tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Plan Ch. 03

The Plan Ch. 03



I woke late, well rested, I was still on a high, my cock becoming hard again as I thought about Jennie. Another week before I could be with her again, I had lots of planning to do, next time would be even better, I hoped.

After a quick shower, I sat down putting on the TV, flicking through the channels, I couldn't find anything I wanted to watch, my mind was full of sex. I decided to go out for a pint and some lunch.

A taxi ride to town and into the first pub I came across. "The Market Tavern." As I entered I could see the bar was a little run down and empty of customers. I was about to turn and leave when a voice asked. "What can I do for you?" In a delicate welsh accent.

I had a new found confidence after my day with Jennie and the words left my mouth before I had chance to stop them. "Well you can act like a slut, take off your panties and let me fuck your arse and get me pint of lager while I'm waiting."

A look of shock spread across the petite girls face. Now I looked closer, she only looked about eighteen years old. Shit! I shouldn't have said that. I was about to apologise and leave when she picked up a glass and started to pour the lager.

She didn't speak, her long dark hair tumbled over her shoulders almost reaching her breasts held within a tight white t-shirt. I could see that they were not that big but I would still have loved to abuse them. My eyes continued down her body, loose black trousers completed her uniform, which encased her slender figure.

"What were you saying? I didn't quite catch it." She said.

I knew she had heard, was she giving the chance to withdraw my statement or did she want me to say it again. I took a long hard look at the girl, I did want to fuck her, fuck her right now. My mind was made up. "I want to come behind the bar, rip off your trousers and panties and fuck you arse till you scream."

To my surprise she looked at me, smiled and tossed me a key.

"You better lock the door then." Was her reply.

Without waiting I moved to the door and turned the key, then pulled the handles to make sure it was secure. It was. I turned back towards the bar, the girl had come from behind the counter and stood in the centre of the room.

"I'm Amy." She said, I loved that accent, my cock was bulging.

As I walked towards her, taking in her good looks and her nymph like body I was in heaven. I didn't know what I was going to do to this girl but I knew I as going to enjoy myself. I dragged a small round table with me before finally coming to a stop in front of her.

I didn't speak to her but roughly grabbed a handful of her tits. They were small, hardly filling my hand. She let out a small whimper, I twisted the material clad flesh as I looked into her eyes, no more sound left her, she must like it rough.

Releasing Amy's breast, I quickly pulled off her t-shirt, revealing a plain white bra. Her small tits looked fantastic, pushed up and perky, I would get to them later. I swiftly undone the button on her trousers and pulled down the zip. Her trousers dropped to the floor without any help and Amy pushed them off her feet. Next I pulled down her white cotton panties, which were covered in small pink love hearts. To reveal her bald pussy and small round arse.

I walked around Amy taking in every part of her body, this was the type of girl that was at the top of my fantasy list. I dropped my own trousers releasing my straining cock from its prison. Amy looked beautiful I wanted to stare at her body but I didn't want to lose momentum. I pushed her forward, so she was bending over the table, I couldn't resist, I dropped to my knees, spread her arse cheeks and plunged my tongue as deep as I could into her waiting arsehole,

Resistance at first but as my saliva lubricated her opening, my tongue ploughed deep. There as not a lot of taste but her pulsating sphincter muscle was working wonders on my extended tongue.

I felt Amy tense but again she didn't make a sound. Fucking this girl with my tongue was not in my plans but I now wanted to rim her forever. Finally I broke my grip, it as time for my cock to start working.

I stood admiring the hole I was going to penetrate, it seemed so small and tight as I pushed the head of my cock against it. Amy squealed as the first inch expanded her muscle, she yelled as she took the third.

Soon my cock was fully inserted and I was banging this young sluts arse for all it was worth, Amy was screaming like a true slut enjoying every movement, when from out of nowhere another female appeared.

She moved like lightning, a raised hand coming into hard contact with my face.

"What the fuck are you doing? That's my little sister." The voluptuous brunette screamed at me before trying to slap me again. My hand moved quick, grabbing a handful of her hair but the slap still connected, I shouted out but never stopped fucking Amy's arse.

"Who the fuck are you?" I screamed into the woman's face as, my hips were knocked out of sync.

"That's my baby sister your raping you bastard." She spat in my face.

"What you on about raping? Amy wants this." I Paused before continuing. "And you are going to watch." My grip tightened on the woman. I don't know why but I laughed as I asked her name. To my surprise she answered, Beth.

"Beth I going to fuck you like this soon, do you want me to?"

"No you dirty bastard, leave her alone." She shouted back.

Again I laughed as I plunged my full length into Amy's stretching arsehole, making her yelp. Beth's tits looked huge, with my spare hand, I pushed up her baggy blue blouse, instantly finding a handful of soft flesh.

"I'm going to kill you, you cunt." She again screamed at me as I squeezed her tits hard. Amy was now fucking my cock, not me fucking her arse, as I ripped at Beth's breast.

I can't wait?" Was all I could say, I don't know why but I wanted to fuck this aggressive bitch.

Amy continued to scream as she fucked my cock, her arsehole seeming to ever expand, my cock now flowed freely and I had time to work on Beth. Keeping a hold on her hair my other hand dropped to the button of her jeans. Soon undone, my fingers found their way under her panties and pushed deep inside her hot wet cunt. I started to frig her hard, as the pressure built in my cock and then unable to stop myself I filled Amy's bowels with my hot cum.

My softening cock slipped from Amy arse, I could see my sperm starting to leek out. I moved away, what a sight. Without thinking I pushed Beth's face down to Amy's hole, she protested but I gave her no choice.

"Clean her now, lick every drop of my cum from her arse."

"I can't." She whimpered, I twisted her hair till she complied.

Slowly at first I could see he tongue disappear up her sisters anal hole but suddenly she was going faster, seeming to relish in her task. I sniffed my fingers Beth smelled good.

After a couple of minutes I dragged Beth back to a standing position, she still had cum on her chin, when I ordered Amy to clean my cock and balls with her mouth, she did with relish . God I wanted to taste Amy's arse again, as I looked at Beth, I didn't hesitate as I moved my lips to hers, the taste, a mixture of arse and sperm was fantastic as I thrust my tongue down her throat, my hand dropping back to her sopping wet pussy.

Rubbing hard, Beth screamed as she exploded onto my fingers, I finally pulled them from her cunt and offered them to Amy, which she swallowed without hesitation, she was tasting her sister and loving it.

I brought proceedings to a halt, my cock was spent, I needed a rest. A party, I need to have a party with all these sluts. God I would love to see Jennie eating Amy's young cunt while I fucked Beth's arse.

"I'm having a party soon." I said to Beth. "Your invited and you can bring your slut sister with you. I'll drop off the details to Amy when its sorted." I didn't wait for a reply, I knew by the look in her eyes that she would come. I pulled up my pants and walked to the door, turning the key and back into the open air.


As I walked away from the pub I realised I was shaking like a leaf, everything seemed surreal. I needed a coffee. I walked towards the shopping centre and soon found a shop and quickly purchased a strong black espresso. I then found a seat facing the central aisle of the shopping arcade.

I was in a daze, I had participated in more sex in the last thirty six hours than I had in the last ten years but I still wanted more. I sat watching the bustle of people passing by, staring at the women. I was looking at their breasts, their arses, their hair, their eyes, feasting on the views, my cock had once again regained its full hardness. There were tits everywhere, some big, some small, some perky, some bouncy. Erect nipples poking through tight fabric, bum cheeks barely covered with short skirts, nylon clad legs, I was drifting into fantasy, when a voice brought me back to reality.

"Hiya, are you OK." A slim blonde woman spoke to me, who was she? I seemed to recognise her face but couldn't place her. "Its me Donna, from work.".

I quickly regained my composure. "Sorry Donna I was miles away." I said smiling.

I had never really noticed her at work, Donna always wore a white coat and hair net but now I realised what I had been missing. Donna was really cute, she had just turned thirty and was a single mother with two children but she looked a lot younger. Her body did not show any signs of childbirth. The tight fitting jeans stretched around her crotch clearly showing the bulge of her cunt. Her peach like arse straining to break free from the denim. Her tits prisoned in the far to tight top still seemed firm and perfectly shaped.

We made Smalltalk for a minute or two and then she said she had to go, she was meeting her mother. I wanted to tell her that I had just fucked a young woman's arse and made her sister clean it out with her tongue and now I wanted to ram my cock into her but decided not to. And then she was walking away. I couldn't release my gaze from her fantastic arse as she disappeared into the crowd. I should have done more, I should have found a way to fuck her, I needed to cum again.

I decided this was going to be Jennie's next task, she was going to get Donna to fuck me. I looked for an opportunity to use my cock on the way home but none were forthcoming, I had to settle for a wank.

Time seemed to pass slowly over the next couple of days, I never had the chance to speak to Jennie and spent a lot of my work day trying to see Donna but without much luck. It was Wednesday before I found myself alone in the office with Jennie. I told her that I had to go to a family engagement on Saturday, so we would have to have our second meeting on Friday, after work, she quickly agreed but after my next statement her face was aghast.

"You are going to get Donna to meet up with you and then we are both going to fuck her arse and cunt." Jennie stood there shaking her head. I took two steps to reach her, my hand gripped her throat as I pushed my other hand down the band of her trousers, my fingers slipping under her panties and reached her pussy. Spreading her cunt lips I pushed a finger deep inside.

"You will do what I say bitch?" I said pushing deeper, I could feel her juices start to flow. "Do you understand?" She mouthed yes and I released my grip, withdrawing my wet finger, I held it to her mouth as I said "Suck." She did without question.

"You will get Donna to come round to your house on Friday at seven, I will already be there. Once she is inside I will take over. Understand." Again she mouthed yes, a worried look on her face. I licked my hand as I turned away. "You do taste good Jennie." A broad smile on my face, I was going to get my way and fuck that sexy slut, Donna.

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