The Pre Date Procedure Ch. 04

byjane marwood©

Camilla's voice was cool and professional as she addressed the headmistress.

"Yes, you are right Miss March, he is obviously clenching his buttocks. Would you like me to position him correctly?"

Miss. March was surprised at the coolness of Miss. Watts and rather intrigued at the girl's lack of embarrassment. However she did not show her surprise as she replied.

"Yes please, if you would Miss Watts."

Camilla moved forward until her hips were pressed against the young boy's naked bottom. She leaned over his back and stroked her hand gently over the soft skin of his shoulders. She looked down at his blushing face as she spoke.

"Now Peter, you must not try and evade your punishment. It is for your own good and the headmistress is going to cane your little bottom so that you remember to moderate your conduct in future. Now I am going to position you so that you are more open to the cane. Now promise me that you will be a good little boy and do as you are told."

She stoked her hand down his spine as she stood upright. Her fingers lingered upon the crevice of his bottom cheeks as she spoke again.

"Now Peter, please allow me to lift your feet and position them properly for you."

Camilla knelt down behind his widely spread legs. She was delighted to see that his penis was completely erect and that the nurse was holding the skin back. The head of his penis was perfectly exposed to her gaze as the nurse held him firmly, her delicate fingers wrapped enticingly around the shaft.

Camilla was delighted with the look of the young boy in his bent-over position. His physique was nicely proportioned, his bottom smoothly contoured and openly available for her appraisal.

She placed her hand around his left ankle as she spoke to him. "Now Peter lift your foot and turn your toes inwards... come along now."

Camilla could feel the silver eggs move inside her as she knelt behind him. She felt a shiver of excitement as the boy did her bidding.

"Now Peter lift the other one and turn you foot so that it is angled inwards."

She clasped her fingers around his other ankle and held it gently while the boy obeyed her.

"Now you are being a good boy." Camilla stood upright and spoke to Angela who was seated at her desk.

"Miss Parson, would you bring me a medicated wipe from the tray."

The headmistress looked at Miss Watts with admiration as she requested the medicated wipe. She was not quite sure what Miss. Watts had in mind, but she was intrigued to find out.

"Thank you Miss. Parson. Now Peter, please keep still while I check you."

Peter shivered in shame as the demure Miss Watts pressed the palm of her hand firmly against the small of his back. He shivered again in surprise and utter embarrassment, as he felt her wipe his bottom as one would a small child.

Camilla handed the used wipe to the school secretary as she addressed the headmistress. "I am just going to tease his sphincter Miss. March. He should be unable to clench his buttocks now, but I think it is better if I check his bottom to make sure."

She smoothed both hands over the soft flesh of his buttocks as she spoke to him. "Now Peter try and keep still while I check to see if you are completely open for the cane."

She could see the boy shiver at her words... and the feel of her hands upon his bottom. Delicately she allowed herself the pleasure of smoothing her hands over the tender globes of his bottom.

Camilla heard his sharp intake of breath as she let her thumbs dip down into the crevice between his cheeks. Gently she scored her thumbnails over the sensitive flesh of his sphincter. She could see that the boy was shivering and trying to evade her intimate probing. But, to her delight, his buttocks remained pliant and well splayed apart.

Miss. March was pleasantly surprised at the competent way Miss. Watts had handled the young boy - and found it quite hard not to look too enquiringly at her young pastoral tutor.

"Thank you Miss. Watts. I am very much obliged to you. I can see that your positioning has been most effective."

Miss. Watts looked innocently at her headmistress and asked demurely.

"Shall I hold his head while he is being caned, headmistress? I know that little boy's can get very distressed while they are having their bottoms caned."

Her words embarrassed Peter to the core. He was in turmoil. He had had no experience in his young life to prepare him for such embarrassments and humiliations. My god, Miss. Watts had wiped his bottom like a small boy... and then, oh no... she had prodded his sphincter. Had she seen between his legs... surely she must have seen his erection... oh the shame.

Miss. March spoke softly and affectionately to her young tutor.

"You have done very well Miss. March. Yes I think it would be very nice of you to hold Peter's head while I cane his naughty little bottom. He must learn his lesson, but I think it would show the young man that we care for his welfare and that we are here to steer him on the right path."

Miss March then addressed Peter as her young tutor moved around to the side of the desk and placed her hand gently upon the boy's blushing cheek. The headmistress always made sure that her words were a humiliating as possible for the young boys that she was about to cane.

"Now Peter, you have had your trousers taken down and your bottom bared for the cane. I am going to administer six strokes to the bare flesh of your bottom... as I am empowered so to do by the school authority. Now I want no wriggling or evasiveness. If you try and move from that position while I am caning you, I will repeat the stroke. Do you understand me?"

Camilla could feel the boy shiver. She took his head in her hands so that he was looking into her face as she leaned over the side of the desk. She could see that there were tears in his eyes.

Peter could not avoid looking at Miss. Watts. He felt utterly embarrassed that she should see him this way. What made it worse for him was the look of care and concern upon her face. He felt her soft fingers brush against his cheek. Her face showed concern and solace.

He could not help the tear that ran down his cheek as she spoke softly to him.

"There Peter, be a brave boy while Miss. March canes your little bottom for you."

Camilla was aware of movement behind the young boy.


Miss Watts could not help feeling a shiver of excitement run through her body as the cane was applied soundly across the centre of the boy's bottom. She looked into his eyes as he winced at the sudden smarting and stinging pain of the first stroke.

She could feel a tingling between her legs as she pressed her pubis against the side of the desk. Gently she stoked her hand over his cheeks as he gasped again. She could see that the nurse's forearms were moving steadily as they dipped between the boy's writhing hips.

"There, there Peter. Let your little bottom embrace the cane. It is for your own good."

Peter could not believe the turmoil of emotion he was feeling. He felt his scrotum being squeezed gently and the skin of his penis being pulled back. He looked anxiously at Miss. Watts as she stroked her fingers delicately over his burning face.


Miss March delivered the second stroke to his bottom, watching with satisfaction as it made a parallel stripe with the first. She had honed her skill with the cane to a fine art. Yes, the strokes would make his young bottom smart. But there would be no real pain. His humiliation would be far more memorable than the sting of the cane upon his bottom.


Again Miss. March watched the pale flesh of his bottom quiver as she delivered the next stroke. Her interest in Miss. Watts had been piqued as she watched the young woman lovingly stroke her fingers against the young boy's blushing cheeks.

Camilla's voice was soft and soothing. "There Peter, what a brave boy. You can cry if you want to Peter, little boys do cry when their bottoms are being spanked or caned."

Camilla could see that the boy was already crying softly. She was quite sure that it was not just the sting of the cane, but rather the humiliation and shame that he had been subjected to.


The fourth stroke fell on to the top of his buttocks. Camilla saw him wince as his young body absorbed the sensation. A few seconds later, she heard him gasp and draw in his breath again. This time she knew that it was the nurse's ministrations to his penis and testicles that had caused him to gasp loudly.


"Oooh... ah!"

Peter could not help crying out; his bottom seemed to suddenly become enflamed with the accumulation of the strokes of the cane. He looked at Miss. Watts, tears spilling down his cheeks as he lay helplessly over the desk.

"Poor baby... there, there Peter. You have to take your punishment, when you are naughty. Poor little Peter, does it really sting?"


"Ooooohhhh... oh... oh..."

Peter could not help crying out as Miss March, in her usual fashion, let the final stroke criss-cross the five strokes she had already delivered.

Camilla knew exactly what had happened as she observed this practice many times before. She looked towards Christine and Patricia, noticing that there was a glint of excitement in their eyes as they held the boy tightly.

Her own loins tingled deliciously. She had not been able to stifle the insistent magnetic action of the silver egg-shaped balls inside her. She pressed her pubis hard against the edge of the desk as she placed her face closer to Peter's.

She knew that the young boy could not help sobbing. She was aware that his whole body was shaking with emotion . She was cognisant of the fact that it was a combination of her tenderness and soft words of comfort, juxtaposed with the punitive strokes of the cane diligently applied to his tender young bottom.

She knew that the boy had been expertly plundered of any control over his naive and delicate emotions.

"Poor, poor baby. Did the cane make you cry sweetheart? Is your little bottom really smarting?" She stroked her hand over his wet cheeks, watching the tears spill from his eyes as she pressed her lips to his ear.

"Never mind Peter, let it all out. Lots of little boys cry."

Camilla stroked his cheek softly as she gently held his head. Her voice was soft and low.

"There, there, poor Peter. Fancy having to have your bare little bottom caned for being naughty. Never mind sweetheart, it is all over now. Christine and Patricia are going to hold you there for a few minutes, so that you don't rub your little bottom before it's time."

Miss March walked to her secretary's desk and placed the cane upon it. "Would you mind putting this back in the cupboard please?"

She then moved to stand behind the boy. She watched as Miss. Watts patted the boy's cheek before standing up and moving back to her chair. She nonchalantly placed her hand upon the boy's buttocks, feeling him wince as she examined the marks she had made. She noticed the boy suddenly shiver at the very moment that the nurse took her hands away from him.

She smiled to herself at the thought that, perhaps I had better not leave it too long before I have him standing upright. Miss. March moved to the rear of her desk, carefully contemplating her stratagem.

"Right Christine and Patricia, you have both dispatched your duties very well. We'll have Peter standing with his hands placed upon the top of his head, legs wide apart... at the side of my desk if you please. He is not to be allowed to rub his bottom."

Miss. March pulled her chair back to her desk and sat down. She took the punishment book from her drawer and began to write Peter's name under the day's date.

She looked across at Miss. Watts, whom was seated next to her secretary's desk and smiled at her. She hoped that the boy would develop an erection, as she was determined to see how Miss. Watts would handle herself.

She avoided looking at Peter, but was aware that the girls were already manoeuvring him into position by the side of her desk.

She did not have to wait long as she heard Christine exclaim in a loud shriek.

"Oooh... headmistress!" Miss. March kept her head down as she answered.

"What is it Christine... and please don't shriek like that, girl."

Christine was not to be put off telling her news.

"But miss he's got an erm. His penis Miss... it's sticking right out... erm... he's got an erection. Oh... a really big one Miss!"

Miss. March looked up to see that Peter was indeed erect. His engorged penis was protruding from between his thighs, pointing outwards. His face was blushing furiously and she could see that he was having a hard time keeping his hands upon his head rather than trying to cover his penis and testicles.

Camilla Watts looked across at the embarrassed boy. She knew that the nurse had deliberately stimulated him, but was not sure as to why she would have done so.

It was usual enough for a boy to erect on his own volition. The tension, at having to stand naked in front of the two young prefects as well as herself, the nurse and the school secretary was usually stimulating enough for a naïve young boy to become erect.

Miss. March looked across at Peter. His blushing face and his trembling lips were a testament to his utter shame.

"Well Peter, what is the meaning of this?" She picked up her ruler and tapped the tip of his penis.

Peter was mortified. He could hardly see the headmistress through the tears that filled his eyes.

Miss. March continued. "I will not have young men parading around the college with their penises erect like young braggarts. We will soon put a stop to that, Peter."

Miss. March looked across to the nurse who was preparing equipment upon her tray. "Nurse, as sometimes you are busy when we have need to deal with a boy in this condition. I wonder whether perhaps we might instruct Miss. Watts in the performance of this rather onerous task."

Camilla now knew exactly why the nurse had been so busy beneath the young boy while he had been bent over the headmistress's desk.

Well I certainly don't need instruction, she thought. And it seems as if I shall be demonstrating my newfound skills rather sooner than I had expected.

Miss March looked across at Miss. Watts. She certainly seemed an unlikely candidate for the job. Even after Miss March had witnessed her excellent understanding of the boy's psyche, her appearance looked so demure and innocent that she wondered how well she would conduct herself.

"Miss Watts. Do you think you could see to this young boy for me? I can't have him being escorted by my young girls while his penis is erect."

Camilla looked at Peter. She knew that his slender body and good looks had already taken the eye of one of the prefects. She had noticed Patricia looking at him with that certain aura of interest that young girls slyly display to their choice of the opposite sex. Perhaps, Camilla thought, that she had also enjoyed his subjugation sexually.

Camilla kept the tone of her voice neutral, as she answered the headmistress.

"Of course Miss March."

She looked at Peter's blushing face as she approached the headmistress's desk and continued.

"As Peter is such a shy and naïve young boy, do you think I could have the use of your desk?"

Miss. March, once again, managed to hide her surprise at the competence of her pastoral tutor.

"Why, erm yes Miss Watts... anything that you prefer."

Miss March became more mystified as Miss. Watts continued.

"Well if I could have a blanket and perhaps a couple of pillows... and of course the use of the nursing tray.

Miss March turned towards the nurse, who looked just as intrigued as she was.

"Nurse Trent, would you take one of the girls with you and fetch those items for me, I would be grateful?"

The headmistress and Miss. Watts watched as Christine followed the young nurse out of the door.

Peter was in a haze of embarrassment as he began to realise that perhaps his ordeal was not yet over. Although he was not yet aware quite what was to happen to him.

His heart had gone out to Miss. Watts as she had comforted him while he was being caned. Now to be standing in front of her with his penis erect, made him almost faint with shame.

He did not realise that Miss. Watts knew exactly how he was feeling and that she had deliberately exacerbated his shame. She was also well aware of the further embarrassment that he would soon experiencing at her hands.

Camilla moved around the desk to stand beside the headmistress so that she would be privy to her talk with Peter.

"Peter, please turn and face me would you. I want to have a little talk with you. Please keep your hands upon the top of your head, like a good little boy."

Peter could not hide his embarrassment as he turned towards her. His penis had not lost any of its engorgement. And Camilla knew that the boy would be near to fainting with humiliation. His face was bright red and his lips were trembling. Tears filled his eyes as he looked at her anxiously.

"Now Peter, I am not going to tell you off, but I do want you to listen to me carefully."

Camilla could not believe how excited she felt as she looked at the handsome young boy with his stiffened penis pointing towards her. The thrill she felt between her legs from the movement of the metallic eggs was so intense that she leaned forward against the edge of the desk to try and assuage the intensity of her arousal.

Camilla noticed that the boy was looking downwards in his shame and embarrassment. She did not intend to let the boy escape one jot of the humiliation that she knew she could inflict.

"Look at me Peter, I want you to pay me full attention." Her voice was soft and gentle, almost compelling as she spoke to him. She waited until he had raised his head and was looking into her face.

"Now Peter, some little boys, as they are growing up, don't seem to be able to manage their feelings very well. Sometimes their physical development is more advanced than their ability to know how to behave. Do you understand that?"

Peter just managed to form a reply. "Yes Miss."

"Now step closer to me and place your legs apart. I am just going to give you a little examination."

Peter blushed profusely as he shuffled towards her. He was horribly conscious of his erect penis as he stood within arms reach of her.

Miss. Watts felt him shiver as she reached forward and cupped his warm scrotum within the cool palm of her hand. She was delighted to see the boy colour up to a deep red as she gently manipulated his testicles within her hand.

She looked into his eyes as she gently squeezed the soft orbs of flesh nestled in the palm of her hand.

"Keep still Peter, I need to assess the size of your testicles. They seem very swollen."

Miss. Watts felt him shiver as she deftly squeezed and manipulated the bulging scrotum. She made absolutely sure that he was thoroughly humiliated as everyone stood watching while she made him submit to her intimate examination. It was a masterstroke of deliberate humiliating psychology, to make the boy stand submissively while she examined him in front of his young classmate.

"Your testicles are obviously very swollen Peter and your penis is completely erect. You will have to have your semen extracted, there is nothing else for it."

She took her hand away from his scrotum, watching the boy blush with shame as she deliberately took hold of the shaft of his penis and pushed the foreskin back, so that the head was fully exposed. The boy flinched and pressed his bottom backwards. Miss Watts was delighted as Patricia gave him a smart smack across his bottom. Her voice was quite firm as she addressed him.

"Stand up straight and behave yourself while Miss Watts examines your penis."

Camilla knew that her suspicions about Patricia's sexual predilections were true. She looked at the young prefect and smiled in acknowledgment as she looked into the young boy's face.

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