tagMatureThe Policeman's Revenge

The Policeman's Revenge


Michael Powell was exhausted now. He lay very still, taking small, shallow, quick breaths. On his lumpy single bed, staring at the cracked, white ceiling of his room, Michael recounted the events of earlier that night, in his own private mind movie. He took one deeper breath, closed his eyes and smiled. He opened them again and reached over to pick up the toilet roll from the floor at the side of his bed. He wiped away the sticky mess that had landed on his flat stomach a minute before, cleaned the head of his now shrinking phallus and finally wiped his hands. He got off the bed, still naked, and made the short trip down the hall, mistakenly thinking there was no one else home.

Victoria opened her door adjacent to the shared bathroom just as Michael placed his hand on the knob of the bathroom door. He froze, turned his head and saw the grinning face of his flatmate peering out of her doorway looking directly at his exposed backside. He hopelessly tried to cover himself up, but only succeeded in showing off the big clump of sticky toilet roll in his hand. Not for the first time that day, Michael cursed his luck. Being caught in two compromising situations in one day had to be some sort of record. "Sorry Vix," he offered. "I didn't think anyone else was in."

"Obviously not," she replied still eyeing him up and down with a Cheshire cat grin, almost reaching from one ear to the other. "I thought it was a full moon tonight. Thanks for the confirmation Mikey!"

"Anytime," he muttered before entering the bathroom, making sure to lock the door behind himself. He could still hear Victoria giggling in the hall way as he threw the toilet roll into the loo and flushed. He cleaned himself up in the shower and let the pulsating hot water help re-energise his aching muscles. What a day.

Back in his room, his mind wandered forward to Tuesday. The night he was next going to meet Julie Lovell. Earlier that day, she had caught him sniffing her knickers in her flat. He'd been there investigating a 'flashing' incident that Julie had been the victim of. Right now he felt like a victim himself. She'd made him masturbate in front of her and had tricked him into covering his own helmet with his ejaculation. Alright, so at the time it'd had given him a hell of a thrill and Julie was one sexy woman. She was confident, flirtatious and for an older woman, she had a wonderfully voluptuous figure. But, he still felt pretty humiliated.

He was going round on Tuesday to retrieve his helmet and his kinky tormentor had asked him to wear his uniform again and ensure he took round some handcuffs. He had no doubt as to what her intentions were. While the idea of getting to make love to this fantasy figure was more than appealing, he also wanted to get his own back. The question was how? Michael Powell fell asleep soon after, confident that by the end of the weekend, he would have a plan.

* * * * *

The four days since Julie Lovell's 'police encounter' had been the four longest days of her life. She simply couldn't wait to get her hands on PC Michael Powell. Now, the day had finally arrived. Over the weekend, she'd treated herself to new, lacy, expensive, sexy lingerie and a revealing low cut crop-top. She'd also spent every spare minute in her flat fingering and vibrating her swollen clit, inserting several cock substitutes into her desperate pussy. Now, umpteen satisfying orgasms later, she was ready for her next 'police encounter'.

In an attempt to calm her nerves, Julie had had two glasses of red wine when the buzzer finally sounded in her flat. Michael Powell was outside the building and he was right on time. She took a deep breath before walking over to intercom and pressing the talk button. "Hello?" she said in the sexiest voice she could muster.

"Hi Julie, it's Mikey. I've come for my helmet remember?"

"How could I possibly forget Mikey. Come on up."

She could hear the pounding wind and rain as he spoke and quickly pressed the release button allowing Mikey access to the flats. Julie hoped the storm brewing was an indication of things to come in the bedroom. She still retained a small, nagging doubt that Mikey would pass up the chance of more sexual games, but she was going to do everything she possibly could to make sure it happened

Julie paused at the mirror in her hall to check her hair and make-up. As she straightened her skirt, she heard the quiet, apologetic knock at her flat door. Her heart was pounding as she moved towards it. She prayed to herself that the young officer was wearing his uniform. On his day off, that would surely indicate that her luck was in.

She felt like a love-sick teenager, her knees trembling a little as she bent forward to look through the peephole. Her heart sank, a horrible feeling developing in the pit of her stomach. He was wearing his uniform alright, but he wasn't the only officer out there.

She knew that nothing was going to happen. How stupid of her. To think that this handsome, young, virile police officer would want to make love to her. Plain Julie Lovell, forty-something nobody from Smalltown, England. What had she been thinking? An instant feeling of regret washed over her. Why had she not taken him when she had the chance the other night? She paused a moment, trying to re-compose herself before slowly opening the door.

Mikey spoke first in a gentle, caring manner before stepping inside, his colleague close behind him.

"Hello again Miss Lovell. How are you?"

"Fine," replied Julie sharply, failing miserably to hide her disappointment.

"This is WPC Davenport," said Mikey motioning to his colleague. Julie and the attractive female police officer shook hands as Mikey continued. "I'm afraid we still have no suspect. There have, however, been two other incidents in the local area since he paid you a visit. He hasn't been back here has he?"

"No. No such luck," said Julie under her breath.


"No, he hasn't been back," replied Julie curtly.

"Everything OK Ma'am?" asked WPC Davenport. "You're not still nauseous are you?"


"You know, you being sick in PC Powell's helmet the other night. Are you alright now?"

"Oh that. Yes. Fine. Couldn't be better. I suppose you want it back?" said Julie looking directly at Mikey.

"Well, that's why I'm here," he replied smiling. He searched the room with his eyes before asking, "where is it?"

"Err, I only got chance to clean it this morning. It's drying upstairs. I'll go and get it."

"Great," said Mikey. "I'll come up and just double check outside your window. I need to just shine my torch onto the fire escape if that's OK. I forgot to do it the other night when I was here, to make sure he hadn't left us any clues behind."

"Huh, some policeman you are," said Julie. "OK, follow me." She added, before hurriedly turning and running up the stairs.

"Give me two minutes Anna," said Mikey to his colleague. He winked and turned to follow Julie up the stairs and into her bedroom, the scene of his 'humiliation' the other night. He pushed open the door just as Julie was hastily closing a cupboard. She moved across the room towards Mikey and picked up his helmet from the bed.

"Clean enough for you?" she asked, thrusting the helmet firmly towards Mikey's stomach.

"Yeah, looks great. Thanks," he replied as if nothing untoward had ever happened.

"I thought it was your day off. I thought we were going to have some fun Mikey." Julie couldn't help herself. She had built up so much expectation and had looked forward to this night so much. Almost a year since she'd last been with a man, the other nights events had left her feeling sexier than ever. Right now, she felt crushed.

"Sorry Julie. Best just to leave it at that eh? No hard feelings OK?" said Mikey softly. He held his hand out to Julie. She looked down at the floor, back up at Mikey and then took his hand and gave it a gentle shake. As she did so, Mikey quickly snapped a pair of handcuffs over her wrist using his own free hand. Before she knew what was happening, Mikey had pushed her towards the bed and clicked the empty cuff on to the post of the headboard.

Julie didn't speak. Her mind was whirring, a concoction of mixed emotions and confused thoughts. Mikey was stood over her with a smug grin on his face, happy now that the tables were turned. His plan had worked perfectly. She looked divine and he couldn't wait to have his wicked way with her. He almost licked his lips in anticipation, trying to think where he should start. His manhood already starting to outgrow his boxers.

"What are you doing?" hissed Julie trying to be quiet. "Is this a bloody joke? I wanted you so much tonight Mikey and all I get is this." She tried in vain to pull her hand free, a tear in her eyes, not yet understanding exactly what was happening.

"Julie. It's OK. You will have me tonight." He bent down to look her in the eyes.

"I, I, don't understand. What about WPC Whats-her-name downstairs? You're not going to leave me here and come back later are you Mikey? I, I'm sorry about the oth…"

"Julie, shush." Mikey put his finger to her mouth and then replaced it with his own lips, gently kissing her. He pulled away as she was about to respond and stood up straight. He went to the bedroom door and whistled loudly down the stairs.

"OK Anna, you can come up now," he shouted.

Julie sat on the edge of her king size bed wondering what the hell was going on as she heard the footsteps of Mikey's colleague coming up the stairs. Mikey stood facing the door waiting. He smiled contentedly, arms folded across his chest as he saw Anna approaching.

"Julie, I'd like to present WPC Anna Davenport as never seen before!"

Julie's eyes nearly popped out of her head as Anna walked into the room. Gone was the tied up hair underneath her police hat, the knee length, plain black skirt and flat shoes in which she had entered Julie's home. Her long auburn hair was now flowing freely, she had on brilliant red lipstick and all that was left of her uniform was the white blouse which now had the top three buttons undone exposing an impressive cleavage. She wore no underwear, the blouse flimsily covering her shaved pussy, resting in line with the top of her stockings. Her long legs were now covered up to her lower thigh with black latex dominatrix boots. They had four inch heels, an extra thick sole, were tight to the skin and laced up the front from top to toe.

Anna confidently strutted over to Mikey without looking at Julie and placed one hand on his chest while lightly kissing his lips, her blouse lifting at the back giving Julie a view of her perfect buttocks.

Julie was lost for words. She'd never really been attracted to women but looked jealously at the younger woman's firm, shapely rear and slim figure. Anna's breasts weren't as big as her own but they definitely looked more pert. She had to admit to herself that this girl was strikingly beautiful and goddamn sexy.

Anna broke away from Mikey and turned to face Julie again. She hungrily looked the older woman up and down, nodding her head in appreciation as she did so. Julie noticed that she was slowly stroking a leather whip through her hands while continuing her intense study of Julie's body. Julie was starting to feel a little edgy and looked questioningly at Mikey.

Mikey was still smiling to himself. One fantasy older lady handcuffed to her own bed and one sex-mad, bi-sexual, horny colleague looking like she'd stepped straight from the pages of Fetish Monthly. The perfect recipe was of course completed by the ingredient of himself, twitchy-cocked schemer with recent luck of the Irish.

"Relax Julie," he said reassuringly. "You'll enjoy yourself much more."

"Mikey, I'm not sure about this," replied Julie. "I think this has all been a big mistake."

"I thought you said she was confident and domineering?" questioned Anna turning to look at Mikey.

"Oh, she is," said Mikey, "she most certainly is. I think she just needs to learn how to enjoy being told what to do. I reckon she's a natural dominator and so we'll just give her a bit of her own medicine. OK?"

"Sounds good to me," replied Anna.

"OK ladies, time to shed some clothes!" announced Mikey. He walked over to where Julie was sat at the edge of her bed and stopped. He stood in a commanding pose, his crotch almost touching her nose. "Julie, I want you to unbutton and unzip my trousers before easing them down over my legs."

Julie did as instructed, as Anna moved in behind Mike and took off his jacket. She then reached round and unbuttoned his shirt slowly from top to bottom. Pulling the shirt from his exposed torso, she used both hands to caress his chest and nipples, lightly kissing the back of his neck and shoulders as he stepped out of his trousers, now resting on the bedroom floor.

Julie could see the bulge in Mikey's white Calvin Klein boxers start to grow as his colleague playfully rubbed and tweaked at his nipples. She was starting to defrost a little. A hot flush hit her cheeks as she instinctively reached up and ran her hand along the cotton outline of his hardening cock.

"Mmmmm. That feels nice," said Mike smugly, his prick now stretching the material of his underwear to breaking point. "Please release me, let me go!" he suddenly belted out at the top of his voice.

Julie wondered what had happened to the nervous young man she had forced to masturbate for her only a few nights before. She preferred him.

"Don't get too cocky," she said staring at Mikey.

"Or what?" he laughed. "Don't tell me, you'll call the police! Don't you like it when the boots on the other foot Julie or are we just jealous of Anna here? I wouldn't blame you. She's gorgeous isn't she? We met on our six week induction course, got drunk one night and fucked like rabbits. Anna made it clear she wasn't interested in a relationship, which suited me fine, but she also made it clear that she's crazy about sex and also loves women. Isn't that right Anna?"

"Uh huh. Men or women, as long as they're not displeasing to the eye, then I'm happy. Very happy." As she was completing her sentence, Anna Davenport lowered Mikey's boxers down and let them fall to the floor. She grabbed his cock in her right hand between thumb and forefinger and slowly started to stroke up and down. She looked at Julie as more low moans escaped Mikey's lips, his throbbing phallus still close to Julie's face.

"Is this what you liked watching the other night, you kinky bitch? Would you like Mikey to shoot off into your face this time? Despite being old enough to be my mother, you certainly are as sexy and gorgeous as he described. Unfortunately, you're not as much fun as I'd hoped. Come on Mikey, let's try and make this a more enjoyable experience for our hostess."

"Fair enough. OK Julie, lets see some of that form that's had me wanking like a pubescent boy for the last three nights."

He released himself from Anna's grip and reached over to grab hold of the bottom of Julie's tight, low cut top. In one quick movement, he pulled it over her head before she had time to protest. He playfully ran his hands over her ample bosom, still encased in the lacy crimson bra that Julie had bought at the weekend.

Starting to relax a little, Julie figured she may as well as try and get some pleasure out of this crazy experience even if it wasn't what she had in mind initially. She gently let her head roll backwards and closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of Mikey's soft hands roaming at will over her caged breasts. A small sigh inadvertently escaped her full lips.

"Wow, you were right about those tits Mikey." Anna grinned at her colleague. "Let's release them, so I can have a proper look," she added. Stretching round to her back, Anna skilfully released the bra clasp and lifted the straps off her shoulders.

Mikey stood in awe as he watched the gentle fall of Julie's breasts. They jiggled slightly and as they came to rest sat large, round and proud. Her nipples were noticeably erect and she glanced from side to side, suddenly enjoying the attention of her two young admirers. This wasn't going to be so bad after all.

"Well come on then, you two!" exclaimed Julie. "Stop just staring at them and give them the attention they so obviously deserve."

Mikey grinned once more, relieved that Julie at last seemed to be letting go of her initial anger and fears. He leaned over and just as he reached Julie's left nipple with his eager tongue, he immediately felt and heard a loud 'thwack' on his backside.

"Yeeeoooww!" he exclaimed standing upright. Anna was stood behind him, whip in hand with a scowl on her face.

"We call the shots today Mikey. Remember?" She took the sorry frown from Mikey to be a 'yes' and quickly unbuttoned her own blouse. She motioned Mikey out of the way and stood directly in front of Julie. She bent over at the waist until her firm breasts were within licking distance of Julie's mouth. "Me first Missy," ordered Anna. "Let's see how you like sucking tits. Ever done it before?"

Julie was too dumfounded to speak and shook her head from side to side. As the demanding mammeries were inched ever closer to her, she tentatively snaked out her tongue and began to gently lick at the hardening nipples. She was pleased when Anna closed her eyes and swallowed deeply, enjoying the sensations on the tingling tip of her breast.

"Mikey darling," Anna said breathily, keeping her eyes closed. "Make me nice and wet so that you can slide that delicious cock of yours up my hungry cunt."

Julie paused for a moment when Anna spoke. Looking up and seeing the dissatisfied look on Anna's face, she knew that was a mistake. She quickly continued gently sucking and nibbling Anna's breasts as Mikey reached from behind, in between Anna's legs and used two fingers to trace round the outlines of her pussy lips. He could feel that she was already moist.

He turned away from Anna and lowered himself to the floor until he was sat on his bottom. He inched backwards until his head was directly under her shaven mound. Spreading her lips open, he reached up and gently ran the flat of his tongue down the middle of her sex, pausing at her swollen clit. Slowly circling the exposed bud, he found it easy to slip a finger up and into her moist, hot cunt. He curled his finger round to pressure her G-spot and quickly flicked his tongue carefully over her pleasure point.

Anna let out an involuntary moan, her body quivering. "Mikey, get your cock in there. Oh god that's so fucking good. I want you to fuck me now while Julie continues paying attention to my tits. Oh god, she's doing…ooh, yes…a great…mmm… job."

Mikey wasn't going to argue with that. His cock was at full mast, stood to attention as if ready to go into battle. He didn't think he'd ever seen it so hard and big. He was in heaven. His first threesome was going to take some beating.

Julie noticed the self satisfied expression on Mikey's face as she took a short break from attending to Anna's breasts. By the look of his cock, he was obviously in his element. Although a little jealous and disappointed that she would have to wait her turn, Julie was looking forward to seeing it slide in and out of Anna. She started to pray that Mikey held out and saved his major load for her.

Anna was busy adjusting her position by leaning over further, so that her rear was sticking out as far as possible. She spread her legs apart to give herself a firm base and placed her hands on Julie's bed for support.

Julie shuffled round herself with the dual purpose of getting a better view and continuing her assault on Anna's protruding chest. She lay on her back, across the bed, her feet facing away from Anna and Mikey. She slid herself backwards in between Anna's supporting arms. Anna lowered herself a little further and again let out a low moan as Julie flicked at both her nipples in tandem, with her tongue and free hand.

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