tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Politician's Wife Ch. 03

The Politician's Wife Ch. 03


"Hi, John. Was beginning to think you were never going to join us. Told you she was a slut, didn't I?"

Peter had stopped pissing on Alison when John burst into the room but, instead of being embarrassed, he was now kneeling by the poor woman's head and wiping off the last few drops of his pee with her hair.

"Yes, you did, Peter, but I could never have believed even she would sink so low as to let you and Wendy piss on her. I see you've marked her appropriately. I like that," he said smiling as he looked down on his prone wife or, to be more accurate, looked at the word "SLUT" that Peter had written down her body.

"Thought you would. It was a last minute thing but I think it suits her rather well. So how would you like to proceed?"

"Well, I presume you've fucked her by now so I think it's only fair that I fuck Wendy too. Mind you, this room stinks of piss and cum. I think they could both do with a shower first."

"Excellent idea," agreed his friend as he pulled on his shirt and trousers. "Whore, take the slut upstairs and get her cleaned up."

Wendy still couldn't get used to being referred to as a whore but somewhere deep inside she knew she quite liked it. She had been shocked when John had entered and had jumped away from his wife but now she could see that the fun was not finished yet and the idea of being fucked by her best friend's husband thrilled her more than she could ever have imagined. Pulling Alison up by the hand, she led the piss-covered woman to the door.

"We're going to have to run for it, Alison", she giggled, aroused by the thought of running through her house naked, hand in hand with her equally naked friend. She knew that there was a very good chance they might be seen by some of the staff and, secretly, she hoped that it would be Lara, the new Spanish housemaid.

Alison ran just as quickly up the wide staircase as her friend but she didn't share Wendy's thrill of the moment. She was terrified in case anyone saw her, especially as she was dripping from her piss-shower. She had thought for a moment that John's entrance would save her but now she realised he had been in on it ever since Peter got possession of the incriminating photos of her fucking the chauffeur. Now he said he wanted to have sex with Wendy; surely they wouldn't make her watch that, would they? She would find out soon enough; for now, all she would allow herself to think about was the previously mentioned shower.

The men followed their respective wives up the staircase, amused at the way both their arse cheeks wobbled as they ran. Unfortunately, they made it to Peter and Wendy's bedroom without bumping into anyone but they both knew that there was plenty of time yet for Alison to be exposed to others.

By the time they had undressed and followed the women into the large en-suite, the water was already turned on. They heard Alison yelp in shock and Wendy explaining to her that it was always cold at first but would soon warm up. It didn't take long and all Alison could think about was letting the hot water wash away the evidence of what had happened downstairs. She knew that Wendy was watching her but tried to pretend they it was just as if they had been swimming at their club where all the women showered naked together. As she ducked her head under the cleansing water she didn't hear the door push open and the men come in to watch. She let the water run over her face, let it wet her hair and run down her back, let it wash all her sins away. She hated being dirty, or even being sweaty. Being covered in piss was a horror her mind just could not cope with and she tried to wash that memory away too.

As she began lathering soap all over her body, she found that it was easier to wash away pee than to wipe thoughts from her mind. She couldn't get the image of her own husband having sex with her best friend. It was just too humiliating and she knew she would never be able to look either of them in the face again. "Why then can I feel a throb of excitement swell between my legs?" she asked herself.

As her hands slid smoothly over her soapy skin, she tried to banish her thoughts as she reached round to clean her bottom cheeks before bringing her hands forward over the tops of her thighs. Still all too aware that Wendy was watching, she lightly cleaned between her legs. She tried to make it quick but, when her fingers lightly brushed against her sensitive lips, she shuddered inside.

Suddenly, however, she had something else to worry about. She spun round to find Wendy standing naked before her, her hair slowly being plastered to her head from the shower. Even worse than that, this was when she noticed that their two husbands, their two naked husbands, had also joined them.

"Well, John, said we both needed showers and you'd want me to be nice and clean before he fucks me, wouldn't you?"

Alison just stared at her friend, bemused. "What on earth had come over Wendy?" she asked herself.

It wasn't a question Wendy could have answered either. It was as if a switch had been flicked inside her and all her inhibitions had disappeared. She turned and smiled at the two men before turning back to the astonished woman sharing the shower with her. She was determined to put on a good show for the men. What her friend wanted or thought no longer mattered to her. As far as she was concerned, Alison was just a slut; a piece of meat to be used in anyway she wanted; just as Peter had used her and just as she hoped John would use her soon.

Before Alison could react, Wendy was kissing her, kissing her on the lips, before sliding her arms round her friend and pulling them closer together. Alison tried to push her back but knew her resistance was futile. Their husbands, meanwhile, smiled to each other as they watched their wives' tits pressing against each other, while the shower continued to pour down over them both.

Still reeling from the fact that her oldest friend, her naked friend, was kissing her while they shared a shower, Alison was shocked even further when Wendy's hands slid down and grabbed her arse, pulling their hips ever closer together. "How far is Wendy going to take this?" she asked herself. She didn't have to wait too long to find out.

She felt Wendy's right leg slide between her own before raising it slightly and pressing it against her pussy. She couldn't stop herself from shaking in her ever increasing arousal and wondered what her husband must be making of her being treated like this.

She needn't have worried because the two women showering together and looking as if they were about to do so much more was like a dream come true for John, and for Peter, as both men simply played with their erect cocks while they relaxed and watched the show.

Wendy was now in full control and was revelling in the whole situation. She had always felt that Alison looked down on her, even though they had been friends for years, and now it was payback time. She could do anything she wanted with the slut she was holding and she was determined to enjoy every minute of it.

Pushing the other woman back so that she was trapped between the wall and her own naked body, Wendy stopped kissing Alison on the lips and began to move down her body. Kissing her way down her neck, she only stopped when she reached her first target, her swollen nipples. Taking each of them between her soft lips in turn, she began to suck on them, moving from one to the other, before becoming greedy and trying to suck her friend's whole breast into her mouth.

While tormenting her friend's tits, Wendy's hands had moved to the other woman's hips and Alison began to realise just what was in store for her. Almost reluctantly, Wendy released her captive's breasts and began to kiss her way down the poor woman's wet body, pausing only briefly to tickle her belly button with her probing tongue.

Wendy was kneeling on the floor of the shower by now and staring straight at her friend's pussy. She had never imagined doing anything like this but now all she could think about was sticking her tongue out and tasting this slut who had no choice but to let her. The power she had over her friend was almost as intoxicating as the smell of the other woman's arousal.

Alison couldn't stop herself from moaning in pleasure when she first felt her tormentor's tongue touch her. She closed her eyes and leaned back against the wall as she tried to block out what her friend was doing to her. John and Peter however had no intention of missing a minute of this and they watched intently as Wendy reached up and spread the lips of the first cunt she had ever touched.

She was by no means an expert but Wendy just did what she wanted to do, what seemed to come naturally to her now that she had lost herself in lust. She licked along her friend's slit before sticking her tongue as far into the other woman as she could. She had no idea if she was doing it right but she felt Alison's legs press closer against her head and heard her breathing quickening so she guessed she was doing ok.

Even after everything that had happened Alison couldn't believe it was her oldest friend who was on her knees in front of her, probing her most private places with her tongue. Her whole body seemed to be shuddering now, fearful as Wendy playfully nipped her most sensitive lips between her teeth before pushing her tongue back in again.

Alison's head was spinning, spinning in delight while her mind was racked with guilt and shame. She was becoming dizzy with each new wave of pleasure and tried to hold herself up by pressing herself back against the wall. She knew there was no escape from Wendy's insistent mouth and she didn't even try.

Just as she thought her ordeal couldn't go on much longer, Wendy shocked her once more by moving her tongue up to her protruding clit while replacing it in her pussy with two stiff fingers. Those probing digits increased their pace just as the tongue on Alison's clit started to flick it like it was being punished for all the wrong she had ever done.

An all encompassing wave of pleasure washed over her like never before. It seemed to start in her pussy and radiated throughout her body. It was only Wendy's mouth and fingers that seemed to be supporting her now and they continued their assault mercilessly. Again and again she screamed out, begging Wendy to stop, begging her not to ever stop.

Neither woman could keep this up for ever and, as Wendy withdrew her fingers from her friend's cunt, Alison slid down the wall until she lay on the shower floor, letting the water pour down over her. Her friend looked down in triumph at the first woman she had ever made cum and turned to the men with a face covered in her friend's pussy juices.

"My turn now, boys. Bring her into the bedroom."

The two men lifted Alison off the shower floor, grabbing an arm and a leg each, carried her through to the bedroom as requested and threw her on to the large king-sized bed, still soaking wet. She was still too weak from the biggest orgasm of her life to do anything but lie there. She watched Wendy drying herself with a large white towel and noticed Peter and John rummaging in some drawers opposite the bed.

Before she knew it, they turned and approached her, both of them holding a variety of tights and silk ties. They grabbed her arms once more and stretched them out before tying them to the bedposts. Wendy watched her friend struggle and moan but, when their two husbands grabbed Alison's legs and spread them too, she started to scream. But Wendy was no longer the dormouse she had always been in their relationship and went over to the bed, looked down, and slapped her friend's face.

"Shut up, Alison! Keep still!" she shouted. "Do you want the staff to hear you?"

Alison wasn't sure if she was more afraid of the new Wendy or more embarrassed at the thought of one of the housemaids rushing in and seeing her in this position but she stopped struggling. The red mark on her face was angry looking and she stared at her friend in horror, seeing her in a whole new light.

Wendy smiled smugly down at the poor woman and climbed onto the bed. Swinging her leg over, she knelt above Alison's face, looking down the length of her bound, helpless body.

"Now, Alison, if you suck my pussy nicely maybe John and Peter will go easy on you. Do you understand?"

Not waiting for an answer she lowered her cunt slowly down onto her friend's face. She knew as she did it that she was wet, as wet as she had ever been, and she knew it wasn't because she had just had a shower. Her pussy hair might still be a bit damp but the moisture that coated her lips had all come from inside and now she wanted her friend to taste it.

"I told you to suck me, slut," she commanded, getting carried away with her new-found power.

She began to run her hands over Alison's body, stroking her large tits, tweaking her swollen nipples. She felt her captive shudder beneath her before, tentatively, start to lick the pussy exposed above her – her tongue lapping the edge of Wendy's lips.

A shiver ran through the woman on top. She was shocked by how good it felt to have another woman beneath you like this as she felt her friend's reluctant tongue exploring her. She played with Alison's tits, twisting hard on her nipples as she ground her hips into her friend's face.

"Faster, slut. Push your tongue right inside me!" she screamed at her friend, the friend she now wanted to use, to fuck, to be fucked by more than she'd ever wanted anything. She knew what she was doing to her captive friend; she could imagine the fear, the shame, the humiliation that must be coursing through Alison's powerless body as she tried to overcome her revulsion and lick Wendy's dripping pussy and drink the juices that flowed over her face.

If Alison thought that things couldn't get any worse then she was wrong. Wendy leaned forward and her fingers quickly reached her pussy and entered her as if they owned her, as if her friend could do whatever she wanted, and she could do nothing about it. She tried to tell herself that Wendy was raping her as she thrust cruelly deeper and deeper into her, but then Wendy started to cum and, as her body arched, as her juices flowed freely over Alison's face and as her fingers plunged furiously in and out of Alison's cunt, Alison too cried out again as a sudden, unwelcome orgasm shook her own tortured body.

Wendy climbed off her friend, looked down at the body she had used, looked down at the face covered in shame and covered with glistening pussy cunt juices.

"I think John's been patient enough, Alison, don't you? You just lie there while I entertain your husband."

Wendy sat down on the side of the bed. She wanted her friend to see everything that was about to happen as she beckoned John to come closer. Looking up at him with hungry eyes, she reached out and took hold of his throbbing cock. No words were spoken. She simply smiled up at her husband's rival and leaned forward, sucking him in between her lips.

She was as used to sucking cocks as she was to licking pussies but she was determined to prove to John, to Alison, and to Peter, what a quick learner she was and what a good cocksucker she could be. She forced herself to slide her mouth all the way down until her lips were pressed against his pubic hairs. She was so turned on now that she couldn't wait to feel this man between her legs and reached down to stroke her still sensitive lips.

Alison couldn't tear her eyes away from the sight of her best friend sucking her own husband's cock. She wanted to be disgusted but, instead, she felt her body responding and wished that she could reach down and rub her wet pussy too.

Peter decided to join in at this point but not to satisfy their prisoner.

"And you thought you had to resort to the chauffeur to be used, slut, didn't you? Looks like my whore of a wife is having fun with your husband's cock. I'm sure he'll have just as much fun when he fucks her with it. But don't worry; we won't forget about you. You can lick her cunt again after your husband cums inside her."

Even in her inexperience Wendy could tell that John was excited as his cock began to leak pre-cum onto and he began to thrust more urgently in and out of her mouth. But she desperately wanted him to fuck her. She wanted his wife to see him fucking her and she wanted her husband to see her being fucked by another man. She was drunk with lust and she never wanted to sober up.

She stood up and turned John round so that he was now standing against the bed. Pushing him down so that he was lying beside his wife but with his head at the opposite end of the bed, she knew that Alison would be able to see everything she wanted to show her. Climbing on top of her husband's Party colleague, she knelt across him, straddling his dripping cock, teasing him by rubbing her wet cunt along its length and over its very sensitive head.

Unable to believe that she was really doing this, she placed John's dick against her open pussy and sank down it with ease, moaning in delight as she did so. Holding him deep within her for a moment she began to move her hips back and forth. Instinctively, she reached down and began to rub her clit, barely able to stand the surges of pleasure that washed over her.

Despite already cumming all over Alison's face, she knew she wasn't going to last long. She fell forward and kissed her new lover on the lips, her hips rising up and down as she fucked only the second man to ever have his cock inside her.

"Oh, God, John! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum, Peter. I'm going to CUM!"

Alison could do nothing but listen to her friend scream in bliss and watch her husband's cock slide in and out of her friend's pussy. It was coated with Wendy's juices and Alison was ashamed to realise that she wanted to taste those juices again.

All went quiet for a few moments as Wendy came down off her high but she wasn't to be silent for long.

"I want you on top of me, John. I want to feel your stiff cock fucking me hard and cumming inside my cunt."

No-one in the room could believe this words were coming from the mouth of the previously prim and proper Wendy but neither of the men were about to deny her. Alison couldn't have done so even if she wanted to. She watched as her friend climbed off her husband, his cock sliding out of Wendy's pussy covered in her juices.

Now it was Wendy's turn to lie on her back and she made sure to do so even closer to Alison than John had been. She knew that Peter had fucked the other woman and she wanted to pay her back for daring to have sex with her husband.

John was desperate by now; desperate to cum; desperate to fuck Wendy and desperate to do so in front of the cheating slut lying bound on the bed. He quickly got between Wendy's legs and thrust his cock hard into her cunt. Wendy was equally desperate to be fucked and wrapped her arms and legs around him, pushing back just as hard against his cock.

"Fuck me, John. Fuck me like I've never been fucked. Fuck me harder than you've ever fucked Alison."

That was exactly what John intended doing as his cock pounded in and out of her, his balls slapping against her fat arse. Wendy was screaming in delight and John didn't last very long as his whole body stiffened and his cock spurted time and again into his new whore's cunt. Feeling like a teenager again, he couldn't believe how much cum he was shooting inside her until, finally, he stopped and collapsed on top of her, exhausted and drained.

"Did you enjoy that, slut? Did you enjoy watching your husband fucking another whore just as he had to watch you fucking your chauffeur? Don't bother to answer because I can tell from the way your cunt is leaking that you did. John certainly enjoyed fucking my whore but you will need to clean her up before we use her again. Are you ready to suck your husband's cum out of her pussy?"

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