tagNonHumanThe Plant's Offspring

The Plant's Offspring


Edited by Angrybarcode and RogueLurker

Author's note: This story is a sequel for Keily's Plant.


Homeland Security Agent Robert Crawford arrived at the local police station in the middle of the night. Late night visits were not a usual habit for him, but he had received a curious call. The concerned tone in the voice of his long-time friend, Randall, was impossible to ignore. Crawford's curiosity increased as he approached his friend's office. He remembered Randall's cryptic words,"You have to see this as soon as possible, Robert. I can't describe it on the phone..."

Crawford knocked on Randall's door and entered without waiting for an answer.

"Finally, you're here," Randall said with some sort of relief.

"Hi Randy. What's going on?" Crawford said.

Although he was talking to Randall, his eyes rested on a woman sitting across his friend's desk. She looked too young to be another police officer.

"Come over here; take a look at this," Randall responded as he reached for a video camera that was placed over his desk and pressed the play button. There was a black cable connecting the camera to Randall's computer.

Crawford looked at the young woman as he walked around the desk. Randall noticed the look.

"Oh, I'm sorry, this is Mary. She is a... witness, you might say," Randall explained.

"A witness to what?" Crawford asked.

Randall stood. He indicated Crawford to sit on his chair, and signaled to the PC monitor.

...The first image on the screen showed an empty bed. The video had been taken from inside a closet, or something similar, since only part of the bed was in the field of view. Whoever was filming the video was nervous; the image was very unsteady. A few seconds passed and then a naked young woman appeared on the screen. She couldn't have been any older than twenty...

Crawford was startled for a second; he turned to look at Randall, before looking back at the screen.

...The woman lay on the bed, face up and unmoving for almost half a minute. Slowly, she moved her hands up to her breast, massaging them as she released a barely audible moan. Moments later, the young woman moved one hand to her crotch and gently rubbed her pussy. Soon her hips began to rise and fall in accord to her increasingly louder moans...

Crawford started to feel uncomfortable. So far, the video looked no different than a soft-core porn movie, and he was just sitting there in front of a woman he had just met. He was getting impatient.

"What are we watching Randy? What's all this?" Crawford asked.

"Just wait a second. It's coming..." Randall answered and again signaled with his head towards the video.

...The woman was rubbing her clitoris harder and faster. Her whole body was undulating wildly in an obvious prelude to a powerful orgasm.

"Ahh ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhh!!"

The woman arched her back, her head sunk deep in the pillow as she lifted the rest of her body up in the air, supported only by her toes. Her hands clasped the bed sheets as her trembling legs spread wide open.

Suddenly, a gush of white slime poured from the woman's pussy. It seemed to be thick and sticky as it slid down the woman's ass and thighs, dripping to the bed sheets. The slime was quickly followed by a greenish protuberance that slowly escaped her body, growing wider and longer as it slid out of her pussy lips...

Crawford felt his cock stir in his pants in spite of the strange scene he was watching.

...The cucumber-shaped object was finally expelled from the woman's vaginal cavity as it landed on the bed. The woman appeared to have a final contraction, letting more slime spray out, before collapsing in exhaustion.

The object was moving, like a breathing lung, inhaling gasps of air and then ripped open. A clear substance spread across the sheets, liberating something from inside. It was a greenish sphere the size of an orange, and it had a skin-colored tube protruding from it.

The image shook slightly and lost focus just before the image went blank...

The agent was astonished. He looked at Randall, waiting for an explanation and noticed that Mary was sobbing quietly.

Randall explained, "This video was filmed by Mary two days ago and the woman in the video is Susan Swanson. She used to be Mary's best friend until last week, when they both attended the state college. Mary says Susan was changed or possessed by something while staying there, as you saw in the video, and she wants us to help her friend. Mary, why don't you tell him what you told me?"

After listening attentively to Mary for almost twenty minutes, Crawford finally said,

"I'm going to make some calls. We are going there right now."

* * *

It was only a matter of time until someone discovered the strange things that had happened at the school. Despite Keily's best efforts to conceal the events that changed her life forever--and the lives of so many women--a lost soul had betrayed them. Mary had secretly recorded a video and delivered it to the authorities.

Now, one month later, a horde of agents had taken over the school, along with everyone and everything related to the alien plant.

A scientist dressed in an insulated suit approached the plant to take a sample for the hundredth time. It had changed since the first time they saw it. The large green ball at the bottom was turning darker and the large tube that extended up from the ball had changed from a slick, bright red to a rugged, dark brown. The scientists believed that the plant was dying, but they couldn't know for sure.

If fact, there was nothing certain about this plant. Its DNA was different from everything else they had seen before. To make matters worse, there seemed to be absolutely no movement within the plant's body since they had taken the first sample.

Still, they knew that the plant was alive when they found it. It had been extremely active according to Mary's statements.

At one corner of the school's large basement, near the stairs, one officer in a military uniform was watching the activities. The plant was encased in a large, crystal cubicle. The scientist that was taking the sample partly blocked the officer's view. A group of people was standing beside the officer, ready to answer his questions.

"So, what do we know about this thing?" The General asked.

One of the agents moved forward and explained, "All we know so far comes from the witness. The subjects that were collaborating with the 'plant' still refuse to say a word. According to the witness statement, it seems that one of the students, Keily, found the plant three months ago, and she physically interacted with it. Then, she coerced other women to join her. It started a process that our witness can't explain, but at the end of this process, a female was... created."

"Wait a moment," the General interrupted, "What do you mean a female was created?"

"Our witness is not sure. She arrived to the school when Flower was already around."

"Flower?" the General interrupted again.

"Its what they called it, sir. They named the newborn woman Flower."

"How convenient," one agent commented from the other side of the group. The others laughed quietly.

"Go on," urged the General.

"Flower, I mean ... the female, is who creates the plant's eggs. Later on, these eggs are implanted inside the subjects' wombs and four weeks later, new plants are born. We were able to extract six eggs from the female, in different stages of formation."

"I want to see this woman, or whatever she is," the General said.

"She was taken to the local National Guard base, along with all the other subjects," another agent responded.

"Ok, let's go."

Anna and Kirsten's apartment

Not far from the school grounds, Anna Kane was watching the announcement one more time. It had been on TV for a few days now. The description of the plant was accurate. It was suppose to be dangerous-- very toxic. Anyone who'd purchased one of these plants was obligated to call the authorities. Refusing to do so was subjected to a sizable fine.

Anna turned off the TV. She wasn't calling anybody. She had bought her plant almost a month ago, and she wasn't sick. On the contrary, she felt better than ever. Her plant had grown from three inches to nine inches tall. Now it was growing small yellow spheres all around the main larger sphere in the center, from where the rosy tube protruded upwards. Her plant was beautiful.

Anna remembered how her flatmate, Kirsten, and she had laughed about the tube's resemblance to a miniature penis on the way home from the college where they bought it. The tube wasn't small anymore -- it was now the size of big phallus and Anna's pussy twitched as the thought about it.

Anna decided it was time to visit her plant for a second time this morning. She stood from the sofa, wearing only a long t-shirt and walked into her room. It had been a good idea to skip work today; she wouldn't be able to do anything anyway, as horny as she felt.

Her nipples were already erect as she saw the plant sitting proudly in the large pot near the window. The sun rays filtered through, and reflected on the shiny, irregular surface of the greenish sphere below the leathery phallic form. It seemed to urge Anna to touch it.

As the woman got closer, the sweet smell filled her lungs and the familiar dizziness once again took over her mind. It became difficult to think, but Anna didn't have to. She knelt in front of the plant, and licked the tip of the pink tube. It immediately turned red. Soft tickles spread across Anna's tongue, making it irresistible to lick the plant again, and again.

Moments later, Anna was straddling the pot as she lowered her body onto the plant's phallus. The first touch of the red surface against her sensitive pussy lips sent a shock wave through her nervous system, straight to her brain. Nothing in the world could have stopped her from inserting the plant's member into her body. Anna moved down, holding her breath, letting the plant penetrate her until her thighs rested on the green sphere below the phallus. The tip of the plant's rod touched the entrance of her uterus and another explosion of ecstasy almost sent her out of balance.

As she recomposed her stance, Anna remained straddled on the plants phallus, enjoying the blissful feeling of her vaginal walls being stretched wider than ever . At that moment, Anna heard the front door closing; her flat-mate was arriving home from work. She looked up realizing that she had left her room door wide open. She was going to get caught! She had to close the door immediately, but the increasing throb in her pussy was ordering her to stay in place. Her heart pounded hard in her chest, only making things worse, as her swiftly moving blood spread the arousing sensations all over her body.

Anna remained immobile, looking at the door as Kirsten footsteps closed in.

National Guard Base

Earlier that day, in the military base located just outside town, Lieutenant Marianne Parker was observing Flower on the control room monitors. Flower's room was designed so she couldn't hurt herself but would feel as comfortable as possible. There were many fluorescent, white lights hanging from the high ceiling, and just one lamp with a regular yellow bulb sitting on the bedside table. Flower spent much of the time close to this bulb.

Marianne felt a little sorry for the girl. She had been watching Flower for two weeks now, and she looked just like a beautiful and innocent teenager, incapable of hurting anyone.

But she knew Flower was not a regular teenager. It had been less than two days from the operation when they removed the eggs from Flower's womb, and the scar was completely gone, as if she had never been touched. She hadn't eaten anything since they confined her, apart from drinking water-- lots of if. Still, Flower didn't seem weak or sick at all.

"It's time," someone called from behind, startling Marianne.

She looked at one of the monitors on the left, and saw a scientist followed by two armed agents walk into another room. Marianne pressed the sound button to hear what was going on in that room.

"Come with me, Isabel," the scientist said to a woman sitting on the small bed. She was wearing a white robe. Her room was smaller than Flower's, but still seemed cozy enough.

"Please let me go. I haven't done anything wrong," Isabel pleaded to the men.

"Calm down, honey, we will take you to see a friend," the scientist said.

They walked out into the hall, and the sound of Isabel's voice faded so that Marianne couldn't understand what else she said. The Lieutenant followed the group using another monitor until they reached Flower's door.

The buzzer sounded and the scientist pushed the door open. One of the agents walked in, and after a few seconds, signaled the others to come in. Isabel saw Flower and ran across the room, throwing her arms around the surprised young woman. Flower recognized her friend, and hugged her in return. The scientist and the agents walked out of the room and closed the door.

"So, who is she again?" One of the agents asked in a low voice as he stared at the large central monitor.

"Her name is Isabel. She was the nurse in charge of the school, and one of the first women to be taken by the plant," Marianne answered.

* * *

Isabel held Flower's face tenderly with both hands and kissed her. Lieutenant Parker and the rest of the agents in the monitoring room were expecting something like this, but not so soon. One of the female technicians gasped as she saw the two women kissing passionately, then she looked away from the monitor pretending to check some papers near her computer's keyboard.

Flower removed Isabel's robe without breaking the kiss, and Isabel did the same with Flower's. The teenager moved her soft lips over Isabel's neck, and kissed her gently all the way to her full breast. She licked around the soft nipple; it swelled immediately, hardening and filling with lustful blood. Isabel moaned, threw her head back, and entangled her fingers in Flower's hair, urging her lover to suck her breast entirely.

One of the agents in the monitoring room tried to break the tension from the increasingly hot scene, and spoke out loud, "Our witness was right. Flower breastfeeds from the other females!"

"We don't know that yet," Marianne responded harshly.

Flower was now pushing Isabel's waist softly, leading her to the bed. Isabel lay down, pulling Flower on top of her. Flower moved forward, and kissed her again on the mouth-- this time two tongues dueled for a few seconds, for everyone to see.

Flower licked her way down Isabel's long neck, and once again fastened her lips around the nurse's left nipple, as she massaged her right breast, stimulating it; this sent a torrent of pleasant sensation to Isabel's brain.

"Zoom closer to Flower's mouth," Marianne ordered.

The image moved closer, focusing just inches away from Flower's suckling lips. The beauty of the teenager was not helping the unavoidable arousal of the silent observers in the monitoring room. Flower's pink, soft lips wrapped eagerly around the erect nub - pressing and releasing in synchrony with Isabel's moans.

Everyone's eyes were glue to the screen. They wanted to corroborate the witness' statements about Flower's feeding habits, but a secret part of them just wanted to enjoy the scene, maybe replay it in their minds when the time was right, in a more intimate place.

Flower separated her lips for a moment to lick around Isabel's nipple, and a drop of white milk escaped her lips, and dribbled down the full orb onto the nurse's chest.

"There!" someone exclaimed.

Nobody answered.

Flower moved over to the right nipple, and in an instant it was trapped within a delicate prison of electrifying flesh. Flower suckled, and the milk flowed into her hungry body. Isabel had moved her hand down to her crotch; she rubbed her clitoris and swayed her hips sensuously, as if she knew she was being watched and wanted to provide a good show for the audience.

Flower kept feeding for several minutes until there was no more fluid to drain from the nurse. She felt satisfied and excited. Isabel deserved to be rewarded and Flower was resolved to follow through, so she slid down Isabel's trim body, stopped a moment at her belly to kiss it delicately, before moving further down to her friend's pussy.

A warm tongue darted over Isabel's clitoris as she arched her back responding to the shock wave of pleasure that traveled through her whole being.

Flower circled her tongue around the oversensitive button the way she had learned from the moment she was born. She nibbled it and then licked some more.

Isabel was in heaven. It had been so long. Every single touch of her lover's humid, warm tongue created an increasingly higher sense of bliss. She couldn't remember where she was, or even who she was. All she cared about was that contact that had become the center of her world. The feeling was growing to something she wanted more than anything. Isabel's body was on fire.

The only sound in the monitoring room was the almost continuous moan of the pretty nurse, "Ahhhhhhahhhhahhhhhh ahhhhh..."

One last tongue-lashing and Flower captured Isabel's clit between her lips and pressed down. Then she pushed her thumb on the nurse's anus.

A lightning bolt flashed behind Isabel's eyes, as her orgasm erupted from her pussy in every direction. Her hands extended rigidly to her sides and her legs trapped Flower's head before the first contraction. Her body shook with a strong spasm, followed immediately by an even stronger one.

The crowd in the monitoring room was completely silent. Nobody dared to speak. Before their eyes, the young nurse jolted under the obvious contortions of a tremendous orgasm that seemed to go on forever. Marianne could feel her panties getting damp under her uniform, and she knew that she wasn't the only one when she saw one of the female technicians rubbing her legs nervously under the desk, not to mention the bulging pants of the male agents standing next to her.

Almost two minutes later, Isabel finally relaxed and lay limply on the bed, exhausted and satisfied. Flower crawled up the nurse's body, and rested her head on Isabel's breast, admiring them, wishing they would let her friend stay with her for now on.

* * *

"Ok, we have learned a lot today. Let's move on people," Marianne said.

The group of agents started to vacate the room, some of them still quiet, some making comments in low voices about what they had just witnessed.

Moments later, the same scientist and guards opened Flower's door and entered the room to take Isabel away, but not before the nurse manage to say in an almost inaudible voice,

"You need to get out of here Flower. You have to save yourself."

First worm exchange

Kirsten walked across the hall as she unbuttoned her blouse. She thought she heard something, but assumed it was the wind. Anna should be at work right now. Kirsten looked into Anna's room and stopped with astonishment. It took her a few seconds to comprehend what she was seeing. Anna was looking back at her with an expression of alarm and unrestrained passion.

"So...sorry," was all Kirsten could say before turning and walking away.

Kirsten got into her room with her heart beating hard as confusing thoughts cluttered her mind. Anna was supposed to be at work. Instead, she was in her room totally naked, and she was sitting on the pot. On the plant. Kirsten pictured in her mind the pinkish plant's tube embedded within Anna's slim body. She felt her clit jolt beneath her panties.

* * *

Anna tried to pull free from the delightful phallus, despite her body telling her otherwise. Kirsten had seen her; she had to talk to her. But halfway up, the desire to stay impaled by the hard pole was too overwhelming. She finally relented lowering herself until it was completely embedded within her. It was then, when the plant below her started to vibrate, that she screamed with bliss.

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