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The Police Officer


I am on a business trip in the USA. 2 weeks away from home. I took the chance of being over here and asked for 2 weeks of holiday. Abit of traveling around. Las Vegas... New York... L.A… Disneyland. After 5 days I am now in Orlando. It’s sunny and warm. I know exactly why I am here. I want to see you. You have never told me where you live, so my only chance is to catch you at work, but where do I start.

I pick the next best phone book and start calling into the headquarters, asking for Officer Miller. Eventually I find yours and make my way to it. As I enter it a young cop asks me if he could help me. I can see in his look that he didn’t ask because he wanted to, but because of the clothes I had decided to wear. I am in a short shirt tied under my full breast. A very short skirt that moved slightly with every step I take, and black high heels.

I ask him where I can find your office and he informs me that you aren’t in at the moment, but should return soon. I ask him if its possible to wait in your office and he says no. Not the answer I wanted to hear. I move closer to him. Let my finger run along his chest and ask softly "Please. I will behave!”

He starts sweating and as he answers me he stutters, “I will...ehh...show you the way, m´am". With my hips swaying I follow him. Officers turning to look at me all the way down to your office door. I smile at the young cop and ask him not to inform you that I am waiting in your office. He nods and nearly falls over a chair as he looks over his shoulder at me whilst returning to wherever he belongs.

I enter the room and close the door behind me. I smile at the cops that are looking at me through the glass windows. I clean of a corner of your table and sit down on it, crossing my legs. After 5 or 6 minutes I can see you and another officer make your way to your office. You are both busy talking and so you don’t look up. You open the door and come in your back first. Telling your colleague that you will get the papers to him later.

I smile and huskily say "Hello Officer Miller!” you turn and stare at me. You know instantly who I am. You whisper a light hello as you close the door behind you. I jump of the table corner and prowl over to you. I pull your tie around my hand which makes you come lower. Closer with your face.

“Is that all?????" I ask sweetly. You can hear a horny tone in my voice. My smile is devilish and before you have the chance to answer I pull you close and kiss you. You put your arms around me and pull me close. So tight that it nearly knocks the air out of me. My second hand goes up into your neck. Our kiss is hungry and hard. Your colleagues can’t believe what they are seeing. I rub my body against yours and feel the bulge in your pants.

“Close the shades" I say, my voice nearly failing me. You reach behind your back and I can hear the door lock clicking. Then you pull down the shades. I can imagine vividly what is going on in your colleague’s heads right now and that makes me smile even more. The moment the shades are down you pull me back into your arms. The force of your body against mine makes me take a few steps back till I hit the table. I jump back on it and you enter between my spread thighs. I lock my legs around your waist. Both of us are shaking.

You still seem somewhat in a daze and so I undo the knot in my shirt. It falls open to reveal you my breasts in a lacey bra. You gasp. My hand sinks between us and I undo your belt…the button…the zipper. Your pants drop down to your ankles. Your hands start going up my tights. Under my skirt and as you reach my ass you can feel that I have no panties on.

I hear you mutter a "Sweet Jesus!” I let my hand go down into your boxers and both of us moan out as I touch your cock for the first time. It feels soft and hard at the same time. I free him out of the cage and slowly guide him with trembling fingers to the entrance of my cave. I slide him up along the wetness and you stop breathing. I enter the head into me, and as I am so wet you enter me with no problems. I pull you close with my legs on your hips and you slide in deep. All the way.

I moan into your chest, so I wont be heard. You pull my head back and kiss me with hard force. You start thrusting into me. Your hands on my ass…on my breasts. Whilst I claw into your dressed back. Our breath gets faster and we moan into each other’s mouth. Both of us are so hot and excited that it doesn’t take long before I feel you shooting your cum up into me and you feel me orgasm onto your cock. After a while our breath gets normal again and you look down at me.

"I...I..." you start, but I interrupt.

"Don’t you dare apologize. It was the best I ever had. But I am expecting more. Alot more whilst I am here!” You grin and we get dressed again.

“I will take you home now," you say. And knowing what that means my devilish smile returns.

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