The Preacher's Wife


We lay quietly for a few minutes and I heard Pam's breathing change slightly. I stroked her beaver and felt that huge clit start to get hard. She was turning on again. I kept stroking her clit and took one of her big nipples in my mouth and sucked it till it got rock hard. She spread her legs a little and raised her knees. I kept on stimulating her, but made no move to fuck her. I just waited.

Finally she said, "You bastard! You're gonna make me ask for it! Aren't you!"

I whispered in her ear. "You told me making a woman ask for it was good for her attitude."

"My attitude is in great shape," Pam whispered back. "It's my pussy that needs attention. Shit! If I'm gonna get fucked, I guess I gotta say please. Okay! Please! Please fuck me, you bastard!"

She spread her legs wider and raised her knees higher - showing me that big, loose, hairy pussy with thick, wet lips gaping widely apart, invitingly. A strand of foamy semen from an hour ago glistened in the dull light on one moist lip. I rolled over and climbed into that familiar, eager, user-friendly saddle and started to fuck the preacher's wife. I owed her a couple more orgasms.

I knew that the preacher might come home at any time, but, since they put his balls in a bottle, he was quite happy to sit downstairs and read, listening to his wife have one screaming orgasm after another and feeling grateful that I was performing his husbandly chores for him, as he had asked me to do.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/24/17

Only 18

This story is very well written. I suspect there is some truth to it as well. I definitely relate to this story. I was only 18 and a college freshman on a football scholarship when I had a similar experience.more...

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