The Power of Touch Ch. 05


"Ok, we'll go." Faye relented.

"Yay!" Her kids screamed excitedly!

"It's been so long, mom!" Anissa said excitedly.

Faye pulled away from the curb and made her way into traffic. It took us ten minutes to get to McDonald's, and as we pulled in the kids made another demand.

"Can we eat here? So we can play, mommy?" Ray asked pleadingly.

Faye relented and we ended up going inside. I went up to the counter when I had everyone's order, and ten minutes later I returned to the table. The kids were already gone and playing on the play structure, so Faye went and gathered them up to come and eat. Ray and Anissa sat on one side of the booth, while Faye and I occupied the other. As we ate, Faye's kids told us all about their day at school. It was cute to hear how excited they were about it. The kids ate their Happy Meals quickly, much to Faye's disapproval, and bounded towards the play structure after they were finished. After the kids had left, Faye cuddled in a little closer. My hand fell onto her lap, and started to caress her denim clad thigh. I moved my hand up toward her crotch and felt the warmth of her vagina. Faye's hand found its way into my lap, where it started rubbing my hardening cock. We held that pose for a while, and then Faye tried to break away from me. I looked up and saw two women standing a few tables away shooting dour looks in our direction.

"Oh shit." Faye whispered under her breath.

"What's up?" I asked.

"That's Bev and Natalie. Their husbands are in Ricks Regiment."

It's going to be ok Faye. Just introduce me as your brother.

Faye waved the two women over with a smile as phony as a three dollar bill. Bev and Natalie made their way over, with curious expressions on their faces. When Bev and Natalie were standing by our booth, Faye introduced me.

"Bev, Nat I'd like you to meet my brother Jeff. He just flew in from L.A. a few nights ago." I stood up to shake their hands.

Natalie Walton, aged thirty nine, brunette. She weighed one hundred and seventy six pounds, and stood 5' 10". Her bra size was 36 B. Her husband, Curtis, was a Lieutenant Colonel in Rick's regiment. They, like Faye and Rick, lived off base at 417 Redfern Way.

Beverly Puckett, aged forty, brunette. Beverly weighed one hundred and thirty pounds, and stood 5' 10". Her bra size was 32 C. Her husband, Ben, was a Lieutenant Colonel in Ricks regiment as well. They were practically neighbors with Natalie and Curtis, living at 431 Redfern Way.

"Nice to meet you both." I said cordially.

You two now belong to me. You will refer to me as master. Is that understood?

They both nodded. "Yes master." Were their obedient replies.

"Now sit." I ordered them.

They both sat down with pleasant smiles on their faces.

You two will remember me as Faye's brother from Los Angeles. I am only here to help her through a difficult period.

They nodded their understanding.

Good. Also you will dream of me nightly, causing you to touch yourselves. Is that understood?

Once again, two yes masters.

The three women talked for a while about the latest deployment, and what their husbands were up to.

Bev and Natalie got up and excused themselves, to go order their food. We said our goodbyes, and went our separate ways.

We collected the kids and got into the van. The van hesitantly started, and we headed for home. When we got to Faye's house, Ray and Anissa bounded up the front stairs, and waited impatiently for us to unlock the door.

"Ok you two, homework time." Faye ordered.

I sat and relaxed on the couch as Faye helped her kids with their homework. It was late when they had finished, so Faye sent them off to bed.

Ten minutes had passed, and Faye eventually made her way to the living room. She had changed her clothes, and was now wearing a white, see through, lace nightie that hung just above her knees. Through the fabric I could make out her areolas, and the triangle of her pubic hair.

Faye sat down beside me and snuggled in deeply, she let out a soft, quiet, contented sigh. I looked down at her and saw the two soft mounds that were her breasts. I put my arm around her soft shoulders and pulled her closer. My hand rested on her breast. Faye let her hand fall into my lap and found its way to my crotch. She unzipped my pants and unclasped the button, and then she fished my penis from inside.

"I haven't been able to thank you for what you have done for us yet, master." She purred quietly into my ear.

Faye leaned in and started softly kissing my neck as her soft hand fondled my penis. As I hardened to her touch, her fondling graduated to slow, soft stroking. Faye's lips found their way up to my earlobe, and I felt her start nibbling and sucking. The sensation sent shivers down my spine. Faye moved back to my neck with soft, wet kisses.

In between kisses, Faye whispered, "Thank you... for... everything... master."

Faye stopped kissing my neck and moved her head down to my crotch. Once there she took me in her mouth and wrapped her moist lips around my penis. Faye made soft moaning sounds as she worked her way up and down my shaft. As she sucked, I could feel her tongue against the underside of my shaft. As Faye masterfully sucked my cock, I rested my hand on her smooth ass. I ran my fingers over her soft cheeks and found the crack of her ass. I couldn't tell you why I had a fascination with the crack of her ass. Maybe it was the fact that it was forbidden to everyone but her husband. Regardless, I loved the feel of it, the smoothness of the skin between her cheeks. I absolutely love Faye's ass. Sure, it wasn't a tiny handful, but it was a real woman's ass. A real woman, with real curves.

She was working up a good deal of saliva in her efforts, and I could feel the warmth drip down my scrotum. As Faye's head moved, her breasts brushed slightly against my leg, I looked down and watched as they moved in a slight pendulous motion. I removed my hand from her ass, and went for her breasts. My fingers quickly locating her nipple through the lace. Faye had worked my penis up to a full throbbing erection and stopped. She sat up, and pulled her nightie over her head. Now she was completely nude. Faye straddled me as I sat on the couch, her hand guiding my penis into her wet mound. As she settled down onto my cock, her ample breasts were at my face level. I took her right breast, and flicked her nipple with my tongue. She let her head fall back as she savored the sensation of my penis inside her, and her nipples being teased by my tongue. Faye started to move her vagina up and down my shaft. I started to help, by thrusting upward into her.

"Uh uh, no." She whispered. "Just relax master. Let me do the work."

I relaxed my hips and allowed her to slowly bring herself to orgasm. With her arms around my neck, I moved in again, and started to softly suck on her nipples.

"Mmm," she moaned. "Don't stop."

I started to suck a little harder; I could feel her nipple pull into my mouth. Then I took her entire areola in, and sucked voraciously. I gave her nipple a little nip, and she responded with a tight gasp.

"Oh fuck," she whispered breathily.

"Mmph." Faye screwed her eyes tight as my cock filled her vagina repeatedly.

"Oh master, I love the way your cock fills me." She hissed.

"Yeah?" I asked quietly. "Does Rick feel like this?"

"Oh God no." Faye whispered.

Faye started to ride my cock a little more forcefully now; I could tell she was getting close. Her breasts were bouncing with each forceful down thrust onto my cock. Her nipples were so hard, that they resembled two flat topped mountain peaks. Again, I took them into my mouth. Her nipples were slick with my saliva, and they glistened in the light from the lamp. The sound of skin slapping skin, and Faye's soft moaning filled the room. I felt her arms tighten around my neck and I knew she was coming. Her movement stopped and she seemed to try to get as much of my penis in her as possible. Her head came to a rest on my shoulder, as her vagina was wracked with orgasmic spasm. Faye's hair was getting damp from sweat, due to her workout. When her orgasm passed, she started riding my cock again. I could picture her round ass moving up and down as she fucked me. Faye looked me in the eye, a wry smile on her face. This was for me now. Faye's vaginal juices were flowing freely, and started to coat my scrotum. Her breasts bouncing in my face, I could smell my dried saliva on them. I looked up at Faye, and she leaned in to kiss me. Faye kissed me with passion, her lips hungrily meeting mine. Every now and then, her tongue would briefly invade my mouth. I felt my penis swell in eager anticipation of release.

"Oh shit..." I managed weakly.

Faye smiled and rode me even harder, if that was possible. My release came in an explosion that filled Faye's vagina with hot cum.

"Ooh, that must have been a good one master." Fayed purred.

"You have no idea..." was the best I could weakly muster.

Faye sat her vagina tightly upon my crotch as my penis' spasms slowly subsided. Our bodies were soaked with sweat from the exertion we had just endured. After a while Faye raised herself up off of me and sat down beside me, breathless.

"Thank you master, that was amazing." Faye said as she leaned over to kiss me, her skin still damp with sweat. She stood up and went to the bathroom. I watched as Faye walked away, her ass swaying slightly. After she had left, I looked to where she had been seated beside me, and noticed the small wet spot left by her wet, dripping vagina. It was then, that I became aware of the wetness on the cushion beneath me. I stood up and saw that Faye had left quite the large wet spot from the deluge of her vaginal discharge.

Faye came back to the living room. It was ten thirty, and we were both kind of exhausted from the latest session, so we headed for the bedroom. Faye picked up her lace nightie and carried it to bed.

"You won't be needing that tonight." I ordered. "Tonight, you will be sleeping naked."

"Yes master." Faye obeyed.

We both got into the bed, and Faye moved over so her warm breasts and legs were touching me. I put my arm around her waist and started to play with her ass cheeks. We both fell into a deep sleep quickly thereafter.

The first week of "marital" bliss passed quickly. Faye seemed to consider herself to be my wife, and settled into the obedient role quite nicely, and aside from her children, her very existence seemed to be focused on my needs and desires. Faye's submission to her new life as my slave was complete; she knew that I wanted her. Wanted her body, her mind, her very being. As she found out, with these newly acquired powers, what I want, I take. The sex was great, no doubt Faye knew her way around a man, but my greed was growing. I wanted to control more people, both men and women.

It was Friday night, and Faye and her kids had a function to attend, kind of a night out for families of the deployed Marines. Faye didn't want to go, but I insisted she did. I told her to keep everything as normal as possible, so people wouldn't take notice of any irregularities.

My thoughts soon strayed back to my second day with my new found powers. All those people I bent to my wishes. Notably, I thought of my three spoiled little rich bitches. My three teenage slaves.

Shannon, Becky, and Mallory, you will meet me at The Berwick Hotel. Be there in an hour.

After issuing my subliminal orders, I ordered a car from the company I used last Saturday. Half an hour later, a Lincoln Continental sedan pulled into Faye's driveway. I picked up the bag of goodies I had packed for the evening and left. Fifteen minutes after that, I was at The Berwick checking in. The room I had last week, room 2709, was still available so I took it. I made my way up to the room to get ready. I quickly called room service and ordered food, and four bottles of expensive wine for the four of us.

When you get here, come up to room 2709.

Half an hour later my order arrived, it was delivered by the same lookey loo that delivered breakfast on Sunday. He seemed to recognize me, and gave me a surprised look.

"Alone tonight sir?" He asked with a smirk, even though he just delivered enough food to feed an army. What an ass hat, I thought to myself.

"So it would seem." I replied evenly.

After he wheeled the cart in the room and put the four bottles of wine on ice, he left. Once again, I tipped him handsomely. After he accepted my tip, he turned to leave and came face to face with my three teenage slaves. He turned to look at me with incredulity upon his face. He looked as if he was going to say something, but thought better of it.

"Welcome ladies." I said, and ushered them into the room.

"Hello master." Was all the bell boy heard as the door closed with a soft click.

"I hope you all brought an appetite tonight."

"Yes master, we're starving." They all said eagerly.

They were all looking around the posh room in wide eyed wonder.

Tonight is all about me ladies, you will lose all inhibition. My wishes will be fulfilled to the utmost. You may not like it, but you will do as you're told.

"Good," I said, "we might as well eat then."

I sat down in the chair.

"But, before we eat, I have something for the three of you." I said as I reached into the special bag I had packed.

I came out with three small oval shaped objects. They stared at them with a look of confusion. They didn't know what they were. I chuckled to myself; you girls have no idea what you're in for tonight.

"Becky, you're the youngest, come here and stand before your master."

Wordlessly Becky obeyed her master's order, and walked over to where I was sitting. Silently, she stood in front of me. Becky was wearing skin tight jeans that accentuated her slim teenage hips beautifully. I placed my hands on her hips and caressed them through the denim.

"Take your jeans off for me slave." I ordered.

"Yes master." Becky said looking down at her zipper.

Becky's young, slender fingers moved down to her button and unclasped it. Then she slid the zipper down slowly. As she opened her pants, I caught a glimpse of her panties. They were a light blue cotton pair, and as she worked her pants down her slim legs, it became evident that she was wearing a thong. Once she had stepped out of her jeans, I placed my hands on her hips again. Becky was breathing a little heavier now, probably out of nervousness.

"Nervous Becky?" I asked with a smirk.

"Yes master." She replied shakily.

"Why? Do you think I'm going to hurt you?"

"No master, it's just that only my boyfriend has ever seen me in my panties." She managed.

"Really?" I asked in mock intrigue.

"Yes master."

"Well, I'm your boyfriend now, ok?"

"Yes master." She replied.

"And believe me; I'm going see a lot more of you tonight than your boyfriend ever has."

"Ok..." Came the nervous reply.

I took my finger and ran it between the crotch of her panties and her vagina. The warmth from her vagina was intoxicating, and it took everything I had not to look. I was going to wait to see my girl's vaginas. I took one of the remote control eggs, and placed it under her panties and gently pressed it into her labia against her clitoris. Becky gasped quietly as my thumb pressed into the soft flesh of her vagina.

"Go take a seat over there on the couch Becky." I ordered softly.

"Next... Mallory, come here." Was my next command.

Slowly, Mallory made her way to me. She seemed a little apprehensive, and it took a few seconds to get to me. Mallory stood in front of me, beside Becky's discarded jeans. She was wearing jeans too, just not as tight as Becky's. Mallory's jeans had a button fly, and a white belt. She looked extremely hot with her chocolate brown hair pulled back in a tight ponytail.

"You know the drill Mallory. Take 'em off." I said motioning to her jeans.

Mallory complied obediently, without saying a word. I watched her delicate fingers unclasp the belt and buttons down the fly. When she spread her jeans open for my inspection, I saw that she was wearing bright pink bikini briefs. She slid her pants over her hips, and down her beautiful legs. Then she gingerly stepped out of them, and awaited her humiliation. Once again, my finger found itself between a nineteen year olds panties and vagina. Mallory's vagina surprised me though; I wasn't feeling any pubic hair.

"Do you shave, Mallory?" I asked.

After a brief hesitation, "yes master."

"Mmm, interesting. Do you shave for your boyfriend?"

Mallory blushed, "yes master, for my boyfriend."

"When's the last time you shaved?"

"Umm, two days ago." She replied honestly.

"I see." I said as I retrieved one of the eggs from the bag.

Like Becky, I pressed the egg gently into her labia, underneath her panties. I took my finger out of her panties, and sniffed it. I could smell the two of them as I ran my finger beneath my nose. Exquisite, absolutely exquisite. Mallory wrinkled up her nose, and had a kind of disgusted look on her face.

"What?" I asked.

"That's so gross." She said disgustedly.

I just looked at her.

"What's gross? The smell of a girl's vagina?" I asked chuckling.

"Yeah, kinda." Was her reply.

"Hmm, get on your knees Mallory."

Mallory complied. When she was kneeling in front of me, I ran my finger under her nose. She turned her head quickly away from my finger, so I grabbed her ponytail and held it steady.

"Smell it." I ordered.

She refused, oddly enough.

"Smell it!" I ordered her more forcefully.

Reluctantly, Mallory made a sniffing sound and took in the wonderful aroma of her and her friend.

"Good slave, now how was that?" I asked with mock concern.

"Not too bad master." She mumbled.

"Open your mouth." I ordered.

She obeyed this time. I placed my fingers in her mouth.

"Now, suck it. Get a good taste of you and your friend." I ordered her snappily.

She obediently sucked my finger; she stopped after a few seconds.

"I don't recall saying stop." I said.

She resumed her sucking of my finger. I let her continue for a few more seconds, relishing the feeling of her tongue on my finger, and the gentle suction of her mouth.

"Ok, good enough." I said. "Now Mallory, we won't have any more of that nonsense will we?" I asked pleasantly.

"No master." She replied calmly.

"Ok then, go and take a seat next to the beautiful Becky."

Becky smiled and blushed at the "compliment".

I turned my attention to Shannon, and motioned her to me with my finger. Shannon quickly obeyed. Either she was shit scared, or she was looking forward to her turn. She made her way towards me and stood waiting for direction. I just pointed to her pants. She quickly complied and started to unbutton her jeans. When they were undone, I saw that her panties were black satin with lace around the top. I could just make out some lettering above her zipper, and as she slid her pants down I read what her panties had to say. There in pale pink script were the words "Call Me" emblazoned across the front. Once again I slid her egg into her labia under her panties.

Her vagina was already damp; she was apparently turned on by the events that had just unfolded before her. Apparently she enjoyed watching Mallory get a little discipline. I'll have to remember that in the future.

"Take a seat by your friends Shannon."

"Yes master." She complied, a wry smile playing across her face.

My three slaves were sitting beside each other on the couch in just their shirts and panties, a tiny, almost imperceptible bulge in their panties. I looked down at their discarded pants, which lay beside me on the floor.

"Ok then, let's eat shall we ladies?"

I watched as they stood and made their way to the cart with the food. They made their selections and sat down to eat. I got up and went over to where the wine was chilling. I took the first bottle and uncorked it. I poured four glasses of the expensive liquid and delivered three of them to my slaves. For my troubles I received three "thank you masters".

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