tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Power of Gloves

The Power of Gloves


Sylvie was bored. Here she was at age 41 working in a small software company run by twenty-something-year-old boys. After being laid off from an older, established multinational company two months ago, she became desperate and took whatever job came along first. Skipping two months of mortgage payments was all she could reasonably handle. Sylvie had pride in her credit rating. After her divorce 10 years ago she vowed to have perfect credit and financial independence. No man was going to control her financially or otherwise ever again.

One thing she had not had in the past few months was an orgasm. Her on-again off-again boyfriend was laid off at the same time from the same company and left town looking for a better job. He was a fine lover. He always started by going down on Sylvie, paying special attention to her clit. Sometimes she wondered if he read about this technique somewhere. He was very good with his tongue but the technique never varied. Once he surprised her by massaging her anus just as she was cumming. It was a small thrill. Her husband's finger was the only other attempt anyone had made to get in her back door. She occasionally thought about allowing a man to take her roughly from behind.

When it was her turn to return the oral favors, Sylvie focused on giving total attention to the task. She would lick the underside of his vein-laden shaft, dragging her tongue across the underside of his cockhead. She would pause for a quick tongue stab into his little peehole before engulfing the head and drawing his cock into her mouth and throat. He always moaned at this point. Her pussy tingled, knowing here she was on her knees controlling a much bigger man. Two of her fingers massaged the space between his ass and balls, drawing him to the precipice of an orgasm. She could make him cum any time she wanted. She would stop there, lie on her back, and let him fuck her with his hard as steel cock. Nothing turned her on more than making a man so hard it looked like his cock skin was going to tear apart.

She missed him in some ways, but he was older and not as in shape as she was. He tired quickly and lost his sex drive on occasion. The steel cock days were becoming seldom. One perk to working at this new company was most of the immature boys had firm bodies and looked to never tire. She caught herself checking out a package or two during meetings. Were they always hard? - she giggled to herself. She had not been with a 25 year old since she was 25.

But today, Sylvie was bored, and after reminiscing, a little bit horny. In her old job, she would occasionally look at porn on the computer for a few seconds to pass the time and distract her from work. She had not done so yet at the new job. Seemed like the perfect time to start.

She looked around and saw no one with a viewing angle of her screen. She opened a site that showed random ten-second porno clips, just enough to whet her appetite.

The first one that popped up was two young, dark haired women in a 69 position, their legs wide open. The one on top had her knees so far apart she was lying entirely on top of the other girl. Sylvie had a quick thought of kissing her college roommates pussy on a dare from her drunk friends. She remembered wanting to slide her tongue inside and taste the juices but the dare game moved quickly to another girl, who had to deepthroat a big Popsicle.

She hit "next" and a video of a man on all fours wearing panties around his thighs was getting taken in the ass by a redhead with a realistic looking strap on cock. Sylvie mouthed the word "whoa" and clinched her thighs together. She wondered what it would be like to have such total control over a man and have him in the most vulnerable of positions. The girl in the video had an evil smile. She hit "next."

A woman in a short skirt is walking down a dark street. A gloved hand grabs her face and pulls her into an alley. She is pushed against a brick wall and her skirt is pulled up by the gloved hand. A gorgeous shaved, slightly curved cock appears and plunges into her pussy and then her ass in one dramatic thrust. The man with the gloved hand pulls her hair toward his face and her back arches. The video ends.

Involuntarily, Sylvie's pussy becomes wet. She bangs her knees together. Her breath catches. She quickly blinks her eyes. Instead of hitting "next" she hits "repeat." In the next 60 seconds Sylvie hits "repeat" six times. Each time the gloved hand pulls the girl into the alley, Sylvie says to herself "oh my sweet god."

She is shocked at her own reaction. Why would that scene have such an immediate and powerful effect on her? She shuts down the browser and walks to the bathroom. She is keenly aware that her pussy is soaked. She throws water on her face to shake the image and to break the spell. She goes into the stall and pulls up her skirt, sits on the toilet. She can't pee. She lifts her left foot wearing a black pump and puts in on the toilet paper dispenser and immediately begins to rub her clit, sliding two fingers inside and over clit, inside and over clit. She cums so fast an "ohhhh" escapes her mouth before she literally covers her mouth with her hand.

Her leg falls off the dispenser and her high heel hits the floor with an awkward scrape. Sylvie feels like she just ran the three miles to work. As she gathers herself together, questions race through her mind. What just happened? Am I turned on by the idea of rape? By not even seeing the guys face? Losing all control?

Normally, she is repulsed by the idea of rape. It is a hideous crime. She used to say "castrate them all!" Her only encounter with the crime was when two guys tried to force her into a back room at a party once. One of the guys she knew and wanted to see his cock anyway – but not that way. She screamed like an insane person and they left her alone. She knows she is lucky to have had only that one experience. But this? Taken in the street - fucked in an alley?? She thinks: What is wrong with me?

Who was the man with the gloves? Does he find an unsuspecting woman and fuck her wherever he grabs her? Does he force his cock down her throat? Does he grab her arms behind her and fuck her anally? Does he have friends use her until she is covered in a sheen of cum and pee? Does she cum throughout the ordeal? Does she need more? Does she beg?

Sylvie walks back to her desk with her mind conflicted. Her nipples are hard.

Ch 2

Gavin was bored. He had been with this small software company since the doors opened. He implemented the entire IT system; phones, computers, internet, everything. At first there were thousands of little problems and installation hiccups. But now everything was running smoothly. Occasionally he had to reset an employee password or swap out a damaged laptop. Most of his days were like today, boring.

Luckily for Gavin, during the internet network implementation he added one little feature that only he could access: Global view of every employee's internet activity. Just by clicking on an employee name he was able to see their screen exactly the way they were seeing their screen. He could even see the little arrow move from one point to the next. When he first started playing around with the feature he would try to check in on every one at least once a day. That got boring very fast. Why does the CFO care about a new Lindsay Lohan scandal? Does the head of engineering really need to see another pic of an Asian girl in fake bondage? It was monotony. So he stopped for a while. Now he only looked at new employee activity, especially the women.

Gavin noticed Sylvie the first day she started. He normally presents a few slides at the new hire orientation. Here is how you get your laptop. Here is the helpdesk number. Here is the phone policy blah blah blah.

Sylvie caught his eye for a few reasons. One, she looked classy. Like she knew how to dress and present herself. She looked like she didn't care if she was working here or not. She was going through the motions, it was obvious. That attracted Gavin. Most people come to orientation with this overly-excited-so-glad-to-be-here attitude it made him weary. Sylvie's look was one of "just hurry up and end this shenanigan." I have things to do more important this this silliness. She looked in control and that stirred him.

Gavin also noticed Sylvie's age. Although she had to be pushing 40, she looked vibrant and alert. Her short dark hair and easy-to-swim-in eyes drew him in so much he had to force himself to look at the other participants at least once during his five-minute presentation. It was easy to see her as being a fun person to know outside of this place. He had an image of listening to her tell him great stories of her life, travels. He could learn a lot from her – maybe even some sex skills.

Right before he was ready to wrap up his presentation, Sylvie did something she probably doesn't normally do if she were more focused on her surroundings. Wearing a short skirt, she re-crossed her legs very slowly almost like she was stretching or suppressing a yawn. Gavin could not help but look at her open legs. Gavin could not help notice Sylvie wore thigh highs and no panties. Gavin could not help notice Sylvie shaved her pussy bare. Gavin averted his glance; shut down his laptop and left the room without saying his typical "call me if you need me" tagline.

He went to the restroom and entered the stall. He pulled out his hard, thick cock and started to stroke with the vision of Sylvie's parted thighs and bare pussy. He came so fast he sprayed cum on the bathroom wall. A quick wipe and Gavin went back to his desk in a state of utter desire.

But today, Gavin was bored. He had looked at Sylvie's internet activity many times before. She never looked at anything exciting. She checked her bank accounts and her credit rating often. She read the news and looked at movie reviews. Although Sylvie spent more time on the internet than most people, nothing she did online was worth watching.

He looked again today anyway. Almost immediately he straightened up in his seat. On her screen was a guy getting fucked in the ass by a woman with a strap-on. Holy shit is she into that? I don't know if I could do that? Maybe for her I could? Wow that looks crazy? Gavin had to double-check the employee name to make sure it wasn't someone else looking at this kinkiness. Nope, it was Sylvie alright.

Then the screen changed and a hot chick is walking down the street with a slutty elegance, well put together but looking to get fucked. She has great legs - just like Sylvie's, not skinny but shaped, creamy. Oh what's this? Some dude is going to rape her?? Those gloves are so manly and powerful. Oh wow that dude got hard fast! Damn look at her arch her back. Gavin was aroused for two reasons. 1) He had never seen someone take control so fast and 2) Sylvie watched this video at the same time he did. They shared it together.

Gavin couldn't wait to see the next video. And then the same scene repeated. And repeated. Again and again. Sylvie watched the scene six more times back to back before she signed out. He realized that she loved it – she must be turned on by the power. Hiding his growing erection, Gavin left his office to find Sylvie. He wanted to see the look on her face. Was she bored? Excited? Nonchalant? When he got to her desk she was gone. Damn! He looked around the hallways and couldn't find her. The women's bathroom door opened and out walked Sylvie. Her skirt was a little wrinkled. She looked right through Gavin like she was in a trance. She was flushed; red cheeks and throat. Her hard nipples were visible beneath her blouse.

Gavin said to himself: "She looks like she just got fucked really well! I have never wanted to take someone more in all of my 26 years."

Gavin wondered if Sylvie was masking an inner wanton slut who wanted to be fucked by strangers, taken against her will. No wonder she doesn't wear panties - she is ready for a hard cock at all times. He wondered if she sucked her bosses cock during the interview or showed him her wet bare pussy. Did she spread her legs for the first time to a much older man? Did she give her boyfriend a handjob in the movie theater, pumping his cum onto her popcorn? Gavin wondered if she had begged someone to cum in her ass. Did she get on her knees for dozens of men in a crowded room? Did she crave cum? Gavin went to the bathroom to jack his leaking cock for the second time since Sylvie started working at the company. Who is Sylvie – the one I have a crush on or a total cumslut?

Ch 3

Gavin left work early to go to the mall. He was determined to buy the exact pair of gloves he saw in the video. His cock felt like a live wire, electric, alert, dangerous.

Sylvie left work early to go home and get in bed. She was determined to rid her mind of today's events. Her pussy continued to create moisture, panties now soaked.

Gavin walked past a classy lingerie shop on the way to the department store. He spotted a pair of sheer thigh highs and imagined Sylvie's legs opening for him. Just for him.

Sylvie walked past several small shops and looked down every alley. She spotted a man walking away from her in an alley. She shuddered and her legs felt rubbery.

Gavin got home and was happy his roommate was gone. He ran to his room and started his computer. He searched "taken in an alley," pulled his hard cock from his pants and put on his new leather gloves.

Sylvie got home and was happy her daughter was gone. She ran to her room and lay down on the bed. She lifted her skirt and plunged three fingers into her aching pussy. With her other hand she took a handful of hair and tugged the back of her head, pretending it was someone else's hand.

When Gavin came, he shot three white cum ribbons onto his new black leather gloves.

When Sylvie came, her back arched and her mouth opened in the shape of an "O."

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