tagBDSMThe Piercing

The Piercing


He leads her to a building they have never been to. She doesn't know what He has planned, but she trusts Him fully. Compared to the full sun outside, the interior of the building is dark. He greets the man inside as she looks around. A tattoo parlor. She cringes, not wanting a tattoo. But, she trusts Him. She looks up at the man her Master is talking to. A tall black man, his muscles visible even under the stark white shirt. He catches her eye and smiles, a friendly smile. She instantly feels safe, welcome. The man leads them to the back room.

The lighting here is better, mainly focused in one place though. Beneath that bright light is a chair, one you would see when visiting a female doctor. She looks at her Master with a question written across her expressive face. He smiles as He leans close to her ear, "Trust me."

She does. She trusts Him completely. He begins to remove her clothes, folding each article and placing it to the side. At His word she climbs onto the chair, naked as the day she was born. He smiles at His girl, at her obedience, her trust. "This is Sam. You can call him Sir."

She locks eyes with the man again, his dark brown eyes smiling as she greets him, "Hello Sir."

He returns the greeting before grasping a strap at the side of the chair and wrapping it around her wrist, securing her to the chair. Her Master secures the other wrist. Another strap comes across her belly, tightening enough to hold her in place. Her feet are placed in stirrups, thighs and calves strapped in place. Knees bent, her legs are parted, revealing her innermost parts, cunt glistening in the light.

Her Master walks to her, opening a small box, very similar to a ring box, only slightly larger. Nestled inside are three rings, tiny hoops of gold. She blushes as she suddenly realizes why they are here, what His plans are. She looks down at her breasts, her nipples hardening, her eyes traveling back to her Master. He smiles as she nods her head, willing to continue.

Her Master nods to Sir as He reaches out and teases her left nipple, feeling the bud harden beneath His experienced fingers. Sir walks over and watches for a moment. Her eyes drift shut as she waits. His gentle touch relaxes her, hands on her breast, preparing it for the jewelry. Suddenly, a pinch, a tight pinch, a painful pinch! Her eyes fly open as she gasps, looking down to see the ring attached to her nipple. She looks at her Master, a silent plea on her lips, wanting to beg... no more. It hurts. His fingers stroke her hair, calming her. She sighs softly.

Her Master's hands move to her right nipple. Her eyes stay on His, seeing the sadistic look on His face, knowing what He is thinking. Her right nipple is more sensitive. His hand rises to tug her lip from her teeth; she didn't even realize she was biting it. He watches her reaction as the nipple is pierced, the gold ring sliding into her flesh. A soft cry escapes her lips as the pain grips her for a moment.

"Good girl. You are doing great." Her Master's praises help calm her racing heart. The pain fades to a dull ache. She looks at Sir, watching as He moves to a stool strategically placed between her spread legs.

"Oh my, this girl is dripping wet!"

Her Master joins Sir, smiling at her reaction to the pain. "Oh yes, my girl likes a bit of pain."

Sir licks his lips unconsciously, the motion not missed by her Master. "Go ahead my friend, feel free to taste her."

Without another thought Sir leans forward. She gasps softly as his tongue gently parts her folds, sliding inside to coax more juices from her. Hands clenched at her sides, she unsuccessfully tries to scoot closer to the mouth pleasuring her. Sir lifts up, smacking his lips. He whistles, one short whistle, and points to the place at his feet. She hears someone else in the room, barely able to see the other girl scurry to her place. A zipper moves and Sir moans softly. Then she hears the tell-tale sounds of a slave giving her Master pleasure, the sloppy wet sounds of a cock thrusting in and out, the girl gagging on its size.

His mouth drops back to her waiting cunt with more passion than before. Two fingers slide deep, stroking her g-spot, as he sucks hard on her clit. Head tilted back, she groans as his touch brings her oh so close. His fingers withdraw to slide over her outer lips, tongue lapping at the juices. She melts against the chair as she drifts away from the peak. Suddenly, he thrusts them deep again, another finger added to fill her aching cunt. A gasp, a whimper, her eyes searching for her Master, begging for release. He chuckles, watching His hot slave, absentmindedly stroking the bulge in His pants.

From the sounds below she knows when Sir empties his load into his slave's mouth. A whisper in her ear, the words she was waiting for, and she explodes, cumming hard, her cunt squeezing and pushing the fingers still inside her. His mouth is firmly latched on her clit, drawing out her orgasm. She screams with pleasure, each wave taking her higher, till she finally falls, crying out and sinking against the chair. He sits up, licking his lips, smiling at her. His hand drops to his lap, letting his girl clean the juices from his fingers.

"A warm washcloth please, my girl."

The girl stands to her feet, scampering off to obey. She returns with the cloth, wiping the dripping cunt, cleaning it. She returns the cloth to the other room and comes back, kneeling beside the chair.

"That was something," Sir comments, looking at her Master.

"Mmmm, she is something else," Master responds with a smile.

The two men lean over her swollen lips, quietly discussing her as they poke and prod at her clit and the hood above it. She lies back, trying to relax, until she feels the pain. She cries out, feeling like her clit is being pulled off. Her Master looks at her, gauging her reaction. She whimpers softly as the ring is put into place.

Sir slides his fingers over her outer lips, "Look how wet she is already." His fingers fall to his side, the girl on the floor obediently cleaning them again. Sir strokes his cock as it hardens at the sight before him. Her Master smiles, ready and willing to push His girl a bit further. He leans over and whispers in Sir's ear, something she doesn't catch. Sir smiles and tells his girl to get the lube.

She looks at her Master in alarm, her eyes wide. He smiles at her, mouthing the words, 'trust me'. She nods, trying to slow her breathing. Fingers brush against her rear entrance, coating it with the lube. Then the pressure begins as he pushes against her, fighting against her anal passage, coaxing her to relax and let him in.

"Master.." she pants. His hand lays on her thigh, letting her know He is here. At Sir's command the other girl stands to her feet. Leaning over, her tongue teases the bound girl, licking her cunt while avoiding the new piercing. Pain and pleasure combine as she feels the head of his shaft enter her anal passage. She gasps as he waits, allowing her to accept him. Her whimpers tell him she is ready. He begins to push more, determined to fill her completely.

After what feels like forever, she looks at Master, softly whimpering, begging Him, "Please Master, enough, it hurts, he is so big!"

"Shhh, you can take it girl, just relax and accept it." His words help some as she tries to relax. Suddenly the pain increases ten-fold as he shoves his cock deep, his balls resting against her ass. His moans confirm what her body tells her. He made it fit. She cries out, her ass clenching, trying to expel the intruder. He begins slowly, shallow thrusts to allow her body to accept what it is being made to do. The tongue on her cunt is momentarily forgotten as she bites her lip from crying out again, each thrust introducing another wave of pain/pleasure.

Her Master whispers in Sir's ear. At his nod her Master moves to her head. A quick movement and her headrest falls back, His hand catching her head. That's when she sees that His pants have been removed. His hard cock teases the entrance to her mouth. She opens, allowing Him to slide inside. His groans of pleasure please her, distracting her from the thrusts and grunts below. The two men begin to move in rhythm, each thrust increasing in speed and depth. His cock gags her as the one in her ass feels like it is entering her belly. The room is filled with the sounds of pleasure, each thrust bringing her closer and closer to the edge. Her Master's thrusts become frantic, signaling His impending release. She swallows as His seed enters her throat, filling her belly. His semi-hard cock slides from her mouth, leaving her feeling empty. Suddenly the pain in her ass increases, feeling like she is being ripped apart. The headrest is returned to its place, her head resting comfortably again.

Her Master moves next to her thigh, watching the large black cock thrusting harder into her tight white ass. She cries out as she suddenly cums hard, her ass tightening further on his cock, the pain causing the waves of pleasure to increase, her orgasm stealing her breath, feeling like she will never come down. Sir erupts in her ass, filling her with his seed, her ass milking him dry. She drifts back to earth, panting softly, her eyes finding her Master as He pulls His phone out of His pocket. The softening cock slides from her ass. Her Master groans, snapping pictures of her gaping ass. He looks at her, catching her eyes to smile at her.

She returns the smile, her body quivering, aftershocks of her orgasm washing over her. Her sore legs are lowered as Sir gives her Master instructions on proper care and cleaning of the piercings. The other girl smiles at her, licking her own lips to clean the juices. She blushes, rotating her wrists as they are released from their bonds. She stands on liquefied legs, leaning against her Master. He helps her dress, careful to slide her shirt over the new rings. Her g-string rests snugly against her cunt, soaking up her juices and the cum still dripping from her used ass.

Her Master thanks Sir, nudging her to do the same. She lowers her head a bit before looking up to see that friendly smile still in place. She blushes as she softly says, "Thank you Sir, for everything."

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