tagMind ControlThe Power of Touch Ch. 03

The Power of Touch Ch. 03


Please enjoy this latest installment of my story. All your comments and suggestions are welcome. I really enjoy reading through them. Remember, though, that just because I may not have implemented your suggestions, it doesn't mean I won't. The story is still young. So once again, please enjoy this story and PLEASE do leave a comment.


As I sat at the kitchen table with my morning coffee, my thoughts drifted to the two women I had fucked in the past two days. My first acquisition, and favorite so far, was Faye the chubby Marines wife. Then there was Allyson, my mother's friend, to whom I used to beat off to. I was picturing both of them naked. Yeah, sure, they were both older women, and a little over weight. But the fact that they were both happily married women that I could so easily take from their husbands was extremely erotic. Maybe, if I'm "nice" enough, I will permit their husbands to watch as I make their wives moan with pleasure, and then beg me for more. This thought stirred my penis from its slumber. Slowly but surely, it came to attention. I sipped my coffee.

My thoughts strayed to Faye. I wasn't entirely sure of how I was going to address the promise I made to Faye. As I have never had to deal with a bank for a mortgage, much less a loan. It can't be that hard can it? It must be just a little paperwork; I guess I'll find out. I'm still going to do it, it's just a matter of how. That reminded me, I have to call Faye. Or perhaps, I'll pay her a visit. The thought of me visiting Faye, filled me with erotic desire. I could taste her vaginal juices, and smell the pleasant scent of her skin. Mmm, I am very seriously considering moving in with her while Rick is away on deployment. That way I could have my way with her nightly. Now there's a thought, I chuckled to myself.

My thoughts soon turned to the issue of money. Now that I have this power, I'm even more anxious to get my own place. It was easy enough getting money out of people at the mall, but do I really want to do that every time I need cash? It seems like a pain in the ass. No, a regular flow of funds would be ideal, but I'm sure as hell not getting a job, not with this power. I got up to get another cup of coffee. As I stood at the counter stirring in cream, my mind recalled the past two days. I was thinking back to the three girls who gave me money at Massic's. Three teenage females, all mine. Fuck, that's going to be some night when I call upon them to "service" me. Once again, I got erect thinking about it. Then I remembered my other three acquisitions from the mall that day. Muriel, Sofia, and Neil. Muriel had the husband who worked as a broker for an investment company. Sofia was Director of Human Resources for a large company. And Neil was a successful doctor, with his own practice!

I tapped into Neil's psyche first. His practice was quite successful indeed. With three other surgeons working in his office, his office was pulling in at least eighty thousand a week. Interesting indeed. The address was 201 Coleridge Rd. I think I'll just have to pay the good doctor a visit today. Next was Sofia. Ritunne had its head office here, located downtown on the corner of Berwick and York. It being a multinational company, it was raking in profits left, right, and center. Muriel's husband will come in handy also. Not only will I use him for investments, but his company is a well respected and extremely profitable firm. His firm was conveniently located not far from Ritunnes' offices. Basically around the corner on York. The wheels in my head were turning. I had a plan, and now I had to put it into motion.

Seeing as I hadn't gotten around to fixing myself up with some wheels, I decided on using Faye again. I looked at the time, it was just after nine and Faye would have just dropped off Ray and Anissa at school about half an hour ago.

Faye, I ordered mentally, come and pick me up at 314 Corbin Road.

We'll see if that works. I haven't tried mentally ordering one of my slaves from such a great distance. I decided I would shower and get dressed, and see if Faye made it here. After a hot shower, and getting dressed in one of my new suits, I packed the majority of my essentials into a suitcase and lugged it upstairs. I made sure I had all the pertinent information I needed to be "gainfully employed". When I looked out the front window, I saw Faye's 2001 Grand Caravan pulling into the driveway. Sweet Jesus, I thought to myself. She was almost half way across the city when I ordered her to come pick me up. Faye shut the van off and got out. She was half way to the door when I came out lugging my suitcase.

"Are you going away, master?" Faye asked; the concern evident in her soft voice.

You want me to move in with you Faye. You will beg me to live with you because you crave my cock nightly.

"No Faye, I'm moving into a hotel for a while. At least, until I find a place of my own." I lied.

"Oh master. Why not come and live with us until you find a place?" She asked desperation growing in her voice.

"I wouldn't want to impose, Faye." I replied. "And besides, what about Rick?"

Faye moved over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me into her chubby body.

"Rick's not coming home for another five months." Faye whispered seductively, her lips barely grazing my ear.

Faye placed her hand on my crotch and undid the zipper, "besides, my master has needs. I have needs."

"I don't know Faye, it wouldn't seem right." I said playing it up, making her believe it was her idea.

Faye moved her hand inside my pants.

"Please master, I promise I'll make it worth your while." She said while rubbing my cock through my boxers.

"Well, when you put it that way Faye," I whispered in her ear, "how can I say no?"

Faye eventually let go of me and followed me around the back of the van, opening the hatch for me. I tossed my suitcase into the van and she closed the door. As we stood at the back of the van, I put my arms around Faye's waist and pulled her into me, I could feel her large breasts squish into my chest. I moved my hands to her round ass and massaged her cheeks. Her hand found its way to the back of my head, and she pulled my face closer to hers. Faye looked up at me beaming, her lips parting slightly in anticipation. My mouth met hers, and we shared a long passionate kiss in my parent's driveway. The taste of her mouth was beautiful.

Eventually, we separated our bodies, and made our way into the van. Faye slid behind the steering wheel. Once in, I noticed Faye's white lace bra on one of the back seats. She must have taken it off for me on the way over here. She knows what her master likes.

"Did you get a hold of the bank for me Faye?" I asked.

"Oh yes master, of course," she replied, "you have an appointment on Monday at ten o'clock. Is that ok?"

"Yes, Faye, that's fine. Thank you." I said.

I fought the insatiable urge to make Faye take me back to her house, and instructed her to take me to 201 Coleridge Road.

Once we got there, I had Faye stay in the van while I took care of business. It was about 10:15 now.

I went inside, and introduced myself to the attractive receptionist with a friendly handshake. She was Monica Freedman, age twenty five, living at 335 Sinclair Avenue. She had a bra size of 32B, weighed 110 pounds, and stood 5' 10". Her blonde hair was tied up in a loose bun. Her deep blue eyes looked even more beautiful framed in the thin frames surrounding her glasses. Monica was engaged to a Thomas Lindstrom, also aged twenty five. He was an unemployed carpenter with no ambition to find a job, and living with Monica.

She informed me that Dr. Larmon had just finished up with a consultation and had about fifteen minutes free.

Monica, you will enter with me and await further orders. Do you understand?

A tiny nod was all the confirmation I received. Monica stood and led me to Dr. Larmon's office. She was wearing a conservative white blouse, done up to the second from top button, and a black knee length skirt. I noticed there were no panty lines as I watched her ass move while walking to Neil's office.

Monica, sway your hips a little more like you're trying to seduce me.

I watched appreciatively as her little ass started to move a little more seductively, she looked back at me with a mischievous grin. She knocked quietly, and opened the door after hearing, "Come in!"

"Doctor, this is Jeff Bartlett. He is looking for a job." Monica introduced.

Neil stood to shake my hand, "Hi master, nice to see you again."

Oh shit, I forgot about the master stuff from the mall two days ago. Oh well, I'll roll with it, I thought to myself.

"Master?" Monica looked inquisitively at me.

Yes Monica, I'm Neil's master, and now I own you as well. Do you understand?

"Yes master, I understand." Monica replied nodding eagerly.

"Aren't you going to offer me a seat Neil?" I asked.

"Oh yes of course, please, have a seat master." Neil stammered.

It seemed a little weird a grown man referring to me as master.

"Please Neil, just call me Jeff."

"Of course Jeff."

"Would you like some coffee, or perhaps something a little stronger?" He asked in apology.

It was before noon but what the hell. "Sure Neil, what do you have?"

"I've got some nice twenty five year old scotch if you like." He replied.

"That sounds delicious." I responded, my thirst growing.

"Very well. Monica, two scotch please." He ordered his receptionist.

"Yes Doctor Larmon, how do you take your scotch master?" She asked me obediently.

"Straight up please Monica." I replied.

Monica fetched the two drinks from the doctor's side table and delivered them. She stood there, with her hands clasped in front of her, awaiting further orders from me.

Sit down on my lap.

Monica settled her tight little rump in my lap, and put her arm around my neck for support.

Neil, you will not question what Monica is doing to me. Understood?

Neil just smiled and nodded his understanding.

I started to unbutton his receptionists blouse as we started talking.

"Neil, I require a favor from you." I started.

"Anything you want Jeff, what can I do for you?" He asked eager to please.

I had Monica's blouse completely undone now, and spread it open to reveal a very conservatively boring white bra. I helped Monica shrug off her blouse and started to unclasp her bra.

"I need a job, kind of a consulting job if you will," I explained, "one where I don't have to come to the office."

I took Monica's bra off, and told her to stand up. Then I undid her zipper behind her skirt and slid her skirt down her sensually smooth hips.

"I see. Well, my assistant usually handles the hiring, but I could talk to her and tell her what's going on." He replied, clearing his throat.

"It shouldn't be a problem." He assured me.

Monica was standing there facing me in just a pale blue thong. Her beautiful tits were firm and perky, her pink nipples were pointing upwards. I could tell Neil was getting turned on. He was starting to fidget.

"That sounds good Neil." I said, as I gently pulled Monica back onto my lap.

Monica sat on my lap dressed only in her skimpy panties, her warm skin felt great on my lap.

I was fondling Monica's firm, handful sized breasts, slowly caressing them as I spoke. Monica's nipples were smaller than Faye and Allison's; her pink areolas were dollar sized in diameter. The slight aroma of Monica's perfume rose from her warm, pale skin. I pulled her panties away from her crotch and saw that she had a neatly trimmed bush. The sight of her blonde pubic hair filled me with desire. So, the carpet did match the drapes. A natural blonde, hmm, I will definitely be paying little Miss Freedman a visit in the future.

"Tell me Neil, is your assistant here?" I asked, "You see, I'm quite anxious to get 'started' if you will."

Then I had an idea.

Monica, dip your nipples into my scotch.

Monica took my drink gently from me and moved it to her chest. She bent over just enough to get her nipples to touch the liquid. When both her nipples were coated in my scotch she sat up.

I leaned forward and took the closest nipple in my mouth. I wrapped my mouth around her nipple and sucked the scotch off it. Monica placed her hand behind my head to hold my face over her nipple. I could feel her nipple start to harden. Then I turned her slightly toward me and sucked the scotch off her other breast. When I was finished with her nipple, I gave it a sharp, little nibble. Monica gave a quick gasp. As I pulled my head off her breast, I looked her in the eye. She was staring at me with wild lust in her eyes. I just wanted to fuck her right there on Neil's desk.

"Neil, give me about ten minutes alone with your receptionist here." I ordered.

"Yes sir." He said as he stood up and left the office.

Neil, in ten minutes you will return to the office.

Monica was still seated on my lap as Neil walked by, her arm still around my shoulders. After I heard the door close, I stood up with Monica in my arms. I carried her hot, slim body over to the doctor's desk. I found an empty space and gently lowered Monica onto its surface. I cleared a spot for my slave on the desk behind her so she could lie down. Monica lay back on the desk waiting for what she knew was coming. Her tight stomach was moving up and down, her breaths were short and quick in anticipation. I took her skimpy panties and pulled them off her hips. Monica raised her hips slightly to aid in their removal. They slid easily off her smooth hips, and caught a little in the crack of her tight, little ass.

"Fuck me master." Monica said with a forceful voice.

Hmm, apparently Monica had a wild side. One which belied her conservative behavior. However, I am in control here, and I'll have to put an end to her apparent belief of independence.

"Now Monica, I'm the master here. I'll be giving the orders. Do you understand me?" I said sternly.

Monica was panting. "Yes master, sorry if I disappointed you." Monica said softly, submissive once again.

"That's ok. If you want me to fuck you, you must beg for it." I explained.

"Please master? Please?" She begged almost crying for it.

"Please what slave? What do you want?" I asked teasingly.

"I want you! I want you inside me." She pleaded.

I slid off my suit jacket, and undid my pants. My cock had pitched a tent in my boxers. I slid my pants and boxers down to my ankles, and pulled Monica's hips closer to the edge of the desk. Monica spread her beautiful slim legs in eager anticipation. She was looking at me with a slightly raised head. Her vagina was already wet for me, so I slid my penis inside her with ease. Damn, she was tight!

"Mmm." She moaned.

"Do you like that master? Do you like the feel of my pussy?"

She asked, seeking approval.

"Shh Monica, no talking. I will be doing the talking here." I ordered softly.

I started with her slowly. She started moaning with pleasure. The silk of her vaginal walls felt awesome on my penis. I started to fuck her faster now, I was giving her the fucking she deserved. A fucking her deadbeat fiancé couldn't provide her.

"Do you like that?" I asked her.

"Oh yes!" She was almost screaming.

This was all for me now, I was being selfish. I started ramming my cock in her tight little vagina harder now. Monica let out a brief scream. Harder still, Monica's legs were bent at the knee, with my hands were holding her soft, slim thighs for support. Her shapely calves were moving wildly with each of my forceful thrusts. I grabbed one of Monica's breasts and squeezed it hard, my finger tips digging into its soft, warm flesh. Monica screamed loudly. I could see Monica's breast squishing from between my crooked fingers.

"Oh fuck, master!" She screamed with a mix of agony and pleasure.

I quickened my pace. The sound of skin slapping filled the office. Monica had her eyes closed. Her breast still held firmly in my hand.

"Do you like the pain? Do you like having your breasts squeezed?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"Yes." She managed to breathe.

The sound of her voice, the smell of sex, and the sounds emanating from Monica culminated into me releasing a small load of cum into her vagina. I gave a few more quick thrusts, and pulled out. Monica lay on her back breathing hard. Her bun had loosened in the fray. She looked so fucking hot, laying there in a vulnerable state. Monica didn't come, but she looked pleased nonetheless. I picked up my scotch and drank the last of it. I looked down at Monica in her prone state, I gave her a smile.

Damn! I didn't want to fuck anyone during the day today. I was saving myself for my moving in celebration tonight. I looked at my watch; it was only 10:35. I should be ok by tonight.

"Ok Monica, get dressed and resume your job up front, will you?"

"Yes my master." She obeyed.

With that Neil walked in the door just as Monica was picking her clothes up from the floor. There was a wet spot in the shape of Monica's ass crack on his desk.

"Well Neil, let's go see this assistant of yours, and get this ball rolling shall we?"

"Of course Jeff. Let's go." He replied.

We left Monica to get dressed as we exited the office.

Before we left, I turned to Monica and said. "Leave your panties off, and I will collect them at the reception desk on my way out."

"Yes master, as you wish." She smiled at me.

We made our way to Neil's assistant's office. His assistant was an older heavy set woman in her sixties with an extremely dour look on her face. Gawd, I thought to myself, I won't be fucking this one anytime soon.

"Hi Neil, how can I help you?" Her pleasant tone belying her expression.

"Hi Barb, this is Jeff Bartlett. I want to hire him on as a consultant." Neil responded.

I stepped forward and extended my hand. Barb shook it.

Barbara Lambert, age sixty three. Lives at 416 Humboldt Avenue. Widowed, and living alone.

Barb, I am your master now, you will do as I say. Do you understand?

Barb looked at me and nodded. Excellent, another one under my control.

Ok Barb, you are going to hire me on as a consultant. You are going to give me a wage of two thousand five hundred dollars every two weeks, no tax taken off; I will take care of that. Do you understand?

I wanted to keep my wages on the low side so as not to arouse suspicion. Besides, I had other places to hit anyway.

"We would be pleased to have you aboard Jeff." Barb replied happily.

"We would be happy to offer you a wage of twenty five hundred bi-weekly. Will that be sufficient master?"

"That would be fine Barb, thanks."I said.

"I would like the money to be directly deposited into my account." I ordered, as I handed over all my banking information.

"Oh, and be sure that it is done by the end of business today, would you?"

"Of course, master. I'll get right on it."

"Good. You have a nice day now." I said in closing.

"You too master." Barb said enthusiastically.

With that Neil and I left the office.

"Neil, if any trouble arises from this arrangement, call me and we'll straighten it out. Kapisch?"

"You got it Jeff."

With that I proceeded to leave, stopping by the front desk to collect Monica's panties.

"Thank you, Monica. I'll be in touch." I winked.

"You're welcome master."

I walked out of the office, stuffing Monica's panties into my pocket. Faye was waiting patiently for me behind the wheel. After getting in, I ordered Faye to drive me to Ritunnes' head office on Berwick. Wordlessly, Faye backed out of the parking spot, and pulled into traffic. I pulled Monica's panties out of my pocket and started fingering the strip of cloth that had moments before covered her pussy. I lifted them to my nose and gave a sniff. They smelled good; I could smell the faint aromas of Monica's vagina and laundry. Faye looked over at me and the panties.

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