tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Preacher's Wife Ch. 04

The Preacher's Wife Ch. 04


Chet Greavey first noticed her when she stretched - she had on a light bombers jacket and a knee length pleated skirt; the bombers jacket was quite formless, but he observed her standing in a part of the garden where she was not in the view of the other people, and stretched her back. Her breasts had been unbelievable to the nineteen year old, the fabric of the bombers jacket for a long tantalizing moment stretching taught over the woman's big breasts - they had looked perfect, the size of cantaloupes and jutting outward.

And then hidden so well when she lowered her arms. But beside her breasts, it was her face that drew him like a moth to a flame; she was gorgeous, with full pouting lips, high cheekbones and a perfect, straight nose. She was somewhere in her thirties, he found, but could have passed for an easy twenty five. She had that high class look; the type of face he loved to see his dick shoved into.

He was the quarterback of the college team (it was just a small local college, but Chet's motto was that you took what you could get), and he had been largely responsible for the winning season. He asked around, and introduced himself; grabbing the beauty's hand he stared into her eyes, smiling down at her, and held her grip. She tugged lightly, but just smiled up at him demurely until he let go. His cock was already stiff as he thought he saw something in her clear eyes, and the way she had blushed deeply when she tried to tug her hand away and he would not let her.

Cathy tried to stop her hands from trembling as she walked away from the young man - she could not even recall his name - he could not be a day over twenty.

She had tried to tug her hand away, and he had just smiled at her, his eyes boring into hers. She could not help but think of Deacon Daniels - how he had simply grabbed her hand and forced her to start rubbing his cock. Ten minutes after that he had had his cock buried in her throat.

She determined to leave as quickly as possible, but one conversation drifted into another. Her nipples remained sensitive and half stiff, and her belly kept fluttering. She looked for the young man casually but did not see him.

Then one of the organizing women was asking if she could take someone home, a Chet Greavey. Glad for an excuse to leave before the bold fellow showed up again, she leaped at the chance. Mrs. Danielle Gordy, an attractive woman with a short bob haircut and a sweet smile, led her out to the parking lot, and then waved at someone. They were already at Cathy's car; she was driving the station wagon today.

She looked up, and paled as the young man who had held onto her hand was suddenly once again standing there, smiling down at her. "Hi - Mrs. Modeno, right? I'm Chet," he said, and once again gripped her hand in his.

"Thanks, Cathy!" Danielle called - she was already walking away.

She could hear Chet saying something, thanking her - he was once again holding onto her hand as she tugged gently to get it away. He finally let go of her small hand, and walked around to open the door for her.

"Thank you, young man," she said, and he grinned down at her.

"No problem, Mrs. Modeno, my mom taught me to treat a woman like a lady!" He wouldn't tell her what his dad had taught him; she would find that out soon enough. He ran around and got in the other side; he stared at her as he told her where to drive. He talked about the game, and school - he wanted to relax her a bit.

Her skirt was above her knees; she had on white hose, and he wondered whether she was wearing garters or pantyhose. He could see the swell of her breasts now; she as sitting up very straight, and as he stared at them, he could swear that he saw her stiff nipples. A sudden rush of power went through him.

He slid over to her on the wide bench seat, and began rubbing the back of her neck with the fingers of his left hand. "You seem awful tense, Mrs. Modeno, let me rub your neck - my mom gets me to do it when she has a migraine," he said, just making stuff up.

He watched her draw in a sharp little breath - "I . . . I really don't think that's necessary, Chet," she said softly; he could barely hear her breathy voice. He watched her as she bit her lower lip, and her hands had tightened on the steering wheel, but he noticed that she did not say anything more about taking his hand from her neck. He rubbed it a bit harder, and slipped his hand around to the side, rubbed up gently into her hair.

"So, I scored the winning touchdown," he said after a few silent moments.

"Umn, uh, yesss?" Cathy gasped softly. She wished he would get the message and quit rubbing her neck. Her body pulsed, and her breasts were itching crazily.

"The cheerleaders always let the winning scorer feel their tits up - I had to leave early, but I was thinking that you might let me do that - you know, as like, a uh, a prize!" he smiled at her as she glanced up at him, her eyes wide and startled, and then he reached up casually and pushed his palm against her right breast.

How could this young punk think she would ever do that?

He could feel her stiff nipple immediately, and he pushed harder against the mound, amazed at the feel of the heavy globe. He wondered what kind of shirt she had on under the jacket, and flattened her globe a bit further, at the same time beginning a small circular motion.

She was panting softly - he stared intently at her face as he dragged her nipple around with his palm a bit harder. She was panting softly, and her eyes were open wide as she gripped the steering wheel tighter and tighter.

Then she finally said, "That's enough, young man! Remove your hands from me this instant!" and then pushed his hand away. Immediately, he was grabbing a thick tangle of her hair with his left hand. He jerked her head back, so she had to look out the bottom of her eyes to see the road, and then hissed in her ear, "Take your hand off my arm, bitch! You let me feel your big tits already - I'm just gonna do it a little bit more, and your gonna keep driving!" He pulled a bit harder on her hair, and she gasped, tears in her eyes.

"Yes, I mean, unh! Oh! Yes sir - please, don't pull my hair like that!"

"Yeah, that's a good girl," he said, and then reached out and unzipped the bomber jacket.

Cathy gasped loudly - she considered her options, but in truth was having a hard time concentrating - far from turning her off, she realized the rough way he was handling her was making her even more breathless, making those tortured waves of bliss pulse a bit more strongly through her lithe body.

Cathy clenched her jaws - he had her hair tight in his fist, and flexed it slightly, as though testing how good of a grip he had. She gasped softly, and another wave of heat washed through her. Things had changed in an instant, but she could not just let this happen. Another part of her told her to play along and get it over with. The biggest part said she just didn't have a choice in the matter unless she was willing to wreck the car.

She watched helplessly as he unzipped her jacket, and then he was spreading the halves apart, staring at her shirt. It was a tight, thin knit shirt, a short sleeved pullover, and it hugged her taut belly and firm breasts like a second skin. Her small lacy half cup bra was easily visibly through the thin fabric, and her soft tit flesh was obviously bulging slightly out of the skimpy cups. They pushed her already proud breasts further up and out, and Chet made a small growling noise as he reached up and cupped her left breast this time. He began kneading it softly, rolling it around on her fine chest. His fingers dug into her firm, pliantly soft mound, and she licked her lips and tried to breathe evenly. Her big breasts had always been super sensitive, and she squirmed in the seat as the boys naughty hand sent sparks racing through her taut little belly into her juicing pussy.

"Uhnnnn, ohnn, god, Chet, please - Owwww, noooo, OK, don't pull on my hair again!"

The nineteen year old smiled at her; "Here, I'll give you something to feel too," he said, and grasped her right hand in his, guided it down to his raging cock shaft.

He let go of her hand, with a meaningful tug at her hair, and then began rolling her tight shirt up. Cathy swallowed, and decided she had better just concentrate on driving - they were on a four lane highway, but it was not an interstate. She tried to ignore the fact that the insolent punk was now pushing her shirt above her swollen breasts. Despite herself, she pressed her hand lightly against the thick shaft - she could feel it quite plainly through the loose khaki's the man was wearing.

Her small half cup bra held her heavy breasts perfectly, with the top half of each cup made of lace. Her big tits looked as though they would spill right out of the thing, and Cathy tried to breath evenly as the 19 year old punk began once again gently squeezing and mauling her firm melons, gradually increasing the strength of his ministrations.

Cathy sat, losing an internal battle - her nipples were as hard as they had even been and he had not even pulled her needy breasts from the confining little bra - she wanted to reach up herself and do it, and then she was sobbing softly as he pulled her left breast out of the small bra cup by her nipple, and began shaking the heavy globe, then slapping it.

"Yeah, you like that fuckin rough stuff, Mrs. Modeno!" he exclaimed - her nipples felt like they were going to explode as the bastard pinched and twisted them. she told herself that she really had no choice this time; but her hand pressed harder against the tube of flesh in his pants, and she began slipping it naughtily up and down the length of his penis.

She couldn't drive any more - she saw a deserted gas station, and pulled the car around behind it. There was a streetlight not far off that gave the car an orange cast.

Chet began squeezing her right breast in big handfuls, his fingers sinking into her soft tit flesh, making her draw in a hissing breath. He licked and sucked at the side of her fine, slim throat, and then stuck his tongue in her ear; he used her hair to guide her for his ease. Cathy moaned softly as he continued to abuse her breasts. His tongue in her ear was making her shiver harder, and she kept rubbing her thighs together, harder and harder, and twisting down into the seat - she felt like she was glowing, and told herself there was no way she was going to get off, that she must be mad if she thought that.

He breathed into her ear, and Cathy lurched into a sudden unexpected orgasm, her lithe body writhing on the car seat, her right hand squeezing and rubbing his big cock. She became aware of him loosening his pants, and then he was once again using his hand, this time to draw her head down towards his lap.

"Please, Chet, its not to late!" She wailed; her right hand went to the shaft, though, and she slipped her fingers around it.

"Just rub it on your lips for a minute," Chet said, and shook her head slightly, pulled backwards to get her off balance, and then pushed forwards again. Cathy grunted and mewled, but then allowed him to guide her plump lips to his leaking cock crown. He simply wasn't taking no for an answer!

"I guess you'll want me to - nn, hnnn, nn, to jack you off too," she mumbled against his leaking cock crown. He pushed again as she started sliding her fist up and down his ten inch cock, and he smeared her luscious lips all over his leaking crown; he humped upward slightly, mashing her lips against her even white teeth with his bulbous, leaking crown, and then again, and again.

Cathy could feel the man's precum on her lips, and she licked her lips, at the same time accidentally licking his fat bulbous cock crown. His precum tasted sooo good, she could not stop herself from beginning to lap at his knob.

Then he pushed solidly one time when her tongue was laving along the underside of his cock. "That's the way, you fuckin whore!" he laughed as his cock pushed her jaws a bit further apart and then slid between her teeth and came to rest on her tongue.

Cathy froze; she tried feebly to push herself off of him, both hands now either on his thigh or the car seat as she squirmed around - but it was useless; his left hand still had a hard grip on her hair, and he was guiding her slack mouth up and down his throbbing cock. She was drooling heavily, and when he began thrusting slightly his knob started bumping against the back of her throat. Cathy gagged and gasped, then caught his rhythm and began slurping and swallowing his fat cock.

He buried it all the way in her throat one time; she could feel him flexing it deep inside, and then he was drawing it out; his fat cock was already spitting seed into her mouth. He stopped so that just the fat knob was inside the ring of her lips - "Swallow my fuckin cum, you fuckin bitch - damn, your one fine mother fuckin slut!" he crowed as he shot off in her mouth - she jacked his cock mindlessly, her mouth slurping as she swallowed every last bit of his sperm.

He pulled her up, and turned her around so she was leaning out window of the car door. She felt him flipping her skirt up over her hips, and then sighed as he pulled her panties down. He had let go of her hair, but she was afraid to say anything as he slotted his still rock hard shaft against her pouting pussy lips.

He began pumping into her; her snatch was incredibly tight as he slipped the first two inches, then three, then four, stroking her softly with growing strength. He heard her breathing heavily, and finally heard her soft voice, "Please, Chet, please don't fuck me, I don't know how I'll react - I mean, I'm not ophhhhhhnnnnn, uhn, uhn, OK, that's OK, but don't do it any harder, please, or I might - ohn, god, ohn, uhn, I might cum again! Ohnnnnn, fuuuuuuck!"

Cathy gasped and leaned harder against the car door; if she positioned herself just right her plump, sensitive nipples brushed against the edge of the door as the man behind her began railing her with more force, his thrusts now going deeper and deeper until his trim waist was making slapping sounds against her perfect, soft ass.

Cathy shuddered into another orgasm; even in her delirium she pushed back against her assailant thrust for thrust as she grunted and shuddered through what seemed an endless orgasm. God, she loved being used, she realized - she loved being fucked hard, fucked with no choice!

"Shit, look at that! That bitch is poppin!" Cathy took a long moment to realize that the voice came from in front of her, and she opened her eyes to see three other guys walking up to the car; they all looked in their mid twenties, and were obviously thugs. One of them held a joint.

"Ohn, god, please, Chet, please," she gasped, trying to push back into the car, but his cock was still stiff, and he pushed back harder, making her lean a bit further out the window; her naked breasts were easily visible, swaying along with Chet's now slower strokes.

The guys were now standing right in front of her; the leader, a young white man, slim but muscular, with mean eyes and a sneer, seemed to know what to do without being told.

Some look passed between him and Chet, and he reached down and grabbed a thick tangle of her hair at the back of her head.

"What's going on, lady?" he asked, bending down slightly so he could look into her wide eyes. The guy behind her had slowed his fucking, and then he stopped for a second. The white kid kept his grip on her hair tightly, and then realized what the guy in the car was going to do.

"You look like you're in a bad situation, lady, you want us to help you out?"

"Ohnnn, god, please!" Cathy mewled softly as she felt Chet's fat cock head against her tight little asshole. She swallowed as she felt him leaning against her. "I was just - uhnn, ohn, ohn, I was just supposed to take him home," she gasped through clenched teeth. One of the other kids, a thickly built black guy, came up on the other side of her and started casually feeling her breast, lifting it to see how much it weighed, and then rubbing her still super sensitive, silky breast with his fingers, thrumming them over her nipples. Cathy arched her back just a bit, her eyes rolling and her mouth gasping open.

"Ohn, god, he's - he's trying to put his thing in my - uhnnn, oh, oh, I - I didn't want this," she gasped, and writhed softly. Chet's fat knob suddenly pushed past the tight ring of her anus with an almost audible pop.

"He, ohn, please, guys, he just wouldn't take no for an answer!"

"Funny, that's the way I am," the white guy said, and then unzipped his pants. He guided her half open mouth to his fat fucker, and pushed it between her bruised, soft lips.

Cathy tried to pull back, but it just impaled her more tightly onto Chet's rock hard cock. The black guy was squeezing her breast with a lot more force now, and she grunted and moaned as Chet grabbed her hips hard, and began slowly stroking his shaft in and out of her sensitive, tender ass hole, a half an inch, then an inch, then two . . . .

The white guy, meanwhile, was guiding her now slurping mouth up and down his fat pole; his right hand was mauling her other breast, and his left guided her plump lips up and down his ridged pole. He could not believe this! This chick was gorgeous; he would have to get the kid in the car to give him a phone number.

He grunted, trying to hold off, but the whole thing was just to outrageous. He shot off before he wanted to , but the situation was totally out of control. Damn!

He stepped aside, and the black guy jammed his cock between her lips, began pumping her with his ten inch rod till she was gagging as much as she was sucking. Cathy could not believe what was happening - Chet was now sinking his entire boner into her twitching ass, and she tried to swallow as much of the black guys cock as she could - she jacked him with one hand, then mewled in satisfaction when he pulled her hand away and also began fucking her spasming throat.

She pulsed in another orgasm; she dimly felt Chet get off, and she finished the black guy off in a daze as the waves of this last jolting orgasm seemed to wash over her for minutes. They made her open the door, and Cathy was quickly sucking off the third man as she now sat sideways on the edge of the car seat, the man standing between her legs, another kinda fat white guy but with a cock just as big as the black guys.

"I'd let ya fuck her, guys, but we gotta get goin'" Chet said as he slipped his hand around her and dug two fingers into her pussy. She slurped and sucked at the strangers slightly sweaty tasting prick, and tried to ignore Chet's naughty fingers as he shoved them in and out of her pussy, at the same time rolling her inflamed clit with his thumb. He talked as though she was his property, as though she did not have any choice at all.

He was right, and that simple fact made her as hot as she had been that afternoon all over again.

Cathy was making grunting noises now as the guy gripped her hair and began fucking her face, sinking his cock all the way down her throat ever third or fourth thrust. Cathy sucked mindlessly, and then shuddered into yet one more orgasm. The curly haired fellow stepped back, and shot his load into her gorgeous, sweaty face, then slapped his cock against her come covered cheek; he wiped the come of her face with his softening cock, and then was stuffing it back in her mouth. "There ya go, clean it off for me bitch!" he said.

Cathy did, and then finished driving Chet home - he felt her naked tits up all the way.

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