The Poker Game


Donna put a hand against his chest as though she was going to stop him, but she took it away almost straight away as he slid inside her. As he began to move inside her, my wife looked over at me, watching Claire sucking me enthusiastically, then she looked back to Paul, my best friend, who was now fucking her hard. Her small, pert tits were rocking back and forth as he drilled her.

"Claire?" I lifted her head clear of my cock for a second, "Stop, or I'll cum."

Tony walked back in the room, his eyes widening at Paul and Donna screwing where he'd been sat a moment before.

"Okay," Claire said breathlessly, gazing up at me. She took my cock in her hand and slowly stroked it instead, keeping me hard, but luckily not enough to tip me over the edge.

Tony was wanking himself off, getting his dick hard again. He glanced at me and Claire but his attention was on Donna who was getting well and truly nailed by Paul.

"Fuck me," Claire whispered, "I don't care if you cum straight away, just please fuck me?"

Tony heard her, looking my way with a knowing grin and giving me an encouraging nod. Paul was fucking my wife, so why shouldn't I fuck his?

I eased Claire on to her back and she opened her legs eagerly. Her shaved pussy was still pink and wet from Tony's fucking. I hoped she wouldn't be less sensitive from his huge one and that she'd be able to feel me, but as I got on top of her and pushed it in, I had no doubts of it.

"Oh, yes," she whispered in my ear, her breath hot against my cheek, "I've always wondered what you'd be like. Come on, fuck me."

Her pussy was tight and hot, and I knew I wasn't going to last long, so decided I might as well just enjoy it. I kissed her and began to stroke in and out, bringing moans of delight from her lips.

I savoured the feeling of fucking a fuller-figured woman, her huge tits crushed against my chest, and the blonde hair in my face instead of Donna's dark brown. Claire wrapped her legs around my back as I gained pace, all too aware that my climax wasn't far away.

Then several things happened all within a few minutes of each other. First thing was Donna's orgasm. I heard her groan gutterally as she came. I didn't pause in what I was doing, but I looked over to see her back arching up off the settee as she orgasmed. Tony was stood at the side of them, wanking his cock furiously at the sight.

"Fuck yeah," Paul said. He didn't stop screwing Donna the whole time she was cumming, then he told her he was going to cum too. "Here it comes," he said and pulled out, his rock-hard dick pinging out and standing up like an arrow. I kept fucking Claire but I couldn't help but watch as my friend's cock spurted a jet of hot cum all over Donna's lower belly.

Then Claire pulled my head around to face her, tugging at my hair quite painfully.

"I'm cumming," she said. The look on her pretty face was quite something; that look of pleasure so intense that it is almost pain, "Oh... fuck!" she wailed as it hit her and it was everything I could do to stay inside her as Claire bucked and wriggled beneath me. I held myself deep inside her until she finished shaking, and then kissed her. That moment of pause slowed down my own climax, so once she had gathered herself again, I began to plough into her purposefully. She'd orgasmed now, so I could enjoy this now without any pressure, and just cum when I was ready.

My attention was fixed on Claire now. I raised myself up and looked down at her for a moment, committing to memory the sight of her lush body beneath me. Her shaven cunt felt so different to what I was used to, and I decided to get Donna to shave hers for me sometime.

I rammed myself hard and deep into Claire, feeling a sheen of sweat on my back, cool in the late night air in the room, and then I became aware of Paul standing by us, watching.

"Good, isn't she?" he said, and I nodded. She certainly was. Claire was riding her hips towards me, rocking and meeting my every thrust. "Donna is amazing, you're a lucky man."

"Thanks," I managed to grunt, between hard thrusts. I wasn't far from cumming. For some reason, the fact my best friend was watching me fuck his wife was increasing my arousal.

"Too right, she's fucking awesome," I heard Tony say and glanced past Paul for a moment. To say I was shocked would be a huge understatement. Donna was sat on the settee, and Tony was standing in front her with his huge cock in her mouth. She was sucking it with some gusto, although she couldn't get more than half of it in. Then, as I continued to screw Claire, feeling my cock about to explode, the old guy lifted Donna off the settee, bending her over, so that she was kneeling up, facing away from him. Before I could even think about saying or doing anything, he shoved his cock roughly into her.

I paused again to watch, though Claire kept moving beneath me, keeping my dick sliding in and out of her, as Tony grabbed my wife's hips and began to ram her full of his big cock from behind. Any question of if my petite little Donna could take a bigger cock was quashed as she began to whimper and moan in pure pleasure with every thrust.

I tried hard to concentrate on Claire, resuming our fuck, but I kept glancing over at Donna getting screwed so thoroughly just a few feet away. After just a couple of minutes, my wife came on her third cock of the night, moaning out as though she were in pain and then falling on to the settee as the orgasm wore off. Tony let her flop forward, but then rolled her over on to her back. Pulling her legs wide apart, he shoved his cock back in to her well-used cunt, and began to drill her again.

This was incredibly surreal, I was fucking my best friend's wife, while his older supervisor fucked mine. I divided my attentions between what I was doing and what she was doing, until Tony finally pulled out and sprayed a swathe of sticky white cum all over Donna's dark landing-strip of pubes. Her mound was completely coated in it, and that sent me over the edge. I looked into Claire's gorgeous eyes and she smiled as I filled her with my cum.

The orgasm was intense as I emptied my balls into her cunt. Every muscle in my body seemed to tense, and after what felt like an age, I finally took a deep breath, and allowed myself to sag on top of Claire. She kissed me for a moment, then told me she needed to go clean up, and I rolled from her.

The room was very quiet, apart from everyone catching their breath. As Claire left, Paul punched me playfully in the arm.

"What a night, eh?" he grinned in the half-darkness of the dim, silent room.

"Wow," was all I could manage, smiling back, but I was only really interested in Donna.

She was laid there, her bottom half covered in cum, staring at me. Was she angry? Regretful? I got up and crossed the room to her, and she took my hand as I sat next to her.

"Are you okay?" I asked and she asked me the same back.

"Are you?"

"I am," I said, honestly. It all felt weird, but I couldn't deny enjoying it. I had never realised the sight of my wife being fucked in front of me would be such a turn on.

"So am I," she giggled, "That was really naughty, what we just did."

"Naughty, but fun?" I probed.

"Yes, fun," she confessed, "I need to get cleaned up too," she looked down at the cum tricking down her belly and covering her pussy.

"Okay," I said, and she kissed me full on the lips before leaving us to get clean.

The three of us remaining got dressed, and chatted briefly about what had gone on. Tony wanted to make sure I was okay with him doing what he'd done with Donna, and besides it being a bit too late to do anything about it now, I told him it was fine. I didn't tell them how much it had turned me on to see my wife behave like a complete slut - that was something I had yet to get my head around, and I would need to speak to Paul about it - and the conversation ended up just becoming the three of us slapping each other on the back and congratulating each other on our conquests.

The girls came back, and dressed as we watched. I was even starting to get a bit horny again as the realisation of what had happened sank in. Watching Claire's big tits bounce around as she tugged up her jeans and seeing how comfortable Donna was being naked in front of us three men was a huge thrill.

The two other guys left, both of them giving Donna a kiss on the lips as they did, and then Claire threw her arms around me before she followed them.

"Thank you for a lovely night," she whispered in my ear, and gave me a long, lingering kiss. Then she turned to Donna, "Thank you for the use of your husband," she giggled and Donna laughed.

"And thanks to you for yours," she chuckled, "Come back again soon, and bring Tony again, yeah?"

I looked at her with a raised eyebrow as the front door closed, leaving us alone.

"What?" she said innocently.

"I can't believe we did that," I said.

"Neither can I," she shrugged and then smiled wickedly, "I never knew poker could be so much fun!"

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by kiteares07/04/18


It's ok for Tony, all the action, none of the emotions.
I think it should have been ok, but next time make sure you're with someone too.

Hate to think what the following morning's conversation will bemore...

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