tagGay MaleThe Post Season Ch. 01

The Post Season Ch. 01


"Dude, I can't fucking believe the Ravens are gonna win this."

"No fucking way, man." I replied. "Brady is gonna march them down the field and win in the last minute."

"Ha, bullshit!" Jason yelled as he stood up. "Want another beer?"

"Sure. What's one more at this point?" I replied as he walked towards the kitchen. My eyes followed him. His large muscular frame was squeezed into a 49ers jersey, making it look like he was wearing pads under it. His jeans were just tight enough...

'What the fuck?' I asked myself. 'How fucking drunk are you that you're looking at his cock?'

We had started drinking around 12:30, just in time for the pregame show. By halftime of the first game we had to go on a drunken beer run, picking up four more 12 packs. It was now 9:00pm and we only had a few bottles left. I knew I was goingto be trashed so I had already told my wife, Jessica, that I would be crashing here.

"Catch!" Jason shouted, pulling me from my thoughts, as he tossed me a bottle.

"Thanks," I replied as I twisted to top off.

"If you really think Brady can pull it off and comeback to win this, why don't we make it interesting?" He grinned.

"Sure," I said. "What do you have in mind?"

"How about this?" He laughed. "Patriots win and you can fuck my girlfriend. Ravens win and I fuck your wife."

"Yeah, I'm sure they'd appreciate that," I laughed. "Seriously! What do you want to put on it?"

"Oh come on bro, you know you want to fuck Kim!"

"I'm not saying I don't, but she wouldn't go for it." I said. "And even if she did, Jess wouldn't fuck you!"

"I bet she would." He smirked. "I can picture her right now. Those big ass titties wrapped around my dick. Her licking the head." He put his hands up to simulate holding my wife's head. "I'd fuck those titties all day long." He started to moan. "Fuck, Jess. Your juicy titties feel real fucking good."

Hearing him talk about my wife in such a way was starting to turn me on. I began to picture her on her knees ready to submit to his every desire. There was no way I could let him know.

"Dude, knock it off." I scolded. "That's my fucking wife you're talking about!"

"Oh please." He laughed, "you know you want to see her on this cock." He grabbed his hardening cock through his jeans.

"Fuck you man!"

Jason just laughed. "Fine, fine. You know she does have an amazing rack though. How about $50 bucks?"

"I'm broke man, can't do that."

"Dude, I'm gettin' kind horny thinking about your wife," he laughed. "I'll just go to your house and sneak in bed with her. I bet she'd be all up on this."

"You know what? Fuck you man," I said.

"Ok," he laughed. "What about a blow job?"

"Dude, she's not gonna suck your dick man!" I yelled. As hot as the though of Jess getting face fucked by Jason was making me I knew I had to end this.

"I know," he said with a grin. "At least not tonight. I was talking about you."

"Fine! Fuck it. If the Pat's don't win I'll suck your fucking dick!"

'Did I really just offer him a blowjob?' I asked myself. 'Holy shit I must be fucked up.'

Jason stopped and looked at me for a minute.

"Deal," he grinned.

"Dude, I was just kidding," I replied. Extremely nervous, but exited about the act.

"No, no, no! A bet is a bet."

I returned my attention to the game to realize that, while I was picturing my wife on get knees getting titty fucked and face fucked by Jason, the Ravens had scored and taken the lead 14-13 and the 3rd quarter was ending.

"You better hope the Patriots come out hard in the 4th quarter," Jason laughed. "I know I will be!"

I couldn't concentrate on the game at all. The only thing that kept going through my head was Jess and Jason.

She is on her knees giving him a long slow blowjob. I could see his cock disappearing into her mouth. I could hear the moans and gags coming from her as she worshiped his cock.


Patriots' ball, first down. Brady hands off. FUMBLE! Ravens recover.


She is now bent over the couch, looking right at me while he slides into her soaking pussy from behind. She moans loudly and her eyes roll back as he starts to fuck her hard.


Flacco takes the snap, throws to the endzone to Boldin. TOUCHDOWN

Ravens lead 28-13 - 11 minutes to go.


"Somebody's getting his dick sucked," Jason starts to sing. "Somebody's getting his dick sucked."

"Fuck you man," I breathe in reply. "you know I was kidding!"

Jason just laughed.


Brady throws... Incomplete


Now I see her on her back, holding her legs spread as wide as possible as he rams his cock into her hard and deep. Her screams of passion echo through my head. She begs him for more.


Brady throws... Incomplete


"I need a beer," I announce as I get up from the couch. "Need one?"

"Sure man," he laughs. "Make sure you save one for yourself. You'll want one after you swallow my load!"

"Fuck you," I reply.

'He can't be serious,' I think as I head to the kitchen. 'He knows I was fucking kidding. We're not gay or anything. I know we're both fucking trashed, but fuck...' As nervous I was about the situation, I knew there wasn't much I could do to stop him if he tried to force the issue, I was more turned on than I had been in a while. Thinking of Jess and Jason had me rock hard.

I grab the last two beers from the fridge and head back to the couch.

"Catch!" I shouted as I tossed him a beer.

"Be right back, need to take a piss."

"Don't jerk off in my bathroom!" He yelled laughing, as I closed the door behind me.

I stood looking at myself in the mirror. I was beyond trashed. 'What if Jason insisted in holding up the bet? Could I do it?' I thought to myself. 'No fucking way!' I went to the toilet, sitting down, and relieved myself. I couldn't get the sounds of Jess screaming in orgasm out of my head.

The sudden sound of laughter brought me back from my erotic thoughts. Jason laughed louder as he yelled, "Interception!"

A few minutes later I head back out to the couch in time to see the Ravens punt.

"You better hope they can score twice in two minutes," Jason mocked as he rubbed his hand up and down his jeans covered cock. "I'm about ready."

My eyes followed his hand. Guessing I would say he looked to be around 6 inches or so. I left my eyes there a little longer than I should have.

"Liking what you see?" He asked. "I bet Jess would."

"Fuck you!"


Brady throws... Complete!

They hurry to the line and spike the ball.

1:45 left


"Here sucky, sucky, sucky!" Jason mocks.


Brady throws... Complete!

1:40 left


"Too little, too late." Jason says. "You better get ready!"


Brady throws... Incomplete

1:35 left


"Someone's gettin' a blowjob," he began to sing. "Someone's gettin' a blowjob."

"Fuck you!"

He just laughed.


Brady throws... Complete!

They hurry to the line and spike the ball.

1:14 left


"Someone's gettin' a blowjob."


Brady throws... INTERCEPTION


"And that's the ball game!" Jason exclaimed standing up. "You ready to hold up your bet?"

I was a bit taken aback at his abruptness. He walked right up in front of me and looked down, grabbing his cock through his jeans. Looking up into his eyes I could tell he was more drunk than he seemed. For a minute I wondered if he could even get it up, but then I could feel the throb of my own hard cock in my jeans and I knew he wouldn't have a problem.

"Come on Jess, you know you want to," he urged me. "Maybe you need to see the prize?"

I watched as he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. As soon as the waistband dropped I could see the massive outline of his cock and balls through his skintight boxer-briefs. I reflexively let out a gasp as I realized that my initial estimation was way off. He had to be almost 8 inches, but he wasn't even hard yet.

"Sounds like she likes what she sees!" He said as he slowly reached in and pulled his cock free.

I couldn't believe what was happening. My best friend was standing before me, inches away, stroking his massive cock, expecting me to suck it while calling me my wife's name. I was in a state of shock and awe. 'I can't do this,' I thought. 'I gotta stop him.'

"Come on Jess. Your husband said you'd love to suck my cock," he teased.

"Dude, back the fuck off!" I yelled as I tried to push him away.

"Oh, so she wants it rough! I like that!"

The look in his eyes as he grabbed my hands and pulled them over my head scared the shit out of me. He held both my wrists in one steel-handed grip. His other hand reached down and grabbed his belt and in one smooth motion pulled it free and wrapped it around my wrists. In seconds I was tied helpless to fight back.

"Now, bitch," he said. "You're gonna suck my cock. If you try anything I'll break your fucking arm and keep going." He stood up straight looking down at me with my hands tied behind my head. "Do we understand each other?"

I simply nodded my head.

"Good," he snapped. "Now Jess, time to go to work."

I leaned forward slowly, looking at the mammoth head of his throbbing cock.

"Lick it!" He ordered.

My tongue slid out of my mouth and over the tip of his cock. The taste was intoxicating. I couldn't believe it.

"Yeah, that's it Jess," he moaned.

I continued to lick the head as he slowly stroked himself to hardness.

"Open up," he said. "I want to feel the back of your throat."

Doing as he told me I opened my mouth wide. He grabbed the top of my head with one hand and with the other guided his, now hard, prick into my mouth. The warmth was amazing. The texture was mind blowing. The size was unbelievable. I had to stretch my mouth open further than I had ever opened it before. He felt as thick as a soda can and as hard as granite. He continued to force his cock into my mouth, my tongue bathed the underside of him as he pushed deeper.

"Fuck Jess," he moaned. "Your tongue feels great!"

He pushed in as far as it seemed possible. I started gagging. He laughed, "What's the matter? Can't handle a real man?"

He put both hands on my head, holding me in place as he slowly pulled out and rammed back in, fucking my face. It made me so hot I couldn't believe it. I was moaning and gagging. Really enjoying the abuse my best friend was giving my mouth.

"Fuck," he panted. "Your mouth is too good and I'm too drunk for this. I gotta sit." He pulled out completely, letting his cock bounce off my face. Pulling the belt off my wrists he said, "Jess, kneel down so I can really enjoy this."

Following his command I stood up and turned to face the couch. He pulled off the rest of his clothes as he sat down. The chiseled body of a Greek god sat before me. Hairless and tanned.

"Don't call me by my wife's name," I said as I kneeled before him. "I'll do anything you want, but don't use her name."

"Okay," he laughed. "Probably making you jealous anyway." He looked me over in a way that made me feel very insecure. "Go ahead and strip. I don't like my bitches to be clothed when they suck me off."

I stood up and pulled my shirt off, then dropped my pants and boxers. When my six inch hard-on jumped out he started laughing. I was so humiliated, but loving it and wanting more.

"That's what Jess gets?" he teased. "I feel sorry for her. I bet if she saw my cock she'd never want your little dickie again!" He shook his giant dick to emphasize the word cock. "Whatcha think?"

I was broken. "I'm sure she would love your cock, Jason. It's so much bigger than mine."

"Fuck yes it is," he laughed. "Now what the fuck are you waiting for?"

Instantly I dropped to my knees and wrapped both hands around his hot, throbbing member. It was so big that I was able to stroke it with both hands while sucking on the head.

"That's right, Bitch. Suck my cock!"

With that command I dropped one hand to his heavy balls, gently massaging while I continued to jerk him into my mouth. Allowing more of his member to pass my lips. He moaned as he rocked his hips, pushing his cock deeper. I swirled my tongue, sucked hard and bobbed my head up and down.

"Damn man, you're fucking good!" he praised. "You're better than Kim! I now have to know if you're better than Jess. She has such a fuckable mouth."

Hearing him talk about having my wife suck his cock while I'm on my knees for him drove me wild. I let go of his balls and started to rub my own dick.

I have no idea how long I was on my knees sucking. It seemed like an hour. I loved every second of it. I was enthralled. He repeatedly talked about fucking my wife and having her serve him. The thought of it had me hooked.

"Fuck man," he said, bringing me out of my trance. "I might be too damned drunk to cum like this. Your a hell of a cocksucker though. Maybe I just think I need to fuck something!"

I just moaned in response as I engulfed his cock again.

"Oh, you like that idea? You want me to fuck you?"

I was lost in the moment and moaned again as I sucked harder.

"Oh fuck yeah," he cheered. "Let's go upstairs!"

I stood and followed him up the stairs. My cock harder than ever.

"Bend over the end of the bed!"

Without hesitating I spread my legs wide and bent over. I heard him open and close a drawer beside the bed and walk around behind me. I could feel the warmth of him against my legs. Then the sudden coldness of the lube as he squirted it on my virgin asshole.

"Tell me what you want!" He demanded.

"I want you to fuck me," I moaned.

"Ask me!"

"Please fuck me."

SMACK his hand came down on my right cheek hard. I yelped in shock and at the sudden sting.

"Ask me better than that, Bitch!"

"Jason," I begged. "Please fuck my virgin ass with your monster cock!"

"That's better," he laughed.

His fingers were on my ass, rubbing the lube in. Sliding in and out of my hole. I reached down and started to stroke my cock.

"Somebody likes it!" He laughed.

I just moaned. Soon he had three of his thick fingers sliding in and out of me. I loved it. The pain was going away, slowly. "Ok, time for fun!"

The head of his cock slammed against my hole, making me jump a little. The heat was amazing. Then he pushed. Searing pain followed and everything went white. He pushed again. Inch by inch he invaded my tight hole with his enormous rod.

"Holy fuck, man! You have the tightest ass I've ever fucked!"

I just moaned.

Soon he was moving in and out, slowly but deliberately. It felt amazing!

"This ass is gonna make me cum!" He yelled as he started fucking me faster. His hands pinned my hips down against the bed as he fucked harder and faster. "Fuck man, I'm gonna blow my load right up your fucking ass!"

"Fuck yes, Jason! Cum in my ass!" I pant as he pounds me.

"Fuck that," he yells. "I want to watch you eat my cum!"

He thrusts hard a few more time then suddenly pulls out, grabbing my hip and spinning me down to my knees. "Open up!"

I open my mouth as he shoves the head of his cock into my mouth. He is violently stroking himself as I swirl my tongue around his head and suck.

"Here it comes!" He yells. "Swallow it bitch!"

His cock explodes. Rivers of cum fill my mouth. Splashing against my throat. I swallow and gag at the same time. Cum squirts out the sides of my mouth as he starts to fuck my face as he cums.

"Fuck yeah!"

He pulls his dick from my mouth and let's fly two more streams of cum that hit me in my face and drip down onto my stomach.

"Damn man," he sighs as he climbs over me and into his bed.

I drop to my back on the floor at the foot of his bed and furiously jack my own dick. My mind streaming through everything that had just happened. How much I loved it and how I couldn't wait for it to happen again.

I explode with two streams of cum splashing up to my chest, mixing with Jason's puddles.

In seconds I pass out. Sleeping at the foot of his bed.


I wake up with a splitting headache, instantly regretting the amount of alcohol consumed the night before.

Cum is dried and crusted to my face, chest and stomach. Beside me I see my phone. It shows several text messages. I pick up my phone assuming it is my wife asking when I'm planning on being home. I check the messages. Horror overcomes me as I flip through several pictures of Jason's cock in my mouth and in my ass. Plus a few of me sleeping, covered in his cum.

The last message reads, "If you don't want these pictures sent to everyone you know you better have Jessica at my house in two weeks ready to fuck."

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