The Poker Game


"Hey," Paul interjected, "You have to win a hand to do that!"

"Oh, stop being such a spoilsport," Claire laughed at him, "You know we're all going to end up naked anyway!"

"Yes, come on," Donna teased him, "I dare you to take them off."

Paul didn't need a lot of encouragement - he's always been a bit of an exhibitionist, the kind of guy who had no problems letting it all hang out in the changing rooms. With another shrug, he pulled his boxers down. I wasn't surprised to see that he did indeed have an erection. His cock was a decent size when hard, reaching right up to his belly button.

"Ooh," giggled Donna, and then laughed as Paul waved it at her.

"Why don't you show us yours?" Claire purred at me. I had a hard-on too, not only from her huge tits which were no more than a couple of feet from my face, but also from Donna being just in her knickers in front of my best friend and his boss, who was a total stranger to her.

"Go on, you might as well," Donna said, "You're not as big as Paul but you're not small either."

If I didn't do it, I would look a boring coward, so I took my boxers down, cringing slightly but I was encouraged by Claire's reaction when she smiled and raised an eyebrow.

"Very nice," she murmured in my ear, "I've always wondered what your dick looked like."

"Well now you know," laughed Donna, "And it works okay too." She gave me the sweetest smile, obviously reassuring me as Paul was a good inch longer than me.

"Tony's got the biggest cock though," Paul said, then added when we all looked at him, "Seriously, I've seen it in the toilet, it's huge!"

"Really?" Claire asked the old gent, sat there with a huge grin.

"I'm not getting it out though," he said, though he didn't seem shy, "You don't want to see my wrinkly old knob."

"Oh, but we do!" cried Donna. She was sitting on Paul's knee now, her hand straying close to his cock, but her attention was fixed on old Tony, still in his jeans.

Tony was thinking it through. "I'll get mine out, only if you two girls take your knickers off." I saw Donna and Claire exchange a surprised look. "How's that for a deal?"

"Is it really big?" Claire asked her husband, and Paul nodded sincerely. "I'm game," she said to Donna, whose eyes were as big as dinner plates.

"I'm too shy!" whispered Donna, but then she squealed and laughed as Paul grabbed her. He fixed an arm around her and with the other hand, he tugged her pants down to her knees. "No!" she screamed, but she was giggling, so Paul ignored her protests, managing to drag them off her ankles. She sat there on his knee, blushing with her legs pressed firmly together but we could all see the trimmed strip of dark pubes peeking out from between her thighs.

"I'm too shy as well?" Claire said to me and gave me a wink, so I took the hint and reached over as she stood up and pulled her panties down too. She kicked them off, giving me a brief but perfect view of her completely shaven slit, before sitting on my knee.

"You like?" she whispered in my ear as she got comfortable, then she looked down at my now rock-hard cock and laughed out loud. "Oh, yes, you don't need to answer? I can see that you approve!"

"So go on then," Donna prompted Tony and without further ado, he unbuckled his trousers and pulled his boxers down all in one. His thick, semi-hard cock sprung into view and I was surprised at how big and smooth it was for a man nearing retirement age. I had always thought that they got wrinkly or shrunk as you got older, but not in Tony's case. He had maybe an inch again on Paul, his lower half was really hairy with thick, grey hair.

"Woo!" yelled Claire, almost deafening me. "Now that's what I call a cock!"

Tony beamed, his smug smile stretching from ear to ear, and he lifted his hips suggestively, opening his legs and proudly showing off his manhood. Claire was staring, as was Donna but then suddenly Claire shifted in my lap.

"Donna?" she asked my wife, who was still perched on Paul's knee, "Will you tell your husband off? His cock keeps touching me."

Donna just laughed. Claire has moved up my lap and my dick was now pressing against her hip and ass.

"Touch it back," Paul suggested with a wry grin, and again Donna laughed, so Claire asked her if that would be okay.

"Go ahead. I think Paul would like to touch your boobs too," my wife said, arching an eyebrow at me, "From the way he can't take his eyes off them?"

Claire grabbed my cock with one hand and squeezed it, then shoved her tits right in my face. "You like big boobs, don't you?"

It was everything I could do not to stick my face right in between them, but I managed to pull away and tried to speak.

"Um," I began, much to everyone's amusement. Claire was still holding my cock as I spoke, making me feel really horny but uncomfortable too. "Now we're all naked, what do we do now? Is that the end of the game?"

As I finished speaking, I noticed Donna was holding Paul's cock and was gently stroking him. What was happening? It all felt so surreal; five naked people sat around a table, two couples, but with each other's partners on their knees, and a man in his sixties who neither woman even knew! Add to that the fact that my friend's wife was holding my cock and my own wife was stroking his. We were all drunk, but still, how had we got to this?

"Do we really need to play a game?" It was Tony that answered, "You seem to be doing okay without it?"

Donna saw me looking at her and snatched her hand away, "It's all right," I laughed and Paul grabbed her hand and put it back. She looked at me as though to say 'Are you sure?' and when I nodded, she began to pull him back and forth slowly again.

Claire turned to me with a huge grin, and began to work my cock too. I couldn't help but groan in pleasure, really quietly, but she heard and whispered to me, "Does that feel good?"

I nodded, unable to stop myself from looking at her big tits hovering right in front of my face, and she giggled and pushed them into my face. I got a bit lost in the moment, and began to kiss and suck her nipple while she pumped my cock and then she suddenly stopped and pulled away.

I saw why. Donna and Paul were kissing! She was still sat on his knee, working his dick with her hand, and he was openly feeling her tits, squeezing and cupping them with both hands. Tony still had the biggest grin, and was playing with himself while he watched.

Donna had admitted to me a couple of times that she found Paul attractive, but she had been drunk and I didn't realise she liked him this much. How far was this going to go? I didn't have much time to ponder the subject, as Claire began to kiss me passionately, swinging her leg over mine so she was facing me, straddling me on my lap. As we made out, I couldn't help but keep looking over her shoulder, watching what my wife was doing.

Paul's hand strayed down to Donna's lap, stroking her thigh and then inching in between her legs. I saw my wife open her legs slightly to give him better access and then she moaned softly as he began to play with her pussy. My cock twitched with an unexpected excitement.

Claire had let go of my dick but I was aware of how close it was to her pussy with the way she was straddling me. She saw me look down and smiled knowingly at what I was thinking, inching her pussy even closer until it was almost touching me.

"Now this is getting interesting," mused Tony.

Claire looked over her shoulder at him. "Oh, you're all on your own!" she sympathised. "Excuse me a moment," she purred and climbed off my knee, leaving me slightly disappointed, and sat on Tony's knee instead. I didn't mind too much, I could see what Paul and Donna were getting up to much better now. Claire grabbed the old guy's impressive cock and Tony looked at Paul, probably to see if he minded what Claire was doing but my best friend was far too interested in my wife to care.

Tony was much less hesitant than I had been with Claire. He immediately grabbed her breasts and even bent down his head to suck a nipple. Again, he glanced at Paul for an okay, but Paul was full-on making out with Donna now, fingering her steadily and making her gasp quietly through their kisses, as she tugged on his cock.

I felt a bit left out as both couples played around, but incredibly intense and horny at the same time. Tony's hands wandered down to between Claire's legs, and he started to play with her shaven pussy as they kissed.

I got up, not knowing what else to do and went into the kitchen to pour myself a strong drink. I saw Paul open his eyes and watch me walk out. When I came back a few minutes later, with a scotch in hand, he gazed at me for a second then spoke.

"Shall we all make ourselves a bit more comfortable?" he pointed towards the sofas at the other end of the room.

"Yes," Claire said, and jumped off Tony, taking him by the hand and leading him towards the nearest settee. She threw herself on it, never letting go of the old man's hand, then pulled down towards her.

Donna stood up too, and came towards me, leaving Paul behind for a second. She wrapped her arms around me, and kissed me passionately. I returned the kiss, noticing how strongly her breath tasted of alcohol. She was totally wasted. Should I stop this? Were we taking advantage of our wives?

If we were, Paul didn't mind. Claire was now laid on her back, legs open with Tony laid between them. He was lower than her, his face buried in her tits, so his cock wasn't near her but I think we all knew right then what was going to happen. Paul stood by, watching his wife being mauled by his much older boss, but kept glancing back at Donna and me, presumably waiting for her or us to join him on the other sofa.

We walked closer, both of us intrigued as to what was going to happen. The atmosphere was highly charged with both excitement and nervousness. Or maybe anticipation.

Donna and me exchanged a look as Claire grabbed Tony's head and drew him upwards to kiss him. This lined their bodies up evenly, Tony still laid between her spread legs.

Donna looked at me. I don't know how to describe the look on her face, perhaps an unspoken question, and I gave her a similarly unsaid acceptance by nodding.

My wife put her hand on Paul's shoulder and whispered in his ear. Loud enough for me to hear, if not Claire or Tony, at least, if they heard, they didn't show it.

"Are you going to let them do it?" she asked, and I saw Paul look at her.

"Why not?" he whispered back, then he looked at me and winked.

"Oh my God," Donna said, her attention turning back to Tony. He was laid fully on top of Claire now, though we couldn't see anything other than the fact they were kissing quite passionately.

Paul had his hand on the small of Donna's back, and again he looked at me. He was waiting for a signal. I winked back at him, and he gently pulled Donna towards him, guiding her as he stepped backwards and on to the other sofa opposite.

Donna didn't seem to realise as Paul pulled her to sit next to him. She was transfixed on Tony and Claire. Tony's backside was grinding in between her legs. Surely, he was inside her, fucking her?

Paul's attention was completely on my wife now. His hand moved up and squeezed her tit, then slid down between her legs again. Donna absent-mindedly parted her legs, still captivated by Tony and Claire getting it on right in front of us, almost unaware of Paul as he began to finger her.

After a moment though, she seemed to give in to him. She closed her eyes and sighed as Paul's finger stroked her clit, then turned her head towards her and kissed him hungrily. Her hard reached out to take his cock in her hand again, then she seemed to realise what she was doing and broke away the kiss. Her eyes sought out mine and again we exchanged a knowing look. It was strange, because as we stared at each other, she began to stroke him off, quite fast, making Paul moan softly. Upon hearing the sound, Donna broke our gaze and turned to him, lowering her head down and kissing the tip of his cock. Paul put his hand on the back of head, watching me carefully as he did and then pushed her mouth down over the tip of his cock.

His eyes closed in enjoyment, and he eased her head further down as she started to suck him deep, sliding back up and licking the tip before going back down on him. I watched in amazement as she gave him head without any further encouragement. My wife was giving my best friend a blow job. Unreal!

Paul reached behind her, and she lifted her leg so that he could tease her pussy from behind. He looked over at his wife behind me. My back was to Tony and Claire but I could hear his balls slapping against her, and Claire moaning rhythmically, so I didn't need to see to know Tony was fucking her.

I was the only one not getting any action, and I needed to remedy that so I knelt down in front of Donna, and eased her legs apart. Paul moved his hand so I could stoop down and I began to lick her pussy softly. She was already soaking wet, so I moved my tongue to her clit, teasing it with the tip of my tongue and then sucking it into my mouth and feeling it swell in response.

After a few minutes, Donna moved. She pushed me gently away from her, then rolled of the sofa, to kneel on the floor between Paul's legs. She resumed sucking him, on all fours now, and she pushed her ass back against me, letting me know what she wanted.

I didn't hesitate. I positioned my rock-hard cock at the entrance to my wife's slit and shoved it all the way in one smooth movement. She grunted as I slammed it in deep again, and again, as hard and deep as I could. If she wanted to behave like a slut, she would get treated like one. She grunted again, having to stop sucking Paul for a moment, but then she took a deep breath and carried on as I pumped her for all I was worth.

Then I heard Claire cum, moaning out loud. "Fuck!" she cried, and I stopped fucking Donna and turned to see. Tony had stopped, giving Paul's wife a moment to catch her breath.

"That big one feels good, eh?" Paul asked his wife from across the room, and Claire giggled and nodded.

Donna had paused from sucking him, and she watched as Claire asked Tony for a minute's rest. Tony moved and sat down, catching his breath too as Claire went to the bathroom for a moment. He hadn't cum. His cock still looked huge and angry, the head reaching right up above his navel. I wondered how Donna would orgasm if she was fucked by someone as large as that.

"I need to pee too," Paul said, and trailed out of the room after Claire, leaving me and Donna alone on the settee for a moment as we both sat down.

"Are you all right?" she asked me quietly, avoiding my gaze.

"Yes," I managed to say, "What about you?"

"I think so," she glanced at Tony who was still stroking his cock opposite us, his eyes closed for a moment. The hour was late, and we had all drunk a lot. "This is weird."

"It is a bit," I agreed, and she smiled at me shyly.

"Fun though?" she giggled, and I grinned back, happy that she was comfortable with what had just happened.

"Yes, weird but fun," I had to ask her something before Paul came back, but wasn't sure how to word it. "If Paul wants to do... whatever... do you want to? I mean, Claire she's... you know... with Tony, and..."

"Do you want me to?" she asked me back quickly, interrupting me, then threw another question at me, "And what if Claire wants to... with you?"

She gently chewed her lip as she waited for me to answer. I always found that such a sexy look. "I don't know," I said, though of course I wanted to fuck Claire. Those tits! She was such a sexy woman, I had always fantasized about it. But did I really want Donna to fuck Paul, if he tried it on?

"You don't know about what?" she asked, confused.

"Both," I said, "It's up to you?"

Claire came back in to the room, and looked at us strangely. "What are you two whispering about?" Tony opened his eyes and looked at us, and I suddenly felt the need to pee too.

I made my excuses, leaving Donna to talk to her friend. I had to wait a few minutes until Paul had flushed, and when he came out, he slapped me on the back soundly.

"Wow," he grinned at me, "Donna is so hot! What a fantastic blow job. You were giving her a good fucking too."

"What about your Claire with Tony?" I asked him, "We're you okay with all that?"

"A bit unexpected," he admitted, "But what the hell? No harm done. We're all having a fun time, aren't we? And between consenting adults, anything goes, right?"

"Right," I found myself saying, but as I went to walk past him into the toilet, he stopped me again.

"So, me and Donna? Would you be cool with it?" he asked me sincerely, "I think she's up for it? You should try it on with Claire, she's always had a soft spot for you, you know?"

"It's up to Donna?" I said, not really knowing how I felt about it, but the thought of me screwing Claire was a huge temptation.

"Good man," he slapped me on the shoulder, letting me go to the toilet finally.

I didn't rush back. All sorts of thoughts were whirling through my head about what I might walk back into, but as I did walk into the room, it wasn't quite the chaotic orgy that I had imagined in the wilder scenarios.

Paul was sat on the sofa, and his wife Claire was riding him. I was only surprised that it wasn't Donna who he was screwing but she was still sat down where I had left her. Tony had moved to the same settee as her, but they were only chatting, talking humorously about this whole situation.

"I wonder who'll cum first?" Tony said and Donna giggled as he continued, "You must have got Paul quite near the edge. I was watching you suck him."

"Plus, Claire's already orgasmed once," Donna commented, "And Paul's not as... big... as you?" she stuttered slightly and couldn't help looking down at Tony's slightly wilted, but still long, erection.

"It's not the size," I pointed out as I positioned myself on the arm of the sofa, next to them, "It's how you use it."

"True," agreed Tony, "But if you have a big one AND you can use it...?"

Donna laughed out loud at that, and Tony looked happy, especially when she moved her attention to his dick. "Yours is really, really big," she said, leaning closer and looking at it.

My cock was standing at full attention again, not only from the fact that I was watching my best friend and his wife fucking like animals right before my eyes, but also that my young wife was studying an older man's cock up close like she was.

"Hey," said Claire then. She held a hand out, wiggling her fingers for me to come closer. I hesitantly stepped up to her, trying to catch Donna's eye for an 'okay' signal, but she was still talking to Tony about his dick. "Come here," Claire purred and as I approached, she turned around on Paul, so her was back facing him. I could clearly see his dick impaling her cunt as she grabbed my dick and pulled me closer still.

Then she took me in her mouth. Wow, but it felt good. I couldn't help my hand going to the back of her head, tangling my fingers in her blonde hair as she began to suck me.

I turned and saw Donna looking coolly at me. I couldn't read her expression, but she wasn't telling me to stop.

"Excuse me," Tony said, getting up. "I need to go to the toilet, but I'll be right back," he promised Donna.

I returned my attention to the gorgeous Claire working my dick, but then Paul asked her to let him up, and we all stopped so he could get off the sofa. Claire took my dick in her mouth again straight away as I sat next to her, but I knew what was going to happen and couldn't concentrate on the blow job. Instead I could only watch Paul as he walked over to Donna. She looked up at him as he towered over her, but made no attempt to move as he bent down. Neither of them said anything. Claire kept working my cock, as Paul pushed Donna on to her back, then lifted her legs up on to his shoulders and guided his dick into her.

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