tagErotic CouplingsThe Pirate and the Vampire

The Pirate and the Vampire


Jane entered the party tentatively, expecting the worst. Her cousin Richard had always thrown terrible parties. His old Victorian had been the scene of many tedious shindigs where college kids got noisily sloshed, set things on fire and passed out on the front lawn. When Richard had called her in mid October, she'd told him she already had plans for Halloween night. It hadn't been a lie: Jane's friends were already engaged in all sorts of debauchery at their favorite erotic club. However, she'd promised Richard she'd make a brief appearance at his party.

She hadn't seen Richard in a few months; he'd been touring as the new bassist of a gothic post-hardcore band with a serious underground following. Richard had emailed Jane from the road with wild stories about groupies with fangs and the graveyard escapades of his bandmates. When he phoned, he told her he was throwing the band's annual Halloween party at his appropriately spooky two-story home. Jane secretly pitied the rest of the band: If it was going to be as dull as Richard's usual parties—

But it wasn't. She saw that instantly. Entering the foyer was like stepping into the world of a gothic romance novel. The home was transformed, lit by hundreds of candles dripping on mantels and hanging in sconces.

Heavy trance music spread its heartbeat through the wooden rooms as costumed dancers swayed and dipped. She stood mesmerized, watching a cop grinding with a sexy bunny next to two schoolgirls making out with their hands up one another's skirts.

Life on the road had been good for Richard.

Jane shut the heavy door behind her. She wore an exquisitely sexy pirate captain costume, a pink-and-white orgasm of velvet, lace and ruffles. Jane had curled her long blonde hair and topped it with a pink pirate hat; its long black ribbons looked striking against the pale gleam of her hair. She'd added black stiletto boots with pink brocade bootcuffs and as she paused in the foyer she noticed party guests staring appreciatively at the way the lacy costume and sexy shoes accentuated her long, tanned legs.

Jane wandered further into the party. In the dim light, she could just distinguish figures kissing passionately in every available nook and cranny in the old house.

Heading toward the kitchen for a drink, she had to squeeze by two beautiful girls making out in the hallway. The girl dressed as a nurse was pinned against the wall by the one in a two-piece kitten costume, who had one hand on the nurse's breast and the other under her skirt. The kitten's eyes were locked on the nurse, whose face was flushed and sparkling with pleasure. Jane made a mental note to check back on the two girls later and see if they could use another pair of hands.

Entering the dark kitchen, Jane was amused to see the old familiar keg sitting on the counter, the sole relic of Richard's previous parties. Luckily, the keg was surrounded by liquor bottles and mixers, and Jane quickly made herself a strong rum-and-coke before wandering back into the heart of the party.

She walked into the guest bedroom and stopped short: a woman wearing nothing but a fringed cowgirl skirt was preparing to mount a beautiful, muscular man lying on the bed wearing a barbarian's studded collar. Her fringed top and his studded leather skirt had been flung to the ground and as Jane watched, the woman straddled the barbarian and lowered herself slowly onto his waiting cock. Moving her skirt out of the way, she ground herself onto him. He reached for her hips and grasped them firmly, guiding the cowgirl up and down on his dick as she threw her head back and moaned.

Jane's amusement was quickly overshadowed by hot and impatient lust. She was about to offer her services to the sexy couple on the bed when someone touched her shoulder. Jane turned and saw a gorgeous vampire with black hair, olive skin and strangely fiery green eyes. The man smiled and Jane's heart flipped—this was the heartthrob lead guitarist in Richard's band.

He was tall and very slender, although finely toned from hours of onstage exertion. He had the musician's signature scruffy goatee and Jane could just see the tentacles of tribal tattoos peering through the white lace at his neck. He wore a fitted white shirt with silver cufflinks, tight black slacks ending in leather boots and a flowing velvet cape with red satin lining. His features were delicate and finely chiseled, from his high, intelligent cheekbones to his gently sloping nose. The man gestured deviously to the couple fucking on the bed.

"Ever been to a party like this before?" He asked. His voice was deep and rich enough to be heard over the thumping techno. Jane leaned in.

"All the time. Never at Richard's, though. You must have been a very bad influence on him."

The vampire smiled devilishly. "I'm Paul."

"I know." Jane looked back at the couple on the bed, who seemed to be nearing climax. "Is this what your parties are always like?"

"Yes," he said simply. "What's your name?"

"Jane Adams."

"You're related to Richard."

"His cousin." They watched the barbarian grab the cowgirl's ass and hold her firmly as he came into her, writhing and moving his cock in and out of her pussy. She leaned back, mouth open, riding her orgasm, oblivious to (or enjoying) Paul's and Jane's attention. Paul looked at Jane and touched the soft pink fabric along her waist.

"You make a beautiful pirate." She turned her body toward him and put her hand on his, guiding it down her side.

"Feel how soft it is?"

Paul continued down her body, hand drifting past the velvet skirt to the lace underneath, finally connecting with the firm flesh of her thigh. He stared into her eyes.

"Yes, I do." She kept his gaze, desire building as Paul traced his fingers up to the strap of her thong. "So you like this kind of thing?"

"Do you mean this kind of party or the fact that your hand is under my skirt?"


"Yes." Paul smiled wickedly and snapped her thong with one finger. He leaned over her, pushing her back against the doorframe, and kissed her gently. His lips were warm and sensuous. She felt them part gently and her mouth was invaded by the wet passion of his tongue.

The kiss was unexpectedly rich. He molded his mouth to hers, tasting her, enjoying the way their mutual attraction enhanced the intimacy of the simple contact. Their mouths opened wider and he moved his hand between her legs, rubbing two fingers across her thong. His fingers explored the panty, discovering the central opening; Jane felt him smile into her mouth as he realized it was crotchless. Jane's body responded to his touch and she felt damp heat permeate the thong. She put a hand on either side of Paul's face, feeling the scratch of his beard as she kissed him.

Paul pulled back and took her hand, drawing her out of the doorway and through the house. Jane followed obediently. She sensed Paul's need to find a more interesting place to continue their Halloween tryst.

He found one. Opening a door, he saw a flight of stairs going down into Richard's rec room, which was lit by moonlight pouring through street-level windows lining the top of the basement walls. Paul turned to Jane, swooped her into his arms and carried her down the steep steps.

Jane's heart raced with anticipation and adrenaline as he surveyed the room, eventually striding toward the dark form of Richard's pool table smack dab in the center of the basement. Richard swung Jane so her legs wrapped around his torso. She removed her pirate hat, tossing it to the ground and shaking her long curls seductively. Paul backed her up so her ass rested on the wooden side of the pool table. He settled her on the edge and slid his hands up her thighs. His hands felt smooth and hot against her skin.

As he leaned in to kiss her again, she felt the bump of his hard cock press against her pelvis. Their mouths combined hungrily. Paul's tongue wrapped around hers erotically as his hands slid up to her panty line and moved excruciatingly slowly toward her crotch. Jane opened her legs and began unbuttoning Paul's shirt, revealing a perfectly toned chest decorated with elaborate, swirling tattoos gleaming black in the silver moonlight.

Jane felt Paul's fingers trace her crotchless thong, pulling at the bow, playing with the lacy sides, tugging gently at the elastic but never venturing through the central slit to her aching pussy. She widened her legs again and thrust her hips forward. Paul moved his mouth to just below her ear and breathed, "Do you want me, wench? Do you want me inside of you?"

Jane caught her breath and took a quick nip at Paul's neck before pleading, "Please... please... I need you so much..."

He bent down and kissed her thigh, running his tongue up toward her crotch. He moved the lacy skirt out of the way and revealed the thong, its black fabric soaked with Jane's lust. Paul's strong hands clasped her thighs as he paused to appreciate the way her clit peeked through the hole in her panties.

Jane held her breath and kept her body still, willing Paul to make some sort of contact with her. He leaned in and she felt his breath moving along her slit, hovering just above her panties; she wiggled forward, overtaken by desire. He flicked his tongue out and just tapped the top of her clit. An electric shock of pleasure ripped through her and she cried out as he slowly parted the panties with his fingers, giving him a perfect view of her neatly shaved slit. Paul spread her pussy lips slowly and let his tongue run up the inside of first one lip and then the other. Jane threw her head back as she felt one finger enter her, moving just far enough inside to curl and tickle the roughness of her g-spot. Meanwhile, he breathed gently on her nub before taking it between his lips and massaging gently.

Washed by sensations, Jane's hands began to prickle and go numb as blood rushed to her head and throbbing pussy. Paul sucked gently, his finger beckoning against the wall of her vagina and sending her into spasms of sexual bliss.

Jane didn't think about where Paul's other hand had gone. She didn't see him undo the buttons of his pants and shimmy them down as he licked and pumped her toward ecstasy. But she certainly noticed when the finger pleasuring her g-spot disappeared and Paul straightened up, abandoning her tender clit and attacking her neck with his drenched lips. She was about to protest when the tip of his cock pressed against her, the hot head a welcome and erotic surprise on her clit.

Paul sucked on her neck as his dick nestled against her pussy. Jane reached down and grabbed it, enjoying its impressive girth as she guided it between the strips of her crotchless thong and shimmied so the head popped just inside of her.

Paul groaned and pushed a little ways into Jane. His hard-on filled her gradually, pushing against every nerve and sending explosions up and down her body. Impatient, he thrust into Jane and she cried out with pleasure and pain. His dick was large and incredibly thick. She felt him pressing against the end of her canal, forcing her to fall back with her elbows on the pool table to allow him full access to the length of her cunt. Fully inside her now, he moved his hips in slow circles. The sensations traveled clockwise as he put pressure on first one area and then another inside of her. Slowly he ground into Jane, staring at her intensely. Her mouth opened slightly.

Paul pulled almost all of the way out of her and slid back into her wet pussy. She gasped again and he repeated the motion, letting her enjoy every inch and ridge of his dick.

He fucked her slowly for minutes, stretching out their pleasure. Eventually his lust grew unbearable and he quickly increased his force and speed. Jane sat up straight and grabbed onto his shoulders. The angle changed the sensation and she gritted her teeth in sudden pain, feeling him slamming against her walls with unbridled vigor. Pleasure crept over the pain and she brought her knees together, tightening her internal grip on Paul's cock. Paul groaned in response and fucked her fast and hard. Jane bounced on the pool table. Its hard wooden side would leave an angry bruise on her ass but she was beyond caring. Paul crushed her to him and pumped with abandon, bringing them both toward gasping, fiery climax.

Jane's pussy began contracting. Her hands, prickling and numb, grabbed Paul's back. Stars danced in front of her eyes as she felt a tidal wave of hot lust burst into her cunt. She floated in ecstasy as Paul's cock exploded, their climaxes mixing and washing them in liquid pleasure. His dick shuddered, tiny earthquakes clutched by her tightening pussy.

Paul moved in and out slowly, savoring the end of their orgasms. He kissed her passionately. Soft lips melded as their shaking ceased.

After making out for several minutes, Paul slipped his dick out of Jane and smiled devilishly. She returned his grin and adjusted her panties, flipping her lacy skirt down and smoothing the wrinkled velvet.

Paul tucked his cock into his pants. He retrieved Jane's pirate hat and stood a few feet away, looking at her still perched on the edge of the pool table. Her eyes sparkled and her hair stood wild against her pale skin. She smiled at him.

"Can I have my hat back, please?"

"If you'll let me see you again."

Jane felt a little bit of panic ripple through her. "Umm... I thought this was just, you know... The party."

Paul walked toward her. "So did I. But I'd like to take you to dinner."


"Please, Jane. I know, this is strange for me too."

She stared at him, torn. He'd been an amazing fuck, yes; but had she felt something more when he'd kissed her? The possibility was frightening but kind of—kind of nice. She reached for the hat.

"Deal. Next week? Richard has my number."

"Perfect. Want to go back to the party?"

Paul intertwined his fingers with hers and drew her close enough to kiss her again. His mouth opened and his tongue danced with hers briefly, their lips moving together sensuously. Time passed as they made out in the darkness of the basement.

Pulling away at last, Paul and Jane looked at each other with a mixture of passion and uncertainty. Silently agreeing to retreat to the world they understood—the world devoid of obligation, commitment or emotional candidness—they climbed the stairs and returned to the safety of immorality.

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