tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Prefect Place Ch. 02

The Prefect Place Ch. 02


He left her sleeping and went down stairs. He found breakfast already on the table. He sat down and started eating when a man came out of the kitchen.

“Hello, You must be the Gentleman interested in the house. Come I will show you around.” he said.

He followed him throughout the house and grounds. Then he told him he had a special room to show him. Suddenly a wall slid behind another one, and they stepped in.

“This room is for making love to a special lady, In this room, she will let you do, have any fantasy you want. And there are some pieces of furniture that is used also, the bench you use last night. I must thank you for a lovely night of watching you and her.” the old man told him.

He was not sure how he knew, but before he could say anything the man spoke again.

“Yes I am a ghost, as is three other men here, that is why I thank you, we have not seen a naked lady in many, many years, and she is a beauty. Tonight we, the ghost and I, will get her ready for you.” he told him, then just disappeared.

When he walked back into the kitchen he saw her standing at the window looking out it. He walked up behind her and put his arms around her, kissing her neck. She had her tits in her hands squeezing them together. Turning her around in his arms, he took her mouth in a long hot kiss.

Closing her eyes as she step out of the cool pool and walking over to a wried looking bench, she laid back and closed her eyes again to get some sun. She must have falling asleep, or was dreaming cause she felt someone lift her arms and place them in something, then she felt a soft touch on her nipple, like a mouth sucking gentle. Then she felt someone opening her legs, but she could still feel the hard wood of the bench. It did not make sense.

Suddenly she felt bombarded with soft touches, hands on her legs caressing them, hands cupping her titties, and sucking on each nipple at the same time. Then she felt something at her mouth. She opens her eyes and nothing was there, so she closed them again and felt it again, she open hr mouth and felt it slid in slowly. In, and out it went.

He just woke up from a nap and came downstairs, he saw the same old man from this morning watching something out by the pool. He walked over and saw that she was out there sunbathing nude. The old man turned towards him.

“Hello, Did you have a good nap Sir. Come, watch how they love your lady.” he told him.

He walked to the window, He did not see anyone, but what he did see was her tried to the another bench, and her tits were being squeezed, and her mouth looked like she was sucking on something.

“She will be ready for tonight my son, and tonight you will find your heritage. The rest of the day you will watch them love her, and as you do your cock grows thicker, longer, and harder for tonight.” he said.

He turned to speak to the old man but he was gone again. He turned back and watched her, she screamed out she was cumming. Then all was quiet.

She showered and came out to find a beautiful sheer red one piece grown, no panties or bra, but there was a red silk robe and candlers, she dressed and went down to find dinner already on the table.

“Hello My Dear, You look wonderful in that out fit, here let me put this on your head.” an older man stood beside her holding what look like a little crown.

He placed it on her head, kissing the tops of her breasts. Step back and held out his hand. He walked her around the grounds settling at a small quiet bench with a back on it. He helps her to sit back, then stood and pushed open her legs. He kneeled before her, undid his pants and out pops a very long slim cock.

“OH MY!” she gasps.

He leans in and she feels his cock touching the opening of her pussy. She looks up at him, as he looks down at the joining of their bodies.


She closes her eyes and feels his cock getting bigger, fatter, harder, filling her.

“Mmmm, so good isn’t it. A mans cock that can give so much pleasure. Tonight dear, tonight my brothers and I will get you ready for my son, you will be his love, his life, his wife, and mother to many kids. The Family is proud to call you daughter. And when he has to leave on business, we will be here to please you as you have pleased us today.” he told her in a soft voice.

He buried his face in her tits, licking on each nipple. He grabs her hips, as he pick up the pace of his fucking.

“OH GOD DADDY I’M CUMMINGGGG!!!!” she did not know why she said it like that, but she did, and had the most intense orgasm ever.

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