tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Portal - Dread Times

The Portal - Dread Times


"Xavier, you're up next."

I knew exactly what for. The portal was still present.

"We'll implant this device under your skin so it can't be stripped."

Six hours later, I was ready.

"Good luck!"

"Thank you, sir."

I took a running leap and landed in the heart of the energy field.



I shook my head as I slowly came awake.

"Welcome to Mejare."

I managed to focus my eyes, then looked up. A smiling woman, blue-haired and with an eyepiece, was standing over me.

"Thank you. You must be Meia Gisborn. Xavier Kenton, at your service."

Meia reached down a hand. "I am." I took her hand and she helped me to my feet.

Meia had to be in her early 30's. I had some catching up to do.

"Are you still battling the Harvesters?"

"We destroyed the last of them five years ago and `convinced' Earth not to try and send any more."


"Yes. BC is now the leader of Earth, and backed by about half the fleet, including Barnette, Dita and Jura. Anyone who gets out of line..."

"How's Hibiki?"

"You mean the Taraakian ambassador to Mejare? Doing quite well."

"What do you do?"

"Technically, guard Mejare with my Dread, but since there are no external threats, I often just cruise around or take a break here on the planetary surface. Now, tell me about yourself."

"An energy field appeared on my planet, and I was tasked to go through it. I fell unconscious in the process and ended up here."

"You lost your gear?"

I looked at myself. My gear was actually gone and my uniform was in shreds, although my undershirt and shorts were intact.

"I guess so." I gestured at the implanted device in my left arm. "Now I know why the bosses wanted this put under my skin."

"I don't see a sign of this energy field anywhere."

"Apparently passage through is one-way only."

"What do you intend to do now?"

I shrugged. "I guess I'd better find a way to be helpful out here. I am trained as an engineer."

"Can you maintain a Dread?"

"I can certainly try."

I picked up on things quickly, and by the next day, I was installed as Meia's assistant. I made a few minor repairs and Meia took us up for a test flight.

"This is awesome."

"You've never flown in a spaceship before?"

"I have not, no."

"So what did you used to do?"

"Maintain the engines of ground vehicles."

Meia's company was very pleasant, and I adjusted quickly to my new life. But there was one thing...

"It's been two months since I joined you, and my sexual tension is building up."

"I have never seen a man self-stimulate. Would you object if I observed?"

Meia, the ultimate professional. Of course she *would* use this as an opportunity to make, essentially, scientific observations.

"I would not object in the slightest."

I removed my clothes and lay face-up on a mattress. It didn't take long at all to get hard. Just looking at Meia's fit body, even clothed, was sufficient.

"So that's your tube."

"I call it a cock."

I wrapped my hand around it and began slowly stroking. Meia's eyes remained glued to my groin.

"Do you usually... think about something while you're doing that?"

"I try to picture a woman. Right now I'm thinking about you, naked."

"If I removed my clothing, would it aid you?"


Meia proceeded to strip her clothing, neatly folding it and setting her eyepiece on top of the pile.


My hand moved faster on my pole. "Yes."

Meia continued to look impassively at me, as if we weren't both naked and I wasn't stroking my pole. I wondered how she wasn't getting turned on. Or maybe she was.

"What orifice of a woman do you put your tube in?"

"Whichever she desires."

Meia strode over to me. She spread her legs apart and crouched over my face, then leaned forward.

"Should I put it in my mouth?"

"I would love it. Just don't bite, please."

Meia lowered herself down and I started licking at her labia. She had been turned on, because her juices were leaking out.

"That feels good."

She experimentally slipped her mouth down over the tip of my rod. Then her tongue made timid little circles around the tip.

"So does that."

I slipped my tongue between her folds. She instinctively wrapped her legs around my head. Her tongue began sliding up and down the length of my rod.

I licked with greater intensity, and the speed of Meia's tongue increased. She seemed to be getting into it. Her body began quivering. I maneuvered my hand so as to place a finger against her clit, and I very gently rubbed.

Meia's legs locked around my face and she flooded me with cum. I gulped down as much of it as I could. When she regaained control of her body, she slowly stood up. My hard cock was still the target of her eyes.

"Does having that where your tongue just was also lead to such... violent pleasure?"

"If I do it right."

I stood up, gently bent Meia forward and spread her legs. She grabbed a bar on the wall to steady herself, and I slid into her from behind.

"You do feel... pleasant... inside me."

I began pumping my hips slowly, establishing a smooth, steady rhythm. Meia was moaning softly. I took that as a good sign and placed my hands on her butt, gently groping her as I slid in and out.

"You feel wonderful, Meia."

She was now moving her body in rhythm with mine as I pumped her. I placed my hands on her hips and begin thrusting into her fast and deep. She quivered with pleasure. Again, I moved a finger to her clit, and again, she climaxed with great passion.

As she was slowly recovering, I popped my cock from her box and blasted my sperm onto her firm rear. When we both recovered, she managed to stand on wobbly legs.

"So that is why Eath people like this activity so much."

"Indeed," I acknowledged.

"A true scientist never perfoms only a single experiment. Perhaps we could perform another one tomorrow?"

"As you wish, Meia."

She lay down, still spent, and I joined her.

"And this gives me a chance to experiment with cuddling."

I nudged her head onto my chest and closed my eyes...

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