tagLesbian SexThe Popular Girl

The Popular Girl

byKaren Caldwell©

Glenna looked over and watched as Kerri walked to join her best friends. Kerri was the most popular girl in school and she was one to cause envy to all the girls. She was what all the bubble gum singers looked like. She was annoying agitating and Glenna had a crush on her since she was younger. This was their senior year and Glenna was going to some college that even she hadn’t heard of but Kerri perfect little Miss Kerri was going to Yale she thought about. It wasn’t fair that she could beautiful and smart. Not that Glenna wasn’t pretty because she was it was just that she hadn’t ever been interested in men and around orange county that was the only judge of her beauty.

She watched her and felt another stab of envy. She walked into the restroom and checked her make up. A few minutes later Kerri and her friends walked in “Well if it isn’t the notorious D.Y.K.E.” Glenna heard the snickers of the other girls and she mad a dash for the door. One of Kerri’s cheerleader friends blocked her door. “What are you going?” She pushed Glenna back. Glenna stumbled and dropped her books then straightened. Oh no, Jessica Simpson would not do something like that to her. She walked towards her nails drawn ready to draw blood when Kerri told her friends to leave. “Make sure no one comes in okay?”

“What?” Glenna spat as she walked over to get her books.

“Nothing,” She said as she tapped her teeth with a manicured finger, “I was just curious as to how long you’ve been a carpet muncher.”

“Shut up,” Glenna said as she stood up. She had finished getting up the books and was walking toward the door again. Just as suddenly Kerri pushed her against the wall and Kerri’s mouth slammed against hers and her hand was under her skirt.

Glenna was surprised and didn’t automatically respond. Kerri's lips opened over her mouth and touched her lips with her tongue, that woke Glenna up. She opened her mouth and let Kerri’s tongue in. She massaged her tongue with hers and opened her legs so Kerri could get better access. Kerri’s fingers slipped in so deeply into her that she moaned in her throat and that allowed Kerri’s tongue to slip deeper. Glenna sucked on it and played with it. Her body was playing a bump and grind against her fingers as she slipped another in her. Her body jerked and convulsed and as Kerri felt her body tighten around her fingers. She moved away from Glenna a little “You like that don’t you.” She felt Glenna convulse and stuck another finger inside of her. “Uhm,” Was her answer. “Please,” Glenna groaned she was so close to coming. Kerri massaged her clit and pressed into her g-spot. Glenna came instantly and slumped over on Kerri. She pushed her up and pushed her hair back and kissed her again. After she removed her fingers and sucked two clean. She stuck one in Glenna’s mouth and made her taste her self on her fingers. Kerri washed her hand and Glenna checked her watch and was surprised that all that she had felt took place in less then five minutes and heard water running as Kerri washed her hands and Glenna just stared. Kerri came up and kissed her softly “Stay in here for a few minutes. Clean your self up and come to class. I know your panties are wet. You have to take then off and stuff them some where so no one sees them. You got any perfume?” Glenna shook her head and watched as Kerri walked out and talked to her girlfriends as nothing happened. Five minutes later she walked into the hall and was shocked that she didn’t see a doesn’t people leering at her for her first lesbian experience and breathed a sigh of relief.

It was two fifteen and school was almost out and she looked at the clock wishing that it would speed up so she could go home and explore what happened to her in the girl’s restroom. She was in Mr. Jacobs History class and trying hard not to fall asleep. She looked over to Kerri it was the only class that they had together and the cheerleader was deep in to her books. “Okay, class today is Friday.” A collective shout went up “So that means, yes, joy oh joy, homework,” As quickly as the shout went up it came down in the form of groans, “But or rather this time you get to have partners and before you think you get to pick your own, well then you are wrong. Alphabetical order and the order go like this: Almena with Zimmons, Alvin with Yalverez. He went on until he had paired up every one including Glenna with Kerri.

“Okay every one please pick a subject dealing with the ottomans Its due Monday good luck.”

As soon as he said that the bell rung dismissing them. Every one rushed out of class and Glenna walked out the huge double doors and to the big yellow bus that would take her home. She was just on the steps of the bus when Kerri pulled up in her Black PT Cruiser and rolled down the window. “Where are you going?”

“Home.” She said as she got off the bus any way.

“Nope you heard what the teach said partner. You have to help me with the research paper.” She leaned over and unlocked the door and shoved it open. She looked around expecting cheerleaders to pop out but no one did. Kerri put her hand on her thigh and rubbed her hands up higher on her leg. “Don’t worry they aren’t here.” She slipped her hands under the skirt and automatically, Glenna spread her legs. She rubbed Glenna’s pussy until Glenna was biting her lips not to come in her car. She squeezed her eyes shut. Kerri sped through the streets as if she was a car racer. She made it to her house in ten minutes, which was pure torture to Glenna because she wouldn’t give her the release she craved.

She unlocked the door and raced in her mom stooped them before they reached the stairs. “Hey mom, bye mom, I got homework, this is the partner I got to help me.”

Kerri’s mom looked at her. “Now hold on I haven’t got a chance to meet your friend. I’m Mrs. Lyre, of course I’m Kerri’s mother and you are?”

“I’m Glenna Madison. I go to school with Kerri.”

Kerri rolled her eyes. “Are you done mom?”

She kissed her daughters cheek. “Yes, sweetie and oh before I forget your dad isn’t going to be here tonight he has a flight out and I will be gone to a concert in about five minutes. You think you’ll be able to handle being home alone? You got my cell number don’t you?”

She gave a long sigh. “Bye mom,” she said as she rushed her out the door and locked it. She pulled off her backpack and then told Glenna to do the same. She pushed Glenna to the stairs and made her sit on them. She opened her legs and Kerri got on her knees and looked at her pussy. She opened her legs wider and smelled her.
“Oh baby your pussy smells so fucking good.” She said before she dived in and sucked. Her tongue glided in deep and surged all of her juices Glenna’s head fell back on her shoulders and she lifted up so Kerri could go deeper. Kerri pressed her tongue onto Glenna’s clit and began to suckle. Glenna grabbed her head and pushed her closer pressing her face into her pussy. Glenna felt her tongue move around her pussy lips licking and pushing her tongue in deeper. Glenna began to pulsate. Kerri climbed op her body and saddled her hips. She raised her white shirt with her bra. Glenna glorified in the pressure that Kerri put on her. Kerri found her nipples hard and pointing up. Her perfect tits were aimed like missiles at her mouth. She obliged and suckled until she heard Glenna groan, “Turn around,” she said and Glenna obliged she raised her ass in the air and Kerri found her tight little ass to her liking.
She explored it with her tongue and stuck it deep within the tight little cavity. Glenna groaned and rocked back on her knees. “Oh god I’m coming!” She screamed and was starting to shake and Kerri quickly turned her around so she could tongue fuck her pussy. As soon as Kerri’s warm tongue touched her she explode Kerri lapped her up tasting all of the juices that exploded from her. “Oh god, oh god, oh god,” was all that Glenna kept repeating, as soon as she calmed down she looked at her. Her breathing labored. “Oh god that was fucking terrific.”
“Yeah it was baby you come so good I could eat you all night.”

Glenna smiled but noticed Kerri’s fingers. They were going in and out hypnotizing her as she watched them glide into her little blond stash. She was about to come and Glenna could sense it and she wasn’t going to be able to stop. Glenna pulled her fingers away and sucked them clean. She saw the faintly flushed expression on Kerri’s face. “I have to,” Kerri was saying, “I need this,” Kerri hadn’t removed her panties when she was fucking her self. And Glenna smiled at licking Kerri so clean that she squeaked. She bent and looked at the perfectly trimmed pubis under the panties. She moved the thin fabric that was so wet that it practically dripping. “You’ve been waiting a long time haven’t you?” She watched as a single drop of fluid cling to her swollen clit. It blurred before her eyes and she found it and licked it clean. Kerri bucked and Glenna held her down. She suckled on the piece of flesh until she had Kerri’s taste burned in her mouth. Her tongue glided in her pussy’s most intimate recess. She explored the area and she smiled as she heard the groan slip from her lips. Kerri closed her eyes and orgasmed. “I love being ate.” She said as she looked down at Glenna. She had unbuttoned her blouse and was playing with the full pink nipples. “Uhm,” she said taking her time to nuzzling them. She had plucked one up to her mouth and sucked it, nudged it and bit it lightly.

“I didn’t know you liked me or pussy for that matter.”

She grinned at her, “I’ve liked it since forever, No one knows about it. You want to try out a dildo? I have one that is really cool. You’ll love it,” She said as she led Glenna up the stairs. “Yeah,” Glenna said as she got up and walked up the stairs Kerri following closely.

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