tagNonHumanThe Power of Love

The Power of Love


In an isolated mountain cabin, a young woman encounters an earthbound ghost. Through a powerful sexual possession of her, he helps her find her way out of a devastating depression and realize the promise of a happy life. In helping her to find herself, he finds himself and breaks the bonds that have held him a captive within the cabin for over seventy-five years

Suspend your disbelief; let your heart and mind embrace the power of love. Enjoy.


I had just celebrated my twentieth birthday and looked forward to our second wedding anniversary when I lost my husband Frank in a fatal vehicle accident a little over a year ago. It was a horrible experience facing that loss, but I was able to deal with it a little better when I discovered soon after his death, that I was pregnant with his baby. Frank's death had devastated me and despite the joy and happiness of knowing his child was growing inside me, I slipped into an emotional state where I was continually sad, depressed and lonely. My family and friends were worried and thought for my sake, and the baby's that getting away and spending some time in a quiet setting might help.

As it turned out, my husband's best friend Barry had a furnished three bedroom cabin in the mountains outside of Redding in Shasta County that he hadn't used in awhile. The secluded cabin lay situated near a small lake, surrounded by tall, old growth trees that afforded even more quiet and privacy. Barry suggested I use the cabin for as long as I wanted or needed and to take advantage of the solitude and beautiful surroundings to think and clear my head.

With the help of my sister Heather, I was able to move and settle into the cabin a couple of weeks later. By now, I was almost four months pregnant and showing a small baby bump. Heather was concerned about me being there alone in my condition, but I assured her there was nothing to be worried about and that I would be okay. Heather spent the night with me and after seeing that everything was in order, hugged me goodbye and reluctantly left early the following morning.


Over the next couple of days, I spent the majority of my time exploring the grounds. One afternoon I took a long, leisurely walk into the nearby village where I met the owner of the little market and my closest neighbor, Jim Collier. Jim seemed surprised I was there in the cabin alone, especially as it was so isolated and I was pregnant. His concern apparent, he gave me his number to call if I needed anything, and I promised him that I would.

Upon returning home, I prepared an omelet for my lunch and decided to grab a little sun. Because the rear deck was a bit more sheltered and comfortable, I removed my clothes and stretched out naked on the chaise to enjoy the sun. I closed my eyes and delighted in the warmth of the sun on my breasts, growing belly and between my slightly opened legs. As I lay there languishing in the sun, I had the feeling that someone was watching me. I opened my eyes and nervously looked around the yard and out toward the tree line, but I didn't see anyone. Geez, I guess I was a bit paranoid and nervous in the new house I reasoned. Dismissing the feeling, I got up, wrapped the towel around me and hurried into the house.

As I got ready for bed that night, I remember thinking that I had made the right decision in coming up here. In the short time here, I was already feeling rested and starting to feel the first inkling of hope for the future. If I could just shake that heavy shroud of loneliness, life would be bearable.


I had fallen asleep while reading, but was suddenly awake. I felt someone was there in the shadows. I could sense a presence; almost smell the faintest scent of cologne and tobacco. Terrified I sat up on the bed, my eyes searching the darkness of the room, "who's there?" I called . . . "who's there?" I called again, a creeping hysteria now evident in my voice.

The room seemed to grow even quieter if that were possible and suddenly I felt a light caress on my cheek and a kiss on the nape of my neck. I screamed, now more frightened than I had ever been in my life. Gathering my courage, I made myself reach for the night lamp and click it on. The bedroom immediately flooded with a stark fluorescent white light, and I could see that the room was empty. There was no one there. I looked around in confusion. Had it been my imagination? I could have sworn someone or something had been here; I had felt its caress and its kiss. Whatever it was had seemed so real. Though still shaken, after a while, I couldn't keep my eyes open, and sleep overtook me. Keeping all of the lights on, I finally lay down and fell into a fitful sleep.

Around two o'clock that morning, I again felt myself pulled to wakefulness as if someone was calling my name.

"Maggie . . . Maggie, don't be afraid," the voice whispered, inside my head. Not fully awake, in that twilight state of half sleep, I was not afraid, but lay submissively when a large hand caressed my growing belly and slipped downward between my legs. "Close your eyes, Maggie," the entity's voice said, as continued to almost lovingly fondle and massage my clit until I came in a soft, slow orgasm. As the sexual energy ebbed and my body calmed, I was flooded with a sleepy feeling of serenity and drifted back to sleep with the inexplicitly comforting sensation of someone spooning close behind me.


I awoke the next morning to a day already on its way to being unbearably warm and muggy. After a quick shower, I dressed in just a pair of shorts and one of Frank's old oversized shirts, minus the constricting bra and panties under clothing. As I puttered around the cabin that afternoon, I realized just how oppressively hot and uncomfortable it could get up in the mountains at this time of year. There was no air conditioning in the old cabin, and trying for a little relief I unbuttoned my shirt freeing my swollen, tender breasts in a vain attempt to cool down.

That evening while standing at the sink washing up a few dishes, I felt goosebumps rise on my arms. He was here; the presence was here in the kitchen. My body stiffened, and I stood there frozen with apprehension when I felt unseen fingers lightly feather across my exposed breast, making my nipples harden and become erect. I frantically turned my head left to right, left to right searching the kitchen, trying to figure out what had just happened, but as always, there was no one there. I trembled when two spectral hands circled me from the back and cupped my breasts. I looked down, and could see the imprint of hands, and feel the pleasure, pain when he squeezed my swollen breasts or pinched my nipples sending a hot surge of sexual energy sizzling from my nipples down my stomach to my clit.

Speechless with shock I broke away and hurried into the bedroom, slamming the door behind me and turning on all of the lights. I was too afraid to leave the room. I tried to call Heather, but the phone only rang and went to message. I didn't know what else to do or who else to call, besides, who would believe what was happening here. After it had grown dark outside, I undressed and crawled under the covers eventually falling into an emotionally, exhausted sleep.


Heather had come up to bring my mail and a few other things; it had been a good visit. We were talking over lunch, and I casually mentioned that while I loved the cabin very much, I sometimes had the feeling someone was watching me. We laughed about it with Heather joking it was probably the squirrels and raccoons checking me out. Feeling foolish, I hadn't said anything about the ghostly touching and fondling.

At the end of Heather's visit, I stood on the porch watching as she drove down the driveway. I would miss her company, and almost immediately began to get that anxious feeling as soon as her car drove out of sight.

Three nights later, I awoke to the sound of someone calling my name, "Maggie, Maggie." When I drowsily opened my eyes, I became aware that I was not alone in the room. I can only describe it as having a prickly feeling all over my body when I looked and saw a swirling, vaporous form begin to move towards me, and eventually materialize into a large translucent shape. I watched, transfixed as light passed through the form, and gradually took on the clearly recognizable outline of a man, a corporeal man. I stared in amazement, realizing that though the entity was somewhat translucent, he was obviously able to give himself substance if he chose to do so. His maleness was undeniable, as evidenced by the thick, long penis that hung between his legs; Unashamed I stared at it . . . mesmerized, feeling a dampness between my thighs spread. My heart was pounding so loud in my chest I could almost hear it, but surprisingly I wasn't afraid, somehow I knew he did not want to harm me. I watched as he came toward the bed and stood as if waiting to see what my reaction would be.

I heard him in my head, "Don't be afraid; I've waited for a long time, Maggie." I listened, confused, not understanding what he meant. The man slipped under the covers and touched my shoulder, applying enough pressure so that I understood he wanted me to lie back. The entity kissed me, which seemed to calm me before he inched his way down my stomach to my pussy and covered it with his mouth.

"No, oh my god no," I murmured as it registered that this thing, this man was between my legs pleasuring me with his tongue. He was careful not to touch my clit as he pressed the tip of his tongue into my pussy where he licked, kissed and sucked it.

He licked between my pussy slit moving toward my ass with his mouth, now and then slipping a wet finger into my ass making the muscles contract around his finger squeezing and entrapping it. My husband Frank had never pleasured me that way. I liked how it felt and pushed back against his finger wanting more of it inside me. When he finally, mercifully sucked my clit into his mouth I screamed Frank's name and began to cry with the pleasure. His tongue explored between my legs flicking over my clit, licking along the shaft sending shocks through my body. I squirmed when I felt his teeth nipping my clit, "oh my god, yes . . . yes," I moaned as an undulating warmth began to build.

At the touch of his mouth and the friction and pressure of his tongue, my orgasm erupted, and I grasped his head and held it to my pussy. Grinding my pussy into his face, I became a helpless spasming creature, unaware of anything except the awful pleasure coursing through me.

As my orgasm subsided, I slowly opened my eyes and to my disappointment realized there was no one between my legs or in my bed or the room . . . I was alone.

Tears began to well up in my eyes again. Had I been dreaming? Was it possible I had been masturbating in my sleep? That didn't make sense, I mean I had felt and touched someone; I had enjoyed the feel of a man's mouth between my legs and experienced an exquisite orgasm.

As I moved to get out of bed, I felt a vague soreness between my legs, my pussy lips were pink and swollen, my clit still engorged and tender. It couldn't have been a dream, could it? It had all seemed so real.


A few weeks later, Heather had come up again to check on me. She had planned to stay for two weeks this time, and I would go back with her for a short visit with my folks, whom I hadn't seen in months. After dinner one evening, she sat at the table looking at me and said, "You look happy Maggie, more relaxed than I've seen you since Frank's death."

"Well, I'm not doing anything special," I said.

"I think it's just the fresh air and the beautiful surroundings. I love this house and feel comfortable here. Sometimes I even feel there's a guardian spirit here, looking out for me," I said, laughing self-consciously.

"Whatever you're doing, keep doing it. It's obviously been good for you," she said as she hugged me and rubbed my belly. I looked at her and smiled, Heather would never know just how happy and contented I really was.

How could I ever explain to her that the house was haunted and that a ghost visited me at night and did wonderful things to my body?

The entity did not come to me during the two weeks of Heather's visit and by the time I returned to the cabin nearly a month had passed. I had missed him and patiently waited for him to appear, but he didn't. I did on occasion sense his presence near me, especially in my room at night watching me, but he did not materialize.

I felt that old sadness trying to take hold in my heart.


As the Summer turned into Fall, my baby began to kick, and my breasts were swollen and heavy in anticipation of the baby's eventual birth. The knowledge that my baby would be here in only a couple of months and that I would always have a part of Frank with me, made me want to be strong.

I felt a wave of loneliness unexpectedly wash over me late one evening while stretched out in a warm bubble bath. I missed Frank more that I could express and now with my pregnancy and the hormonal changes my body was going through, I found myself continuously horny and wishing Frank were here with me. Despite the entity's nocturnal visits, I was constantly masturbating trying to find relief, but it wasn't enough. My body needed, yearned for sexual intimacy, for the feel of a hard, male member penetrating me, filling me. Unfortunately, all I had was the memory of Frank, the loneliness, and my tears.

With a deep sigh, I closed my eyes and relaxed into the warm, lavender scented water. I think I must have dozed, because the next thing I remembered was the feel of strong, man hands caressing my breasts, massaging them. A soft moan escaped my lips, when his hands moved to my belly, tracing the outline of the baby growing inside me. I smiled, somehow feeling his happiness and approval.

I thought I heard a voice in my head that sounded like Frank's, "Open your legs, Maggie, open them for me."

In a barely audible voice, I whispered his name, my legs opening as he had instructed. I held my breath when I felt his hand slip between my thighs and palm my femaleness, and with long relaxed fingers, he parted my pussy lips and softly stroked up and down the length of my slit. I began to whimper and raise my hips to meet his hand as multiple fingers glided inside my eager pussy. The urge to cum was all I could think about, and just when I thought I couldn't stand anymore, he inserted a finger into my tight, brown bud, and I orgasmed immediately with a strong, animal intensity.

"Yes, yes, my love," the voice in my head seemed to repeat in a quiet, comforting tone.

I dozed until the coolness of the bath water gradually brought me to wakefulness. I glanced around the bathroom, for a brief moment irrationally expecting to see my husband, Frank. No longer afraid or surprised by these encounters, I smiled realizing that my lover had not been Frank. The entity had sensed my loneliness and need, and come to me. I carefully got out of the tub, dried myself and slipped into bed. Falling asleep almost as quickly as my head touched the pillow, I felt a warm, safe feeling of well-being blanketing me.


I woke the next morning feeling alive and energetic. After a short swim and a quick breakfast, I decided to take a walk into the village to pick up a few items. By the time I reached the village, I was exhausted and practically waddled into the little market and found a seat on the nearest bench.

"Hey, Maggie how are you doing, haven't seen you for a while," Jim called, pulling a Coke from the vending machine.

"That's a pretty strenuous walk from the cabin all the way to the village . . . you think it's wish for you to be walking that far in your condition? How far gone are you now, anyway?"

"I'll be eight months in a couple of weeks, but I feel fine, don't worry about me," I reassured him.

Jim handed the Coke to me, "Thanks, Jim," I said gratefully, before taking a deep swallow of the delicious cold liquid.

"Good, good," he said, "you just sit right there, and I'll get whatever you need for you.

"How are things going? Had any problems, anything out of the ordinary happen?" He asked almost timidly while stealing a surreptitious glance in my direction.

"Out of the ordinary? What does that mean?" I asked puzzled and a little alarmed by his questions.

"Oh, nothing really, just some village foolishness. I'm surprised you haven't heard the rumors about that old cabin being haunted. Hell, some of us around here actually think that's why the current owner doesn't come up here more often; he's probably seen the ghost himself."

"What are you talking about Jim?"

Jim got himself a Coke and pulled up a chair next to me.

"Well, I ain't never seen the ghost myself, but plenty of people here about have. If I remember correctly, this probably goes back to the 1940s. Jack and Emily Robards had built and lived in that cabin for only a few years before she and their first baby died during childbirth. Even though Emily was close to term, Jack was called away on business but was confident he would be home in time for the birth. Emily went into a premature labor and died before Jack could get home. Poor Jack was devastated, it was no secret Jack had loved Emily more than he loved himself. People started to say he got a little nutty afterward. Jack never remarried, but stayed in the cabin alone, until his own early and unexpected death, which some folks whispered was a suicide."

The place was empty for a while, until Jack's relatives who had inherited the cabin tried to sell it but didn't have much luck, and so decided to rent it out instead. It was about six months after Jack's death that there were occasional reports from some of the townspeople claiming a have seen a man in the cabin or on the property.

There was something funny about that cabin. Whenever they managed to find someone to rent the place, it would never last long before the people would break the rental contract and leave saying they thought the place was haunted. What was curious was that these sightings were usually reported by young couples and females who were expecting whether she was showing or not. The ghost seemed to know.

Jim took a long drink from this Coke bottle. "Though they would not give details about exactly what had happened, there were rumors that the ghost would sometimes materialize to the women and 'touch them'".

"You get my drift?" Jim asked with a lecherous wink.

I sat there listening intently to him but not saying a word.

"Seems the ghost had a thing for pregnant women," Jim said. "The story that stays with me the most has to do with one woman who was, I don't know, maybe about eight months pregnant. She had come up here with her husband for a little piece and quiet before the baby came. The husband was in town one night with some of his town cronies, and she was alone and had gone to bed. She woke around eleven o'clock when she felt her husband behind her, trying to put his cock in her. She didn't think much of it and rolled onto her side so she could be more comfortable while he eased his horniness. As he thrust into her, he let his hand rest on her belly so he could feel the baby inside her. His caressing her bell struck her as strange because he never did that. The sex seemed different too, but she just thought her husband had been drinking and was feeling a bit more rambunctious than his usual lovemaking was. When he began to slowly stroke into her with long, deep strokes, and she felt an orgasm building between her legs, she knew something was wrong. In the three years, they had been together, he had never given her an orgasm, she had always had to masturbate herself after he came. This man was not her husband!

The woman began to scream, and when she jumped out of the bed and saw there was no one else in the room she screamed even louder, grabbed her housecoat and ran out of the cabin to her car and drove off.

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