tagNovels and NovellasThe Predator Ch. 21

The Predator Ch. 21

byD.C. Roi©

Len was on his way back to the fire station after a call. It was lunch time, and Marion's house was nearby so, on impulse, he decided to stop and have lunch with her. He picked up the radio mike and pressed the "transmit" button.

"James County Emergency Operations Center from Medic One," he said.

"James County Emergency Operations Center on, go ahead, Medic one," came the reply.

"I'll be out at 2125 Jenkins street, personal," he said. "On the air and available."

"James County Emergency Operations Center copies, Medic One," the dispatcher replied. "You'll be out at 2125 Jenkins, on the air and available."

Len turned from Main Street onto Jenkins Street and started toward Marion's house. Now that Marion and her husband were getting a divorce, it was possible for Len's relationship with her to be more open. He smiled, thinking how pleased she'd be that he was stopping for lunch, even though he'd be seeing her when he got off duty in a few hours.

Len drove down the street and saw an unfamiliar car sitting in Marion's driveway. "Whose car is that?" the young paramedic wondered. It was a ratty old thing, and it looked as if someone was sitting behind the wheel.

Len picked up the radio mike. "James County Emergency Operations Center from Medic One," he said.

"James County Emergency Operations Center on, go ahead, Medic One," the dispatcher responded.

"Are there any available police units near Jenkins?" Len asked.

"What's the problem, Medic One?" the dispatcher inquired.

"Possible suspicious activity at 2125 Jenkins," Len said.

"I'll check and see if there's a P.D. unit available and have them swing over that way," the dispatcher advised him.

Len braked the rescue squad to a stop at the curb in front of Marion's house. He grabbed his portable radio and opened the door.

"Medic One from James County Emergency Operations," the dispatcher said.

Len, standing outside his truck, keyed the microphone on his portable radio. "Medic One, go ahead James County EOC," he said.

"Police are enroute, ETA five minutes," the dispatcher advised him.

"I copy," Len said. "I'm off at that location."

"Copy, Medic One, you're off at 2125 Jenkins," the dispatcher said.

When Mel Ott, who was sitting in the car in front of Marion Norris's house, saw the fire department rescue truck coming down the street, he was frightened. He thought it was the cops at first. "It's just a fuckin' fire truck," he muttered to himself as the vehicle moved down the street. "I wish Pete would fuckin' hurry up." He was nervous. He wasn't sure why he told Pete he'd do this. He sure as hell wasn't going to need the five hundred bucks Pete was paying him.

Pete Butler had called him earlier in the day. "You busy?" the big man asked.

"Nah," Mel replied.

"You want to make five hundred bucks?" Pete asked.

"You wanna party with sweetie again, is that it, Pete?" Mel asked.

"Maybe later, after I take care of some other business," Pete replied. "I need somebody to drive for me. You wanna do it or not?"

"Sure, why not?" Mel replied. After all, five hundred bucks was five hundred bucks, a man could never have too much money. "What have I got to do, kill somebody?"

"All you gotta do is drive the car," Pete told him. "I'll do the killin'. I'll pick you up at eleven."

Promptly at eleven, Pete showed up at the motel where Mel was staying. "Let's go," he said, impatiently, "I need to get this done." He slid across the front seat of the beat-up old car he was driving, so Mel could get behind the wheel.

"Where are we going?" Mel asked.

"Place over on Jenkins," Pete told him. "2125."

Mel drove across town to the up-scale neighborhood and found the address Pete had given him.

"Pull in the driveway," Pete told him. "If anybody comes, give me three blasts from the horn. I'll be right out. You got that?"

"Anybody comes, give you three blasts on the horn," Mel said. "What are you gonna be doin', anyhow, Pete?"

"Lawyer I know put me in touch with a guy needed somethin' done," Pete told him. "That's all you gotta know." He glowered at Mel. "You got any problem with that?"

"Yeah, OK, man, it's cool," Mel said. "No problem."

"Be out in a few minutes," Pete said after Mel pulled into the driveway of the house. He got out of the car and walked around to the back of the house.

When the fire truck stopped in front of the house only moments after Pete had gone into the back yard, Mel didn't know what to do. It wasn't the cops, it was the fire department, and it was only one guy, a young nigger fireman. "Goddamn niggers," Mel thought. "They get all the fuckin' good jobs!"

Marion was in the kitchen, taking the dishes out of the dishwasher, when the door flew open and a huge man wearing a black ski mask over his face burst into the house. She screamed and started backing across the kitchen as the man came toward her.

Len had just finished talking to the dispatcher when he heard Marion's scream. He bolted from the truck and started running toward the house, holding his portable radio to his mouth.

"EOC from Medic One!" he yelled. "Get the cops here now! I have a woman screaming at this location."

Mel heard the woman's screams and saw the young black firefighter start running toward the house, holding a radio to his mouth. Thinking surprisingly quickly, he started the car, put it in reverse, and leaned on the horn.

"Jamestown EOC to Medic One," the dispatcher said as Len sprinted toward the house.

Len wasn't thinking about his own safety, all he knew was that Marion was in trouble. He heard the car in the driveway starting and the horn start to blow, but he ignored that and ran by the car.

"Go ahead, EOC," he panted.

"Police are responding Code three, should be there any second," the dispatcher said.

"Copy, EOC," Len gasped. He turned the corner at the garage and started for Marion's back door.

Pete heard the sound of the car horn and figured something was up. "You ain't seen the last of me, bitch," he growled at Marion then he turned and left the house. As he ran toward the front of the house, he almost bumped into Len.

Pete saw the badge and uniform and thought it was a cop. Without breaking stride, he swung his arm, hit the guy, and saw him fall. He kept going, got in the car, and felt it jolt as Mel put it in gear. "Get the fuck goin'!" he yelled.

Mel didn't need to be told twice. He backed out of the driveway, jammed the car in "drive", then he squealed down the street.

Bumping into the man knocked Len off balance, so when the fist hit his shoulder, it didn't hurt much, but it did send him tumbling into the bushes next to Marion's garage. As he fell, his portable radio dropped from his hand.

He struggled to get out of the bushes and back to his feet, and started looking for the radio. Spotting it, he grabbed it continued toward Marion's back door, putting the radio to his mouth. "EOC from Medic One," he panted.

"James County EOC, go ahead, Medic One," the dispatcher replied.

"The suspects have fled the scene," he told the dispatcher. "Two white males, driving a black over blue Olds Cutlass, probably early eighties model. I didn't get a plate number."

The sound of a wailing siren came closer, then tires squealed out in front of the house.

"Tell the officers I'm at the back of the house," Len said into his radio as he walked up onto Marion's back porch and into the house.

He found Marion leaning against the kitchen counter, white as a ghost, her eyes wide. When she saw Len, she bolted across the room and wrapped her arms around him.

"Medic One, you OK?" a male voice yelled from outside.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I'm inside," Len said, putting one arm around Marion. "The bad guys split."

An hour later, Len, who left Marion's house and headed back to the fire station to drop off the squad. The police had interviewed both he and Marion, but seemed to believe the attempted attack had been a random act of violence. Since the attacker threatened to return, they did suggest that Marion go somewhere where she'd be safer for a while.

That was easy enough to arrange. When Len headed back to the fire station, his friend, Sergeant Tim Jackman, the detective investigating the attack, drove Marion to Len's apartment. Even if Len's roommate hadn't been off on a temporary assignment at a fire station in another part of the county, he would have insisted Marion go there just the same.

Tim Jackman, whose wife and Marion were good friends, was one of the few people who had known about their affair for some time. He liked Marion, and was happy that his friend had found someone he really cared for. The fact that Marion was older than Len, and that they were of different races, made not one bit of difference to Tim.

Len dropped the squad off at the station, updated his relief on what had happened during his shift then he headed home.

When Marion got to Len's apartment, Tim Jackman escorted her to the door. "Keep it locked," he advised her. "Don't let anybody in until Len gets home."

"I-I will," Marion replied. "Thank you so much, Tim."

"No problem," the young detective replied. "Just doing my job."

After the officer left, Marion took a bath, put on a nightgown, and got into bed. She was beat and thought it would be OK to lie down and rest until Len got home. Without intending to, she fell asleep.

While she slept, she began having a wonderful dream. A hand was gently, insistently, caressing her breasts through her nightgown, teasing first one nipple, then the other, sliding softly over any skin not covered by her nightgown. It felt wonderful! And very real!

Powerful waves of pleasure washed over her. The hand slid into her nightgown and cupped one breast. Her stiffening nipple pressed against the cupped palm of her dream lover. God, it felt so real!

"Mmmmm!" Marion moaned, she jumped when she realized she was no longer asleep. She opened her eyes, frightened, then relaxed. It was Len! "Ohhhhhh!!! Darling, I'm so glad you're home," she murmured as his roving hand continued to stir her deeply.

"I'm glad I'm home, too," Len told her. He lowered his face to hers and their lips met, tongues entwining, in torrid fusion. Her arms slid around his neck, pulling him against her.

They finally broke the kiss, their chests heaving. Len stretched out on the bed next to Marion and she snuggled against him, loving how safe it felt to have his arms around her.

Len's hands resumed their delightful exploration of her body, warming her, thrilling her, pushing the memory of what had happened earlier out of her mind, replacing memories of that frightening event with powerful need.

"Oh, Len! Love me!" she moaned, "I need you so badly!" She pulled his face to hers and they kissed again.

Len's hands continued to roam over her, rousing her, building her need. He pulled her nightgown up and, with her help, got it off.

Marion's fingers went to the buttons of Len's uniform shirt and soon he was naked, too, and his warm, nude body was pressing against hers. His erection poked between her trembling thighs.

"I want you, Len! I need you!!" she told him, "Now! I can't wait! Please, Len! Take me!"

Len rolled on top of her, his legs sliding between hers. His erection rubbed against her vaginal lips.

The sensations Marion received were so exquisitely sweet they brought tears to her eyes.

"Why are you crying?" Len asked, concerned, when he saw the tears appear. "Am I hurting you?"

"No, no, no! I-I'm crying because I'm so happy," Marion replied quickly. "It's...it's just that you make me feel so good! I need you so badly!" She pressed herself against him, her body moving urgently.

Len moved his hips and his shaft slid easily into her.

"Yesssss!!! Oh, lover! Yesssss!!!!" Marion moaned as Len's swollen ebony stave stretched and filled her. When he began moving slowly, she could feel every inch of his wand as it pressed into her then withdrew. She raised her legs and locked them behind Len, pulling him tight against her. Her hips rotated and his fullness lashed around inside her, caressing the sensitive walls of her vagina. Her clit rubbed deliciously against his pubic bone.

"Lover! Lover! Lover!" she cried, "Oh God! You feel so good in me! I love the way you fill me! Nobody, nobody, nobody ever made me feel this way! Oh, God, Len, I love you!"

They approached climax, their locked bodies writhing and straining, their lips connected, tongues sliding snake-like against one another, the fires of passion burning fiercely.

"Len! Oh, Len! Take me!! Take me!! Please take me!!!" Marion cried, "Please, Len!!!!!! I need you!!!" Her orgasm began then she felt his torrid juices exploding into her. "Yessss!!! Oh, darling!!! Yessss!!! Yessss!!! Need you!!! I neeed you so bad!!! Arrrrrhhhhh!!! Arrrrhhhhh!!! Fill meeeee!!!! Filll meeeeeeee!!!! I love you!!! Oh, oh,I love you!!!"

They lay in each other's arms afterward and Marion once more realized that what made their lovemaking so special, was the fact that they really cared for each other. Love did make a difference. "I love you so much," she told Len, "You're wonderful, and I love you!"

"I love you, too." Len kissed her. "I want to be with you always."

"Why...why were you at...at my house when...when that awful man showed up today?" she asked.

"I was on my way back from a run and decided to stop for and have lunch with you," Len said. "When I saw that car in front of your house, I thought something might be wrong, so I asked EOC to send the cops."

"God, am I ever glad you did!" Marion said. She kissed him and hugged him fiercely. "If you hadn't shown up, I-I don't know what would have happened to me." She shuddered.

"I wish I knew who the guy was," Len said, his eyes aflame. "I'd like to kill him!"

"No, Len!" Marion exclaimed. She put her hand on his arm. "That's not the answer. He...he seemed so cruel, so big! As it was, you almost got hurt! The police will catch him, that's their job."

"I hope the cops do catch those two bastards. Those two assholes can't get away with this!" Len snapped.

"All we can do is wait until the police arrest them," Marion said. "I'll be safe here. You can protect me."

"I'm sure as hell going to try," Len told her. "And you know, since you're here, there are some important things we ought to do."

"What important things?" Marion asked.

"Things like this," Len said. He rolled on top of her and began to nibble her nipples, which quickly rose to full, tingling, turgidity. Then his lips started venturing over her body.

"Ahhhh!!!" Marion groaned. Her hips arched off the bed when Len's tongue speared into her vagina, shooting lightning bolts of ecstasy into her. Her legs clamped around his head and her hips rocked. He grabbed her buttocks.

"Lover!!!! Oh, lover!!!! Ohhhh!!! Ohhhh!!! Ohhhh!!!" Marion moaned, "Oh, Len!!!! My sweet man!!! Yessssssss!!! Yessssss!!!!! Oh, yesssssss!!!!!" She shuddered while pleasure exploded deep within her, radiating out through her body.

Len didn't stop until Marion lay limp and spent. He kissed her belly softly, then slid up next to her and pulled her into his arms.

"My God, Len, that was wonderful!" Marion murmured. She hugged him, loving the feel of his body against hers.

"I thought so, too," Len said, then he kissed her.

Marion began to slide her hands over his smooth sable skin. He felt so wonderful!

"Ohhhh!!" Len moaned, "You sure do know how to touch me!" He rolled on his back and Marion continued stroking his warm flesh.

She kissed his maroon nipples, drawing them out, feeling them harden between her lips. It was lovely, and the way his body shook and twitched, she knew Len loved what she was doing as much as she loved doing it.

"You're...Ahhh!!!...driving me...Ohhhh!!!...crazy!" Len moaned.

Marion took his ebony shaft in her hand and began to stroke it gently. Then she bent and began to lick up and down the sides, until it was glistening with her saliva.

Len writhed and moaned in ecstasy as she attended to him. "Yessss!!!" he moaned, "Ohhhh, Marion!!! Yessss!!!"

Marion lowered her head over Len's swollen shaft, lettingthe wedge-shaped tip part her lips, then slide into her mouth. As it entered, she licked it with her tongue. Up and down her head moved, the veined skin caressing her lips delightfully.

"Ahhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!!!" Len moaned. "In you!!! Oh, God, Marion!!! I need to be in you!!!"

Marion let his erection slide from her mouth and climbed atop him, trembling with need. Slowly, she impaled herself on his shaft. "Ohhhh, Len!!!" she moaned. "It always feels so good to have you in me!!"

"Yessss!!!!" Len groaned in response. "Yessss!!! Feels good!!! Oh, God, it feels so good!"

Slowly Marion rocked her hips, causing both of them to experience indescribable pleasure. Len's erection massaged her insides, touching her in places she'd never been touched before. She leaned forward, supporting her weight on her outstretched arms. As her breasts swung toward his face, Len lifted his head and caught one turgid nipple between his lips. The sensations resulting from his action sent Marion spiraling into bliss.

"Aggggghhhhhh!!!! Comminnngggg!!! Darling!!! Darling!!! I'm commminnngggggg!!!!" she cried, "So sweet!!! Ohhhhhhhh!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! So...So sweet!!! My darling!!! My lover!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!"

Len groaned, too, locking his arms around her, his hips jolting, as he came. He blasted his essence into her, bathing her insides with warmth.

Finished, they lay in each other's arms, enjoying the after-glow of their shared delight and, eventually, they fell asleep.

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