tagBDSMThe Political Prisoner and the Sympathetic...

The Political Prisoner and the Sympathetic...


The Political Prisoner and the Sympathetic Russian Guard

Sergei was chained naked to the bed. He awaited his tormentor with stoic resignation.

Natasia Primakova was the most beautiful of the guards at the secret prison. Her long black hair flowed down her back like the Don flowed through the Ukraine. Neither her leather gloves nor her long black coat could hide her sensational body.

Even though she loved Sergei, she was going to torture him.

Damn this war, she thought; and damn his stubborn adherence to his ideals of personal freedom and justice! They had loved each other since long before the war, but cruel fate had tossed them on opposite sides of the rebellion. An even crueler twist of fate had sent Sergei on that hopeless mission and led him to be captured—only to be sent to the same prison where his true love was the guard.

"I hoped it would be you," Sergei said when Natasia entered his cell.

"I am to beat you until you tell me where the other rebels are hiding."

"I know."

"But you won't tell me," she asked. "Will you?"

"No, my love."

Natasia nodded. She slapped the cot with her whip—a vicious leather cat-o-nine-tails.

"Then I must hurt you."

Natasia quicky untied Sergei's legs and flipped him onto his stomach.

"Get on your knees," she commanded. "Please."

Sergei pulled his knees up so that he was on all fours. Then Natasia started in with the whipping.

She sliced the straps across his back, leaving a satisfying red mark. Sergei gasped at the sting. Natasia attacked his back again, delivering three more blows in a criss-cross pattern. The blow was hard enough to elicit a yelp from Sergei. Natasia smiled and took off her coat.

Underneath, she wore her service blouse and an olive green skirt. She undid the top two buttons of her blouse, then savagely struck Sergei's back with the whip.

Sergei's knees gave way and he collapsed onto the bed, whimpering.

"Did that hurt, Sergei?" Natasia taunted. "But I'm just getting started. You aren't going to give in already, are you?"

"No, my love. I'll never betray my comrades."

"At least not until I get to the good parts." Natasia grabbed Sergei's hips and dragged him back into position.

"Now," she said, "I think we shall work on your ass for a while. Hold it nice and high for me. That's it."

Natasia began an unrelenting barrage on Sergei's buttocks; first one cheek, then the other, then both at once; now fast and hard, now slow and soft. Once Sergei started whimpering and softly sobbing, Natasia knew she had him.

Natasia stopped her assault and softly stroked Sergei's burning ass. She leaned over and whispered into his ear.

"Sergei, darling. You must tell me where the rebels are hiding. Do not make me beat you again." Sergei shook his head. "Love, let me stop this." Natasia reached between Sergei's legs and wrapped her fingers around his cock. She slowly stroked him until he stiffened.

"Tell me, Sergei, or I shall find more sensitive places to whip you."

"I'll never betray the revolution!" Sergei shouted with as much drama as he could muster. "I'll never rest until we are all free from…Ahh!" Sergei gasped suddenly as Natasia ran her gloved fingers over the head of his prick. She laughed as the shock of pleasure streaked across his face.

"Okay, then," she said as she jerked his feet out from under him, landing him flat on the cot. "More whipping it will be."

This time, Natasia whipped his entire body, from his neck to his back to his ass, and now even the backs of his legs. Sergei writhed around, trying to dodge the blows, but it was no use. Natasia yanked off her skirt and straddled his back, holding him down while she rained a storm of blows onto his ass and legs.

At last, she stopped and stroked his red and sore cheeks.

"Where are the rebels?" she asked.

"Never…betray…them," he stammered.

"Perhaps you won't. This may be hopeless, but it's the only way I can think to save your life, darling. Unless…"

Natasia hopped off Sergei and tore her blouse off, leaving her dressed only in a black lace bra, panties and stockings supported by a matching garter belt. She reached into her bag and removed her personal vibrator—she often felt the need to relieve herself several times during these long sessions. Now, however, she had something else in mind.

"On your knees again, prisoner," she commanded, giving his sore ass a swat with her hand when he didn't comply fast enough.

Natasia squirted some of her lube into his anus.

"What are you doing?" Sergei asked, his voice quivering with panic.

"Silence," was Natasia's only answer.

She worked her finger into her lover/prisoner's ass and slowly wriggled it around for a moment. Then she pulled it out and replaced it with the vibrator.

Natasia watched Sergei's cock twitch beneath him. She gave his balls a playful slap. Once she had the vibrator nice and deep inside him, she switched it on. Sergei went wild, bucking his hips and groaning with pleasure. Natasia laughed softly. She reached down and stroked his dick. Sergei moaned again.

Natasia could feel Sergei's balls tighten and his dick start to pulse in her hand. A tiny drop of fluid oozed from the tip of his cock and dropped to the bed—Sergei was about to come.

Quickly Natasia took her hand from her prisoner's dick and shut off the vibrator. The sudden lack of sensation sent a jolt of pain through him. He squeezed the vibrator quickly just to feel it.

"More?" she asked. "Or are you ready to give up?"

Sergei's mind was spinning. More beating? More torment? More of his love's hand on his cock? He didn't answer. She switched on the vibrator again and pulled it slowly out of his ass before jamming it back in hard. She fucked him gently with it and he fucked it back.

Natasia leaned over her victim and whispered into his ear: "Tell me something and I will touch or cock. Tell me anything useful."

Sergei's lips quivered but he was silent. Natasia pulled the glove off her right hand with her teeth. Sergei grunted loudly when she grated her long nails over his balls. It was too much. He had to feel her.

"Ryazan!" he screamed. "They're in Ryazan!"

The guilt of his betrayal was quickly washed away by his love's vigorous fingers on his shaft. The pleasure was intense. The fingers were slick and wet and seemed to caress each nerve in his cock individually. She started a quick pace with her manipulations and matched it with her vibrator. She bumped the tops of her fingers over his glans with every stroke. He was quickly on the edge again.

Once again, however, she had other plans.

She took her hand away from Sergei's cock just as his orgasm had started to build. His cock gave a single twitch, letting a lone drop of fluid collect at the tip. She held the vibrator in place, but turned it down to low.

He looked over at Natasia and saw where the wetness on her fingers had come from. Her panties were down around her boots and her fingers were buried deep in her pussy.

"Good, Sergei," she panted, as she rubbed herself. "But not good enough. Where in Ryazan?"

Sergei was desperate to come, but he remembered his comrades again. He remembered the revolution and the struggle for freedom against Natasia's tyranny.

"I will not tell you," he said defiantly.

She pulled her fingers from her pussy and rubbed them over Sergei's face.

"Do you want to taste this? Do you want to eat Natasia's sweet pussy?" she taunted.

His mind was overcome with the scent. Thoughts of his friends vanished. He licked her fingers and the memories of their love came back to him. He remembered the countless times he had eaten her before this horrible war had driven them apart. His lust and desire took over. She pushed the fingers into his mouth and he sucked them as hard as he could. She leaned over and whispered to him again.


Her hands gripped his cock tightly. He groaned. She pumped him once, then stopped. He was now on the edge of orgasm with every quick stroke. He opened his eyes and saw her beautiful pussy inches from his face. Her thick hair matted and wet with her arousal. Her clitoris was thick and hard. Her scent was a thousand times more powerful than the taste she had given him.

"The brick house, near the railroad tracks. That is the headquarters of the revolution," he said.

She screamed in ecstasy as he drove his tongue between her lips and lapped at her pussy.

"Yes!" she shouted. She ran her finger up and down his cock at full speed now—he had earned his reward. She felt her own orgasm rising as his tongue played across her clitoris.

"Yes, darling! Come with me!" she yelled.

Natasia turned the vibrator up to full and concentrated her stroking on the upper half of his cock. She felt it swell beneath her fingers. He groaned loudly and captured her clitoris between her lips. The sensation was intense and she gave herself over to her own climax.

It felt as though her own contractions were timed with Sergei's. His semen spurted forth from his pulsing cock as her own juices squirted from her pulsing pussy; his hips bucked between her hand and the vibrator in his ass as her own hips bucked against he wonderful mouth.

She collapsed onto the bed in front of him and he collapsed on top of her, resting his face against her bush. She switched off the vibrator and pulled it out, tossing it across the cell.

"Wow," he said, opening his eyes to look up at his lover. She took a deep breath and looked back down at him. They both started laughing, then, at first a little chuckle, then full deep laughter. He stopped laughing and caught his own breath.

"Next time, darling," he said, his fake Russian accent gone, "I get to be the sympathetic Russian guard and you can be the political prisoner."

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