The Portal


"It was actually Einstein who posited quantum entanglement. He called it 'spooky action at a distance' because ... ummm ..."

I lost my train of thought because I felt my foreskin being pulled back and a warm mouth engulf my soft cock. It startled me even though I really should have been expecting something like this.

I was in the middle of my lecture at the Institute of Transportation in front of a quarter million people in New York. My cock was at home in Mumbai and my wife must have just taken it in her mouth. I knew she liked to simply hold it in her mouth and feel it grow before starting any action so I knew I had a few seconds to act.

"Err.. Excuse me." I pulled my phone out of my pocket, pretending a call. I felt light suction and felt my cock grow a bit. "I need to take this." This is one good thing about being a celebrity. You get away with few things. Making a quarter million people wait is one of them.

I stepped away from the stage and pretended to listen on the phone, my mind focused on the sensations. I could feel her tongue massage my sensitive spot. Soon I was fully hard. Fortunately no one could see my erection.

The mouth slid down and licked my balls, then traveled straight up to my frenulum. After a couple of licks, she started going full speed and I bucked my hips to meet. At the back of my mind was the instruction my wife gave in the morning. "You do not get to cum today. Double punishment if you mess up." I was a couple of strokes away from messing up and trying my hardest to control. After all I had not cum in two weeks. But the mouth went away as suddenly as it had appeared. I felt a kiss on my cock indicating she was done for now. Sighing, I stepped back on the podium and continued my lecture.

This must sound confusing. Let me start at the beginning.


I had just finished my shower. I was naked, drying my hair when my wife walked in. She was fully dressed. She gave me a kiss and then bent down to give my cock a kiss. She then stayed on her knees and started talking to my cock. She had this maddeningly cute habit of holding my cock like a microphone, directly talking to my cock, giving him instructions and generally treating him like a separate person.

"You don't get to cum today. Is that clear?"

"Yes ma'am." I answer. It has been two weeks since my last orgasm but my wife controls my orgasms and I get to cum when she wants me to cum. I never know what she has planned. I love her for that.

She is still talking to my cock. "Can you stay behind today? I want to ride you."

I love how my wife pushes my buttons. She knows I have not cum for two weeks and will cum super quickly if she rides me. "I can leave him behind if you wish but if you get on top I won't be able to control myself."

"Not an option. You are going to have to do better than that. Double punishment if you mess up today."

"Yes ma'am." I dare not ask her what double punishment she has planned.

"Good boy." She gives my cock another kiss and gets up. Now she is talking to me. "What time is your lecture?" She has a twinkle in her eye and a secret smile. She is hatching something.

"It is at 9 pm local, in one hour. Then I have meetings all day. I mean all night. The president arrives at dawn and that's when we have a factory tour."

"Leave him on counter. Breakfast will be ready in 5 minutes. " She walks away.

I start the preparation to leave my cock home. I wind the first portal ring around my cock and balls. It fits snugly. Then I place the second portal ring nearby. I line up the gun between two rings and fire it. The portal rings activate. My cock and balls disappear, leaving just a ring with a shiny mirror finish where they were. The second portal ring turns a mirror finish as well. The cock and balls reappear in the second portal ring. I leave the ring with my cock and balls on the bathroom countertop and start dressing up.

You see, I am the inventor of the portal transportation system. If you have played the 21st century game you will know what I am talking about. I was obsessed with that game growing up, and when I got my PhD in theoretical physics, I started noticing several clues in the game which could only be understood by someone with a proper background. I followed the clues and it turns out that it was a message from a future civilization - hidden as a video game. I decoded the clues and built my first portal at the age of 35, successfully transferring an apple from my garage to my living room.

The portal system required conductive rings made of a special material and a sonic gun tuned to a specific frequency to activate them. Once activated, any material passed through one portal ring appeared at the other portal ring instantly. The rings have to be near each other on opposite side of the gun for the activation, but could be subsequently moved anywhere without breaking their connection. Firing the gun again at either portal deactivated them, nothing else seemed to disrupt the connection.

This completely changed the transportation worldwide. Due to the patent fees and some strategically placed real estate bets, I instantly became one of the top ten richest guys in the world. Within a year we were routinely transporting people and of course they emerged intact with no harm. Within five years there were portals set up connecting all major cities. You could get anywhere from anywhere in minutes.

Last year we were experimenting with power transmission through portals. I discovered that an electric cable passed through the portal will keep conducting current. We also discovered that if a body part is in transit, the portal system somehow keeps the two ends of the body part seamlessly connected. All the nerve endings and blood vessels behave as if they are still intact. E.g. you can put your hand in the first ring, you can feel what is outside the other ring and pull your hand back. It was as if the two portal rings are two sides of a hole connected to each other through some alternate dimensions, and you were just reaching through a hole.

This gave my wife an idea and she asked me to create a portal ring which would fit my cock and balls. She then asked me to put my cock in there. To her great delight, she discovered I felt everything she did to my cock or balls when detached from my body. We initially used this to convert some sexual positions to more convenient ones. My balls are very sensitive and I love when she licks them, so she would have missionary sex with me but keep my balls in the portal ring so she could lick them.

We had toyed with the idea of my leaving my cock home but had never done it before. She kept saying leave your cock behind so you do not cheat. In reality, even though I could have any girl probably, I did not have eyes for anyone but my wife. She really knew how to tease me.


"What is our timeline for towing a portal to mercury? " I asked my chief science advisor. We were looking at installing a power generator using two portal rings placed at widely different temperatures, one on Mercury and one at earth-sun L1 point in space.

"The ship is currently being assembled. It will be ready in 9 months."

"OK, what is the status of thermo..." I gulp as I feel a condom being put on my cock.

My phone beeps. For real this time. It is the wife. She has texted me to call her on video right away.

"Please continue and give me an update." I tell my advisors and I leave the meeting to go to my office.

I turn the glass walls of my office opaque and call my wife on video. She answers immediately. She is naked on the bed with my condom covered cock in her hands. She has a beautiful body, toned in all the right spots. I love her 34 C breasts. She keeps her pussy fully shaven. I am growing hard. She smiles at me and says "I know how you like to see my boobs bounce when I ride you. How could I deprive you of that opportunity?"

"You know if you ride me I am not going to last at all. More so if I see your bouncing boobies." I said cautiously.

"Tough." Wife said. She put my cock with the ring base on the floor. She placed the phone on the night-stand and made sure I could see her in all her glory. Then she slowly lowered herself on my cock. Inch by Inch, I felt myself enter her and felt the warmth and wetness of her pussy. She really got turned on by teasing me. She was especially turned on today since I had absolutely no control over the situation. I could do nothing at all, I just had to endure whatever she was doing. I was sure I would cum in less than a minute. I shuddered to think what she meant by double punishment.

"I will give you a minute to settle down. Remember, no cumming." Wife said smiling. She played with my balls while blowing me a kiss.

Slowly she started moving. At first she did very slow short strokes, rising only an inch or so before sitting down on me again. She exaggerated the bounce while sitting down on me so I could see her magnificent 34C boobs bounce. Slowly she started increasing it a little bit more. I was at the edge of cumming already. She saw my face on the video and giggled. "What, edging already?"

"If you don't stop I am going to cum." I warned her. She pouted but paused for a few seconds and started again, slowly at first.

This time I felt that the sensations are not so strong. Slowly she increased her speed and now she was pulling herself all the way off and pushing herself all the way down again. I struggled with this strange feeling, I could see her moving, feel her weight on me but my cock was no longer feeling the full pressure of being inside her.

"Haha - tricked you. The condom has a numbing cream. I thought this way we both win. I get to ride you and you can last a bit." Wife said with a huge smile. "Mute the speaker, put the phone in your pocket and go back to the meeting. I want to hear some productive discussions while I ride you."

I knew better than to argue. I complied with her order, putting the phone back into my pocket and walked to the meeting room. I could feel her bouncing off my cock, stopping once in a while to caress my balls. I stand outside the meeting room and notice that my body is oscillating in rhythm with her riding. My cock was getting pushed and pulled and the motion was transferring to the rest of my body. I enter, hoping nobody would notice my strange walk. I was no longer in any immediate danger of cumming so that was a positive thing.

I walk back into the meeting room and tried to resume the conversation. I have no idea what project going on, but I tried to provide some intelligent input. This is another thing about being a celebrity. No one will outright object. It is sometimes difficult to tell if you are being effective or not.

About 10 minutes later I felt her speed really increase, she continued to frantically bounce on me and I felt a warm gush of liquid on my balls. She must have squirted and cum. I feel her slow down, lift off of me and take the condom off. She wipes the numbing cream off my cock. My balls are still wet as I feel my cock deflate. I try to focus back into the meeting and I think I may have actually make a couple of useful suggestions.


The president of the federation arrived at dawn. He has the rare distinction of being one of the few guys more powerful than me. He loves the transportation that portals can provide but he is not really onboard all the additional advantages I have figured out using the portal system. This is my opportunity to convince him. He wanted a tour of our factory so we make a short jump to upstate New York.

As I am entering the factory, I feel lubrication being poured on my cock. The numbing cream has worn off and I can feel every inch of my cock again.

I fake a leg cramp and sit down on a bench. He looks at me strangely, I apologize profusely, as I feel my cock grow in her hands. I ask my advisors to continue the tour and tell him I will join him in a few minutes.

I feel her coat my cock and balls in a silky smooth lubricant. She starts stroking my cock. She is not going particularly fast but I feel my orgasm build up nevertheless. She strokes my cock once from head to base, then waits 2-3 seconds. Again strokes my cock, waits 2-3 seconds. She settles into a deliberate pattern.

I frantically call her to tell her I am close but she does not answer. I feel a slap on my cock, as if to warn me to endure whatever she was doing, to not call again and control myself.

I take deep breaths as I channel every last bit of energy I have into not cumming.

It is of no use. I feel myself at the edge of the orgasm and very slowly being pushed towards it.

But she slows down her stroking. Now she is pausing about 5 seconds after every stroke on my cock. But she is doing it exactly in a pattern and soon I start anticipating her next stroke. I am at edge after every stroke. The wait time is barely enough so when the stroke starts, I feel I will cum. Then the stroke completes, I miraculously do not cum but feel I can not last another stroke. I feel I am getting closer to cumming after every stroke. After what seems like an eternity, I finally lose the battle. I feel my balls will burst. She figures out I am about to cum because I feel a sharp slap on my cock just before a stream of cum shoots out of my cock. The slap is very hard and it stings. I think she was trying to stop me from cumming but my orgasm has started and there is no stopping it. I twitch and shoot my first stream. Again another slap. It stings. All my pleasure is being ruined. Spurt, slap. This happens about 5-6 more times. Each time I spurt cum, I get another slap. That triggers another spurt.

Finally I stop cumming and the slaps on my cock stop also. I look at my pants instinctively expecting a mess but of course my cock is not here. I sigh in relief and stand up to go join the president tour. However I feel the stroking on my cock resume and I sit down again. My cock is super sensitive from just having cum, and she is mercilessly stroking it. I try to wiggle away from her but of course I am connected via portal so the ring just moves with my body. I have no leverage, there is no way I can pull it back. She continues this for a minute while I reflexively close my legs. It is no help. My sensitive cock is in her hands and there is nothing I can do to stop her from stroking it. This goes on for a minute or two. I feel her focus on my sensitive cock head and vigorously rub it. The meaning of double punishment is clear to me now. And I think she had planned to make me cum and punish me for it. I remember the twinkle in her eye today morning.

Finally she stops and starts cleaning the lubrication off my cock. I pull out my phone and I send her a text. "Sorry for the mess up. I love you."


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Interesting read!

Different but I liked it, nice work!

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