tagErotic HorrorThe Pit of the Nine Sisters

The Pit of the Nine Sisters


Jeff woke up confused and hurting. The desert sun was near the horizon, but he couldn't tell if it was dawn or dusk. His memory was slightly clouded and he guessed it was because of the large bump on his head.

Jeff sat up and looked around him more closely. The throbbing pain in his head brought him awake much quicker, along with jump-starting his memory…

Jeff sat across from a big brute of a man, peering over his three aces. The sneer on his face showed the contempt he held for Jeff. The mans friends, Billy and Jake, sat on each side of the table. Matthew, as his friends called him, wasn't having very good luck with the 5 card draw game. Neither were Billy and Jake.

The next two cards, dealt by Jake, came face down. Jeff looked at them one at a time. Two eights. Jeff now officially held the Dead Man's Hand.

"Read 'em and weep," Billy yelled, as he threw down two pair, kings and jacks.

"Ah, shit fire, Billy, that ain't nothin'," bellowed Jake, dropping three 4's on the table.

"Ya'll out of luck and mine has come back," grinned Matthew. He dropped three tens down and started to rake the pot his way.

"Hold your horses," said Jeff, lowering his cards with one hand.

"Ya cheatin' bastard," screamed Matthew. "That's the 13th hand in a row. It ain't possible!"

With that he pulled a knife and held it across the table at Jeff. In a flash, Jeff's other hand, cleverly hidden before under the table, placed the barrel of a Colt .45 between Matthew's eyes. "I've never dealt and I haven't cheated," said Jeff, quietly. He quickly picked the money off the table and slowly stood up.

Matthew put his knife away and sat back down. As Jeff backed away, putting the pistol back in it's holster, Matthew made one last threat. "I'll get you, stranger," he said. "I promise you that much. I'll get even."

That night, just after making camp not too far from the small, dusty western town, Jeff heard a rustling noise behind him before the hard blow to the back of his head…

Jeff climbed to his feet and looked around. He was in some kind of a pit. There were nine statues around the center area, and if they were human, he would've considered himself a lucky man.

All nine were women, not a stitch of clothing on any of them. Their bodies were a man's dream come true. Tight, firm asses, slim waists that curved both up and down to beautiful thighs and breasts. The faces, if they were alive, would have had sensual parting lips, high cheekbones, a perfect nose and closed eyes.

A noise from above brought Jeff back to his senses. Ignoring the rising bulge in his pants, he looked around for a way out. "I told you I would get even," came a familiar voice. Jeff looked at a human form nearly 200 feet above him. "I know you didn't cheat, but I couldn't let my friends hear I was wrong," Matthew continued. "That's why I chose for you to die this way. When night comes, you'll thank me…and curse me." With that, he left. Jeff was now alone with these 9 beautiful, but stone, statues.

He spent some time looking for a way to escape but the walls were too steep and there were no openings that led out. He finally leaned against a wall to relax and stared at the women.

The shadows from the walls had enveloped one of them and the darkness seemed to change its gray color to look almost pale white. Jeff's eyes must have been playing tricks on him because he thought the slight breeze had made that fire red hair move.

"Fire red hair!" gasped Jeff.

He rushed over to the statue, ignoring the movement from another statue that was also hidden in the shadows. When he reached the one with red hair, she reached out to him with both arms. Jeff tried to stop before reaching her, but she moved quickly and wrapped her arms around him.

His face was buried in her breasts and a scent of wanting sex reached his nose, rising from the small patch of hair below.

When he pushed himself away from her, he bumped into another woman. She had the exact same form as the red head, but she had black hair. The arms quickly reached around his chest and grabbed him tightly. The red head sauntered closer and grabbed his shirt with both hands. As she tore it open, the brunette began passionately kissing his neck.

The red head lowered to her knees before him, revealing another woman walking up to him. As the red head began to undo his trousers, the new girl, her hair almost yellow, leaned over and parted his lips with her tongue. The red head had almost released the bulge in Jeff's pants when he pulled himself away from their grasp.

He tried for a spot near the wall where he believed he could climb up. As horny as he was, he didn't feel right being fucked by these particular women. When he neared the wall, Jeff saw another woman, with blue hair this time, step in front of him. She caught him, and using his momentum, spun him around and pushed him against the wall. Jeff's knees buckled and he sat down, with his legs straight out in a V-shape.

The blue quickly lowered herself on his growing cock, taking it deeply into her. The pleasure engulfed him and he leaned forward to kiss her. His mouth and tongue reached a different set of lips, however, and he immediately opened his eyes. The dripping pussy lips that now sucked at his tongue was surrounded by a sweet scented patch of green hair.

The smell of sexual desire surrounded him, but Jeff still tried to keep his senses. As a rocking motion began to make itself known on his dick, each of Jeff's hands were pulled up between two separate sets of thighs.

Moans of pleasure started escaping the mouths of Blue and Green. Jeff looked left and right and saw Red and Black dipping his hands into their wet pussies. He began to feel his boots and pants being pulled off.

Jeff stopped tasting the sweet pussy in front of him and looked around Green's thighs. Behind Blue, who was in the throws of ecstasy, and bringing him close to orgasm, too, were two new girls. One looked like she had orange hair and the other definitely had purple hair.

Green placed her hands on the back of Jeff's head and pushed his face back into her crotch. The taste reminded him of honeysuckle plants near the place where he first had sex.

Blue fell back in her orgasmic throws. As soon as the weight was off his lap, Jeff tried to make another break for it. He slid under Green's legs, pulling his wet fingers out of Red and Black. As he rose, though, Orange and Purple grabbed his ankles, dragging him back to the ground.

Groans of displeasure, which began as soon as he pulled out of each of the girls, turned to eagerness when Jeff was rolled over. He tilted his head up to try to find a heavy rock to fight with. What he found was two pairs of feet.

His eyes followed the feet up a beautiful set of calves to some strong, luscious thighs. Seven pairs of hands began caressing his body. His dick rose against his will, again, as the fingers tickled his balls. His eyes paused for a second at the crotches of the two new women. The indigo color was hard to tell in the shadows, but the white patch was bright, like the light of heaven.

Jeff's eyes continued to travel up the bodies to four voluptuous breasts. The nipples stood out, pointing with the lust the women had for him. He continued up their bodies to see their faces, each identical with that of the other seven women. He suddenly remembered that he was trapped by those women when he felt moisture on his dick. All seven tongues caressed him, wrapping around his cock and tightening. He became harder and began to rock his hips up and down with desire.

Both Indigo and White started walking toward Jeff. They split apart from each other, headed toward his arms. The two women pulled his arms out, lying on top of each. His fingers were again entrenched in flowing juices.

As White's and Indigo's mouths fought for his tongues attention, two of the tongues on his dick slithered to his balls. Two breasts straddled his thighs while the tongues licked him from scrotum to asshole. Jeff's toes were suddenly surrounded in moisture and flesh, as the two women lowered their crotches over them.

The other five tongues left Jeff's cock, bringing an agonizing want for them to return. He raised his head to see where they went, and giving White and Indigo an open target to his neck and ears. Their kisses continued as he watched three of the girls go at it with each other.

His view was suddenly blocked by the slim stomach of Red. She hovered over the head of his hard shaft, teasing it with her moistened lower lips. Without warning, she impaled herself on him, letting out a passionate moan of pleasure. As she rocked, he pushed deeper into her, wiggling his fingers and toes, teasing the other four women.

Jeff watched with pure lust as the women rocked faster and harder on him. Suddenly, the world went black, as Black's hair fell across his face. She was kneeling above his head, leaning over him. She spoke the only words he ever heard any of them say.

"If you can fill me and my eight sisters in one night, then you will be allowed to escape," Black said seductively. "We will each take turns on your cock and take your seed until morning. When the sun catches us, we become statues again. If you are still under us at that time, then you will be trapped until night falls again. But you will have to start over again as well."

With that said, Black rose up to her feet, walked to a position that straddled his chest and lowered herself into position. She squirmed her legs under his arms and locked her feet under his head. When she leaned forward and began licking Red's clit, Jeff did the same to Black's pussy.

Red began to convulse with orgasms as Black licked and sucked on her clit. The motions brought Jeff closer to his climax when everything dawned on him. He was never able to actually cum more than four times a night.

When he had, on a continuous nightly basis, fucked until dawn, his number of orgasms would dwindle. Jeff now knew he was never leaving the pit. He would be trapped daily under the gorgeous statues with no food or water. As he came deep inside Red, he screamed in pain, pleasure and fear…

On the cool desert floor, a rabbit in the midst of screwing his mate, let out a yelp when the nighthawk sunk in its talons and yanked it free of the doe. Its cum dropped from the lifeless prick, useless to anyone or anything now.

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