tagIncest/TabooThe Pool

The Pool


Just about two weeks after "The Talk" we were invited to our friend's house for a party.

My mom and I were excited about the new aspect to our relationship, but life goes on. She had work, I had school and we weren't complete horny idiots to take chances... or so I thought.

I was close to 19 when we were invited over to our friends place for a Saturday afternoon get together.

We all played well in their pool while the everyone was watching the game on TV and preparing the food and having drinks.

I was having a hard time not being too friendly with their oldest daughter who was my age while we were horsing around in the pool, but while she was enjoying herself, she really wasn't flirting back.

After a while they got tired of the pool and went inside to play games, we didn't own a pool so I stayed and enjoyed the water.

As I lay on my back in the pool, the next thing I know, someone jumps in right beside me! I stood up sputtering and trying to clear my eyes and push my hair back and my mother is standing there with me.

Even soaking wet, my mother looks amazing to me! Standing up, her chin is barely out of the water while I stand a full head taller than her, so my shoulders are fully clear of the water and my boobs are barely submerged.

My mom comes closer and puts a warm hand on my shoulder and whispers in my ear, "I thought I'd come out here to keep you company for a bit." I could clearly smell the alcohol on her breath, and her eyes were closed slightly, I was thinking she was a bit tipsy and her body language was a bit too flirty. She put her body against mine and ran her hands across my belly and rear end. Even though I was instantly turned on, I pushed her away and splashed her in a playful manner to try and break the spell.

It apparently works because we digressed into a splashing match and chased one another around the pool. We tired of that after a bit and just lay floating lazily in the water.

My mom stood up and walked to the side of the pool nearest the house and pulled herself out, turned around and sat on the side of the pool with her back to the house. What she did next stole my breath away!

She leaned back on one hand, spread her legs and pulled the swimsuit aside revealing her pussy to me. Since our last encounter, she had apparently decided to wax or shave, because she was completely bald! Her pussy looked fantastic!

She left the fabric of her black one-piece swimsuit aside and motioned with her finger for me to come closer. With a cautious glance towards the house (no one was looking and I was sure that even if someone was watching that nothing interesting would be seen), I approached.

As I got closer my mom used her fingers of her free hand to spread her pussy lips giving me a clear view of the object of my lust. The lack of hair on her pussy made it appear like a young girl's and with her plump outer lips and small puffy inner lips and tiny hole, the illusion was very convincing!

I was within a couple feet and looked to her face to see if I should keep going, her expression did not change, her smile was happy with just a touch of mischief, so I kept moving forward. Two feet, one foot, six inches, still looking at her face for a sign, two inches and she raised her eyebrows a twitch. I stop with my face about two inches from, I can now tell clearly, my mom's dripping, spread pussy.

I know she can feel my breath, I can see her pussy clench each time I exhale.

I drink in the sight, I've never been this close before, I try to burn every detail into my brain. After a few seconds I look to her face, my eyes asking "Now what?"

She says aloud, "Wait for it," with a wink, and just as my gaze returns to her open pussy a hot jet of piss hits me right on the lips!

I instinctively flinch away, shocked and bewildered. I quickly look to the house. I don't see anyone and can hear sounds of our families talking and of the game on TV. Meanwhile, mom's piss is spraying into the pool in a powerful stream, not a gentle arc like last time, but in a strong, straight spray.

With a sudden decision, I lunge back into her hot pee! I let it hit my chest, I pick up my boobs to let it hit both my nipples through my swimsuit and quickly bend down a little to feel it again on my neck, chin and lips. I close my eyes and move my whole face through the stream, feeling her burning piss spraying my closed eyes, forehead and hair.

I can tell she's running low and move so her piss is on my lips again and opening my eyes, I watch her waning jet of pee go from her gorgeous pussy to my now open mouth.

With her last little stream, I fill my mouth up, closing my lips and holding it for an idea that just popped into my head.

Before my mom can cover her pussy, I spit her piss back onto her open pussy, up her belly and onto her tits as I stand up in the pool.

I look into her face with stinging eyes as her expression turns from shock to that of appreciation of a well-played move. She covers her pussy up and hops down into my arms as we both splash backwards into the pool.

As we come up out of the water, she says the LAST thing I was expecting to hear, "Now it's your turn!" My immediate thought was 'No-way!' but I guess she could tell what I was thinking from the look on my face and told me to trust her, no one can tell a thing. She practically pushes me to the side of the pool and I get out and sit on the side of the pool with my back to the house just like she was. I REALLY want to do this, but I was also really nervous! With reassuring words from my mom, I lean back on my right hand and use my left to pull aside the swimsuit covering my pussy.

As I spread my lips, my mom moves forward, looking back and forth from my spread open pussy to the house. Her head is now between my legs, she slowly moves her face to my now thoroughly turned on and dripping pussy. Closer and closer until she's less than an inch away, she's so close I can feel the heat from her face on my pussy lips, she moves even closer and licks her lips in appreciation of the sight before her. I watch her tongue, mesmerized, praying she'll break her own rule and reach out and touch my hard clit with the tip of her tongue so I can explode in an instant onto her face...

Apparently I whimpered under the pressure of my need for her, her eyes dart to my face and she flinches back a half a foot, concern crossing her face. She takes a deep breath and tell me to do the same, and as I exhale then tells me to "Relax all the way, and let it go. Mommy wants to taste you." It took a few tries and several false starts with a meager few drops running out of my pussy and down my ass crack, but she kept encouraging me that she wanted it and that it would be OK and to relax.

My piss began weak, but once I captured the sensation I was able to keep it going stronger and surer.

I watched as my piss arched across the space between my pussy and my mom's waiting face, it splashed up her chin, onto her lips, between her now closed eyes, onto her forehead and hair. I marveled at my mom as she used her hands to rub my piss all over her face and hair, literally showering in it!

My pussy twitched with arousal, almost cutting off my pee, but I was able to keep it going.

Every time I think I've got a good handle on things and that nothing would surprise me, my mom ups the ante and blows my mind again.

I watched in amazement as she opened her mouth to my stream and let it fill her mouth to overflowing, as she closed her lips and swallowed it all and gave me the most joyful grin!

My pussy truly spasmed and cut my piss off completely. My mom made a pouty face, but urged me to try some more. With some difficulty, I was able to resume and I remained dumbfounded as my mom repeated the spectacle over and over.

Lips part, mouth opens wide, my piss hits the back of her mouth, covers her tongue, overflows and runs down her chin, her eyes lock onto mine as her lips close, my piss splashes her face as she swallows, her expression of pure bliss as she repeats the process... it seemed to go on forever, though I'm sure she only got three or four mouthfuls.

My bladder ran dry and my homely, yet gorgeous mom reaches out and places my swimsuit back over my pussy, she gives it a playful pat and motions me into the pool.

It turns out we finished just in time, seconds later my dad hops into the pool behind me as my mom ducks under the water to rinse off!

When she comes up, dad grabs her and kisses her deeply, when they break contact he does a double take, looking at her grinning face and says, "That was different, what have YOU been drinking?"

I turn away quickly so he doesn't see my blushing face and I hear my mom reply: "Mmm, just some hard lemonade!" with a tone of pure innocence.

As I climbed out of the pool to go find my friends, I had to wonder, when the next opportunity presented itself, if I'd be able to drink the 'lemonade,' but I knew I wanted to try!

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expand the participants

this deserves more than just mom and daughter, i loved it

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great story love the watersports especially between two women more please

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by Mymantoy99905/14/18

I enjoyed your story

Personally I enjoy watersports and incest stories (especially when it is an all girl story). Ignore the comments. I find it funny that "incest" is a perfectly fine topic to write about, but don't includemore...

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Tarkin: I smelled your foul stench the moment I stepped on board!

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