tagIllustratedThe Pink Bra

The Pink Bra


Erin ran up the stairs and into the bedroom. She was wearing only a skirt and stockings. In her hand were her panties, bra, and shirt. The purple silk shirt was ruined, the buttons ripped off and lying on the kitchen floor. She barely had time to drop her clothes on the ground when Zach entered.

"Show me the bra you bought." Zach was completely naked and had left his clothing in the kitchen. After an intense after work sex session, she had teased him with the knowledge of a new bra she had purchased.

"What if I say no?" Erin was holding the black bag from the lingerie store, dangling it in front to her.

"You wouldn't. You want to fuck me again."

Erin opened her mouth, but then shut it. He was right. There was something about Zach that made her crazy. She had always been reserved and quiet, but he brought out her wild side. She watched as he climbed onto the bed and leaned against the silk lined headboard. He had a king size bed that didn't even come close to filling up his bedroom. He stretched out his long legs and gently stroked his cock.

"I'm waiting." Zach watched and waited. He was pushing her to her limit, but he didn't care. She needed to know how cute and sexy she really was.

Erin smiled. She reached into the bag and pulled out a pink bra. It was cotton with a design along the cups. The cups were padded which meant her breasts would look even bigger.

"I like it so far. Put it on."

Erin nodded and put on the bra. At first, there was a large space between her breasts but she fixed her breasts and soon she had ample cleavage.

"You look like a porn star. I mean that in a good way. Get over here now." Zach had stopped jerking his cock. He loved how sexy she looked. He needed her.

Erin climbed seductively onto the bed until she was straddling one of his legs. He ran one of his fingers against her wet pussy and then drew a wet line between her soft breasts. Erin moaned. She opened her mouth, hinting that she wanted to taste. Zach shook his head. He wanted to tease her.

"You have the most amazing breasts in the world." Zach pulled Erin closer and nuzzled his nose into her cleavage. He could smell her vanilla perfume as well as the light scent of her sweat. He licked between her breasts, his tongue running against her flesh.

"They're too big and they're so saggy." Erin was whining. She couldn't help it. Years of being teased had taken its toll on her. She couldn't believe that someone like Zach would love her for her and how her body looked.

"Quiet." Zach spoke harshly and pulled her so she was straddling his hips. He pushed his rock hard cock back into her pussy and grunted. She was so wet from their earlier encounter and he knew that she was just getting started. Zach continued to nuzzle her cleavage while guiding her up and down on his cock. He was going very slowly, but also deep. He liked driving her crazy.

"Faster. Please." Erin growled. She was trying to bounce harder, but he was holding on to her so tightly. He was doing this on purpose and she loved it.


Erin glared at her boyfriend and sat up so he could no longer lick and suck her beautiful breasts. She gave him a smug look but was stunned at his reaction. Zach grabbed her and threw her onto the bed on her back. He lifted the band of her bra and slid his cock between her breasts. He kept one hand on the band while the other held her hip.

"Oh God!" Erin was in pure heaven. Zach's cock was sliding between her breasts and it felt amazing. She looked down and barely saw the tip of his cock between them. He was grunting and moaning which told her how good it felt for him as well.

"You have the perfect breasts for titty fucking baby. My cock feels amazing between your soft globes. They are almost, I repeat almost, as good as your sweet pussy."

Erin grinned. She was feeling good about herself at this moment. She leaned down and licked the tip of his cock.

"Baby. You keep doing that and I'm going to cum all over your pretty breasts."

"You mean you'll cum all over my pretty pink bra right?"

Zach stopped thrusting and blinked. He had always wanted to cum on her, but she had never let him. He had begged and pleaded, but her response was always the same. She was convinced only sluts let guys cum on them.

"Are you serious?"

Erin nodded.

Zach slid his cock from under her bra and began to jerk off hard. He kept one hand on her breasts, pinching her nipples. Erin lay there watching as he brought himself to orgasm.

Erin moaned. She felt his hot cum land on her pink bra. His cum dribbled between her breasts. The next shot landed on her chest and dripped down onto her breasts. The last shot of his white cum landed on her bra, soaking into the material.

"God you are amazing. You know that right?" Zach leaned over and kissed her softly. "You better expect this kind of treatment every time you tease me with a sexy bra."

"Can we go bra shopping tomorrow then?"

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