tagIncest/TabooThe Poker Pot

The Poker Pot


Chap. 1 (Harry sweetens the pot with his wife)

"You're an asshole, Harry," Charlie grunted, thrusting his cock into the man bent over before him. "Worse, you're a fucking asshole, a stupid fucking asshole," thrusting again, harder, timing each thrust to a word.

The woman caught between Harry and the game table yelped in pain as the table was pushed into the wall.

Charlie sensed a tightening of Harry's asshole. "Oh no! I told you, no one but me comes in your wife for the next month," he said, pulling Harry back and out of his wife's ass. Even so, Harry sprayed his cum all over her ass and back. "That squirt just cost you another week, Harry. You okay, Marie? Didn't mean to hurt you."

"Didn't mean to hurt me?" she shouted, "You friggin' bastard! You fuck me in front of my husband and then you fuck him while he's screwin' my ass. You think being pinched between you and some freakin' table hurts worse than that!" She pulled her jeans up.

Charlie chuckled. "Probably not. Go get cleaned up, grab whatever you'll need for the morning, then we can get out of here."

Marie glared at Charlie, then looked to her husband, sitting, his head in his hands, staring at the floor. "Harry?" she asked, her voice harsh. Her husband looked up at her without answering, a lost, shattered look in his eyes.

Half an hour ago, Harry had felt like he was on top of the world. His two poker friends, Tom and Paul, and a recent addition to their weekly poker game were playing seven card stud. His seventh card was his fourth ace.

Tom and Paul both had small pairs showing; Charlie, four numbered cards, a possible straight. Harry had a pair of aces showing, so he opened the betting with a high, but not unusual bet for the group, especially during the last game of the evening.

Uncharacteristically, the betting went around the table six times, Harry and Charlie raising the bet to the limit each time. On the last time around, both Tom and Paul folded, so it was just him and Charlie. Charlie raised the bet again.

Harry thought a minute. Charlie had a history in their group of bluffing. Harry's aces were practically unbeatable in straight seven card stud. He looked at the pot. With all the betting which had gone on, it had to be near four grand.

Charlie had raised his last bet a hundred and a half just to call the bet. Harry blanched, looking at his cash reserve.

Charlie spoke. "I hate to see a man lose a chance to show his hand with a pot this large. If you can't cover the bet with cash, you have something I'll let you use to cover it."

"What?" asked three voices in unison.

"Down boys. This's 'tween me 'n' Harry. What do you think, Harry?"

'Damned if I------Hah, there's no fuckin' way she'd let that happen. I seen the way you been eyeing her all night, but no fucking way she'll con—"

"Okay. Put up the one fifty, or I'll take the pot and go." He paused, briefly. "Why don't you ask her? You think you got a winning hand or you wouldn't still be in the game."

"What about you? You're still here."

"Yeah," Charlie smiled with only his lips, "but I got a history of buying pots, bluffing on junk. But you? You only bet on sure things."

Harry looked directly at him. After a brief hesitation, "Marie, come here."

She came in from the kitchen, five feet eight inches of brown-eyed willowy blonde movie star beauty, dressed in form fitting blue jeans and a man's white shirt with the tails tied just below her ample breasts, to stand by Harry's chair.

"Charlie said he'll let me cover his bet by putting you in the pot. What should I tell him?" her husband asked.

"Tell him to kiss his own ass." The men laughed as she turned to walk away.

"The pot's close to forty-five hundred dollars," said Charlie. "Harry's bet for the hand totals around nine fifty. I'll let him take out his cash, then I'll put in enough to bring it back to forty-five hundred, add another 5 C's and let him put you in to cover his entire bet." Marie stopped and turned around..

"What are the conditions? There are always conditions," said Marie.

She looked at Charlie. Not really handsome, he was good-looking with piercing blue eyes. They reminded her of her grandfather. Charlie was tall, 6-3, with brown hair in an Italian cut, short so it didn't need combing. Lean and, judging from what she saw of his arms, well muscled.

"Five grand--five weeks."

"Five weeks of what? Clean and cook?"

"That, plus full spousal privileges."

"In your dreams! Go screw yourself." She started to turn away.

"What do you say, Harry?"

Harry looked at the pot,then at Tom and Paul. He looked at the pot again, at his cards, and then pulled Marie's head down to whisper to her.

"You're sure," she asked.

"Practically certain." He looked at Charlie's cards--the three and five of diamonds, six and nine of spades showing. Based on what he remembered of the folded hands, he figured Charlie had at best a 10-high straight.

He said to Marie "There's only one hand that'll beat me, and it's an impossible long shot he'd have all the necessary cards in the hole."

"Okay," she said with a sigh. Looking at Charlie she said, "We'll leave in the nine fifty, you make the pot six thousand against one month, from tonight to this date next month."

"Full privileges?"

She hesitated, then nodded.

"The first time, tonight, right here on this table after Tom and Paul leave."

"You kidding? No way!"

"No bet."


"What the fuck does it matter what he demands? He isn't gonna win."

"OK," she paused, "OK, tonight, here, on the table, in front of the whole freakin' world if that's what you want."

"How much is in the pot, Paul?" Paul and Tom both looked at the woman and the men still involved in the game, then at each other. Shaking their heads, they counted the money in the middle of the table.

"I make it forty-eight fifty, That sound right to you, Tom?" Tom nodded.

Charlie extracted his wallet from his back pocket. He removed some bills. "That do it?"

Paul nodded. "Okay, I call. I win, I get the pot and Marie for a month, starting with a fuck here on this table in front of Harry, after Paul and Tom leave. Sorry guys. Some things shouldn't be witnessed by any more people than are absolutely necessary. You understand."

Marie opened her mouth to object to Harry watching, then remembered what Harry said about it making no difference what Charlie demanded. She just smiled and started thinking how she could get most of the money from Harry, tightfisted as he was about spending money on her or the house.

"What you got Harry, the fourth ace?"

"How'd you know? You got the cards marked? You been awful lucky tonight."

"I can't imagine any other hand that would tempt you to make such a stupid bet." He turned over his hole cards--the five, seven and eight of spades, making a straight flush.

As Harry looked at the cards and the facts sank in, Tom and Paul got up and excused themselves. Marie looked at her husband who was starting to look green. "Harry? What's wrong? You said you couldn't lose. What have you done?"

Charlie reached out and gathered the money. He looked at Harry with barely a twinge of pity. He knew the man had lost all his money, and a great deal more. He looked at Marie and saw the facts start to register.

He counted out the cash Harry had lost on the last hand and handed it to her. "Here's the money Harry lost on the last hand. It's for you, to have at the end of our time together. I know you think it should go to Harry, but if you give him so much as a dollar of it, I'll fuck your ass right here, right now."

She didn't believe him. The several times she had met him at social gatherings, and the nights he had come over for poker, he had always been polite and respectful. Tonight was the first time she had ever even heard him swear.

Besides, she knew that the money was all of the couple's cash reserve. Without it, Harry wouldn't be able to buy gas to go get food, or get to work. In fact, they often counted on his poker winnings to get through the month. She counted out four hundred and tucked them in her jeans pocket and dropped the rest on the table in front of Harry.

"I have to," she said looking at Charlie. "He may be stupid and an asshole, but he is my husband, and it's all we have."

"That's too bad for you." He reached over the table and grabbed her arm, then dragged her around the table. In an instant, she was bent over the table with her jeans and panties down to her knees.

He shoved his middle finger into her and started massaging her pussy walls. The two adjacent fingers he used to reach and rub her clit. "Shit, you're tight. I'm going to enjoy this."

Marie gasped at the sudden intrusion. Before she married Harry, she had had sex only three or four times before she got pregnant. Even after she lost the baby, if they had sex once a week it was a lot. Usually, it was less than once a month. Then, a year ago, Harry had lost his temper and hit her. Since then, he hadn't touched her, not even a kiss.

When she was barely moist, she felt him invade her pussy. She gasped again, this time in pain. As inexperienced as she was, she knew the prick entering her pussy was huge.

He thrust into her forcefully, if not rapidly. She raised her head to look across the table, looking for some support, some acknowledgment of her suffering from her husband.

He sat there, taking in her ravishment, with the same expression she saw on his face when he was watching his porn movies. She saw his hand move toward his groin.

As the realization dawned that he was becoming aroused watching her rape, she became aware that the pain in her pussy was turning to pleasure. As she recovered from a small climax, she felt Charlie loose his seed in her vagina. She moaned when she felt him withdraw, and then press against her rosebud.

There was an uncomfortable pressure, then his cock popped through, the first time that portal had ever been breached. She gritted her teeth and swallowed the cry of pain.

She thought to herself that she'd be damned if she'd give her assailant the satisfaction of knowing how badly she hurt. As he continued to assault her ass, the pain abated, and she began to feel the beginning twinges of pleasure again.

She felt his hands move, one to her breast to squeeze and roll her right nipple. The other hand moved down through her blonde thatch to find her clit again.

Both hands began a light massage, coordinated with the thrusting rhythm in her asshole. She felt a sensation building in her she hadn't felt in nearly three years.

She tried to resist it for her husband's sake. For better or worse, asshole that he was, he was her husband, and she felt she owed him some consideration, just based on that.

In spite of her efforts to suppress it, she felt the tension build and explode, the sensations traveling from her pussy outward to her toes and her scalp and back, leaving her spent, moaning.

She felt Charlie lean over her, then whisper in her ear "That's the first of at least thirty-one. I'm gonna fuck that sweet pussy of yours every day for the next month, and you'll cum like that every time I do. And just maybe I"ll do your ass each day, too. How would you like that?" Wearily, she shook her head no.

"Okay, Harry, get over here and tell your wife you forgive her for all the fucking she's about to do to pay off your gambling debt.

"You can use your tongue to clean up that nice tight cunt I just fucked, or you can fuck her ass. But, if you choose her ass, don't come. Nobody but me gets to come with her for the next 31 days. You do, and I'll claim another week." He paused for effect.

"But, I'll warn you, if you choose to bugger her, I'll fuck your sorry ass as well."

Marie flinched as she heard the coarse language, and realized she was getting turned on hearing Charlie telling her husband he could eat her or fuck her, and get his own ass fucked in turn.

She wondered what Harry would do. He had never touched her pussy with his lips, but she couldn't believe he'd choose to get fucked by another man to avoid doing so.

She was a bit surprised to feel him step up in Charlie's place and put his cock up to her asshole. As he pushed his way in, she was immediately aware of the size difference between him and Charlie.

Harry wasn't huge, but neither was he tiny. She could wrap her hand around him, overlapping her thumb and forefinger to the first knuckle. She guessed Charlie's cock was a lot thicker, and longer, since Harry went in without any problem.

Then she heard Harry's cry of pain and felt him sink into her and bump up against her ass. She knew Charlie had followed through with his threat, just as he had with her. She resolved then not to doubt him again.

Chap. 2 (Charlie collects his winnings, including Marie)

"Go on, now. Get cleaned up. Harry's cumming in you like that just earned me another week. Right, Harry?' Harry nodded, numb to the world.

Marie hurried to the bathroom and showered, carefully washing her tender pussy and ass. Although she hadn't been a virgin when she married Harry, there hadn't been many men who had had the pussy privilege Charlie had taken tonight; nor had there been any who had made her cum that hard.

If Charlie kept his threat (promise?) to make that happen every day, it was going to be a very interesting month. She felt some guilt looking forward to sex with Charlie, but then thought Harry had brought it on them himself.

He had ignored her for a year, and then convinced her to agree to let Charlie fuck her every day for five weeks. If they were all like tonight... She almost came again thinking about it.

She finished cleaning up, gathered a few changes of clothing, some pantiliners and tampons, her toothbrush and some make up. She was back to Harry and Charlie in twenty minutes.

As soon as she was out of the room, Charlie turned to Harry and asked, "Tell me Harry? What made you come so hard? Seeing me rape your wife? Seeing me bang her ass? Getting to screw her ass for the first time? Me making you fuck her ass? Or was it me fucking your sorry ass?"

Harry sat there shaking his head as Charlie questioned him. But at the last question, his head jerked up, then he quickly turned his head away.

"So that was it--getting fucked in the ass. Maybe you should finish the job. Here," he said, pushing his cock up to Harry's mouth, "suck me clean so when I get Marie home tonight, I don't carry any of your shit into her pussy."

Harry tried to avoid the large cock aimed at his face, but Charlie grabbed him by the ears and forced him to open his mouth and take the head in as far as Charlie could push it.

"Come on, Harry, you know the drill, suck and tongue it. How many whores have you paid to do that to you?"

As Charlie started to twist his ears, Harry began to suck on his cock. "Swallow me," Charlie ordered, "and I don't want to feel a tooth, or you won't have any left. Understand? Nod if you understand."

Harry nodded and tried to swallow the mouthful he had. With a sense of relief, he felt Charlie start to withdraw. He opened his mouth to catch his breath and felt Charlie invade his mouth and throat again.

This time he felt the monster slide down his gullet, nearly choking him. Then Charlie began the pumping rhythm of fucking Harry's mouth.

"Get ready, Harry, your mouth feels just like a strange pussy and I'm about ready to cum a bucketful." Even as he said the words, Charlie exploded in Harry's mouth, and Harry's cock exploded all over Charlie's pants and shoes.

Harry cringed with shame as he realized what had happened. He had cum, with no stimulation except being face fucked. Charlie looked down at his pants and shoes, then at Harry. "So that's how it is, huh, Harry," he guffawed. It was at this point Marie returned.

"What happened? What's going on," she asked.

"All set ," Charlie asked, ignoring her question. She nodded. "Okay, Harry. I'll have her back to you in five weeks, if you still want her, and if she still wants to come back. She'll be back without any injuries or marks that won't disappear within a few days.

"Nobody but me will use her, without her permission, but I don't foresee the situation coming up. I'll treat her with the same respect and in the same manner as if she were in fact my wife." Charlie pocketed the money Marie had dropped on the table.

"When, or if, she comes back, it'll be her choice to stay with you, return to me, or find some other poor son of a bitch to irritate.

"She may return briefly if she thinks of something else here she wants or needs. If she does, you may not touch her, even to shake hands. Do you understand?

"If you touch her, I'll return with some friends and we'll all repeat tonight. Do you understand? I need to hear you say you understand, Harry."

"I understand," Harry responded in a monotone, as if he were drugged or hypnotized.

"And Harry, I gotta tell ya, I really enjoyed my special social time with you tonight." Harry looked up, puzzled, remembering.


In his Escalade, Marie sat with her arms crossed over her B-cups. Charlie looked at her and grinned, remembering how full and nice they had felt in his hand.

He had been planning this evening for several months. Since he had seen her at a company picnic and learned who her husband was.

He had seen them at several social functions, and observed how Harry treated her, either ordering her around like one of the paid servants, or totally ignoring her, even when standing next to her in a group of strangers.

Personally, Charlie thought she was the most attractive woman in a city full of beautiful women. The owner of the local manufactory was known to base at least part of his hiring decisions on the appearance of the candidate's wife.

He had also fathered a family almost entirely female, and all of them movie star beautiful. Marie came from that family. He had known who she was as soon as he had seen her, recognizing the family resemblance.. But what was she doing with Harry, whom he had also recognized.

He reached over and gently took hold of her chin and turned her face to him. He kissed her lightly on the lips, barely caressing them with his tongue.

"That's a little late, isn't it," Marie asked, "Late and not nearly close to enough to make up for what you did."

"I'm sorry I hurt you. Really. But I wanted Harry to think you were going to be badly abused for the next month. I didn't know he wouldn't care.

"Five days from now, you can decide to stay with me or go away, just not back to Harry. But you have to give me the five days. Here's the money you tried to give him."

"What? What are you saying?" She turned to face him. "I only have to stay with you five days? What do you mean he doesn't care? Five days then I can stay or go? Why? Doesn't care? How do you know?"

"I'll explain everything later. Five days?"

"Full privileges?"

"Well, you won't have to cook or clean. I've already got those covered." He grinned. "Sex, yes, every day at least one guaranteed orgasm for the next thirty-five days, if you decide to stay, or longer. If you want to stay."

Something about his tone, light, amused, and amusing, sensual, promising, made her smile. Then laugh. She remembered the feelings and the orgasm she had had earlier. "Okay, five days, full privileges, every day--those are all of your terms? I just can't return early to Harry. That's why you gave me the money?"

He kissed her again. She felt his tongue on her lips and responded, opening her lips to him just as she knew she'd be opening her thighs to him later.

Chap. 3 (Marie learns Charlie's identity)

She woke to a strange sensation between her thighs. None of the men she had been with had liked to give her real oral sex.

Only one would grudgingly go down on her, and then only if she'd consent to letting him cum in her mouth, but never to orgasm. Harry avoided giving oral sex as if it would corrupt his soul, so she hadn't been totally surprised at his decision last night.

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