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The Plumber


You and I had just entered the motel room. Driving there, we had been playing; your hand up my skirt; my hand in your pants. We were both ready for something more, anxious, more than ready. Your hand had worked it's magic as always. With fingers as large as some men's cocks and more talented than many, you truly enjoyed teasing me physically, until I was ready to beg for relief. Only my stubbornness prevented me from pleading with you in the car....that, and the knowledge that I would be satiated after our weekend. You were physically different from anyone I had known intimately - tall and muscularly solid, large strong legs. I felt dwarfed beside you. Your handsome face was dominated by piercing blue eyes that sparkled.

I was looking forward to thwarting your long-promised grudge fuck as long as I could - a playful game of wills, so to speak. The mental game we played was as exciting as the physical. I was still bewildered as to how I had gotten myself in this relationship. No one knew. Oh, people knew we were acquaintances, but no one would ever have guessed how well we had come to know each other. We seemed so different. Our encounters were infrequent and I expected each to be the last. You were perceived as so hard, almost callous, very jaded for someone so young, yet in complete control of yourself.

I am also a control freak. I had to be to survive. I am very 'respectable' having a good career, involved in charities, and my children are not much younger than you. I have been on my own for years, never taking a lover; preferring to devote what time I had to my career and family. I look younger than my age - at least that's what people told me. I keep my hair long and my weight in check, remaining active.

You grabbed me, quickly shoving your fingers inside my already wet pussy, eliciting a sharp gasp and half a giggle. Interrupted by a knock on the door, you answered it, pulling me to the door with you, removing your hand long enough to turn the doorknob. The plumber was 25-30, blonde, fit, brown eyes. He was shorter than your towering height, but attractive, although I didn't really notice. He had come to fix the drain under the bathroom sink and we let him in. He went right to the bathroom. Opening the vanity doors, dragging out some tools, he knelt on the floor and half disappeared in the vanity.

On the surface, there is nothing to indicate we have anything in common. But you had seen through my exterior shell and lit some long simmering fire within. I am still bewildered how you could have seen through me so clearly. And I constantly struggled to maintain some semblance of control over myself, while totally indulging my always horny body. You play on this and I suspect take great enjoyment when you get the upper hand!

Out of his view, you resumed your teasing and I tried to pull away, not wanting to be seen or heard by the plumber. You seemed determined to continue - chuckling as I whispered that we should wait. Standing behind me, your left arm wrapped around my waist, your right hand playing with my pussy lips, I could feel you getting harder against my back, as I bit my lip to try to keep quiet. I could feel your fingers working their magic on me, as they slithered in and out. I was so wet and became rather anxious for our uninvited guest to be done. Only when we are totally isolated do I allow my wicked, insatiable side free reign.

Our plumber made some exclamation and you nudged the door to the bathroom so it would be wider open - still holding me, playing with me...in view of the plumber, if he hadn't been half buried in the vanity! I tried to ease out of sight behind the door, but you held me tightly. It felt so naughty to know we could be caught at any second and I knew you were enjoying my discomfort. I knew you would not allow him to see us, so it was a safe game you were playing, or so I thought.

You said something to him and he reappeared. He looked at us, half grinning, half embarrassed and apologized for interrupting our evening. You made some comment about how he wasn't interrupting anything, and I saw his eyes looking at where your arm disappeared under my skirt. You must've noticed too because suddenly your fingers renewed their attack and a loud moan escaped me, my knees feeling weak. I tried to turn away, being very uncomfortable with the plumber staring at me, but you wouldn't let me. I was torn between feelings of embarrassment and absolute excitement. I felt safe with you wrapped around me though, and told myself he couldn't SEE anything, even if there was no doubt as to what you were doing. He and you chatted for a bit, as if I weren't even there. Your hand never left my pussy; you were driving me nuts! My excitement was more overpowering than the embarrassment and I tried to keep myself under control, just wanting this stranger to leave to I could push you on the bed and have you inside me.

You asked him if he liked shaved pussy. I don't remember his response, as I was too shocked at the question. Now mortified, you asked him if he would like to see, telling me to lift my skirt. I refused and you got that look!

You have this look sometimes - one that is impossible to resist; such determination in your eyes. We have talked about this look. You were unaware of it, until I explained it to you. It wasn't something you used against me consciously; it just was a part of you. You told me again to lift my skirt - more of a command. I complied slowly....I couldn't look at the plumber, lifting my skirt slowly up to my thighs.. All I could see was that look in your eyes, as if they had me hypnotized. I continued raising the skirt, until my clean-shaven mound was visible. I closed my eyes and struggled with the mixed feelings I was having.

I felt you spread my lips, giving the plumber a good look at my hard, pink clit and the wetness oozing from my pussy. My upper thighs were moist from my juices, glistening in the bright glare from the bathroom light. Silently swearing to myself that I would get even with you for this humiliation, and trying to calm the thudding in my chest, I suddenly heard you telling him he could touch me. My eyes flew open wide! What were you thinking? I quickly tried to pull my skirt down only to feel you grasp me a little tighter, having grabbed the bunched up skirt in your fist. Looking up at you, all I saw were those hard eyes, as you pulled me a little closer - almost like a gentle squeeze of reassurance. There was no question that I wasn't going anywhere. A flashing thought that maybe the plumber was too much of a gentleman to consider your offer was quickly discarded. In the corner of my vision I saw him move closer.

I closed my eyes and felt a finger sliding over my clit, your fingers still holding me open. Trying to back away from his touch as he explored me, only pushed me harder into you and I could feel your cock, now really big and so very hard, in the small of my back. You told me to spread my legs more. I unwillingly complied as I felt a finger slide gently inside of me. You were allowing this stranger rape me with his finger and I was letting you. I was momentarily grateful he was gentle, almost tentative, hoping that one touch and he would stop playing along with your game. Then a second finger entered me and he started to ram them in and out with quite a bit of strength. I could hear the squishing sound as he pumped me and feel my juices flowing freely. Suddenly I felt his tongue and lips on me. I gasped a 'No' at you and you just squeezed me tighter. His hands went to my ass and pulled me to him.

Your hand left my pussy lips and deftly started to unbutton my satin blouse. My nipples were very evident, even through the shiny material. I had dressed just for you, no bra, no panties as usual. You had always seemed to like knowing that no matter how properly dressed I appeared to others, there was no underwear to get in our way of playing.. You liked my 36C breasts when they moved freely under a shirt and the fact that my nipples seemed to be in a constant state of semi-erectness. I tried to cater to this when I knew that no one else would be around to see it, but this only made things easier for you now. I wondered if the plumber thought I was some kind of slut. The realization that that was exactly what I was acting like quickly followed!

Reaching inside, you tugged at my breast, pinching the nipple, which was already hard. I was in utter turmoil, part of me terrified, embarrassed, scared of where this would lead; but part of me so turned on! As he plunged his tongue inside, I came, thankful for your arm still snuggly around my waist to hold me. The orgasm gripped me and took over. My legs were like jello. Never being very quiet, I heard my moans and screams echoing in the tiled bathroom. It was an unreal feeling, a strange tongue fucking me as the spasms continued and the safety of your arms around me. Before I could recover, you had my blouse off. I had not even thought to resist. The orgasm had blocked any rational thought. You carted me to the bed. The plumber was right behind us.

Laying me across the bed, you sat at my head, pinning my wrists to the bed, my arms above my head. I felt exposed and vulnerable with my breasts heaving as I sought to catch my breath. The plumber was standing at my feet and I felt his eyes staring at my chest. You told the plumber to take off my skirt. I tried to move my legs up, to pull away from him. He grabbed my ankles, clasping them together with his legs as he leaned over me to undo the waistband. He was grinning and the lump in his pants let me know he was really enjoying this. I watched in fascinated horror as he tugged my skirt over my hips and pulled it off. It never occurred to me to try to fight him, I knew better with you grasping my wrists.

You told him you wanted to watch him fuck me. My thoughts were screaming that you couldn't have possibly said that! You were half-smiling, your eyes almost laughing at me, as you easily used your large frame to keep me pinned to the bed. I struggled against you, knowing it was useless, but having to try anyway, as the plumber removed his clothes. I was scared and uncertain what was going to happen - I didn't know this strange plumber. Part of me was so excited, already turned on by our foreplay, anxious to be fucked! But I wanted, no, expected, you to do the fucking, not some strange man.

The plumber roughly pushed my thighs apart. I hadn't even had time to resist I was so busy wrestling with you. As he climbed on top of me, I noticed he had a very thick cock, but not as long as yours. In what seemed like slow motion, I watched as he brought it to my pussy lips and rubbed it against me, coating it with my cum. He touched the opening to my pussy with it. I felt the pressure and tried to wiggle away but he was slowly pressing against me, opening me, stretching me as he entered. I felt the engorged head inside me and noticed his look of concentration. But mostly I just watched your face - you were enjoying this. He slowly pushed his way until his balls were against my ass. I felt stretched, not uncomfortably so, but definitely filled.

Once the plumber was on top of me, his hands replaced yours on my wrists. He was slowly, very slowly, sliding in and out of me, as if he knew this was a surefire way to excite me, almost torture me. I moaned each time he almost pulled out of me, and half-screamed as he plunged back in. You took off your clothes, your eyes never leaving the action on the bed. Damn, but you were hard! Always a large, easily aroused cock, it now looked harder and larger than I ever imagined. My whole being was focused on the sensations from my pussy. I wanted to cum; I had to cum. I wanted you inside me but seeing how excited you were, relaxed me enough to start to try to enjoy this.

Offering me your cock, you told me to suck you while you watched. I struggled to get you into my mouth. This was always difficult for me and something I wished I did better for you. I licked around the large head and ran my tongue through your slit, tasting your pre-cum and feeling you shudder. As I worked your cock into my mouth, sucking and slurping, I felt your hand at my breast again. You kneaded my breast with more strength than usual, but I was so aroused, it only felt wonderful. I tried to suck you deeply into my mouth, cheeks caving in with each breath through my nose. I wasn't very good, I'm afraid - I was a bit distracted. But you were enjoying it. I felt you pinch and pull on my nipple and came almost at once, being careful to release you from my mouth first.

The plumber was pounding me in a wonderful, even rhythm. I felt his whole body stiffen as my pussy clutched him, spasming around his thick cock. I was fucking him back, no longer worrying about whether I should be enjoying this. Animal lust had taken over my brain and my body.

Your hand crept to my ass, playing there, as our plumber fucked me - seeming to take great joy in every moan or scream. I felt your finger pressing, gently at first, then more persistently, slowly finding a way inside my ass. Instant fear ran through my body and I tensed immediately. You had introduced me to anal sex. Oh, I had tried it many years ago when I was married, but it was excruciatingly painful and after two attempts, I had vowed I was never going to try it again. You had convinced me to try once more, even before our first encounter. You explained in detail exactly what you would be doing, exactly what I could expect. I was terrified, but had overcome my fear enough to agree to try as long as you had promised to stop when I asked. You had taken your time, relaxing me with a few drinks, playing with my clit until I wanted you so badly I ached. I had been scared and that's when I had first seen that look you have. At the time, the look had almost been comforting, willing me to continue as you prepared me, slowly easing my fears. The first time had been painful, but not excruciating

You took what seemed like hours, patiently and gently filling my ass, but very purposefully, until you sensed I couldn't take much more. You stopped before you came and then fucked my pussy until I came like I never had before. We tried a second time, and this time I lasted long enough for you to cum deep inside me. I was convinced I could never cum with anal sex, and it had become one of the items we mentally sparred over. I was still fearful of the pain.

As your finger gently fucked my asshole, the plumber continued in my pussy and I became oblivious to everything but the physical sensations the two of you created and my fear. You inserted another finger, stretching me further. The feeling was indescribable and I felt less and less discomfort with every stroke. I knew I was close to an orgasm again. From what seemed far away, your voice told us to roll over and the plumber was under me. I felt your cock pressing against my ass and my fear returned. Your cock is large. Looking at it, I still can't understand how you can even fit in me.

My level of excitement plummeted as I felt you pressing harder. Each stroke of the plumber pushed me a little hard onto you until the head popped inside. The discomfort was considerable, but I was so turned on at the thought of having both of you at once, I tried to push it to the back of my mind. Sliding slowly in my ass, I sensed your gentleness. I was still moaning, but more quietly. I believed if you sensed I was in pain, you would stop. I knew this was fulfilling one of your fantasies.

Between the two of you, I felt stretched and filled more than I thought possible. I could feel your hard cock sliding more quickly in my ass. The plumber alternating strokes with you and I leapt back to total excitement. The sensations were too much, each one vying for my attention and then being swept away by a touch somewhere else. I quickly found myself totally overwhelmed and came again. This was a hard, pounding orgasm, washing over me in waves, never quite releasing its grasp on me. You and the plumber grabbed me tightly, as I screamed and gasped for air. My pussy was having hard convulsions and I felt myself squeezing the plumber more tightly. You never stopped the rhythmic assault on my ass, but I no longer felt any pain. The plumber forcefully grabbed me closer and stiffened. Then I felt him lunging inside me, cumming too, and still you pounded my ass. He seemed to come forever, groaning with each hard thrust, until I felt him relax under me.

Pulling me up on my knees, the plumber slipped out of me and rolled out of our way. Your hands went to my tits, using them to pull me harder against you, as you squeezed the nipples. The plumber's fingers were back on my clit, playing again. I couldn't believe he was actually building me to another orgasm. You pumped me harder than you ever have. I felt half limp, buffeted by your strokes, my tits bouncing and my hair waving in my face. I was tiring but humping you back with all the energy I had left, until you finally rammed me as hard as you could. I felt you cum, deeply in my ass with a guttural gasp. You seemed to cum for minutes! But never really softened! I was completely wiped out, totally limp! As you let me go, I merely collapsed on my side in an almost fetal position, the plumber still fingering my clit....and it still felt good!

I watched you, your cock still hard, as you looked at plumber. His fingers slid inside me, fucking me hard. My cum and his was running out of my pussy and his fingers made an obscene sloshing noise with each stroke. I lolled over on my back as you walked to the bathroom to clean up. I was nervous being left alone with this stranger, but too wiped out to care. Closing my eyes, I knew I had no energy and yet I wanted you inside my pussy. I wanted to feel your long cock touching my cervix, massaging my g-spot, as only you can do. The plumber was relentless, bringing me to peaks and then letting me sink into a brief rest.

He was torturing me and he seemed to know it. I opened my eyes to see you watching me and stroking your cock. I opened my legs, too weak to verbally beg you to fuck me. I didn't have to; you must have known what I wanted and lay on top of me. I pulled you close, and wrapped my legs around your waist, pulling your cock to my slit. I was moaning like some animal as I felt you enter me, not believing I could still feel so horny! You entered easily, sliding on the wetness that was running out of me. And you fucked me hard, finally pushing my knees up to my chest to get even deeper inside me. I had never been fucked like this.

You rammed your way into me, only stopping your stroke when my cervix wouldn't give anymore, pulling out, and ramming me again. I knew my cervix would be paying the price later but I didn't care. My screams and grunts were only interrupted by my gasping for air. The world had dissolved around me. There was nothing except the constant, even ramming of your cock in me, and your eyes. The orgasm built, the intensity of what was coming was overwhelming. I was sure I couldn't take anymore but the feeling increased even higher, until I was about to cum - then I woke up from this dream!

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