tagFetishThe Piercing

The Piercing


We entered the shop that you had so wanted to visit. The latest fantasy that you have been talking about was about to become a reality. Having one of your nipples pierced. As we looked around, there was no one there and you held my hand in nervousness. As we began to look around, we heard the curtain at the back of the shop open and there stood a guy that could have been my twin.

He asked if we needed some help and we said yes, that you wanted a special piercing. Smiling he asked how special; and I replied that you wanted to have a nipple pierced. He nodded and showed us a display that held a number of rings. He quickly found one that had a jewel at the bottom of it and as he showed it to you he said that this would be perfect since it matched your blue eyes.

Looking into his eyes, you agreed that it was a good choice and asked what now. Smiling at you and then gesturing to me, he said that we should go into the back where it was more private. Seeing that it was close to closing time and we were the only customers, he said that he would close up so as we would not be disturbed.

So, as he left us to go lock up the front, I looked down at you and noticed you watch him walk away. I saw a slight smile come to your lips then I looked in the same direction as your eyes. I noticed that he had on a pair of jeans that was faded and form fitting and smiled that you liked him. Then I looked in the glass just as he was lowering the front blinds and I saw him looking at us in the reflection and he was smiling.

I gently pulled you into the back room and there we found the chair that he laughed about. We both stood and stared and smiled at one another. Before us stood and old fashion barbers chair, complete with an oversized headrest and split foot stands, one for each foot. I let my hand slide down your back and began to massage your sweet ass and I whispered in your ear how much fun we could have in that chair if we were alone. A slight groan escaped your lips when we heard him say in a low husky voice, "Hmm, it is a fun chair". He side stepped around you and in a feigned attempt to steady himself he gently let his hand cover your back and slide off your shoulder. I felt you shudder at his touch and a breath escaped your lips.

He asked where I was from, since he recognized my accent. I said Long Island and he responded that he thought so; he was from Brooklyn. He introduced himself as Tony, and extended his hand. When I gripped it in a friendly handshake, I realized that he was looking at me, just as he looked at you. We released our grip and then he took your hand in his and gently shook it as you fumbled your name out. Smiling he held onto your hand and guided you to the chair. He slowly let you fall into and told you that there was no reason for you to be nervous. Releasing your hand, after a gentle squeeze, which you returned, he said that he has done so many of these that he lost count. In fact, he said that he even did his own and proceeded to take off his black t-shirt to show us.

Standing there and his jeans and no shirt, there on his square chest, hanging from his own nipples hung the exact same ring that he picked out for you. He glanced down and said, not to worry, these rings are unisex, and they can go on either a man or a woman. We all laughed at that and you replied "Well your no woman, that's for sure". I glanced at you and you stared at him and I could see that this was going to be a very interesting experience.

Tony looked over at me and said to pull up the rolling stool and have a seat. He then pushed a lever back and the seat gently reclined with you in it. He said that it's best if you put your feet on the pads, since some people tense up and this allows them to push with their feet rather then with their body – which can effect the piercing. When you placed your feet up, he commented on the heels that you wore and that they looked very good. He also comment on the toe rings that you wore and said that you must like nice jewelry and since that was the case, you were going to love this ring. He moved a 2nd lever and the foot rests gently slid apart and said that again this was for the proper positioning of the body.

He turned away to continue with his preparations work and you looked at me and with lust in your eyes whispered that you were dripping wet. I smiled back and brought my lips to yours and you hungrily kissed me back. I held your hand and when Tony turned, he saw that your nipples were harder then ever. Smiling to himself, he took a small blanket and covered you stating that he didn't want you to feel uncomfortable, since the skirt was kinda short. As the blanket fell on you, it also covered our hands. I immediately let go of your hand and slid it under your skirt. Surprised, jumped a moaned and Tony just looked at where my hand was under the blanket. He knew exactly how to control this situation….

He turned again to continue with his preparation and it was then that I noticed that in one of the cabinets that he opened, there was a mirror and he could see what we were doing. I moved my hand along your thing and found that not only was your pussy soaking wet, so much so that the inside of your skirt was also wet, but that your sexy pussy lips were swollen and they were open. You closed your eyes and moved your hips up and down to my exploring fingers. I slowly let them run up and around your entire pussy gathering and spreading your juice.

When I teased your opening, you opened your eyes and looked at me with a pleading look of desire. I smiled and look at Tony's back and you followed my gaze. Your eyes met his in the mirror and you saw him grin back at you. You moved your hips up and gasped as I thrust my fingers deep into you. Not expecting to be filled, you groaned and then relaxed – all the while looking right into his eyes.

Finally, Tony turned with his trey of tools and you saw that the front of his jeans were as tight as they could be from the hard-on that he was getting. Your eyes never left his bulge as my fingers slid in and out of your hot, wet, throbbing pussy. Staring you saw that he was so hard from our little show that you could see that his cock was of the perfect size for you and that you could even see his head. When he reached your side (opposite me) he began to explain what was going to happen.

He said, in his heavy New York accent that "First Dee, I am going to need to expose your breast. I will unbutton your top if you'd like and gently pull this very sexy blouse from you. It's better for me to expose both breasts so that the material does not get in the way. Then, I am going to need to get your nipple very stiff. I have a number of methods to do this and I hope that you will not object. Of course, you can always get them stiff yourself, but then that does not allow me to understand how they feel or react. The choice is yours."

With a second finger entering you, your hips begin to take a life of their own. You try to focus on Tony and what he is saying but you cannot. Tony looks at me and I smile and tell him to go ahead and do whatever he thinks is best. Slowly, he begins to unbutton your silk blouse and he pulls it back exposing your breast and already hard nipples.

The cool air in the back room makes them even harder and he comments that he may not need to make them any harder. Gently, he takes his hands and feels the fullness of your breasts, saying that he needs to get a feel for the skin tone. His hands slowly ride up the underside of your breasts and ends with his fingers gently pulling your nipples up. As he continues to pull your nipples, my fingers enter you again and again. As I slowly fuck you he is tugging on your nipples getting that the hardest that I have ever seen.

With all the attention that you are getting, your breath becomes ragged and your hips are making slow circles and your eyes are going from Tony to me. The blanket begins to slide down and you no longer care about what Tony sees or think's and you help it fall to the floor. He glances down your body and the your skirt has ridden up and he can almost see your sweet pussy, I know he can smell it.

He releases your nipples and gets the piercing tool ready to go. He is telling you that this may hurt, but for just a second. He asked if there was anything you'd like to hold onto to squeeze as he pierces you. Smiling and riding my fingers, you lift your left hand just as he turns to face you and your hand rests up against the hardness that is between his legs. You give a gentle squeeze and he moans lowly and says that you made a good choice.

My fingers begin to slide up and out of you and up to your hard little clit. I rub it and slide my fingers back into your wet pussy. Your hand begins to massage his crotch and he looks down at your and says that he needs to apply some lubricant to your nipple to help the piercing. You look at him and moan "Use your mouth, please."

Looking at me, I smile and he lowers his lips to your hard nipple. You feel his lips lock on and his tongue slide back and forth on your nipple. You become lost in your pleasure and I sense that you are going to cum, so I slow my fingers down. Your hand is busy squeezing Tony as he feeds on your nipples. I look at you and smiles and I see that you hand is fumbling with the belt on his jeans. You finally get it free as he gently nips on your nipple and then his button and zipper is done. As he continues to add "lube" to your nipple, his hips begin a little dance of their own and his jeans fall to the floor and his cock springs free and into your hand.

Moaning from the way your hand squeezes him and stokes him, he lifts his head and stands before us, naked, nipples pierced and with a hard cock, very much like mine. My eyes are glued to your hand as you stroke him. He moans and gently starts to move his hips back and forth. You look at me and see a look you've never seen and you smile knowing that I am finding this scene so sexy. You look back at the cock in your hand and see that Tony and I are a lot alike, we both have long, hard, smooth cocks – he shaves his like I do mine.

Tony regains his composure and glances at me. Our eyes meet and we smile at each other. He glances down and I notice that my hand is no longer sliding in and out of you. I'm temporarily mesmerized. You notice as well and see us looking at one another and you grab my wrist and bring it up. I slowly let my fingers slide into your mouth and while your eyes float between me and Tony, you lick them clean. Your hand begins to stroke Tony in earnest and I slip my fingers from your mouth and bring them to mine. I suck them tasting the combination of your saliva and your pussy.

Tony begins to pinch your left nipple again and realizes that it needs more lubricant, so his left hand slides under your skirt just as mine does. Looking at each other, our fingers meet and enter you at the same time. His come out as mine stay in. He brings is wet fingers to your nipple and coats it well. You moan with excitement and your hips are now out of control. You feel the pressure begin to build and you know that you cannot take any more. Begging, you tell Tony to do it, to pierce your nipple, do it so your can cum. Tony quickly obeys and looks to me for a clue.

Your hand is stroking him and you can feel the pre-cum begin to ooze from his cock-head. My fingers begin to thrust in and out of you; you slide your right hand down and begin to rub your exposed clit. Your breathing is coming in gasps and your pussy is wide open.

Tony places his piercing gun on your nipple and clamps in to the device. Your head is rolling back and forth, your hips and bucking up and down, your legs begin to tense and I start the feel your hot, wet, throbbing cunt begin to grip my fingers and suddenly as your pussy juice flows from your convulsing pussy, he pulls the trigger and suddenly the ring goes through one side of your nipple all the way to the other causing you to scream "OH FUCK, OH GOD, OOOOOHHHHHH" and your pussy begins to spray a continuous amount of juice from around my fingers and all over the floor.

Your body continues to bounce and jerk until you grab my hand and pull it out of you. You bring it to your lips and suck just a bit, and then you reach up and offer them to Tony, who is still being stroked by you.

He looks at me and takes one and then the other finger into his mouth. As he sucks on my pussy coated fingers, you moan with excitement that this is not over yet. He lifts his head and begins to slide his cock in and out of your hand. He comments that my shaft is as hard as his and since it appears that I need some relief too, that I should see how wonderful this chair can be.

Then he glances to the split foot rest. Taking the hint, I stand up and stand next to you. You are toying with your new nipple ring and stop when my jeans fall to the floor. You look at me and stoke my shaft a few times and guide me into your mouth. It feels so wonderfully wet and soft that I moan. Your own body jerks and moan escapes from your lips as Tony begins to feel your wet pussy. He looks at me and motions me to come and fuck you.

I pull my wet shaft from your lips and you moan in disbelief. I gently nudge your head to the left as Tony has moved closer to your head. You turn and see his hard cock right next to your face and you part your lips and let your tongue slide out and lick the pre-cum that has formed. Tasting him, you realize that we even taste the same and you slide him as deep as he can go. You feel his fingers leave your wet pussy and glancing sideways you see that I am now between your legs, with my hard, wet cock walking towards you.

Seeing that I was approaching, Tony removed his soaked fingers from you and grabbed a hold of my shaft and began to slide your wetness over my shaft. When his hand touched my cock, I moaned in pleasure since I have never had a man touch me like that. Your eyes went wide as you watched the scene and you let his cock slide out so that you could get a better view. He looked at me and said, "Let me put it in for you". Then he gripped my wet, hard cock in his hand and squeezed me and pulled me closer to you. The guided me into you in one slow, long stroke.

He removed his hand and slide the wet fingers to my mouth which I readily accepted. I sucked them dry and when there was no more juice, he let them fall you to your pussy. His other hand guided your head to his throbbing shaft and the feeling of my cock pumping in and out of you, his fingers rubbing your clit (and moving down and around massaging your open pussy all around my thrusting cock), and the smooth shaft that was in your mouth, made you groan in desire. Soon we were in the same rhythm and my thrusting was getting faster and faster.

Tony started to play with your new ring and he began pumping his cock in and out of your mouth. His hand left your pussy and went to the back of my head and he guided me down to your nipples which I greedily sucked. Your moans and his grunts and my groans filled the room. I felt his hand push me up your chest and to your neck and face. I kissed and licked and nibbled you and your felt my hot breath on your neck, and face. You released his cock from your mouth and kissed me passionately while you stroked him and squeezed his throbbing cock.

Then broke our kiss to fill your mouth with his cock again, then you kissed me, and then again went back to his cock. Your right hand found your little clit and you began to rub your hard little clit.

Soon I felt Tony's hand on the back of my neck pulling me towards your mouth and as I let him guide me, you groan as you feel my lips kiss yours. You turn your head to meet my kiss and Tony has left his cock right there. You reach around my neck with your left arm and pull me fully onto your lips and suddenly, Tony's cock has broken our kiss.

You hold me there and look me in the eye as your mouth is on one side of his shaft and mine on the other. Your smile and begin to slide your face back and forth and encourage me to do the same. I finally give in and begin match your rhythm and when you reach the head, you take him fully into your mouth. You suck him while my mouth covers his cock and when I reach your lips, I am surprise to feel you push his cock into my mouth. The sight in front of you is overwhelming and your fingers fly over your clit as I continue to fuck your hot throbbing pussy. Tony's hand is on my head and he begins to fuck my mouth with your tongue licking and sucking the length of his cock.

Soon I feel the pressure begin to build around my hard shaft from your pussy and Tony begins to slip out of my mouth and back into yours. I can feel the walls of your cunt tighten and I know that you are close. Tony's cock finds it was back into my mouth and as I take him all the way in, your body begins to shake and cum all on its own.

This causes my cock to spasm and my hot fluid erupts from my shaft as I fill your soaking wet pussy. This takes Tony over the edge and I begin to feel his cock pulsate in my mouth and just as his first load fills my mouth, you pull him from me and take his hot white cum into your mouth. As he continues his climax, you place him back into my mouth and drain him dry. Just has all of our cums subsides, we kiss and trade his cum back and forth between us and Tony stands up and looking over us.

Looking at me, with lust in your eyes, you lick the cum from my face and tell me that was the hottest fucking thing you ever experienced. I smile and tell you that I'd do that all again just to please you. You smile and said that if I can do what I just did, you'll certainly think of something to test that……

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