tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Pre Date Procedure

The Pre Date Procedure

byjane marwood©

The early American stone mansion stood majestically in its forty acres of carefully manicured lawns and gardens. The wide cobbled driveway that curved in a wide arc towards the stone portico of the ornate front entrance was completely clear of the usual assortment of limousines and sports cars, which normally made up the transportation needs of the wealthy Woodridge family.

Incongruously, towards the side of the mansion where the white wood and glass orangery stood against the west wall, there was parked a large pantechnicon trailer. Both sides of the trailer had been extended and were standing on their pneumatically operated supports. Although vast in size, the luxury gloss paintwork of subdued grey, lent the trailer an air of quality and subtlety. There was no lettering or signage of any kind upon the bodywork and, apart from the lack of windows or visible openings, it could have been mistaken for a luxury motor home.

Although it was only five thirty in the afternoon, the lights from the tall Georgian windows of the mansion already cast a warm glow upon the driveway as the sun began to set behind the private woodlands of the estate.

Inside the beautifully appointed house, standing beside the glowing Adam fireplace, Victoria Woodridge smiled at her young daughter. Victoria was a beautiful and elegant woman and it was plain to see that her daughter had inherited all of the family's refined physical traits. However, Victoria was well aware that her daughter's good looks were not the only quality that Jocelyn had inherited from her.

I suppose, she thought to herself, keeping secrets can make life difficult... and that begs the question... would I rather be able to share my life with my daughter, openly and honestly – or would I have preferred that she had grown up without any of the sexual predilections that I seemed to have passed on to her.

Victoria dismissed the thoughts from her mind. She knew the futility of worrying about something that one could do nothing about. She leaned her slender body against the stone fireplace, feeling very comfortable within herself. She was impeccably dressed in a black Chanel suit and white blouse. The sheer silk blouse was set off stylishly with a delicate black broach at the neck. Many centuries of good breeding were evident in her articulate and beautiful features. The intelligent blue-green eyes looked upon her daughter with pride.

Jocelyn was fresh from her bath; her firm slender body was wrapped luxuriously in a brilliant white toweling robe. She wriggled sensuously, the nipples of her young breasts pressing sexily against the softness of the material as she tightened the belt around her tiny waist. Victoria noticed the small frisson of expectation that Jocelyn displayed and accepted it as easily as she had dismissed her earlier doubts.

"Well dear daughter of mine, you almost manage to conceal your excitement." Vicky looked at her youngest daughter with great affection. "I wish your dear father was still alive to see how beautifully you have grown up and how wonderful you look on your eighteenth birthday sweetheart."

Indeed Jocelyn's mother was not exaggerating when she described her daughter as being beautiful. There was not an adequate superlative that could do justice to the young girl. Her face was exquisitely featured with a small nose, wonderfully deep and almost translucent green eyes and a small, delicately formed, mouth that revealed her sparkling white teeth as she looked up and smiled at her mother. Her blonde hair was loose and nestled on the beautiful curve of her slender shoulders as she moved her pretty head.

Jocelyn's well-modulated voice was particularly soft and tender as she answered her mother. "I know mother, but I am so looking forward to this evening that I couldn't bear a sad thought to enter my head. Just to think, I am going to the ball with the best looking boy in college. But of course you know that I'm looking forward to the preliminaries and post assessment even more. I just can't wait for the evening to start. Are you sure that he knows nothing of what is in store for him?"

Vicky smiled again at her daughter, seeing the excitement in her eyes as Jocelyn pulled the fluffy white toweling robe around her slender body and shivered in anticipation.

"I hope you know me better than that sweetheart. Have I ever organized anything that did not run perfectly?" Jocelyn giggled at her mother. She knew that her mother's organizational skills were beyond reproach. She just couldn't help talking about the coming event; such was her excitement and anticipation.

"No," her mother continued, "I can guarantee that the Pre-Dating Procedural Service never give any information to their young charges. Under the new laws, they almost have carte blanche to do as they please... or I should say... as we please, being their paymasters. And do bear in mind, we are using the new and very discrete premium service, which even the insurance companies cannot afford to offer. So I doubt any of the local parents would know of it, or could ever dream of paying for this quality of service. The fees are quite beyond them.

The PDPS assured me that I was the very first in the area to use them and I can affirm to you, my sweet lovely daughter... that your young beau will not have the slightest inkling as to what he is in for. His mother signed the standard disclaimer over three weeks ago when I invited her here for afternoon tea. I am fairly sure that she did not read one word of the contract, as she was much too much in awe of the house and her surroundings to take note of exactly what she was signing. Mind you, the forms are so ambiguous that it would have been impossible for her to realize their import in such a short time. I think she just thought how lucky her son was to be dating the daughter of such a wealthy family. I suppose we have been wealthy for so long that we forget how impressed some people can be by money. I think that when I said that we were inviting her son to stay here for the weekend that she was so pleased that all she could do was keep thanking me."

Vicky almost chuckled as she remembered reading the forms that they gave to the parents of prospective suitors. "The terminology is so obscure that even a lawyer would need several read-through's before understanding the gist of it! When he arrives he will have no idea of what will be happening to him and if he is as beautiful as you say he is, then you are in for a delicious and wicked night young lady."

Jocelyn could not help shivering with delight. Beneath the luxurious texture of her soft robe, her naked body seemed to tingle all over.

Vicky noticed the sexual shiver of delight and smiled at her daughter once more as she added. "The new laws are absolutely watertight. If a boy wants any social interaction with a girl these days, he must conform whether he likes it or not."

The entrance of a young woman to the drawing room suddenly interrupted Victoria's narration. The new arrival was dressed in the nursing uniform of the PDPS . She moved gracefully into the room even though she was carrying several white cotton uniforms held up by wooden clothes hangers; all of the tunics were very similar to the one that she was wearing. She seemed quite at ease in the Woodridge home as she came to stand in front of young girl. She smiled at Victoria and quickly addressed Jocelyn before Victoria could effect an introduction.

"Hello Jocelyn, I'm Samantha. I might have known what a beautiful girl you would be. You obviously have inherited your mother's exquisite beauty. Are you comfortable undressing in front of me? I would like you to look your best... and of course at the same time, have your young suitor completely within your thrall." She smiled wickedly at both Jocelyn and Victoria as she continued.

"I always think a uniform stamps one's authority very quickly - and of course there is nothing quite so foreboding as a pretty nurse in uniform to intimidate young boys, especially a nurse who is firm and strict."

Samantha raised her eyebrows and looked at the young girl's mother with mock admiration as Jocelyn, quite nonchalantly, slipped off her robe and stood naked in front of the young nurse. For all her experience, Samantha was still quite surprised at the confident way Jocelyn exposed herself. Samantha looked at the perfect figure of the young girl, drawing in her breath, as Jocelyn stood, quite unabashed in a deliberately comedic pastiche of a fashion model's pose. Without hesitation, Samantha quickly discarded two of the dresses, placing them over the broad arm of one of the large regency style chairs. She smiled at Jocelyn as she held forward the coat hanger from which hung a particularly fine white cotton tunic.

"I brought this one especially, as I had a premonition that you might be slender enough to wear it. It has an extremely tailored waist and yet a full bust line. I hope it fits as well as I think it will."

Samantha could not help looking intently at Jocelyn, openly admiring the lush firm body of the young girl. Her waist seemed impossibly slender and yet her young breasts stood out full and proud from her slim torso. Her hips swelled firmly down to the shapeliest of long supple thighs. Samantha could not disguise her prurient interest as she stared at the plump mound of Jocelyn's pubis, which was shaved bare apart from a diminutive patch of absolutely straight blonde hair above the plump peachy slices of her labia. Samantha thought it was the sexiest thing she had ever seen. "Do you mind if I touch you?" Samantha asked.

She could not help her sudden bold impulse as she helped the young girl slip the dress around her body. She placed her cupped palm against the plush and firm curve of Jocelyn's pubis and ran the pad of her thumb over the soft straight patch of hair. "My, my, Jocelyn, your body is so delicious. You really are physically perfect."

Jocelyn, rather than show concern or offence at the nurses intimate touch, giggled with a delicious chuckle. "I was just admiring myself in the mirror before I came down. I must admit that I am probably in my prime. But it is always nice to have a second opinion. I was not going to wear anything underneath, but the material is so fine that I am sure I can detect a hint of pink flesh through it." She began fastening the buttons and then stood in another pose, with her legs stood astride and a hand upon her hip. "Can you really see through it, or is it my imagination?"

Samantha and Vicky both laughed. Samantha quickly assured her. "Well the wonderful thing is that you can... and then again, you can't! It is so subtle, and yet ... yes there is certainly a hint of flesh beneath the white of the material."

Jocelyn could not hide her delight. "Oh goody, Richard won't know where to look, the poor boy... and he is so shy that I shall tease him mercilessly."


Earlier that day, three young nurses and two very pretty and rather tall and fit looking, female security guards had arrived at the mansion. The guards had skillfully driven and delivered the huge pantechnicon to exactly align its single doorway with that of the conservatory entranceway.

A second vehicle, a large Mercedes 600 limousine, within which the nurses had arrived, was now, some hours later, occupied by the two female security officers, and on its way to fetch Jocelyn's date for the evening.

Victoria had greeted the small ensemble of women when they arrived. Even with the high cost of the PDPS, she was quite taken with the style and efficiency of the personnel. The Guards had been impressively dressed in Navy-blue tailored short-sleeved shirts and tightly-fitting trousers. Broad leather belts had accented their flat stomachs and firm hips. Their tight jodhpur-style trousers entered shiny black jackboots, just below the knee. The broad leather belts they wore, bore a variety of implements and armaments. Each girl wore a holster housing a .38 calibre pistol. Alongside the gun were leather pouches holding, mace, handcuffs, a short nightstick and a small sophisticated electronic stun gun. The most intriguing item was a small leather paddle, slightly smaller than a table tennis bat, but with a longer handle, which was attached to the belt by Velcro. Along the length of the slender handle was a small sticker, which, if one were close enough to read it, was stated... 'Sanctioned for use on bared buttocks only'. The badges above their left breasts were emblazoned with the legend "PDPS Government Sanctioned Security Officer."

What gave the young guards such an intimidating and aloof appearance were their peaked Gestapo style caps. With their hair drawn back tightly, the firm jaw line of both girls was accented beautifully. Severity and beauty... how intimidating for a young boy to be under their supervision thought Victoria.

Vicky Woodridge had been even more impressed upon meeting the young nurses. All three, she had immediately assessed as being both beautiful and competent. They had all sat together in the drawing room while the security guards attended to the mobile unit. The young nurses had confidently explained their procedures to Victoria in explicit and intriguing detail. Victoria's young maid had served them coffee and sandwiches as they talked.

They had conversed for over two hours while Victoria had sat back in her chair and listened to the nurses. Each, in turn, had talked about the subtleties of their approach to the pre-dating procedures. On occasion Victoria had interjected to clarify a point, but mainly she had been able to merely sit and listen.

She had carefully looked over the three beautiful young women, estimating their ages as being no older than twenty-two or twenty-three years. The two youngest, Patricia and Gillian were both blonde haired. Their slender figures looked superb in the fine white cotton nursing uniforms that they were wearing. The short-sleeved dresses had epaulettes upon the shoulders, each bearing three gold stripes. Their tiny waists were each accentuated by a broad waistband and gold buckle.

Samantha, who had her luscious dark hair tied back in a chignon, was obviously in charge of the operation. Her tunic was similar to the other girls, but she had four gold stripes on her epaulettes. Her name badge proclaimed S. Beauvoir, Nurse Practitioner. Victoria had noticed that all three nurses were displaying a deep cleavage and that their tunics were cut particularly low, allowing the full curve of their breasts to be revealed. The short hemline of each tunic also displayed their bare tanned legs beautifully.

As the conversation came to a close Samantha had beckoned to Victoria. "Let me give you a quick tour of the mobile clinic. It is completely self-contained with its own water, electrical power and drainage tanks. Even with all the equipment we carry, the expanding sides mean we have plenty of room to move around, so you and your daughter will be able to observe everything at close quarters."

Victoria smiled at Samantha. "Jocelyn is still out shopping, so it will be useful for me to look at the facility so that I can explain everything to her, but I am conscious that you have not been shown your rooms yet. The hotels around here are fine, but we have so much room that I would feel absolutely bereft of humanity if you were not here to stay and enjoy our English breakfast tomorrow. Cook loves us to have visitors, where she can garner compliments on her most delicious breakfasts and I must admit that I do love company in the morning... so promise me you will all accept my invitation to stay."

The nurses had then given Victoria a tour of the facility inside the pantechnicon. The security guards had already extended the sides of the vehicle and had powered up the silent generator. As Victoria had entered through the pneumatically operated doorway, she had gasped in awe at the facility. It looked like a complete operating theatre, its equipment, in hygienic white and chrome, gleamed and sparkled under the bright roof-lights.

An even brighter operating theatre light illuminated the centerpiece, which was a technical looking examination bed. The bed was made up of small white plastic padded sections, that, although fitted together as a long flat padded platform, could be raised and lowered or contorted to whatever shape was required. Victoria could clearly see from the LCD control panel the different diagrams illustrating that the bottom half of the bed could be split and divided and that each pad could be individually raised or lowered at will. Samantha smiled as she saw Victoria look at the diagrams on the screen. "That is only page one of about twenty different menus for positioning the table as well as the limb supports which are underneath."

Victoria glanced beneath the bed to see chromium-plated leg-braces and stirrups, which could be raised into position and manipulated electronically to almost any position. Further down the huge mobile clinic, Victoria saw tubes and pipes emanating from cylinders and taps which were set into technical looking stainless steel panels on the walls. There seemed to be gauges and meters everywhere. There was even an open stainless steel toilet and bidet as well as an oddly shaped bath set into the gleaming white tiled floor. There were trays of instruments everywhere. Some were on trolleys, while others were housed in cabinets, which were illuminated internally. One curious thing Victoria noticed was a serious of flat shiny PVC strips that were hanging from a hook near the doorway. The ends of the strips had small squares of white Velcro neatly attached to them. She wondered... could they possibly be restraints!

Although the mobile clinic was generously equipped, Victoria noticed that there was a surprising amount of open space. The two captain's chairs that were fixed within the tiled flooring looked very luxurious and stylish. The white leather upholstery glistened with newness under the bright lights of the surgical style lamps. In front of the two Captain's chairs was a large clear open space of flooring.

Samantha explained the various functions of the equipment inside the mobile clinic. Occasionally Victoria would nod or ask a question as they moved around the facility. "Of course it is pretty much universal - and is used for a wide variety of functions - from insurance medicals, breast, cervix and prostate screening right through to the PDPS service. Although not many families can afford the cost of it for PDPS, it does save an awful lot of time – I mean not having to bring equipment into the home."

Samantha smiled at Victoria as she continued. "The security personnel prepare the clinic and power up as soon as we arrive. They have to unlock the trolleys from their transit mode and generally get things ready for use... they are very good."

Victoria looked intently at Samantha as she spoke. "I presume that you and your staff are only concerned with the PDPS?"

"Yes the nursing staff and the security staff are exclusively employed by the PDPS." Samantha smiled as she answered. She had an inkling of where Victoria was heading, but let her continue.

"I suppose that you require erm... a certain quality of staff for the pre dating service."

Samantha smiled. "Yes, of course you are right and I should explain. There are two main requirements, ancillary of course to already being a competent nurse. The first is dictated by the very nature of what we do, that is to say that we need staff that are attractive... but, how shall I say it, we look for certain other qualities." Samantha gestured towards Patricia and Gillian who were busy preparing some apparatus within the stainless steel bath.

"We look for nurses that also have a certain aptitude. You could say perhaps a dominant one... but if you look at Patricia and Gillian, they certainly don't appear so."

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