tagBDSMThe Playground Ch. 01

The Playground Ch. 01


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


The following story contains acts of BDSM. The story is purely from my imagination and I do not have experience with BDSM, and therefore may not adhere to all safety procedures. No one should ever perform BDSM without proper training and safeguards.


The area that my wife Anna and I live is a pretty progressive area and is filled with a lot of swingers.

There is a particular club that we've visited a few times that seems to be a hotspot. We like to call it The Playground. It is filled with erotic couplings for exhibitionists and voyeurs. We always take part in the latter because we get turned on and then we go home and make love in private.

It usually is a spur of the moment thing when Leisa goes out with friends. Leisa is our 21-year-old daughter that likes to stay close to home.

The Playground has rooms in all styles with one-way glass for those that like the "privacy", some small corners with lots of pillows for orgies, a large pool area for water fantasy's, and a center main stage where one couple each night gets to "perform" for all of the others.

My 45th birthday arrived and Leisa went out to hang with some of her girlfriends. My wife suggested that we take the chance and go have a night out at The Playground. I jumped at the chance.

Once a month the Playground has a night this is "safe" for newbies to the exhibition side by giving certain scenarios that can be played out in their "private" rooms. They can be lesbian, couples, or even BDSM for those a little more adventurous. My wife told me that because it was my birthday, that I should choose a scenario for my big day instead of our normal playing it safe and just watching.

I was hesitant, but I started looking thru the scenarios. I saw some scenarios where I could watch my wife be with another woman or where I could be with two women. I got to the BDSM section and quickly started flipping thru that section, but, one caught my eye.

It read:

Sex: Female

Age: 21

Preference: mid 40s' male

Fantasy: "I've been bad and need some correction. I admit that I'm a sex addict and I crave all types of sex. I've been with boys and I have even been with girls. I need a father figure to set me back on the right course and to punish me for all of my deviant acts. Anonymity is of the utmost importance.

I've never acted out on any BDSM before, but, this request intrigued me.

I pointed this request out to my wife Anna to see what her reaction would be. To my surprise she nodded and said that it would be fun to see me take that kind of a role and it may open us up to some for adventurous stuff at home.

I promptly went to the registration desk and told them that I wanted fantasy #39. The hostess said that it would be a few minutes while they prepared the room and the willing participant. They ushered me to a training room to give me instructions on how to safely perform BDSM.

I changed into black loose pants that can only be described as black silk sweatpants. I went shoeless and shirtless as I work out a few days a week. My abs are just starting to show their definition.

With my new skills fresh in my mind, I was taken to the premium suite that is usually reserved for the platinum members, which has all of the latest toys and custom furniture. I've seen some "shows" in this room, but, never in a million years ever thought I'd have a chance to use it.

I entered to room and it was everything that I expected.

Across the room I could see that my subject was already there. She was facing towards what I can only describe as a padded tilting table. It was able to be stood straight up and down, but, it was also able to be tilted into a horizontal table... and anything in between. It looked like it was tilted back slightly.

She was facing the table already naked with not a mark on her silky smooth skin. Her ass was plump and nicely round. The only thing she had on was a crimson silk covering her head. I couldn't even see the color of her hair because it was tied up into the covering.

She was tied at the wrists with her hands above her head and her feet were shackled tight at the ankles, spread apart towards the bottom corners of the tilting table. The rope on her wrists went up to a pulley system that I could loosen and re-tie in any position to better allow better positioning of her body.

As I approached I could see her pussy lips between her legs. I couldn't wait any longer and got down to business.

I told my subject that I had a few rules.

1. She must remain as quiet as possible

2. She must answer me with only a nod of the head

I told her that I was going to perform a series of questions and/or tests and that I would determine the punishment for each failure.

I asked her if she understood and if she was ready to begin. She nodded her head in agreement.

My first question to her was "Do you crave sex?" she nodded her head.

Within easy reach was various belts, paddles, riding crops, floggers and other fun toys (they save the whips for more experienced users). I first pulled out a belt and folded it in half, just like my father did when I was about to be punished.

I took a gentle first swing at her bare ass. She jumped a bit from the surprise of being belted. I took another swing this time much harder. This time, heard her grunt softly from the pain.

"Have you craved sex already this week?" she again nodded her head. I took another swing at her buttocks. I could see her skin starting to turn a slight shade of pink where there was only white before.

"Have you craved sex today?" She again nodded her head. I this time I took three swings each a little harder than the ones before. Now the welts on her ass were starting to raise and become very red.

I put the belt back into it pace and surveyed the toys laid out before me. I pulled out a long stick with a feather on the end and placed it on the back of her calf. She jerked at the sensation not knowing what I was doing next. I ran the feather up the back of her leg, over her welted ass, and down the other. I repeated the act in the opposite direction.

This time I slid the feather up the inside of her leg and inner thigh brushing across her pussy. When I reached the other side, I once again reversed my action. I then placed the feather at her cunt and gently teased it. I asked her if she learned her lesson. She nodded her head that she did indeed learned her lesson.

I took both hands and spread her ass cheeks apart and peered at her anal button.

The bulge in my pants was becoming uncomfortable and soon would need a release.

I massaged her ass cheeks for a moment and circled her anus with my thumb and she started to react with some slight moans. I smacked her ass with my hand and told her that she needed to keep quiet.

I reached up and loosened the rope that was stretching her arms together straight above her head, and left out about two feet. This was perfect amount to lower her hips so she had a 90 degree bend at the knee and gave me a nice spread view of her waiting ass hole.

I leaned in and licked her anus taking in her aroma. I circled her sphincter a few times.

I reached over and grabbed a bottle of lubricant and covered her hole very well. I started with my index finger and slowly inserted it into her ass. She took it with ease. I slowly finger fucked her ass and decided to see if I could put in a second one. She took the 2nd finger, but it was definitely a tighter fit.

I stepped out of my silk pants and my cock was rock hard. I stepped up onto the riser and placed my dick at the entrance of her ass. I gave a good shove. With the lubricant, my rock hard cock, and me stretching her ass a bit with my fingers, her sphincter gave way pretty easily.

I fucked her ass feeling the tightness and my burning desire to fill her ass with my seed. I pressed the remote on the tilting table to take us to the horizontal position so I could ass fuck her with more force. Once the table was horizontal she had a bit more freedom of movement with her hands, so I removed the two feet of slack that I gave her before. She once again was laying flat against the table. This made her once comfortable opening really tight.

I continued to fuck her ass with this new tightness, but not for long. The pressure was too much and I pulled out and shot stream after stream of hot jizz all over her back and ass. So much cum that ran down her back and her crack dripping down over her pussy.

I tilted the table back up to an almost vertical position and I could now see my cum running down her leg.

I put my silk pants back on. I asked her if she enjoyed her anal experience and she nodded her head.

I grabbed the flogger and whipped her back. Some of the leather wrapped around her sides leaving marks on her back, sides and some of her sensitive side boobs. I could tell she was nearing her pain threshold, but, didn't want to scream out her safe word.

I tilted the table to full vertical and removed the shackles from her ankles and I helped her turn around to face me.

I told her that if she was good and kept her feet in place, I would not put them in the shackles again. She nodded that she understood the commands.

This was the first time that I got a good view of her front. She had nice sized perky breasts and nicely toned muscles. Someone who likes to work out. She was totally shaven clean.

It was getting hot in here so I went over to the one-way mirror and asked for an ice water and I asked Anna to join us in the room.

After a few moments Anna entered the room and handed me the glass of ice water. I asked Anna to undress and put on the silk gown from the rack. She then knelt down beside me and awaited my command.

I asked my subject if she was ready to continue. She nodded her head.

I picked up the riding crop and lightly touched the inside of her thigh. She immediately tensed up with anticipation of a strike that didn't happen. I slowly slid the crop up and down her inner thighs a few times making sure that I touched her vaginal opening.

I slapped her inner thighs not to hurt her any further, but, to give just a bit of sensation of stinging. After a few more taps, I gave her one more stinging tap on the top of her bare mons pubis.

"Do you feel that you can resist the temptations of another female?"

She nodded her head to the affirmative.

I first instructed Anna to caress and suck on our subject's nice tits. Anna stood and took one of her breasts in her hands and started to rub her nipple. Our subject's nipples responded and became tight nubs. Anna started playing with her hardened nipples by pinching and twisting them. Our subject started to whimper softly.

"Resist!" I directed our subject.

Anna leaned in and started to suck on her perky breasts. I estimated that her breasts may have been a nice C cup. Anna alternated between her breasts drawing a line between them with her tongue up and down the insides of her breasts. Anna even was careful to be gentle with the sides of her breasts that were red and swollen from the beating.

I took a candle from the corner of the room and dropped some wax on our subject's tits. She responded to the brief but intense pain by stiffening up and then relaxing. I dripped the wax on her nipples and watched it solidify.

Anna gently removed the hot wax and soothed the spots with her kisses and gentle licks.

Anna started moving down our subjects stomach kissing and all around and placed her tongue in our subject's belly button. This was the first time that I noticed that our subject had a very small belly button piercing. It was very small and looked like a yellow topaz. Ann just gently kissed her belly button and started moving farther down towards her waiting pussy.

I directed Anna to sit at the base of the tilting table and give the subject intense cunnalinguis.

Anna sat in front of her and she only had to raise her chin a bit to bring her mouth in contact with her pussy. Just a few licks in, I could see Anna's face covered in our subject's juices. She continued to lap the juices up. Anna began to roll her clit between her teeth. She alternated between sucking on her erogenous nib and biting at it.

I could tell our subject was about to give in.

Anna inserted two fingers into our subject's vagina and began to finger fuck her. She instantly found her g-spot and began to massage it intensely. Within moments our subject began to writhe and moan.

"Fight the Urge!" I yelled at the subject. She tried to suppress her moans but she had already tipped over the edge. She began convulsing in a hard orgasm as Anna pressed her mouth to her pussy taking all of her cum down her throat. Anna liked pussy cum.

Once her intense orgasm subsided, I asked Anna to stand and continue rubbing our subject's clit between her two fingers. I told Anna to quicken the pace with a lot of pressure. It wasn't long before our subjects 2nd orgasm hit and she squirted out creating a puddle on the floor.

Anna finished her role and quietly left the room

I reached in and touched her pussy between her still spread legs and felt that she was sopping wet. My hand was covered in her juices.

"Your wet cunt gives you away. You enjoyed yourself didn't you?" She nodded her head slowly panting from exhaustion.

I reached over and pulled some ice out of my glass and touched them to her nipples as the water started to melt instantly and drip and run down her belly towards her well spent pussy.

I grabbed a couple more cubes of ice and placed them in my hand and held them gently into hot wet cunt. I inserted one into her vaginal opening.

Her breathing was starting to relax and I could tell she was totally spent. I didn't know if she had one more in her.

My voice softened and asked her if she would like a sip of water and she nodded. I lifted her mask slightly revealing her parched lips and served her some of the cold ice water.

When she was finished I pulled her mask down to preserve her anonymity.

I loosened the restraints from her wrists and she fell into me, weak and unable to hold herself up. I picked her up and carried her over to a soft fuzzy chair and placed her down. She was weak from the intense orgasms and beatings.

Just then my wife Anna walked back into the room. She explained that we'd attracted such a large crowd that everyone in the place was trying to get a view and she wanted to check on subject to see if she was up for just one more.

I leaned down to our subject and said "Honey, the beatings are done. You have taken my corrections well. Do you have one more in you, so I can show how a real man can make love to you?"

She only nodded once.

I picked her up as Anna opened the door. The hallways were packed and the viewing room was full.. People parted making a clean way to the center exhibition area.

The center exhibition area had a raised round area covered with plush pillows and blankets. I placed our subject gently in the center. The crowd gathered around.

She laid where I placed her. I got up and began to kiss her neck softly letting her know she was now at a safe place and that she wouldn't have to go thru that again.

I caressed her breasts and rubbed her nipples between my fingers. I took her left breast and placed my lips over her hardening nipple and I began to suck. The feeling of her hardening nipple in my mouth started a stirring in my pants. I moved to her other breast all while continuing to roll her opposite nipple between my fingers.

I buried my face between her breasts and pushed them with my hands so I could feel the soft smooth skin on the sides of my face. Her flawless young skin reminded me of Anna's at that age.

I fondled her breasts for a few minutes before repositioning myself on the floor at the base. I pulled her over and spread her legs over the sides. Her beautiful young pussy was just at eye height with her lips spread so I could see into her depths.

I leaned forward and tasted the sweetest juices I have ever tasted. I played with her labia with my tongue swirling them side to side and up and down. I lapped at her moistening sex.

She started to breathe deeply and let out soft moans. I lifted my head and told her that she could let it out and didn't have to hold it in anymore.

Wrapping my arms around her legs and reached over with my left hand and used my thumb and forefinger to push the hood back that was covering her engorged clit.

With determination I teased her clit with my tongue. I used my right hand to insert my middle and index fingers into her vagina finding her g-spot. She let out a loud scream and I knew it wouldn't be long.

Using my teeth, I alternated between nipping at her now pulsating clit and sucking with intensity.

Her orgasm hit hard and she flooded my face with massive amounts of pussy cum. I drank it in enjoying every last drop.

Her pussy was still throbbing when I stood up and once again removed my silk bottoms. My erection was so intense it felt like my skin was going to burst.

I picked her up and moved her towards the center of the bed.

Still coming down from her orgasm, my penis entered her easily. Her young cunt molded around my cock and her overflow of juices provided the lubrication for my quickening pace.

I fucked this amazing body lying beneath me wishing I could see her face. But I knew that was against her wishes.

I came in close feeling her breasts against my chest and I rolled on the couch to put her in the upward position. She started riding me and writhing on my cock that I could feel the explosion starting to well up.

I told her that it was eminent and that she could dismount for me to blow my load over her stomach and tits, but she kept going. Squeezing her vaginal muscles tighter and tighter she took me over the edge.

I shot load after load up into her pussy and she kept riding me milking every last drop. She leaned forward with her breasts in my face and allowed my cock to exit her hole. My cum came oozing out all over my cock and running down to my ass.

The crowd erupted with cheers and applause. I was still breathing heavy as the crowd started to subside. Just then an announcement was made that there was to be a surprise encore for the night at the request of one of the participants.

She collapsed on top of me limp and lifeless from exhaustion of the night's escapades. I inhaled and smiled to myself having the best birthday ever.

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