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The Poolside Stranger


My wife is sexy. O.K., as sexy as hell. She really turns me on, and no doubt, she has the same effect on other men. We are both 36, and are high school lovers. I guess it's because she is so sexy, but the thought of seeing her being passionately pleased, fucked, by someone else, has been a fantasy of mine.

We have always discussed the fantasy over sex, and it usually makes us both very hot, but we have never acted on the idea, it was just something to spice things up.

We made a trip to Mississippi recently, basically to get away from it all, and to have a little time to ourselves at the casinos. When packing for the trip, I made sure my wife included a seductive little sundress, if that's what you want to call it. It barely covers the bottom of her ass, and if she bent over even slightly, anyone could see her pussy completely if they had a view from the rear. Of course, that would only happen if she had neglected to wear any panties, which certainly was a dream of mine.

On our first night of the trip, we retired early to the bedroom, and I began to enjoy my wife the way I like to, with my hands and tongue. It wasn't long before her juices were flowing, and before she was begging for me to insert my member into her. But I had other plans.

She was as hot as hell, and ready for a good fucking, but I suggested that she put on her little sun dress, and that we go on a short walk to the pool. The only catch was that she wear no panties. She put up a brief defense, but with her aching pussy needing to be filled, she was in no position to say no to anything at that point.

We quickly readied ourselves, and began our descent by way of the elevator toward the pool. The elevator ride was interesting. Several guys obviously made little attempt at hiding the fact that they were enormous fans of my wife's attire, and of what lurked beneath. But the lone female in the elevator didn't seem to like the attention her husband gave to my wife. I was almost expecting the lady to say, "I hope you have some panties on under their ma'am." But the only things she said were with her disapproving eyes. Unless of course I misread her eyes, and what she was really doing was simply admiring my wife with jealous curiosity.

My wife later told me that she was so hot, that she would not have objected if one of the guys, or all of them, had inserted a finger or two and rubbed her hot little pussy.

Our walk through the portion of the casino to the pool was an eye catching event. That is, for the casino patrons. I'm sure, by the way, that the casino loves the antics of beautiful females like my wife. It has to be good for business.

When we got to the pool, there were a few other couples just sitting around the pool, and one really super hot chick swimming, and a guy about the same age that appeared to be her boyfriend or husband, off to the side. One of the couples left soon after our arrival, and not long after that, the bombshell in the pool rose up, and lifted her self from the water, walking over to her towel. I was surprised when she dried off, wrapped the towel around her sexy body, and exited the pool area without the guy I suspected as her companion leaving with her. She sure deserved some attention for the night, that was for sure.

My wife and I sat on some lounge chairs and began to soak up the night stars and perfect temperature. It was cool, but not so much to make one uncomfortable, even if in a wet bathing suit.

The remaining couple walked over and stood near us, and began to engage in small talk. They were an older couple, and seemed cute together. They talked about their casino happenings of the day, and how although it was no Las Vegas, they enjoyed the Mississippi Gulf coast often because of the close proximity to their Alabama home.

Before long the hugging couple decided to call it a night, and slowly walked back inside, away from the tranquil night air, and off into the smoky, loud, money stealing activities inside.

I then took the opportunity to reach over to my beautiful wife and slid my hand up her soft tanned leg. I gently raised the bottom of her dress and exercised my finger on her clit. She was still a little wet, but not soaking as before. That changed in quick fashion however, and I noticed the inside of her legs began to get sticky. She slowly opened them to give me greater access, as she and I reached across the void and engaged in a passionate kiss.

I love to kiss my wife and feel her tongue in my mouth when we have sex, or when she gives me a hand job. She just drives me wild. Her legs then spread wider apart and even started to lift off of the lounge chair and into the air. "I want you," she whispered in a fluttering way that sounded of pure lust. Without thinking, I got down on the ground, repositioning myself in between her legs, and put my tongue back on her sweet spot. Her pussy and legs were the point of my interest, and I was loving it.

Just then my heart nearly stopped and my breath was broken as I heard footsteps only yards behind me. I turned around and saw the guy who I had originally thought was with the sexy girl in the pool. When he saw me look up at him, he looked just as stunned as me. He reactively said, "Look, I was just trying to get around you guys and leave you alone. I felt a little strange over there watching you. I realize you didn't notice I was still here."

He was right. After talking to the older couple, it was so quiet on the decking, my wife and I thought we were alone. I accepted the guys apology and turned back to my wife as he prepared to leave. She still had her legs spread, and her beautiful pussy was on clear display. Her legs invitingly lead down to her wet patch like a road map to heaven. I expected her to show a little shame, and conceal herself, but I guess it all happened so quickly, and I guess she was in such a state of lust, that concealment just wasn't her main priority.

"Wait," I said to the stranger. "I'd hate for someone to walk out onto the decking and us not notice. Would you mind serving as a lookout?"

The question momentarily shocked the stranger, but I could tell that he saw the sense in my request, and I know his only reluctance then came from wondering if my wife would mind.

When she grabbed me around my neck, and in a course voice filled with lust, said, "Fuck me, fuck me hard," there was little question as to her desires.

My cock slid easily into her awaiting and wet pussy, and I pumped her full and furiously. Due to my excitement, I was surprised and pleased I didn't immediately cum, because it just felt too damn good to finish prematurely.

When I looked up at my wife's face, she was looking at our stranger while I fucked her. And understandably, he had his cock out and was stroking it while watching my wife get fucked by her man's dick.

Almost involuntarily, my wife reached out, and the stranger moved closer to within distance of my wife's warm, awaiting hand. My wife's legs were spread far apart, and I was arched up thrusting deeply into her as she slowly stroked the strangers cock. Her body was like a dream below me as she satisfied two men for the first time. I watched a she rolled her hand up and down the shaft of the man's dick, curling her fingers around his cock head, taking care to really give him a a good working over.

Her pussy lips were winching around my cock in orgasm, and seeing her in such lust with another man's dick in her hand was just too much, and it all began to push me over the edge. I arched back further, and deposited tons of love fluid deep into the crevices of my wife's cunt. It was all just too much.

Just then, the hands of my wife proved too much for the stranger too, who turned away, and finished himself off, not getting any of the gooey stuff on my pretty wife, which I surely appreciated.

After finishing, the stranger began to zip up and button his trousers, and I had to garner all my available strength to zip up mine, as I was totally spent. My wife still lay there, she too left with little energy, but who still looked like she had legs ready to be fucked.

While we had often talked about the fantasy of seeing her get fucked by someone else, in that moment, I did not really want it to come to fruition. Although I must say, her clinching that guy's cock while I fucked her was pretty sexy. Certainly as sexy as anything I had ever seen on any porn movie.

I was fumbling with finishing my zip up when..."My pussy wants to be rubbed," came out of my wife's mouth, in a low but audible voice. When I looked over at her, she was not staring at me, but at the stranger. I think she too felt the same way, in that she didn't really want to be fucked by someone else then and there, but she obviously thought the stranger to be a handsome guy, and she had just pulled a load of cum from his swollen cock. He briefly looked over at me, but I kinda just motioned that it was not my decision, and he knew he had the go ahead.

The stranger knelt down beside my wife and worked his fingers slowly around my wife's dripping peddles. He gently circled her pussy, which emitted a moan from my beautiful wife. She let out a series of sounds as she once again raised her legs, giving him greater access to the further reaches of her perfect pussy.

He finger fucked her right there as I watched, and her body gyrated and her ass rose further off of the chair as she came. I watched as her pussy juices flowed down her legs and as she emitted moans of lust. I glanced up at the door to ensure no one was coming through, and thankfully, we were still alone.

I was amazed at what had just happened and how sexy my wife had appeared. Our fantasy had come true without any real attempt at making it happen. It just sorta happened. I helped my wife to her feet and looked up to see the stranger on his way out the door. My wife and I then collected ourselves, and somehow managed to make it back to the room on wobbly legs.

We showered together, not saying a word, but moaning all the while. I helped to bath my beauty with a sponge, as she was a little too weak to reach all her spots while standing. I marveled at how beautiful her body was and at how sensuous her face was, remembering her lustful look when she came with my dick inside her, and when she came as the stranger caressed her with his finger.

"Do you wish he'd fucked you?" I asked of pure curiosity. "No," she emitted. "I didn't really want to fuck him. But his finger felt so good inside me. I loved the way he finger fucked me. And your dick was so good."

"I noticed you liked his dick in your hand while I pounded you, too," I reminded her. "Well, I couldn't have him all alone while he watched out for us, now could I?" she said with a grin.

I was glad he hadn't fucked her too. It worked out so well. There were no feelings of jealousy, but we had experienced something that left us both energized. I guess that's what gave us the impulse to go at it again. This time we fucked slowly, and gently, moving around the bed, me tasting her freshly bathed body and rubbing her down good.

Our casino trip was one for the ages. Who knows about the future?

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