tagHumor & SatireThe Plumber

The Plumber

byAbra C_dab©

“Yo baby!” he said, leering at her. “I hear you got a little problem with yer plumbing.”

She trembled as she looked at him. He was six feet four and a half inches of muscled machismo--a ripped and chiseled specimen of perfect manhood. She felt herself blush as her nipples grew hard under the transparent silk nighty she had answered the door in. Damn, I should have worn something under this, she realized.

Without waiting for a response, he pushed past her into the house. He couldn’t just violate her home like this, she thought with alarm, thrusting himself inside without being invited! She shivered as he briefly pressed against her.

“Wait! You can’t come--” “Listen baby,” he interrupted, “I can and I did. Now where exactly is this…problem?” he asked, spinning to face her, hands on his hips and a cocky grin on his handsome face.

“Well…” she couldn’t meet his piercing gaze, “It’s right here….under my…My sink!”

He smirked and spun back away. He could see she was flustered. He was used to having that effect on the bitches. They always reacted that way to his raw manly presence.

“That sink there?” he said, flexing as he pointed. He heard her gasp, then nod and quickly look away. He stared at her then, appraising--slowly and sensually running his eyes down her curvaceous figure. She was five feet two and one quarter inches of blond haired, blue eyed babe. She looked to be barely eighteen. Her perky double D breasts topped with diamond hard nipples, poking through a translucent silk nighty that revealed the shadow of her hairless pubic region clearly.

He could tell she was innocent. Probably her dickless hubby had only screwed her once on their wedding night, just to get that virgin shit out of the way. Then the loser had probably gone back to men, leaving her frustrated and yearning for a real man. He knew the signs, he was a plumber and saw them every damn day.

He slowly turned and strutted over to the sink. Then, dropping his tool box, he bent over and looked inside the cabinet.

“It’s wet down there!” She said, staring at his perfect ass clad in skin tight blue denim.

“Yeah, toots. I just got to screw this…” he paused, then smirked at her, “This nipple… down tight. And, I got just the tool to do it! I might need to get a nut though, baby. You wouldn’t mind helping me with that would ya?” And with that he lay on his back on the floor and stuck his head inside the cabinet.

She took the opportunity to check him out. Oh My God! she thought to herself. Is that his cock in his pants? It can’t possibly be, it’s just way too big! Like a giant serpent sleeping in his trousers. Like that movie, Anaconda! She had never imagined anything like that--

She was interrupted by him speaking. “Come over here and hold this light for me babe.”

Meekly she obeyed, walking over and crouching down next to where he was lying, then she took the light he was holding out to her. With a gasp she realized that he could see all the way up her nighty to her hairless pussy. I really should have dressed before getting the door! she thought, blushing again as she tried to cover herself.

“Hold the light still, Damnit!” he said harshly. Then, looking directly at her he said, “Yeah, I can see where yer all wet. Like I said, I got just the tool to fix you right up!”

She couldn’t meet his eyes, and dropped her gaze. It fell on his cock, straining in his jeans like a caged animal, a huge slab of man sausage reaching halfway to his knee. She could see it twitching it it’s denim prison, a struggling mass of meat yearning to be free. So close to it, she felt a wild impulse to touch it. She had never, in the eighteen years one day she had been alive, felt such overwhelming lust!

He noticed her staring at his cock, so he flexed it and heard her gasp of shock. He chuckled. “Ya like that babe?”

“What…what do you mean?” she asked, feigning innocence. She could feel herself blushing. He had caught he looking at his manhood. She tried to force herself to look away, but found her gaze going back to it.

“My cock. I see you staring at it. Do you like it?”

“I never imagined anything so…”

“Touch it.” he ordered.

She obeyed without thinking. Running her palm slowly along his massive length. It barely fit in her hand. Feeling it stir, she suddenly realized what she was doing--cheating on her husband and stroking another man’s cock! She felt ashamed, but she couldn’t stop herself. For the first time in her young life she felt slutty and wonderfully alive.

Thinking back, she remembered the first and only time she had had sex--her wedding night. She had been a virgin, and though she had liked it, it had been over too quickly. Her husband, a sweet but wimpy lawyer, had stuck his tiny three and three eights inch cock inside her--then screaming out a mans name, he had cum, leaving her confused and unsatisfied. They had never had sex again.

Comparing her little girly husband to this powerful MAN, she suddenly realized that the plumber could give her something that her husband never could, so it really wasn’t cheating after all. Besides, she was discovering another side to herself. The slut side that was willing to take on the entire high school football team…

“It’s so…BIG!” she said, looking up to see him grinning cruelly at her.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of tearing cloth. She looked down in time to see his cock ripping through the material of his jeans. As it sprang to its’ full massive size, it caught her in the chin, banging her head off the edge of the cabinet and knocking her sprawling to the floor, where she lay with her nighty bunched around her waist, her hairless pussy totally exposed.

Dazed, she looked up, and saw him standing over her, instantly naked. She quickly estimated that his cock was at least sixteen inches long--perhaps sixteen and a half--and approximately ten inches thick at the base. Math turned her on. “Oh My God!” she squeaked, still stunned from where her head had struck the cabinet, and staring at his massive cock swaying hypnotically before her.

“Yeah, I hear that a lot babe! Get ready to be fucked like the blond haired, blue eyed, DD breasted slut you are!”

“Oh YESSS! Fuck my juicy-hairless-barely-legal pussy with your throbbing man pole, you conquering LOVE GOD! RAVISH ME!!!”

Then he drove his entire cock into her and she immediately exploded in orgasm.

“Aeeeeeiiiiiiiiioooouuuuandsometimesyyyyeeeeesssssss!!” she screamed.

“Umph!” he grunted.

“I am Coming!” she screamed. He just nodded.

“Ooooooooooooooooo!” she shrieked, as a second, or possible third, orgasm ripped through her. “Aaaiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Then he started actually moving, driving his massive cock into her, and then ripping it back out. Each powerful thrust a body blow, forcing the air from her lungs, and leaving her gasping to catch her breath, each tearing another orgasm from her exhausted twitching body. She had lost count of her orgasms at one hundred and thirty seven. She never dreamed it could be that good.

Finally, after about two and a half hours, he got bored and whipped his cock out. He was ready to cum and knew from experience the injuries coming inside her might cause. He didn’t need another charge like that on his record! She lay below him, open and satisfied, staring at him with loving and submissive eyes.

“Blow me bitch!” he said tenderly.

She leapt to her knees and started showering kisses onto his magnificent cock, licking and sucking it like a depraved crack addict looking for a fix. It wouldn’t fit in her mouth, so he quickly stood and thrust it between her breasts, roughly fucking her tits as she darted her tongue out to lick the tip.

“Oh yeah baby! I am gonna come all over your slutty face!” he grunted between thrusts. She smiled and continued licking.

“That’s it babe! I am commmminnng! Aaarrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh!!!”

And he did. The cum exploding from his cock in a molten tidal wave of lust.

She woke a few hours later. She was sitting with her back against the stove. The force of his orgasm must have knocked me unconscious, she decided. She smelt burning hair, and realized that when she had been blown back, her hair must have been ignited by the pilot light on the stove. Luckily, he had cum so much that it had been extinguished!

Being careful so as not to slip in the large pool of semen on the floor, she climbed gingerly to her feet and limped over to the table. She saw a bill from the plumber-- two hundred seventy five dollars--a bargain. She would be calling him back very soon. She had a few more things that needed fixing.

She winced, then totally satisfied, headed to the hall closet to get a mop.

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