tagFetishThe Pissboy Mansion Ch. 03

The Pissboy Mansion Ch. 03


Chapter 3: The Next Stage

They lay awake in each others embrace. The rays of the late afternoon sun streamed in through the window blinds sending beams of gold over the sweat bound figures upon Carolyn's large bed. Nicola stirred and turned in her lover's embrace until she made eye contact with her new found sexual partner.

"I wish you had told me sooner," she sighed.

Carolyn blinked slowly, her large green eyes staring into the face of woman she had spent the last two hours fucking. Nicola's taste was still on her lips and inside her mouth, the feel of her hot pee washing over her skin, a delicious memory.

"Best we make up for last time then," Carolyn replied giving Nicola a quick kiss on the lips before returning to staring into her lover's eyes.

"But what if I don't make it at the interview? I'd loose you for good."

"Then we better make sure you don't fail to impress," Carolyn whispered. "If you're performance in the bath was anything to go by, then you shouldn't have any problem."

"But I only managed to pee by keeping my eyes shut and thinking about being on the toilet. I can't do that in an interview with four blokes watching me."

"Hmm! You have a point there. I think you best have some more practice before Friday. Let me think of some suitable places for us to try having a naughty pee and then we'll try it out. It will be such great fun! I must admit I got a massive thrill having you watch me have a piss in the bath."

"What about now Carolyn? I'm bursting for a pee but it's so nice lying here with you that I don't want to get up."

"Don't bother then, but give me a second to get into place before you start," and with that she started to wriggle free of Nicola's embrace.

"What! Really? You mean here on the bed?" Nicola asked in disbelief as Carolyn traced her tongue over her warm skin, heading down her belly on an obvious route to her waiting pussy. Carolyn didn't reply but instead gave her a mischievous grin and open her mouth wide before placing it up to Nicola's moist vagina.

By now Nicola couldn't hold back no more especially with Carolyn's mouth open in expectation of her piss. Squeezing her bladder she waited with desperate expectation as a warm stream flowed down inside her belly on its way to its escape. Between her legs, her shaved pussy lips parted as her pee hole opened wide in the process allowing the first of her new toilet stream to burst forth. A wide gushing torrent of flowing clear piss shot from the base of her muff and immediately started to spray into Carolyn's open mouth. In response Carolyn gurgled something unintelligible as the strength of Nicola's pee stream took her by surprise. Desperately Nicola fought to bring the strength of her pee under control, making it a more even flow. Carolyn rewarded her with a quick licking of her clit which sent a deep shudder of intense pleasure through Nicola's body. Her friend then went back to drinking her piss as it flowed strongly from her pussy lips.

Once Nicola had finished her pee, another bout of lovemaking ensued with the two girls sampling the delights of the other's body. Carolyn's tits proved to be a firm favourite for Nicola to suck upon whilst her friend's fingers caressed her cunt. In return, Carolyn thrust up and down on the offered set of fingers, pumping harder and harder as time slipped away into oblivion.

Their senses climaxing, both girls came hard with their love juices spraying over their partner's body. Gasping for air Nicola collapsed on the bed her mind reeling from the cascading emotions racing through her head. She didn't even feel Carolyn moving into position above her until suddenly a warm wet spray playing into her belly button brought her around to her senses. Opening her eyes revealed Carolyn busily taking a hot wet piss all over her belly, her clear urine stream squirting out of her pussy and raining downwards in a fast flowing stream. This was sheer heaven and Nicola wasted no time and rolled over to allow Carolyn's pee stream to wash over her back as well. Spent urine trickled warmly over her skin flowing down to her wide bum cheeks before finding the groove between them. The new sensation of Carolyn's pee running over her pussy from behind was yet another mind blowing thrill for her to add to her catalogue for the day.

Slowly the wet pee shower dwindled as Carolyn finished her leak. Afterwards the girls fell asleep exhausted by their earlier passions. Upon waking they decided that it was time to clean up and headed for the bathroom together. Their toilets this time consisted of peeing into each other hands whilst the soothing shower water played over their backs. Once dry, they stripped the piss sodden bed sheets and went back out to the poolside to quietly reminisce over the days events. Evening was now fully upon them, the dying suns rays still warm on their skin as they sat side by side with their feet in the clear pool water.

Both girls were now enjoying a large glass of champagne in celebration of the day's achievements. Suddenly Nicola started to giggle.

"What's wrong?" asked Carolyn.

"Nothing, I was just thinking about what you said about peeing into the pool at the gym."

"Yes it is really good fun, especially like I said if you hold your costume away from your muff before you start. There is something special about pissing into a pool full of people knowing that they will be swimming around in your wee afterwards."

"Well it is too late for a swim tonight but I was still thinking about trying to have a pee in our pool."

"I'm game if you are," replied Carolyn a big smile on her pretty face. Quickly she scanned the surrounding balconies for signs of life of which there was none.

"Ok follow my lead," she whispered into Nicola's ear. Reaching down to her tiny bikini briefs she inserted two fingers into the material around her muff before drawing it back to reveal her two beautiful pussy lips nestled at the base of her hairy brown triangle. Nicola followed suite pulling back her yellow briefs to expose her shaved vagina.

Shuffling forwards the two girls moved their exposed crotches up to the edge of the swimming pool. Between their creamy legs, the blue water lapped away at the white tiled wall. A quite hiss suddenly joined in with the sound of the moving water as from Carolyn's muff suddenly shot a yellow stream of pee, gushing forth and spraying into the swimming pool. Barely a moment later and a second stream joined in as Nicola's commenced her toilet into the pool as well. Now both girls were busily relieving themselves with two fast flowing streams of hot golden piss squirting into the pool and tainting the water with their urine.

It was hard for them not to giggle as they both took a pee in full view of the surrounding apartments knowing that at any moment they could be discovered with their pussies on full view and their golden piss flowing from out of their vaginas.

Both girls finished at practically the same time although Carolyn did take another quick squirt of piss into the pool before finally covering up her pussy. After peeing in the swimming pool they decided that it would now be a good idea to retire inside and enjoy an evening meal together. Later on would surely follow a night of hot passionate pee sex!

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