tagBDSMThe Pleasure of Your Company

The Pleasure of Your Company


I had just slipped into the shower, warm water sluicing over my body, steam rising, misting, pooling at the ceiling. Thoughts of washing the day away uppermost on my mind. Dribbling lavender-scented body wash onto the loofah, I started to run it over my arm. Humming tunelessly to myself, I felt I could stay there forever. My face turned up towards the spray, my eyes closed, I did not hear the door open and snick shut softly.

Frowning slightly at a small draft, I started to scream as a hand wrapped around the side of my neck and covered my mouth. Moving me inexorably against the hot, hard naked body standing behind me. Even wet, I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Fear or excitement, you decide. I know my answer.

He leant in and whispered against my neck "I am going to take you places you have never been. You are going to do things you have never done. And finally, if you are good my dear, you will enjoy me to the last drop." He then sunk his teeth into my neck, not puncturing, but there was force. This was done with such conviction that I knew I would be most assuredly used this evening. He eased his hand away from my mouth and rested his forehead on top of my head for a moment. I knew that any miscalculation, any perception of non compliance, any slight would result in a punishment or forfeit. If you haven't already guessed, I know the man behind me.

Let's back up a bit. My name is Marie and I am in service to Sir (Steve in his everyday life or Steverino if you are feeling particularly jovial). I am never jovial. And I would never disrespect him this way. (In fact no one does, it just went with the flow of the story… sorry Steve! Author's prerogative.) When I am collared, I am respectful, pleasing and above all circumspect. I only use proper English and I am always prepared. I know that is the Boy Scout motto, but it applies. By prepared, I mean I am well-dressed, well-heeled (in more ways than one) and well-stocked. Despite the misunderstandings and misgivings of others who lack "certain knowledge", the relationship is actually one of equality.

Our relationship was one filled with adventure, passion and commitment. We are not swingers, we don't allow the games we play to interfere with our daily lives and we are both highly intelligent and creative people who have found an outlet for our proclivities. Our rules are simple, our lives uncomplicated. And we always respect the wishes and limits of the other, but those are few and far between. For no other reason than we enjoy the mutual pleasures we bring. Whether you, gentle reader, are appalled or intrigued, enter freely to our world for a brief moment in time. (Our public service announcement has ended, back to the shower!)

Sir placed both hands under my breasts testing and hefting their weight. His thumbs brushing against my hardened nipples, my head falling back against his shoulder. One penalty. I had forgotten the rule about posture. Sir's hands withdrew from my breasts abruptly and he stepped back slightly. I bent forward at the waist slightly and braced my elbows against the wall. Smack! Smack! Smack! Sir's hand fell in quick succession five times on each cheek. Then a hand on the back of my neck, fingers in my hair, grasping a hank and pulling me back up into an upright position; my bottom tingling where I had been punished.

Once again, positioning me as he desired, I waited with bated breath for what was going to happen next. I should explain that I never knew what might occur. Sir would call or email his request and I would make arrangements from there. Obviously, tonight's events were starting in the shower. A rare occasion indeed, but one that would be cherished. Showers were a gift, Sir knowing how pleased I would be. One gift, one penalty, balance achieved.

Luxuriating for a second more in the jets, I stepped aside to allow Sir to feel the pulsations and eddying of the water directly onto his body. I moved behind him and took that half-remembered loofah and used broad strokes down his back. My hands and fingers caressing his well-defined musculature, traveling everywhere, kneading the tension of the day away. Sir groaned and inhaled deeply under my ministrations. Redistributing his weight with the shift of my fingers, arching into them, like a cat. A very sinuous cat, one who valued touch. My hands moved up to his shoulders and down his arms carefully repeating the process.

One hand reaching down playfully to test his tensile strength, knowing I would find him starting to harden. Too early yet to fully explore there, I had further places to find. Dropping softly to my knees, I started licking his cheeks, nuzzling them, nipping gently. My fingers on his hips to pull him closer, my nose traversing the length of his crack, up and down. Now, I was the cat, if momentarily. My fingers reaching under again to give a small tug, fingers brushing his balls. I was being very naughty, teasing him mercilessly. I would pay later, but for now I was enjoying the teasing.

Returning once more to his backside and moving down further still, my tongue darting out at odd moments to caress and tickle him. Sir was standing still through this, his mind overturning the possibilities. He let the touch of a smile grace his lips as those thoughts tumbled randomly. He had hit upon the most perfectly delicious way to repay her for her waywardness. Marie thought herself to be in control for the time being, but Steve knew better. Mind you, he was thoroughly amused, but now was the moment for change.

As I lapped at Sir's ankles, lavishing my tongue over and around the tops of his feet, I felt the almost imperceptible tension gathering itself through his body. Tingling awareness again evident at the back of my neck. Sir abruptly switched the shower off and started the tub, filling it, opening the curtain to reveal that he had lit the candles surrounding the tub. Extending a hand, he cast us in flickering light once he flipped the nearby switch. I sat back on my haunches and awaited his request. (Explanation here… this is a two-person tub we are speaking of, with water jets on the sides and the controls placed above out of the way. One of my tasks is to ensure this tub is kept gleaming at all times.)

Sir slid elegantly down into the rapidly filling tub and leaned redolently at one end. My lips twitching in mischief, I hovered over him, watching his beautiful cock, as it bobbed gently there. I laid my head against one smooth thigh and licked my lips, just enjoying the sight of him. My tongue lazily reaching out to take a swipe. I looked up at Sir through half-lidded eyes and went to work. Sir is not a martinet, but I took heed of the banked embers in those orbs, he was in the mood for some serious cock-sucking!

My lips encircled his tip, flicking my tongue once again. The roughness of my tongue in such contrast to his smooth head. Enthusiasm abounding, I soon had a mouthful of glorious cock and I was sucking for all I was worth. My hair swirling around his thighs and cock. My fingers keeping him firmly seated. I took Sir deep and I took him hard. I would change the tempo, the depth, the pressure at random, always keeping him in my mouth but not letting him cum yet. Splashing haphazardly (another penalty in store) I played the wanton to the hilt. One hand curling around his balls, I played with them, testing the weight and heft, as he had earlier with my breasts. Squeezing gently, I felt the drop of precum.

Tasting but a second before it falling victim to my mobile mouth. Sir's breathing rapid and thready. I looked up at him, knowing he liked me watching his reactions with his cock stuffed in my mouth. Keeping my eyes trained on him, a furious pace now set.

'Ummmmmmmmmmm aarrrrrrrrghhhhh!' Sir shot his load straight and true and I was waiting. Sucking and fucking him with my mouth. Swallowing quickly and staying where I was, I wanted everything that Sir had to give. My body unconsciously throbbing, joy spreading through, knowing I had sated him for the time being. Once his orgasm neared its end, I reached above to turn off the faucet and leaned back against the other side. The tub filled to a nice depth, enveloping us in a cocoon of heated warmth. A smug look of satisfaction played about my mouth as I slid against the far side watching. I extended my tongue to my lips and licked them thoroughly and winked at Sir.


Sir cocked an eyebrow at my impertinence and grinned wickedly. He repositioned his leg so that his big toe was resting against my clit and stroked. Oh! I was in deep now. My thighs parting further apart, his foot resting on my mound. Just resting, no movement. Hmmm…. I was in deeper than I thought. Still grinning, he moved against me once and waited. My eyes pleaded with him, but I had been audacious. I bumped against his foot, encouraging him to no avail and no relief. A full minute passed. Then two. Another stroke then nothing. My body thrumming, straining, unfulfilled.

Frustration had me setting my teeth, I was on edge. I should mention that while I am a good slave, I am a feisty one… it adds an element, trust me. There is much to be said for the pain, as the pleasure. In other words, I knew full well what I had done, and had done it anyway and was prepared for the consequences. Shivering in anticipation, I relaxed my jaw muscles and unclenched my teeth.

'Slave it has been a tiring day and you have drained the last of my energy. I think I will just lay back awhile and rest.'

'Yes Sir' I murmured my assent. I waited, as there was more to come, I was sure of it.

'Would you bring me a whisky neat? I have a craving that I want to satisfy.'

'Yes Sir.' I rose from the bath, water falling. My hands reached for a bath towel, stopping at Sir's muted growl. A penalty. I carefully stepped out of that warm bath and walked out in an unhurried manner. To hurry would have wrought another penalty, this one I was anxious to avoid... my body cooling rapidly. My nipples puckered tight, my thighs rubbing together, slightly uncomfortable. My cheeks were flushed though. I padded back with two fingers of whisky and waited patiently. Without opening his eyes, Sir extended his hand and wrapped it around the snifter. I waited patiently. He brought it to his nose, sniffed appreciatively and took a sip. With his free hand he languidly waved for me to take my place again in the tub. Gratefully I sunk under the water and waited.


Sir slowly savored that whisky, the corners of his mouth turned up. I wished those lips were on my body, realizing I was envious of two inanimate objects. I had no one to blame but myself. I was enjoying myself, who was I trying to kid anyway? Suddenly Sir's foot shot out again, unerringly finding my mound without opening his eyes. Re- invigorated by those sips, he rubbed ruthlessly up and down my seam, my lips and my clit. The sole of his foot grinding into my pussy, pushing the lips to the side.

Desire flared to life and before I knew it was happening, I came all over Sir's foot. Wow, those things that Sir could do with ostensibly little effort. I bucked against that foot repeatedly, undulating waves washing all over me from head to toe. I was in heaven! I quivered against him for what seemed forever, replete with sensations. A kaleidoscope of brilliant colors flashing behind my eyes.

'Well, well, well Slave, who would have thought?' I giggled, I couldn't help it, and I was giddy.

Sir cocked that eyebrow again for my unruliness, but remained quiet. We sat in silence for a moment in harmony. Once I felt I could stand firmly, I rose once more from the tub. This time when I reached for a bath sheet, with intentions of drying Sir off. He balanced that snifter on the ledge with assuredness and stood. Stepping carefully out of the tub and into the bath sheet I had waiting. Briskly toweling him off, rejuvenating him, he moved over to the mirror to brush his teeth. Taking that bath sheet, I wrapped myself and secured it at my breasts. I walked into the bedroom and sat at the vanity table, picking up my brush, intent on untangling my hair.

Steve appeared behind me wearing his bathrobe and gently tugged the brush from my suddenly nerveless fingertips. My breath hushed, this was a treat indeed. I loved having my hair brushed. Working patiently, he stroked out the tangles, his hands gentle. Once completed, he stroked my cheek with the back of the brush. I smiled at him over my shoulder, my face radiant. He leaned down and brushed his lips to mine, whispering 'Come with me.'

He clasped my hand and led me through the house to the deck and sat himself in one of the Adirondack chairs with arm cushions there. I gazed up at the brilliant night sky, feeling at peace with the world. Sir tugged gently on my hand, expansively indicating he wished me to join him on his lap. Boy was I wrong! He pulled me forward so that I was resting across his thighs, my elbows resting on one armrest and my lower legs across the other, suspended above his body. He ran one hand carelessly over the back of the closest leg, bringing the edge of the towel with him, exposing my ass to the night air and his inspection. I noticed then he still had my brush in his hand. Foolish girl. I squirmed in expectancy.

Sir experimented with both sides of that brush. Teasing me at first with strokes interspersed with paddling. Soft, hard, soft, hard. The bristles tickling me as they moved on my ass. The back tattooing my bottom in response to my earlier transgressions. Once in a great while, Sir would soothe me by placing his hand there and rubbing his fingers against me, the palm of his hand cupping each cheek in turn. I have no idea how long we played this way, but my blood was heating again, especially when a finger would slip and tease my clit and lips. I was wet and I could feel Sir's cock protruding against my belly.

'All right my dear, you know what I want. I know what you want. Fuck me here and now.' Sir's voice rasped over me. I was only too happy to oblige. Carefully wiggling my way out of my current position, I let the towel fall onto the deck unheeded. I untied his belt and eased my thighs over his, facing him. Leaning my arms towards the back of the chair, I kissed Sir for the first time that evening. This was a reward. (Are you keeping track of the checks and balances, I know I am. Where are the smileys that accompany emails when you need them?)

This was a passionate kiss, ripe with promise. Our lips parted and tongues darted, dueling with each other, having battled before. In the warm spring air we meshed perfectly tangibly connected. Sir's hands tangled in my hair, my skin alive, tiny pinpricks dancing everywhere. My thighs sinking further onto his, sweetly, slowly building momentum, juice running from the insides of my thighs all over his. His cock pressed between our bellies, growing harder. My nipples matching up with his, our respective hardness rubbing against the other. I broke the kiss first. Reasonably so, as I wanted to suck his nipples, laving my tongue over them. Sir reciprocated with mine. Quickly overcome with lust, I reared back; lifting myself slightly and with one hand grasped his shaft to drive myself deep onto his waiting cock.

One stroke, stilling there for pulse pounding seconds. I wanted to feel him throbbing inside of me; I wanted him to feel me throbbing over him. Locking our eyes together, we moved against one another in a rhythm as old as time. Time for us stood still, concentration fierce as we melted together, no longer two, but one. Fucking each other, a perfect complement of thrusts and balance. Seeking, searching, frantic in our movements now. Building pressure, building pleasure. My muscles squeezing him, his cock widening me. One of Sir's hands reached down to stroke my clit, me biting my lip in resistance. A brief power struggle, Sir wanting me to peak before taking his due. Me wanting to prolong until we came together. Guess who won? Not me!

The first wave of my orgasm engulfed me and I screamed in triumph. Shaking uncontrollably I continued to fuck Sir. I fucked him for all I was worth, but he resisted my effort to have him join me. As the initial crescendos faded, I could feel myself building to a second, more powerful orgasm. Sir harder, longer, hotter than I imagined just watched the changing expressions on my face, as I watched his. When he felt me tighten once again around him, his movements became more frenzied, more pronounced. My Sir had stamina and was I ever blessed. Crashing over the precipice a second time, I felt Sir go with me. Both of us gushing against the other, our combined fluids mingling.

Exhausted, I rested my forehead against his to gather our collective breath back, still held together by our throbbing bodies. Content for the moment, sated temporarily. Sir crushed his arms around me in a wonderful bear hug, solid familiarity consuming me. We stayed like that for a long time, drowsing. As the fingertips of dawn started breaking in the East, we shared a last lingering kiss. My Sir, always full of ideas, had outdone himself.

'Thank you Sir.' I whispered before I closed my eyes. Giving my shoulders a last squeeze my shoulders he repeated the same.

So gentle reader let this be a conundrum for you. What you decide about our tale is up to you. Was it fear? Was it excitement? Something else? Only you shall be the wiser. Me? Long ago I decided it was….

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