, and the realization that another man's cock had been inside my wife and he left his sperm there was proving to be real problematic to me.

"You let him come inside you?" I asked, watching the cum slowly drip out of her pussy and splat on the floor.

"Oh, yes, he wouldn't have it any other way. He came in my pussy four times yesterday, and again this morning. In addition, I gave him several blowjobs, and I swallowed two loads yesterday and one this morning. Honey, your fantasy has been fulfilled; I am now a hot wife!"

I listened to her rattle on about all the things he did to her and how much she enjoyed them as she was taking a shower and getting ready for bed. (She took off work today too, because she said she needed some sleep!) It was sounding like she had enjoyed herself and was definitely coming out of her "prudish upbringing" shell. Before she went to sleep, I asked her if she took a picture of the man that she had been fucking and she smiled and told me that she made sure and made one of the two of them just for me.

She fiddled around with her cell phone for a second and handed it to me so I could see the picture of her naked, lying across my bosses lap with his cock in her mouth.

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There should be some type of audition for a story to get on LW. This one wouldn't have made it.

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by Anonymous09/25/18

SO bad I'm STILL laughing!

Take her cell phone and forward the pictures to his own cell phone. Then its off to the lawyers. Both for a divorce and for the civil suit he files against his Boss and the Company. What kind of specialmore...

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by Anonymous01/04/18

What a shitty story !

The best and only thing to say about this story is that .... Your mother should have swallowed you !!!

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