tagMind ControlThe Power to Control Ch. 04

The Power to Control Ch. 04


While in Hawaii I discovered my grandfather and started to learn everything her could teach me. I woke everyday up and drove to the hospital to talk with Charles again and learn more. I didn't take the girls with me because they were to tired and sleepy, I scanned them with my power before I left and was a little surprised to find Ashley sleeping in my mom's room. I modified the ball of power with what I had learned just in case she tried anything, I was more confident in some of the new powers I learned. When I found Charles again we had some small talk about the weather and then we would both connect our minds together and I would learn even more about what my power could do. We did this everyday while I was staying in Hawaii and during that time I could feel my body change, I had always been fit but after learning how the brains chemistry can alter my body's condition I started to gain much more muscle. On the last day of the week I was like a new person with a six pack, thick arms, and pecks of iron. Charles on the other hand seemed to weaken after every day I came to visit him, the last day he didn't even have the strength to hold his energy field around the hospital. Today I found him out back overlooking a cliff just looking out over the ocean, I walked up to him and we talked but before we connected.

"I know you have no real connection to our family and only came here for the power I could give you. You have every right to feel that way and I don't want to change your mind but after this week you have learned all but one thing I must teach. It is the last skill of our family but because there is no one left to learn I hope you can accept it."

We connected and I learned that the core of our family's power is the ability not to control people but to connect with the mental world that all people share. In this world all people could understand and communicate without words but only our family has been able to reach this place.

We disconnected and he collapsed back in his chair "Grandfather are you ok?"

"Yes, yes I'll be fine, I was using my power to keep myself healthy a while longer but teaching you has diverted my power leaving me weak. I doubt I'll have more than a month left."

"Actually, less than that old man." said a strange voice behind us.

We both turned around and Saw a tall skinny man walk out of the bushes behind us, he was wearing regular cloths but wasn't tan so defiantly didn't live in Hawaii. The more shocking thing was that he held a long thick chain that was attached to a woman who had an iron collar around her throat. The both had thick brunet hair and similar facial features so I could guess they were related, but while he was tall and skinny she was only 5 feet 2 inches tall with 34 C breast and 45-inch hips with a fit stomach. She was beautiful but the anger and blood lust coming from the man kept me from looking for too long.

"Hello again Zac, I see your family is still barbaric as ever." Charles said.

"Shut up old man, my family's power doesn't come from male or female alone and how we choose to use it is our business not yours."

"Don't make me teach you another lesson just to have your father save you again. Get out of here before I have to hear him yell at you again."

"My father is no longer with us. He died at the hands of the other family's leader, but he took her with him so after I kill you and your family I can take my time killing their last member."

"Come and try if you think you can."

I gave Charles a look, knowing he was too weak to try and hold this person off let alone both. I knew he was bluffing and if they tried it would be up to me to fight them off, I built dozens of layers in my mind to prepare. After connecting to Charles so many times I had learned the only other family in this was besides Ashley was a beast family. They had the power to shift into a half beast state that would increase their physical ability while also weakening their minds. The beast they shifted into differed between each person but being half beast made their minds harder to access, they were always a threat to us but at the same time had one major flaw. They needed a member of the opposite sex to activate their power and the power would be doubled if the person was related to them. The tall man hesitated for a moment but then pulled the chained women to him and stuffed his tongue into her mouth, that was all he needed to activate the power and his body began to swell.

I launched my power at the two of them to try and stop them but as I connected I felt his mind change and become a maze. The girl didn't change or resist and just fell to the ground as the man shifted into a half man half bull and started to charge at us. I was using every method I knew to figure out the maze his mind had become but I couldn't stop him from getting closer. Luckily, he was slow so when he got close enough I pushed Charles out of the way and he passed by the both of us only grazing me. It hurt and put us so our backs were to the edge of the cliff but it bought me time to open his mind, he turned around and charged again. This time I did figure out the way and took control of his mind, I was sure I had him but when I tried to stop him the section of his mind that controlled his legs was blank. His eyes rolled back and his body went stiff but his leg's continued to push forward, he must have given that part of his mind to his animal instincts so I couldn't control it. Just before he reached us Charles pushed me to the side, as I fell I turned to look at him and he had a smile on his face. Zac crashed into him and they both fell from the cliff, as they fell I felt Charles power reach out to me.

"It's all on you now. You, Ashley, and that girl up there are the only ones left of all the family's. I know you don't want to be a part of this but maybe it's for the best, Ashley has already made it clear that she wants to be with you and the girl doesn't look to be a threat. If you can please take care of them pass on our power to another generation I hope as the last of our family you can understand that the power you all have has a place in this world. I've already left you everything the family owned take it as an apology."

After that the connection broke and I knew they were both dead, I sat on the floor for a while as I absorbed what had just happened. He was my grandfather and even though we didn't know each other long he was family, it was the lease I could do to honor his last wish. I stood up and turned to the girl who was on the ground with tears in her eyes, I walked over to her and while I was connected to her I never tried to take over her mind. When I stopped in front of her she looked up to me and I realized she was only wrapped in a old sheet so while she was covered she was also nude.

"Would you want to come with me?" I asked and extended my hand.

She reached up and took my hand so I could lift her she never answered me so I turned to leave. After I walked a few steps I heard a chain following behind me, I never turned around and just walked into the hospital. The people there were all back to normal and gave me some strange looks as I walked by, I called a Uber and got in and waited for the girl to get in as well. Then we drove back to the Hilton in silence, the girl never said a word to me the whole time even as we walked down the hall and into the room. Once there I made some lunch for the both of us and we eat together, the girls weren't back from whatever they were doing until a few hours later. When they came into the room they were all in shock for a second as they looked at the girl.

"Steven who is this?" mom asked.

"Her name is Lela." Ashley answered, I was surprised that she knew.

"Where did she come from?" Kat asked.

"Why did you bring her here?" asked Jess.

"More importantly where is her brother?" Ashley asked with a hint of anger.

"It's a long story please everyone sit down and I'll explain."

I told them everything that happened and why I brought Lela back to the hotel with me.

"I'm very sorry for bothering you all. If you don't want me here I can leave." Lela said as she stood up to walk away.

Mom stood in her way and wrapped her in a big hug holding her head against her chest. Lela broke down right away and started to cry in my mother's arms, they both fell to their knees and mom just held her as she continued to sob into her chest. No one bothered them as we waited, Jess and Kat took the items they bought while there were out and put them in the room. Ashley just stayed in the room watching Lela with a angry look on her face, after another hour Lela calmed down and steadied her breathing. Mom helped her sit down on a sofa and sat next to her holding onto her hand.

"Lela what would you like to do?" I asked.

"I don't know, unlike other family's we don't have much. It was the family business to hunt other families and I have never wanted to do that. My brother was the one that wanted to be the last family left and used me to make himself stronger. I myself have only used my power to stay alive, that is why her put this on me."

"Then where is your brother now?" Ashley asked.

"He fell with the old man and I believe her died."

I knew he was dead because I was connected to him as he fell.

"Then do you plan on keeping your family's power?" mom asked.

"I don't really have a choice in that matter, our power is genetic so any children I have will have my family's power. If I never have kids the power ends with me."

"You should stay with us." Jess and Kat yelled.

I looked at them a little shocked.

"I don't think you really mean that, normal people are easily seduced by me. My power changes my body and when normal people look at me they can't help but be attracted."

I connected my power to the girls just to scan them and it was true, in their mind they were thinking of what they wanted to do to her in bed. I popped the images and they snapped out of it but I could also tell that they genuinely wanted to help her.

"You should stay with us. Right mom?"

When I looked at mom after asking she just gave me a big smile.

"Why do you want her? Don't you have enough women? Aren't we enough to keep you happy?" Ashley yelled.

"She is that last of her kind just like us. I don't plan to add her to anything, and what is all this we stuff?"

Ashley clammed up and looked away becoming shy and embarrassed. I looked around at the other girls and everyone but mom looked away.

"Samantha what's going on?"

"I don't know what you mean honey?"

"Tell me please."

"So, ya, we were all hopping that we could keep Ashley as well."

"What do you mean keep?"

Mom explained that when I was training the girls had interrogated Ashley and found out that when I beat her with my power and let her go she's been trying to find out how powerful I was. Then when we came here and she saw I could reach my grandfather she decided that she wanted to be with me. If she should get me to impregnate her and had a daughter then more than likely that daughter would be able to lead her new family. The girls agreed to help her and let her be a part of our relationship but it was supposed to be natural. I looked at her and she blushed before looking away again which made the others giggle. I knew I was out voted so even if I wanted to tell her no they were still going to do what they wanted. So, I moved on to the next thing.

"So, when I said Lela should stay with us what did you all think about that?"

"We still need to talk with your boss so having another woman wouldn't be that bad but consider this your growing period. If you stop adding women then that's all you get." mom said with a smile that caused chills run up my spine.

"I agree." Ashley, Jess, and Kat all said at once.

I stood up and walked in front of Lela "If you come with us you don't have to do anything and no one will make you stay. We are all the last of our people and I don't want to fight with others." I said as I reached behind her and snapped off her collar.

Lela felt around her throat in a panic, it was obvious that she had not had the collar off in a long time. Then she looked up at me and her eyes filled with tears again before she nodded and mom wrapped her in a hug again.

"Then that's settled, we should all pack so we can leave tomorrow." I said then went to my room.

I packed up and got ready for dinner, when I came back out the girls were still getting ready so I got to see them come out one at a time. Kat came out in a tube top dress that just barely covered her hips and ass, she gave me a wink and sat on my lap. I brought her into a kiss and felt her ass grind against me for a moment as she got comfortable, I had missed all of them and was feeling starved. Jess came out nest in a strapless ruffle dress that was down to her knees but didn't do much to hide her curves, she came over to us and took Kat's mouth from me as she leaned over me to kiss her. When mom came out she was in a Navy blue floral dress and gave me a look of satisfaction when she saw the girls making out across my body.

Ashley came out after her and was shocked when she saw the girls getting more passionate, she was in a pink Halter top and jeans. I looked around and was going to ask what happened to Lela when the door opened again and she came out. She was wearing a black dress that was supposed to be too big for her but with her hips and ass it wrapped around her as if it was made for her. I picked up Kat and slid her off my lap so I could stand up.

"Are we all ready to go? You all look amazing by the way." I said and the girls blushed.

Mom giggled and pulled Ashley and Lela to the door, I followed them and Jess and Kat followed behind me. The view of the three in front of me made me forget where I was going until her got to the elevator. We walked to the restaurant and the men we passed gave me dirty looks, even the married men were looking at me like I stole something but their wives fixed that. We all sat down for dinner and the staff looked at me strangely to I realized that one man with so many gorgeous women around was bound to attract attention. I saw a few men leave the bar and head towards us and the image of the men from the beach came to mind so I put up a field to keep out everyone but the staff. The men coming to us turned suddenly and ended up back at the bar in a daze, we finished dinner and had some drinks before heading back up to our room. I stumbled into my room as mom was talking to the girls about something and got undressed and into the shower. It was a large open shower with waterfall shower heads and the hot water on my head felt so amazing I didn't hear mom come in.

I only noticed her when her fingers started to slide across my chest and her arms wrapped around me, her warm soft breast pressed into my back and melted any tension I had. I just stood there and enjoyed the feeling of her and the water running down my skin for a while.

"Samantha did you want to take a shower to?"

"No, I just wanted to hold my son for a while."

"Are you really ok with having more women around?"

"Hell no, but I'm very proud that you would help people that need you. My son is a very good person and that makes me happy."

I felt her hands travel down and grab hold of my shaft, I came alive right away and the blood in my body surged to my cock after a few strokes from her hand. I turned around and pushed Samantha against the steam covered glass, her eyes were shinning with excitement and lust. I kissed her deeply and felt her tongue roam around my mouth as we made out, I pulled her body against me and grabbed hold of her ass. She moaned into my mouth when I squeezed her ass cheek, my drunk brain told me the shower was unsafe and we might fall. So, I slapped her ass and bulled away from her.

"Go to the bed, I'll catch up in a second." I said.

She just laughed a little and then grabbed a towel and dried off as she walked out of the bathroom and over to the bed. I turned off the shower and dried myself, my mind was shaky from the alcohol but I could still use my power to connect with her. She had different thoughts in her mind and most didn't make sense but the urge to be filled with cock was coming in loud and clear. I walked in the room and she was at the bed waiting for me with a big smile, I grew closer to her and laid her down on the bed. We kissed more and I played with her nipples between my fingers, as I slid my fingers from the base to the tip. She would moan and gasp every time my fingers let her nipple slide out of them, I started to kiss her neck and chest working my way down her body, When I got to her vagina the aroma of her sex had me hungry and I had to stop myself from licking her clit right away.

I passed my tongue over her pussy lips gently at first and causing her to arch her back and gasp softly. Then I began to lick deeper and longer into her soaked pussy, taking my time to taste her and run my tongue from bottom to top. Each time I passed her clit I would swirl around it and suck on it just a little bit, I wanted her to be ready to blow even before I entered her. She was moaning and twisting on the bed so much I had to hold her still with one arm as I continued to lick her cunt more and more aggressively. I latched my mouth around her clit and used my tongue to lick the inside of her clit hood where the more sensitive part of her clit was. She stated to breath radically and I was excited to hear her getting closer to an orgasm, right before the feeling became too much I let go and flipped her hips over. She squeaked but still lifted her ass high in the air ready for me to fill her with my throbbing cock. I placed my cock head at her opening and she slammed back hard so her cunt swallowed my cock in one go. It was so sudden I let out a loud grunt and so did she but hers was followed by a laugh and she had on a big grin.

I grabbed hold of her hips and slowly but firmly slid out and then slammed back into her wet pussy. I didn't want to push her too hard to fast but the feeling of her hot wetness sliding up and down my shaft was taking over all my thoughts. She was moaning and gave out a grunt a few times I slammed into her harder than before. It only took a few minutes before she was bucking her ass back and up with her back arched and letting out a deep moan, she came hard on my cock and covered it in juices. I pulled out of her and gave her a moment to catch her breath as I planned what I wanted to do to her next. It didn't take much thought and I placed my cock at her puckered pink asshole and covered it in the mix of juices she and left on me.

Samantha purred at the feeling "Ummm, Baby, you're not using your power to read my mind, now are you?" she said as she moved her ass so I could cover her hole with more lubricant.

"We are both to drunk for that. I just want to fuck you in the ass." I said bluntly.

"Do it baby, fuck my ass and fill me with cum."

"Can your ass take a pounding?"

"Oh, baby you even know just how I like it. Yes, baby fuck my ass hard so I can milk you cock empty in my tight asshole."

I didn't say anything more and pushed into her backdoor, she gasped deeply but her asshole gave way easily and swallowed my cock right away. I already knew how much of an Samantha loved to be fucked in her ass and just wanted to hear her ask for it. I felt like mu body was out of my control as I slammed into her repeatedly increasing my speed every few thrusts. I gripped her by the hips and pulled her back into me every time I pumped into her, I was fully absorbed with how hot and tight her ass felt. The harder and fated I went the louder she became, she moaned and yelled like I was going to break her. When I tried to slow down she just shot me a look as if I was walking in the house with mud on my shoes. So, while it felt amazing I was quickly running out of energy and the alcohol in my body was making me a little numb so I couldn't cum yet. I was going hard and rough and using every muscle I could think of to push her and myself closer to finishing. I had to stop right when she started to shake and scream, she was gripping the sheets so tight I could see her knuckles turn white. I pulled back and fell on the bed on my back trying to suck down air as fast as I could, I was at least happy I could make her cum before I ran out of energy. I was still trying to breath when Samantha sat up and ginned at me, before I could move she jumped on top of me and straddled my waist.

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