The Power of Touch Ch. 05


We made small talk throughout most of the meal, and two bottles of wine. I think they all forgot about the eggs I placed in their panties. Well, it was about time to change that. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the three remotes. I thumbed one of the remotes at random, and watched to see who reacted. It was only set to the lowest setting. Mmm, who would it be, I wondered. I scanned my three girls for a reaction. My eyes settled on Becky, her legs suddenly squeezed tightly together, and she squirmed a bit. The other two hadn't noticed yet. I was enjoying watching her young, white thighs squeeze together. I left her vibrator on low, and activated another. This one caused Shannon to let out a soft gasp, and to clench her legs together in surprise. By now Mallory had noticed that her two friends were acting strangely. She looked at me as I thumbed her remote on, and she too was now feeling the effects of her own vibrator.

After the initial shock, the three girls spread their legs a little to enhance the pleasure they were experiencing. Becky started to gyrate her hips, and I turned up her intensity a notch. She let out a tiny teenage gasp, and started breathing a little heavier. Shannon was next; I turned her up a notch and watched the reaction with immense pleasure. Mallory was gyrating her hips a little more now, and she let out a soft, satisfied sigh as her egg pleasured her clitoris. All three girls started to let out little whimpers of ecstasy, as their little teenage vaginas were stimulated by my toys.

"Becky..." I said softly, but loud enough to be heard.

She looked at me with dreamy eyes, she was enjoying herself.

"Why don't you and Mallory kiss each other?" I suggested.

Instantly the two girls faced each other. Becky brought her hand up to Mallory's face and softly caressed her cheek. The two girls looked at each other lovingly, and slowly let their lips meet. My penis, which was already hard, twitched at the sight of these two teens tenderly kissing each other. Mallory moved her hand to Becky's chest, and gently massaged her right breast.

"Yeah..." I said huskily. "That's right girls, enjoy each other."

"Shannon, come here." I ordered.

Shannon rose from the couch and moved toward me. Her movements were awkward, what with the

vibrator nestled in her vagina's lips. She stood in front of me, her knees clamped shut as she tried to control the sensation that was growing between her legs. I took Shannon's hands and pulled her gently to her knees. Once she was knelt before me, I leaned in and started to undo her blouse. Slowly, I undid one button after another. She undid the last button to help me out, and once her blouse was completely undone, I spread it open to reveal her B cups. Her bra was pretty enough, pink with just enough lace to show the tops of her areolas. I unzipped my pants and pulled my penis out. Shannon took my penis in her hand, and started to softly stroke it. She looked up at me with her brown eyes, almost deploringly. Her soft fingertips slowly moved up my shaft and played with the tip of my penis. She was staring at my penis, almost as if she were studying it. She was biting her bottom lip, as if in deep thought.

Suck my cock, Shannon.

Shannon's lips wrapped around my penis, her mouth giving off a pleasant, moist, heat. I felt her smooth hand cup my balls, and softy massage them as she methodically sucked my dick. As Shannon worked on my penis, I watched the other two make out and explore each other's bodies. Mallory had her hand up under Becky's t-shirt as she massaged Becky's breasts. Becky and Mallory had their eyes closed as they kissed each other with passion. Becky's hand was softly stroking Mallory's inner thigh up near her panties. The crotch of Mallory's panties was developing a little wet spot; apparently she was getting turned on. Not only did she shave, but apparently she was a messy girl. My favorite, I love girls that make messes during sex. I watched as my slaves performed for me, and Shannon made love to my penis with her mouth. Shannon really was an artist, strange for such a young age. Who knew a nineteen year old would be so experienced with a cock? But, I guess you never know these days.

Becky, Mallory, undress each other for me. Leave your panties on.

Like the good slaves they were turning out to be, they obeyed my order without question. I guess Mallory didn't like being treated like she was earlier. Good, it showed she was learning. Becky's tight pink t-shirt was first. Becky's small white bra was exposed for all to see. Her shirt seemed to cling to her curves as it was pulled up and over her head. Next Becky reached down and lifted Mallory's shirt up over her head. Mallory's black bra was exposed now. Their tight bellies were taut and firm, with tiny little belly buttons. My two teenage slaves were now sitting there in their bras and panties. Becky reached around Mallory's back and unclasped her bra, and then she removed it from Mallory's young, firm breasts. Becky's bra was unclasped from the front, and Mallory spread it open to reveal Becky's womanhood. They both sat there with their breasts exposed, nice pale pink nipples. Becky's nipples were larger than Mallory's, as Mallory had little dollar sized areolas.

I put my hands under Shannon's armpits and gently helped her to her feet. As her mouth disengaged from my penis, a thick line of drool trailed from her mouth to my tip. I wiped the drool from her lip with my thumb.

Take off your bra Shannon.

Shannon reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. Her breasts gave a slight bounce as they were freed from their cups.

Very good, now join your friends on the couch.

When Shannon was seated, I looked my slaves over appreciatively. They were squirming slightly at the sensation of their vibrators. I turned their eggs off, and saw them relax. Mallory's wet spot had grown, and Becky was developing one of her own.

"Mallory, come here." I ordered her.

"Yes master." She obeyed.

"Now, that's better." I commended her.

When Mallory was standing in front of me, I reached up and caressed her hips, and legs. Smooth teenager hips, and smooth teenager legs, very nice. I placed my fingers in the elastic of her panties, and gently pulled them down. As they came free from her vagina, they stuck a little in the crotch, and came springing loose when I had pulled them down further. Once they were at her ankles, she stepped out of them.

"Pick up your panties, and give them to me."

Mallory obediently bent down, her breasts

swaying, and picked up her panties. She stood up and handed them over, I looked appreciatively at her smoothly shaven public area.

"Come here, Mallory."

She stepped closer to me, and I ran my fingers against her smooth skin. She watched me intently as I explored her freshly shorn vagina. I carefully removed the egg from her, and ordered her to sit down. Next, was going to be Shannon.

"Shannon, you're up, come here."

Shannon, a smile on her face, rose from the couch and walked toward me. She stood in front of me with one leg in front of the other, her thighs pressed together. She swayed her hips slowly in a teasing manner.

"Your panties, give them to me."

Shannon smiled at me as she slowly slid her panties down her beautiful, young legs. When she had stepped out of them, she gave them over to her master. Now that Shannon stood in front of me in all her naked, young beauty, I ran my fingers through her pubic hair. I twirled the strands of hair around my index finger. I slid my finger up the inside of her slit and wedged my finger between her clit and the vibrator. I popped it put with a slight sucking sound.

"Sit down, slave." I said as Shannon obeyed.

Ah, sweet Becky. I motioned to her with my finger, which was still slick with her friend's juices. She stood and made her way over to me. Her arms were loosely crossed in front of her, and she covered her breasts with one of her arms. I reached up and gently took her hand, then lowered her arm from her breasts. She just stood in front of me with only her panties on. I pulled Becky's panties down gently, and took them from her. Becky was shivering ever so slightly. She seemed a little nervous still, I guess she didn't like the fact that I was seeing what she normally reserved for her boyfriend. I gently took the vibrator from between her labia. My finger made its way inside Becky's vaginal cavity. The beautiful warm, moist heat of her vagina felt good on my finger. I slowly moved my finger in and out of her, all the way to the third knuckle. I saw her shoulders sag, as the fight left her body. I slowly masturbated Becky's vagina as she stood in front of me, and soon I was hearing the sweet sounds of pleasure emanate from her. Her vagina got wetter by the second; my finger was having its desired effect on my slave. Becky's pubic hair was getting damp now that her vagina was wet. I stopped, and removed my finger from her vagina.

"Oh master, please don't stop." She quietly begged.

"Don't worry Becky, there's more where that came from. Just later, is all." I explained.

I stood up, my pants by my ankles. I stepped out of them.

"Have a seat please."

When Becky was seated by her two friends, I stood up. I paced back and forth in front of my three girls, and developed a ponderous look upon my face.

"Ok," I started, "I think I have you girls figured out."

The three of them were staring intently at me, following my pacing with their gazes.

"Mallory, you seem to be the bitch of the group. Stubborn even." I surmised.

"Master..." She was speechless.

"Now, I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Every group needs one." I said somewhat soothingly.

"Shannon, you're the slut of the bunch." Shannon looked a little pissed at that comment.

"Oh, don't worry Shannon that will come in handy with me later. Trust me."

Shannon's look softened.

"Becky, it's you I don't get." I mused.

"How so, master?" She asked concerned, looking at her friends for guidance.

"You don't seem to fit in with this group."

"But, master... We've all been friends since elementary school." Becky protested.

"You're a follower, Becky. You do what your friends want, not what you want."

The look on her face told me I was right. She looked at her friends with an apologetic look on her face.

"See what I mean?" I asked.

"You have innocence about you. You don't seem to fit into this group dynamic."

"I'm not a virgin, master." Becky said with a nervous chuckle.

"I never said you were. How many boyfriends have you had?"

"Umm, three."

"And how many have seen you naked?"

"Just one. Cody."

"Ahh yes, Mr. Deblois. How could I have possibly forgotten about him?"

Becky's face blanched. "You know Cody?"

"I know a lot more about you and your friends than you might imagine." I replied rather smugly.

I stared at my slaves naked bodies as they sat obediently on the couch in front of me. They were sitting with their legs shut, hiding their young vaginas from me.

Spread your legs for me ladies.

Their legs spread slightly, exposing their three young, tight vaginas.

I knelt down in front of Becky first. I gently spread her legs wider so I could get my face close to her vulva. It was still wet from earlier. I could smell her now, I leaned in closer. I licked her labia with the tip of my tongue, a tiny gasp escaping from her. I slid the tip of my tongue into her vagina, past her labia, and teased her clitoris for a few seconds.

"Do you like that Becky?"

"Yes..." She whispered.

"Does your precious Cody do this for you?"

"No... Please don't stop." She begged.

I stood up, I heard Becky's moan of disappointment. I smiled to myself, I had a plan.

"Mallory, come here."

Mallory jumped to her feet, she didn't want to disappoint me again. She stood in front of me, and I cupped one of her firm eighteen year old breasts in my hand. She looked up at me and smiled.

"Mallory, get on your knees and pleasure your friend Becky for me." I commanded her.

Without a word, Mallory turned from me and assumed her position on her knees between her friends spread thighs.

"Master, I don't know what to do though." She mildly protested.

"Don't worry, Becky will guide you." I said, chuckling.

"Becky, you are in control of Mallory now. She will pleasure you like I just did."

"Come here Shannon."

Shannon rose to her feet and walked toward me. I watched her slender, naked body move across the floor. When she was beside me, I put my hand on her narrow ass, and pulled her into me.

Instinctively, her hand made its way to my chest under my shirt.

"You may undress me Shannon."

As Shannon pulled my shirt over my head, I watched as Mallory pensively made her way between Becky's thighs. Slowly she moved in, and then she hesitated.

"Get in there Mallory." I ordered.

Mallory pushed her face closer to Becky's waiting vagina. Then she complied. I could tell because I saw Becky stiffen at the sensation of her friends tongue invading her vagina.

I allowed Shannon to undress me completely so that all four of us were naked. When I was fully undressed, Shannon continued to stroke my bare chest. I looked down at her slender teenage fingers as they played with my chest hair. Shannon, it appeared, was totally enthralled with her friend's actions. Her eyes never left the spectacle of her best friend going down on Becky, as she absent-mindedly stroked my chest. I stared at Mallory's teenage C cups as they swayed beneath her as she moved. Becky was now leaning back against the couch with her legs spread wide. Little moans started to escape from Becky as she enjoyed her friends servicing of her vagina.

I took Shannon's little face in my hand and turned her head toward me. Leaning in, I tilted her head up and kissed her deeply on the lips, she tasted like candy. Her hand came up and caressed my face; her eyes were soft, and filled with passion. I broke off the kiss, and Shannon looked at me expectantly. I guided her to the couch, and gently pushed her into a seated position. Once she was seated, I turned her head towards Becky. Becky looked over at Shannon, and they started kissing.

Shannon, I want you to finger yourself. Let me see how you masturbate.

Shannon's slender fingers made their way to her soaked vagina. As she and Becky made out, her fingers made fast little swirls around her labia. Shannon's fingers eventually made their way into her vagina. I watched as her fingers developed a sheen from her juices.

With Becky and Shannon taken care of, I took up position behind Mallory. I placed my hands on her slender hips and guided my rock hard penis into her wet, waiting vagina. I thrust into her forcefully, and heard a grunt come from her. I continued my forceful thrusts and started hearing the wet, sucking noises from her dripping vaginal cavity. It was dark outside now, and the windows were like mirrors. So I could see myself fucking Mallory from behind. My thrusts were so forceful that her breasts were swaying wildly beneath her. Mallory was grunting and moaning loudly, her noises muffled by Becky's vagina. Becky, who was thoroughly enjoying herself, had her hand on Mallory's head and was pulling Mallory's face into her sex.

Who was going to be the first to come? I wondered to myself. Who would it be?

I looked over at Shannon, and watched as her bent finger went up and into her vagina. She and Becky had stopped kissing, and the two of them had their heads tilted back with looks of utter ecstasy on their faces. Shannon had her mouth open and was gasping tight little gasps with each finger thrust. Becky, had her mouth open as well, but she looked as if she wasn't breathing.

Suddenly, I heard a sharp intake of breath from her and saw her body tighten. Her hips, which had been gyrating into Mallory's face, suddenly came up and her body went rigid. Becky was the first to come, and she came hard. Her hips kept gyrating up and into Mallory's face. Mallory kept going, her tongue still licking the inside of Becky's labia.

Mallory was the next to come. I felt her body stiffen, and she pushed back into me as I fucked her from behind. With my hands still on her hips, I gave her my all, my penis still as hard as when we started. I watched as her back arched, and her body was racked with the spasms of a strong orgasm. Her tight, teenage vagina, contracted around my penis, and I could feel her walls clench and release around my shaft in quick succession.

My orgasm came next. I could feel my penis swell, so I gave a few more good forceful pumps into her exposed vagina. A second before my penis exploded inside her, I pulled out and blew my load all over her back and ass, some making it into her hair. As my orgasm shot all over her back, some of my cum started to slowly drip down the crack of her beautiful, smooth teenage ass. Mallory and Becky were breathing heavily; Mallory looked up at Becky from between her legs.

"Thank you Mal," Becky sighed, "you were awesome."

Mallory smiled at her friend. "No problem, Becks."

Mallory started the clean Becky's vaginal juices off her face, when I got an idea.

"Becky, don't be rude. Help your friend. After all, you made this mess."

Becky got down off the couch and knelt in front of her friend, their young, supple breasts touching. Becky leaned in and started to gingerly lick her slick fluids off Mallory's face. Mallory closed her eyes at the sensation, thoroughly enjoying the moment. When Mallory's face was clean, I gave another order to Becky.

"Becky, your friend Mallory has quite the sticky mess on her back. Won't you clean it for her?"

Becky moved behind Mallory and started licking my cum off of Mallory's back. Starting between Mallory's shoulder blades and slowly, methodically making her way down to her ass. I watched as Becky got on her hands and knees to get to the small of Mallory's back. Becky's breasts swayed, as they hung below her.

Shannon was still masturbating beside us, and I turned my attention to her. Shannon was close too, her breath coming in tiny gasps. I started getting hard again, watching her slick fingers pound her young vagina. Moments later, Shannon too, succumbed to her orgasm. Loud, little yelps soon started coming from her, as her body shook with each powerful wave. Shannon's fingers slowed as her orgasm subsided. Once Shannon, Becky, and Mallory were finished I ordered them to sit on the sofa.

I stood there looking at my three naked teenage slaves, their firm, tight stomachs rising and falling with each deep breath. Their young breasts heaving with each gulp of air. I looked down and saw Becky's purse at the end of the sofa, on the floor. Retrieving her purse, I opened it and rummaged through the contents. Typical young woman stuff, I searched until I found what I was looking for. I pulled out Becky's cell phone, it was an iPhone. I turned on the camera and thumbed it over to video mode, and then I started filming my young starlets. From left to right I panned, first was Mallory, then Shannon, and finally Becky.

The three of you will repeat the following phrase. "I, state your name, do surrender my body to my master. No others shall be allowed to touch me, unless allowed by Master." I ordered telepathically.

I panned to the left again, and started with Mallory. Mallory tightened her ponytail before speaking.

"I, Mallory Gaertner, do surrender my body to my master. No others shall be allowed to touch me, unless allowed by Master." Mallory said with a soft voice.

I panned over to Shannon.

"I, Shannon Sones, do surrender my body to my master. No others shall be allowed to touch me, unless allowed by Master." Shannon dutifully stated.

Last, but certainly not least, Becky.

"I, Becky Chadburn, do surrender my body to my master. No others shall be allowed to touch me, unless allowed by Master." Becky said with a smile.

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