tagIncest/TabooThe Pool House Ch. 01

The Pool House Ch. 01


I stood in my back yard watching as the landscapers finished up their work. The project had taken most of the fall and now spring but it was done. My back yard had been converted from a gentle slope of green yard into a warm weather wonderland.

Paving stones began at the slider into the house and extended out, surrounding a twenty by forty concrete in ground pool. Past the pool and in a corner surrounded by low bushes an in ground hot tub bubbled away. Lounges and tables were neatly arranged and the backstop to the whole thing was a pool house that mimicked the design of our contemporary home. Now, all I had to do was find the time to enjoy it.

I walked around inspecting the work and looking forward to spending time with my family here. The tub was secluded because my wife and I do love to host parties and they have been known to get a little exciting. Yeah, we've done some swinging. We're not all over the place with it. There's one couple and we kinda fell into it, but that's another story. But we know a couple or two that, once the booze starts flowing their inhibitions fade. You see, I like to watch too.

The pool house hangs off the edge of the hill. The back of it is about four feet off the ground. I had some of the machinery put underneath; the only problem came when it was done. The filter top couldn't be removed so it has to be accessed by a trap door in the floor of the house. Well, no project is perfect.

The pool house itself is gorgeous. It's twenty by ten, basically one room. There are two spacious changing rooms in the back. I hid the damn trap door in one of them. The rest is open, with large windows, comfortable furniture and a small bar, which I do not leave stocked with anything more than soda. You see I have teenagers.

As I walked out of the pool house the landscapers were gone and at the other end of the pool stood my family, Janice and the teens. Janice and I met at a family reunion when we were ten. We are actually third cousins. Well, over the years we got closer and finally, after we made sure we weren't breaking any laws nobody much seems to care about, we got married, young.

Sammie and Frank came along about a year apart. Janice and I wanted to get kids on the way as soon as possible so we got started on the honeymoon. Now, my business has taken off, Janice has a thriving health club and we have two teenage kids that are the best on the planet.

My wife is 38, tall, 5'9" she runs her own health club so you can figure the rest. She's long and lean, 'C' chest, amazing legs and a thick mane of tawny hair that right now is in a tight pony. Sammie takes after her Mom, not quite as tall and her chest is not quite as big but she's a carbon copy otherwise. Frank is more my kid, big in the shoulders and trim in the waist. He's 6'2" and the star of the swim team. I'm proud of that. I was in swimming in High School and college and I've kept up with it. It's nice to see him follow.

"So, is it ours now?" Janice asked. "Yup, I just gave the final approval."

We all took a quick tour and then changed to try out the pool. I was waiting on the deck and did a double take when my wife walked out. Janice surprised me by wearing her thong swimsuit. That's usually reserved for our parents only trips.

"Ummmm babe, you know Frank is home, right?" She just gave me that coy smile.

"Oh come on, the boys nineteen, he's seen plenty of women in thongs and I'll bet he's seen plenty of sex too."

I smiled back. "Yes I'm sure he has but none of them were his mother.....I hope."

Janice gave me a hip bump as she passed. "Ya neva know..."

I knew, she was teasing. "Really doll, you think you should be wearing that?"

Janice turned and looked a little peeved. "He's nineteen and this is my house too. Now ease off or I swear I'll take the damn thing off and stand here naked."

I knew she was not kidding, she has a wide and deep stubborn streak and I was not interested in testing it. However, given the circumstances I was very curious about how our son would react. I have no idea if Frank is still a virgin or just how much he has experienced.

Janice was bending over with her back to the door when our son came out. He had on one of his speedos. He does own board shorts but he is so used to the small ones he seldom uses them. He paused, looked real hard at his mother's hard, round ass flanks and gave a low whistle.

"Well, Mom, it's about time."

Janice turned on him. "About time for what young man?"

"It's about time you got rid of those one piece swimsuits you wear around us. You work hard on keeping your shape and I always wondered why you did it."

Janice bowed slightly. "What a nice complement! I wore those suits because a mother of young children needs to be a little conservative. But since my kids are grown up I figured it was time. Besides, this is our home and we have a fence but I'm glad to know I haven't shocked you."

Frank smiled and dropped his towel. "Nah, Mom, you look great. Besides all my friends think you're hot." With that he dove into the pool and reflexively began doing laps.

Janice watched him smoothly slice through the water. I heard the slider and turned as Sammie came out. My eyes, once again got a shock. My eighteen year old girl had the smallest bikini I had ever seen. It wasn't a wicked weasel, but it wasn't far off. The top covered an area that might be twice the size of her nipples and the triangle at her crotch probably ended about two inches above her, well, sex. As she turned it was obvious she was going to spend all day pulling the back out of her butt, it really had a hard time conforming to her butt. I looked at Janice and got the 'I knew about this' look. I shrugged and dove in.

We swam and chatted for an hour or so and then it was time to fix dinner. I have to confess I enjoyed watching my two ladies exit the pool. Janice made a big show of her exit which was not lost on either of the men. Sammie wasn't so obvious, actually she seemed a little embarrassed by her suit bottom turning into a de-facto thong and tried to correct it in the water. She partially succeeded but there was still a bit of cheek as she climbed out. I noticed that Frank watched every second. Well, she might be his Sister but she is a very good looking girl, I know I watched too.

Dinner was fast. The kids had parties to go to. Janice and I cleaned up and watched a movie over a glass of wine or two. Janice suggested we test drive the hot tub and I willingly agreed. We got ready for the hot tub. That consisted of stripping and grabbing two robes to have nearby, just in case.

Janice rolled away from the wall of our in ground hot tub and on top of me. Her naked body felt great. My wife looked into my eyes as she rubbed her fitness trainer body against mine. My cock began to rise, with her, it doesn't take much.

"What is it about hot bubbling water that makes me so fucking horny", she whispers.

"Maybe because you had your pussy sitting on one of those jets, baby." I replied

"mmmmmm yeah, that was it. Oh, I'm gonna be spending some time here." She rubbed her hard body against mine, my cock plowing a furrow up and down her pussy. "Glenn baby, you know I need you to fuck me, right now." I was ready, Hell, with Janice I'm always ready. But looking up through the night air I could see the windows of our house.

"Ummm doll, the kids have been gone a while, I'm not sure it's a good idea. Why don't we go inside?"

She pouted. "Oh I guess." I moved to the steps and when my hips were above water Janice grabbed me, spun me and I landed on my ass on the pool deck with my legs still in the bubbling water. Janice shoved me back and swallowed my entire cock with one smooth motion. She slid her lips off my dick briefly. "I changed my mind, I want to get fucked here. They won't be home for a long time."

Now my back was to the house but frankly, I didn't care. Janice loves cock and mine particularly. She is also a bit of an exhibitionist. After artfully serving my cock for a few minutes she lifted herself up and placed her pussy over my face. "The chlorine dried me out baby, make me wet and then I'll ride you." I gladly let her luscious pussy settle on my face as my tongue plunged into her center. She was dry, but not for long. "Oh baby, eat my pussy! Ohhhhhh fuuuuucccckkkk that's good!" She rapidly became very wet and soon my face was drenched in her juices. I alternated between tonguing her slit and nibbling her clit. Janice bucked her pussy into my face. I could feel the concrete rubbing the hair off the back of my head. Then she climbed off me. She grabbed the two robes and threw one on each side of my legs.

"Now, fucko, I'm gonna ride you!" Janice grabbed my cock, gave it a swipe or two up and down her slit, positioned it and drove her hips down. "OHHHHH FUUUUCCCKKKK THAT"S GOOD!" she bellowed.

Janice really likes to fuck. Well, I do too. I have a style. When she or any other woman rides me I try to figure out when they're ready to cum. I grab their hips and ram myself deep, just as they cum. That and I talk, a lot. "Come on Janice, fuck me baby, ride my cock. You like having my cock up your pussy?" Janice's response was a no-stop moan. We fucked like this for about ten minutes, then I heard her breath change. "You gonna cum all over my cock Janice? You gonna get me all wet? Come on! CUM FOR ME! CUM ALL OVER ME!" She was there. I grabbed her hips and thrust up till my pubic bone rammed into hers. She stopped breathing and my cock was hosed in her cum.

Janice panted on top of me. "Okay babe, now we can take it inside." As I turned towards the house I thought I saw a light go off in Sammie's room but I wasn't sure. It didn't matter, it was too late anyway. Besides, we're their parents; we're supposed to have sex, right?

Well, if either one of them saw us, nothing was said. A week or so later Frank asked me if he could host a party. He said it will cost us nothing; all his friends would bring the food, drink and ice. One of them was even bringing a tank for the grill. I, of course agreed. What's the point of having all this if you don't use it to entertain, right? Besides, I've seen his friends, none of them are ugly.

I was giving the pool house a quick survey before the party. The long side of the building faces the pool and the two dressing rooms are at one of the short ends. The entrance door is at the other end. As I said the room is furnished with lounges and soft chairs with a non-alcoholic bar. The windows have blinds which are normally closed to keep the sun from fading the fabric. The corner under the rear dressing room is the lowest, with the bottom of the building four feet off the ground. The other end is at ground level. I had thick shrubs planted all around the three sides and there is a two foot space between the shrubs and the building to accommodate growth. I was in that space at the far end when I noticed that a knot had fallen out of the shiplap siding leaving a two inch hole at a little above floor level and almost even with my eyes when I stood outside. I was annoyed; I looked but couldn't find the knot. Now I was going to have to screen that or squirrels would be chewing their way inside. Since it was four thirty and Frank's party was tonight I knew it would have to wait.

The party had been in full swing for hours. Janice had bailed out to a friend's house, leaving me to chaperone, what a doll, I'll get even. There was a mixed group of over twenty people around the pool. I had been observing from the kitchen window from time to time and making one foray through the crowd, gauging behavior to see if any alcohol or anything else was in evidence. At about eleven I had a thought. I wondered if they had stashed anything behind the pool house. I took the long way around and approached the house from the back. Nobody was there so I moved closer and inside the shrub line. As I neared the missing knot hole I heard sounds inside. Since I had been provided a very convenient viewing port I took a look. Hey, It's my house, my liability, right? Can't have any drunks driving home. Besides maybe one of Frank's hot girl pals would be changing in the room. I looked in and got an education.

The lights were off in the main room. The room had a dull glow from the outside lights filtering through the translucent shades over the windows. The end of the building was the two small rooms. The door to the nearest one was held open with a strap and a temporary door, made of cloth had been placed there. But it had a round hole in it about waist height. My jaw fell. I'd been in plenty of adult book stores, alone and with Janice. I knew a glory hole when I saw one. I guess Frank's crew is a bit more advanced than I thought. As I took all this in I heard the door. I watched an interesting ritual. The young man walked in, wearing his swimsuit. He paused about five feet inside the door. I looked at the cloth and, after a second or two, a finger crooked through the hole. A broad smile crossed the boy's face as he approached, dropping his trunks as he got to the partition. I could clearly see his half hard cock and it gave me a thrill. I experimented when I was in high school and college. I enjoyed it but it was a diversion. Since marrying Janice, she's been everything, with one exception. But I do fantasize.

The boy stepped up and let his cock slide through the hole. Within seconds he had his head back and was clearly receiving a very good blow job. Of course my cock was rock hard and I had to pull my elastic shorts down to give it a stroke. The boy lasted about five minutes and I heard him gasp quietly. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!" With that he jerked his hips forward a little and exhaled deeply. I could see his twitch as his ropes of cum slid into the wet mouth on the other side. He backed away, his dick still hard and now shiny with saliva. He tucked it away and looked at the hole one more time. I saw a red card wave and he left. Some kind of signal.

Then I heard a commotion under the house. I peeked down the hedge and saw a girl slip out from under the dressing room. She giggled as she met another girl and then she left and the second girl disappeared under the pool house. I made my way the long way and then made a casual inspection of the party. There it was. Hanging on the knob of the pool house was a small red tag. As I watched a girl came up and subtly flipped it over to green. It was the girl I saw leaving. Some system. The guys never know who's in the room but she has to approve any guy that comes in. The signs tell when it's open for business. I wanted to see more.

Back in my spot I didn't have long to wait. I heard the door and got a second surprise. It was Frank. Now I know he has a regular girlfriend, who I know was at the party, so either she didn't know about this, rather unlikely, or approved of it, orrrrr was part of it. Well, that's his problem. I had my shorts down and my cock was hard. So what if it's my kid. He paused, got the signal and moved up close. He struggled with the knot on his shorts and I could see a rather nice bulge behind them. The cloth giggled and Frank smiled. Then the knot surrendered and he dropped his shorts. FUCK, the kids hung better than I am! She, whoever she was, liked it too. The hand reached out and gently took his cock and fed it back through the hole. I was rubbing pre-cum all over my cock as I stroked. Is it perverted to see your son get head? Who cares! Oh she was in no hurry either. I watched as she brought him to the edge three times before she finally let him cum. His voice was raggedy. "Oh shiiiittttt so fuckin goooooddd. Oh fuck I'm gonna cum puleeze let me cum!" She clearly relented and I watched my son's body twitch as his cum bathed the girl's mouth hidden by the cloth. I came at that second too, bathing the ground with my copious spend. Frank nearly collapsed with the release, as did I. He recovered and stood back. His shorts were still down and I got a good look at his shrinking cock. My mind reeled with memories. I decided that I would keep this to myself, for now.

The next Wednesday, I was supposed to play golf with three of my buddies. When we got there, we had a tee time but the course was mobbed. Having no interest in dealing with playing through and waiting we opted for an early lunch.

I got home and noticed an extra car in the circle. I remembered Sammie saying that Chloe and Becky were coming over for the day. It was hot and clear so I knew where they would be. I went inside and found the note from Janice. She was at the club for a set of tennis and lunch. Funny I had missed her but it was a big place. As I changed out of my golf clothes I looked out the back window as I heard the back door. Sammie must have just come in. The other two were standard issue hot eighteen year olds, one a blonde the other a brunette. Becky was a thin thing, only 5'2" or so and she has little A cups and a wasp waist. Chloe had curves. She must be 5'8" or 9" and has a "C" chest and a tight waist that flared out to a nice set of hips, not too wide just big enough to properly fill out the bikini. As I watched the two were talking and alternately looking at the house and the pool house. I saw Becky make a wave at the house and then the two got up and headed for the pool house. My concern was that they might be sneaking drinks. Wrong.

Once again I took a long way around. Being daytime this required me to actually go through the neighbor's yard to be able to approach the pool house from the back. It took five minutes to make sure I wasn't going to be seen. I was getting good at this. I slipped into the gap behind the hedge. The sounds of my steps were swallowed by the mulch. I approached the hole and listened, nothing, then a slight cry or moan? I moved my head close to the hole. During the day if somebody was looking at the hole the people inside would see the sunlight get covered. Nobody inside was looking a hole, well not that hole at any rate.

My eyes bugged out at the fantasy before me. Becky and Chloe were in a tight embrace. Their mouths were pressed hard together. This was not their first time. As they kissed, clearly deeply and with lots of tongue action, their hands roamed over the other's frame. Chloe cupped Becky's hard little ass as she reached up and massaged Chloe's breasts through the thin fabric. Then both their hands disappeared between them and I watched as the rubbed each other's pussy through the thin cloth of their bikini bottoms.

They broke their embrace, looked at each other, then both looked quickly towards the house and it was on. Chloe put her thumbs in Becky's waistband and kneeled as she stripped the girl's bottom off. No surprise, she was shaved smooth. Becky shed the top as she was being stripped and groaned hard when Chloe buried her face between the girl's thin legs. I thought she was going to fall over. Becky spread herself wide as Chloe tongued her pussy. I was stunned, and fucking hard. Becky had tiny tits but her nipples were long and hard. As she stood, pressing her sex into her friend's face she pinched and pulled them. The sights were great but the sounds......

"Oh Chloe baby, lick my pussy. Ohhhhh fuuuuccckkk that's good. Yeah, OHHHHHH! Clit, my clit. AHHHHHHH right there. FUCK FUCK CUMMING!"

Becky put her hands in the blonde's hair and mashed herself into the girls face as she groaned her orgasm. I was stroking hard but trying to hold off. I was sure this was just the beginning, I wasn't even close. As Chloe sat back, her face shiny with Becky's cum I heard the door. Oh, oh, parties over, Sammie must have gone looking for them. Neither Chloe nor Becky flinched. They looked over as Sammie slid in the door paused and smiled broadly. She was carrying a tray with drinks and a small Vera Bradley tote.

"Chloe, you bitch, you started without me."

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