tagLesbian SexThe Pleasure Tree

The Pleasure Tree


Nika burst into the room and exclaimed "I've found it I've found it," before throwing her arms around me and kissing me so hard my lips hurt.

Nika was not her real name; she was half German and half some small obscure Middle Eastern principality. Her given name was almost unpronounceable so we all called her Nika. She liked that.

Nika was my room-share during our last 2 years at a very select all-girls private school. Within a few weeks of moving in together last year we had progressed sexually from peeping when we were getting undressed, through sharing the shower together and now we were 18 years old and passionate lovers.

I pushed her away from me and looked her up and down. I could never look at her too much. She was gorgeous. Smooth amber skin, long dead-straight silky black hair half way down her back, large, dark seductive eyes, a perfect long nose and oh-so-very kissable lips.

She was slightly shorter than me at about 5 feet 6 but her body was amazing. Narrow waist, curvy hips and firm round boobs; "They were like no more than tiny bumps when I was 14 but they've grown an inch and a bra-cup-size every year since and I don't think they've stopped yet," she had once told me. Her legs were neither especially long nor slim but they felt wonderful when she'd wrap them around me.

"OK, calm down, what have you found?" I demanded, not remembering that she had lost anything.

"A tree, a perfect tree, just like we said we wanted!"

I'd forgotten all about that crazy idea, but Nika dragged me by the arm down the stairs and out into the college grounds. Pushing through bushes and then deeper into the thick wooded copse, she stopped in a small clearing and pointed.


In the centre, surrounded by a carpet of soft green moss and short grass, was a small misshapen tree. It must have been crowded out when it was young, as the first few feet of its trunk had grown close to horizontal and rose only a few degree above ground level. Presumably it then turned towards the light and the rest grew upwards, strong and straight.

Nika knelt beside the unusual tree, looked up at me and smiled.

"And isn't this perfect, Julie?"

She was holding the base of a substantial branch that grew almost vertically from half way along the leaning section of the main trunk. She could not close her hand around it so I guessed it must have been 2 inches in diameter at its widest.

Nika began to stroke it and lick her lips. "Imagine what that will feel like, Julie," she purred as she mock-masturbated the living branch.

Yes, this tree was everything we had imagined and talked about and my nipples tingled as I thought about the possibilities.

I pulled my lover against me and kissed her on the lips. "Well done darling," I whispered in her ear and we crushed our fully-clothed bodies hard against each other. Nika slid her hands inside my top and clawed at my back. She parted her legs and began to hump against my thigh, but I pulled away.

"No, not now. We have work to do," I admonished and my horny friend stepped back with a pout on her face like a spoilt child. But her eyes ignited when I suggested we raid the college carpenter's workshop straight away for the tools we'd need. 15 minutes later we were back at 'our' tree with a saw, sandpaper and sharp knives.

I held the saw against the small branch, about 6 inches up from where it joined the main trunk and looked at Nika.

"Longer," she insisted.

I moved it up an inch.

"No, longer!" she repeated.

I held the saw at 8 inches and giggled: "OK?"

Nika's mood changed. She put one hand on her hip, struck her oh-so-sexy 'assertive' pose and prodded a finger at a point at least 3 inches higher still.

"Are you mad?" I responded.

"No, just greedy," Nika retorted, "anyway, we can always shorten it later, but once we've cut it we can't make it longer."

I saw her rationale, smiled and sawed off the branch where she had indicated. We then stripped off the bark and carved, smoothed and sanded the soft damp wood into shape.

Standing back we admired the finished phallus. Easily 11 inches tall and well over an inch in diameter even at its top, it then increased in a gentle taper to where it joined the trunk. We stood in silence, holding hands.

"You first, you found it," I proposed.

Nika swallowed hard; she seemed nervous.

"Sure, let's give it a try," and continuing: "If I got caught doing this in my father's country I'd probably be offered a photo-shoot and a movie contract. In my mother's country I'd be stoned to death."

She unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them off, followed by her panties which she asked me to look after. They were soaked. I smiled. She blushed.

Nika rummaged in her bag and pulled out a small bottle of baby oil which she squirted generously onto the freshly-exposed wood and massaged it suggestively all along its length.

Holding onto my hand for balance, Nika stood astride the tree-trunk and positioned her pussy slit over the tip of the proud, glistening upward-pointing object. With the first two fingers of her free hand she parted her lips, and began to sink down.

She closed her eyes and let out a long wavering sigh as soft warm flesh contacted cold hard wood. Then she looked me straight in the eye and began to lower her body. Little by little Nika eased herself down, the expression in her face constantly changing with her emotions.

"Oh wow Julie ... oooooo ... mmmm ... wait ... just a little more ... gosh ... it's so hard ... this is ... amazing" she commentated. She let go of me and steadied herself with her hands on her knees, body upright, head back, mouth open.

"Watch me, Julie," she implored.

I knelt at the foot of the tree and gazed on as this beautiful young woman began raising and lowering her hips, slowly and rhythmically. I'd recently helped her to shave and clip her thick, rich black pubic hair into a neat triangle high on her mound and this allowed me a perfect view of the luscious pussy that I knew so well.

Already nearly half of the oily wood had entered her vagina and with each cycle Nika lifted herself almost right off the penetrating phallus so her pussy lips all but closed over its tip. Then she'd sink down again, each time swallowing a little more of the smooth, bare branch.

I was becoming more and more aroused just from watching. I too wriggled out of my jeans and panties and was about to slip a finger into my wet pussy slit when Nika announced: "That's all I can manage." I looked across and she was squatting on the branch with perhaps four inches of it still exposed. "No need to rush, need something to look forward to next time," she quipped.

Nika's exotic body was shaking as she climbed off the tree but I was pretty was sure she hadn't cum; I would have known. She looked drained but no way would she admit she'd been overly ambitious with the length of the branch.

I knew exactly what Nika was going to say next. "Your turn now Julie."

Sweet Nika very thoughtfully wiped the branch with a tissue (some girls can be so fastidious even when they have just fucked a tree) then poured on some more baby-oil. I knew my pussy was already dripping wet and opening up but I was still apprehensive as I lowered myself down onto the inviting but aggressive-looking shaft.

I gasped as the tip contacted my labia; Nika smiled knowingly. I lowered myself onto it and was quite shocked and even embarrassed that it slid into my young vagina so readily. Was I really such a whore?

As I eased myself down I realised how different this was from anything else I'd experienced. The shaft was big, yes, but most importantly it was just so stiff. So solid and immovable. Unforgiving, unyielding and anchored. It felt amazing. Everything I had imagined and hope for, but more extreme.

Down I sank, impaling myself on its rigidity. Then I simply sat there, soaking up the fabulous sensations inside my cunt and in my brain. I knew I wanted to finger my clit, but that felt like cheating. That would be for next time.

I composed myself sufficiently to speak to Nika, who'd been watching me intently. "I think that's enough for now." She smiled and held out a hand to steady me as I climbed off. She also held up her other hand, with the distance between her index finger and thumb indicating how much of the shaft had remained exposed. About the same as she had managed. I felt OK about that.

"Come on," Nika suggested, "Let's get back now. It'll still be here tomorrow."

I wrapped an old dark-coloured scarf around the provocative upward-pointing shaft and, even though 'our' tree was out of sight in a remote part of the woods, we stacked some broken branches against it to disguise the fresh bare wood should anyone stumble upon our new plaything.

We were both feeling massively horny on the way back to our room and chattered animatedly about what we had done, about how wildly illicit, daring and downright perverted we had been and how aroused it had made us, riding the pole and watching each other. It had brought out the exhibitionist and voyeur in us both.

Still too buzzed-up to eat, we skipped dinner, showered and locked ourselves in our room. We were all over each other in seconds, our hands exploring every inch of our warm naked bodies. Nika pinched and pulled my large nipples until they ached and I sucked on hers, running my hands all over her perfect body, feeling her smooth skin against my fingertips and cupping, holding and caressing her amazing breasts until her nipples grew longer and harder than I could remember.

We fucked and fingered and dildoed each other on the bed, on the floor and on the window-ledge. I rammed Nika with her favourite strap-on from above, from behind and from beneath but she seemed insatiable, screaming each time she climaxed then begging for more. I was no better; I demanded she clit-lick me to one delicious orgasm after another before we finally fell into deep satisfying sleep on the carpet at around 1 am.


We gave the Pleasure Tree a rest the next day but by Friday evening we could not keep away. We must have each fucked ourselves on that inanimate yet living object at least five times over that weekend. Sometimes for fun we would dress in our sexiest lingerie and posh dresses to go into the woods, like we were going to a prom. I loved watching Nika bouncing on the branch in just one of her fabulously expensive uplift bras that pushed her breasts into perfect spheres with an awesome deep cleavage between. Other times we were totally naked in the woods, our young nude bodies free and exposed for each other's erotic enjoyment.

My favourite position was to face the upturned main trunk of the tree and grasp some convenient branches higher up that we had strategically stripped of foliage as handholds. My lover would stand behind me, reaching around my body so she could tease my 34C boobs and expertly finger my clit until I orgasmed.

Nika loved to face the other way and lean back so the tip of the shaft rubbed her G-spot inside her fucktunnel and I crouched at her feet and played a vibrator on her clit until she came. Once, she lifted herself off the branch at the crucial moment and squirted a generous pulse of her pussy juice directly on my face; I loved it.

But neither of us managed to get the last couple of inches of shaft inside us. Total penetration seemed unlikely, but damn it we had some fun trying!

As time passed Nika became almost obsessed by her inability to take the full 11 inches and we visited our Pleasure Tree at least three times most weeks to try again. And no matter if she reached one or even several orgasms in the process, she grew wilder and even more demanding in her animal-like desire for sex together. Sometimes we would run back to our room and she would be ripping my clothes off me in the corridor and would have her hand in my panties even before we had closed the door to our room.

We would writhe and roll on the floor together, fingering and licking each other to one climax after another. We were insatiable. Nika demanded that I fuck her long, hard, often and in every imaginable position with an even bigger strap-on dildo she'd bought on-line, and I have to admit I loved it when Nika spent longer and longer taking me higher and higher with her mouth, fingers, dildos and vibrators until I was screaming for her to let me cum. She enjoyed doing that too and began to tie me up with scarves and belts so I was at her mercy and she could delay and deny me my orgasms even longer.

Obsessive lust and wanton depravity was taking us over. We loved every moment, but it was getting scary.

Then one morning I woke very early; it was only just getting light. I rolled across the bed to cuddle Nika but she wasn't there. I listened for sounds from the bathroom but all was quiet. This was most unlike her. I began to worry and looked around the room; her long coat and boots were missing but her phone was in its usual place on the table.

I threw on a jacket and ran down the stairs two at a time. We had made a pact never to go to the Pleasure Tree alone but I could not imagine where else she would go and not leave a note.

I ran through the woods and I heard her before I could see her. She was crying out, moaning and sobbing, calling for help and begging, "No, no, please no" in the most frighteningly desperate voice.

I found her, totally naked and impaled on our tree with her eyes closed. Her body was dirty and covered in sweat. Her long black hair clung wetly in straggling strands to her face, back and shoulders. But then in the half-light I realised that her torso, arms and legs were entwined in long curling vines and tight encircling creepers that wrapped around her and held her, trapped and immobilised on the wooden phallus.

As I reached her I called her name in desperation but she seemed not to hear me. She struggled and pulled against the long strands of creeper that held her captive but the plants just tightened their grip and wrapped even more securely around her body and limbs.

Nika's guttural, basic moans and cries were between ecstasy and pain, fear and desire. I knew only too well what she sounded like when she needed to cum but couldn't, but this was far deeper and more desperate than I had ever heard before. Nika was in grave danger.

I pulled at the creepers to try to free her but they were too tight and too tough for me to break. The tree had taken her prisoner and wanted her for its own.

Suddenly I remembered where we'd hidden the carpenter's saw and knives. I cut and slashed at the tangled vines and managed to free Nika's arms. She looked at me with tears rolling down her face and called my name: "Julie, Julie, it's ... ohhhhhh ... Julie my love ... it's ...... soooo ..... fucking ...... HUGE!!!!"

Nika managed to drag herself up off the wooden shaft just a fraction and I saw at once what she meant. The branch had grown to more than twice its original diameter and Nika's cunt was stretched impossibly tight around it. She sank back down onto it so her weight was supported on the main tree trunk and held out a hand.

"Julie, help me Julie."

I hacked at more of the creepers and managed to free her legs too. Nika was panting and crying and sweat poured down her face and body in rivulets. The stems around her waist and chest were tougher to cut and they had wrapped tight around her boobs, squeezing and distending them grotesquely. I sawed through the thickest ones and carefully cut away the rest, taking care not to cut her skin.

Finally she was free, but still had the enormous wooden shaft embedded deep in her pussy. Nika's cries had subsided and she began to speak more coherently. I held her arms tight to help her climb off the huge shaft but to my shock and disbelief she pleaded with me: "No, wait, not yet ....... make me cum, Julie, now, please help me, just once more. I need it. Make me cum Julie."

"Don't be so fucking stupid!" I yelled, trying to lift her bodily off the tree.

"No Julie, I mean it, I want to cum with it still in me. Rub my clit for me, darling Julie, please?"

The tree creaked and Nika gasped. "Quick, it's still growing!" She closed her eyes and shuddered, biting her bottom lip. "Rub my clit, Julie, now ... before this thing in me ... gets ... too big." Her voice trailed off and her expression changed to one of expectation.

Still convinced she was crazy, I put one arm behind her back and reached between her legs with my free hand. Nika's clit hood was stretched high up and wide apart so I easily found her exposed bud. It was hot and rock hard, harder than I could imagine. She grabbed me as I touched it and screamed.

"Fuck me Julie, hard, hard, fast, fast. Do it. Yes."

I rubbed her clit in circles the way she always loved. The tree creaked again ominously; Nika gasped and begged me to be quick. The creepers were already beginning grow back around her ankles as I frantically rubbed and pinched and flicked her pink button.

Nika grasped at her swollen breasts and pulled her erect nipples, twisting them and moaning. She threw her head back and panted like a wild animal, murmuring random words of both encouragement and growing desperation. She rode the giant unyielding phallus, rocking her hips and gripping the trunk of the tree between her legs, locking her ankles beneath it.

"Oh yes, fuck me Julie, fuck me mmmm yesssssss" she growled, ever more urgently. "So close now, round and round, yes, just there Julie. It's ... it's .... so ... far ... in me .... like it's become part of me Julie! ....... More, oh no Julie, oh no, ohhhh no! ... yes, yes, yes, nearly there Julie I'm ... ohhhhh no ... yesssss ... I'm ....... yesssssssssssssssss"

Nika's whole body went rigid for a moment, then she screamed and yelled and cried out helplessly, thrashing and writhing in ecstasy, her primal moans rising up from deep inside her and echoing through the trees. She held onto me tightly as the powerful sensations of her violent orgasm flooded through her and tears rolled down her cheeks.

I held her close, and watched. Gradually her body calmed and a gentle look of pleasure and deep satisfaction washed over her face.

Suddenly her eyes opened wide. "Fuck Julie. Get me off this thing, it's going to split me open!" Nika threw her arms around my neck and lifted her weight on her shaking legs. Carefully she eased herself up off the menacing shaft that had invaded and defiled her poor tight-stretched pussy and collapsed forward on top of me. We fell in each other's arms onto the damp moss and lay still and quiet.

When she regained the strength to sit up I wrapped her coat around her and as the early morning sun filtered through the rustling leaves above us we looked back at our tree. The small upward-pointing branch we had carefully cut and carved just weeks before had grown so enormous it was hard to imagine how all that awesome length and girth now standing in front of us, rising ominously erect, threatening and massive, had ever fitted inside Nika's delectable young body.

She looked at it, then me, rolled her eyes and shuddered. "Wow Julie, that was a hell of a ride. Now it's your turn."

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