tagErotic CouplingsThe Pregnancy Trap Ch. 04

The Pregnancy Trap Ch. 04


Dave awakened sometime later for some unknown reason. About ninety minutes had passed, but he had no idea -- there was no clock in the room. He figured it could have been anywhere from fifteen minutes...to two or even three hours. It was not yet light in the room, so it was definitely before six-thirty. He realized that he was still lying on top of Kasey's warm, soft body. He also realized that his soft penis managed to stay inside her while they slept.

His heart pounded with love at the thought. Of the last six hours, he was probably inside Kasey for at least five of them. He thought about how she first seduced him. Memories of the first time he entered her body crossed his mind...

"Will you make love to me?" Kasey asked quietly, as the entrance to her treasure gripped the very tip of his manhood. Dave couldn't help but push forward, watching her eyes close as he felt the warmth of her vagina grip his thick head. When he was halfway inside her, her tightness began to resist him. He pushed a little more forcefully, easing more of himself into her.

"Ohhhhhh!" She cried, arching her head back as he slid the rest of the way inside her. He was entirely inside Kasey! He held himself there, savoring the feeling of finally becoming one with her.

His cock responded a little and when he thought about how he shot his cum into her body four times that night, he grew to semi-hardness.

Dave was exhausted. He needed to pull out of her before he got carried away. He needed to lie down beside her and go to sleep. In the dark, his lips found her nose and he kissed it gently. He then kissed her upper lip once and then a second time. He began to pull out of her, but realized that he was now more than half hard. Pulling out of her hot, comforting pussy was now a longer trip than he expected and it felt amazing. He slid back inside her...just the one time, to feel that sensation again.

The sensation was, as expected, incredible and he could feel his penis become fully erect. He now realized that he was not pulling out of her. Dave was now so hard that Kasey's pussy was squeezing every inch of him. He pulled back a couple of inches and then eased back into her. He couldn't help but gently kiss her upper lip as he slid his cock out of her warmth halfway and then once again slid back inside her. He kissed her upper lip again in the darkness.

Kasey was having a wonderful dream. She was making love to Dave. She had that dream every once in awhile, but never had it been so vivid. She could actually feel his hardness inside her. She could actually feel that wonderful cock of his ease in and out of her ever so slowly. She could feel his lips kissing hers.

"Mmmm..." she sighed and kissed him back, lips smacking, loudly. Wait a minute -- she heard that! This was happening! Her eyes fluttered open. It was still dark. A thick, hot, hard object was squeezing inside her tight vagina and it seemed to take forever to finish the journey. Dave was awake and making love to her! Kasey's heart soared and her hands reached around him to grab his ass.

"Ohhh gawd, yes Dave..." she whispered. When he kissed her again she opened her mouth and felt his tongue dart inside. "Mmmmph!" she moaned as she felt his cock slide back into her again. She rubbed her tongue against his as she placed the bottoms of her bare feet on the backs of his legs. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and the two lovers kissed passionately as they made love in the dark.

When he realized that Kasey had awakened, Dave kissed her passionately, moving his stiff penis in and out of her a little faster. He was conscious of the bottoms of her feet rubbing up and down his legs as he penetrated her tightness again and again. She breathed heavily into his mouth and her tongue started to move wilder. Her hands grabbed at his back and ass as he made sweet love to her. She was so wild underneath him that if he hadn't cum four times already that night he would have surely lost it. Because he had some semblance of control, he was able to draw out their lovemaking. He broke the kiss and kissed down her chin to her neck.

Kasey arched her head back and closed her eyes, feeling his mouth suck the skin of her neck, kissing down over her throat. His hard cock slid almost all the way out of her before pushing back into her. It was pure heaven.

Dave kissed her neck, tasting her skin. He ran his lips around her neck as he slid into her comforting heat over and over. He kissed slowly up to her ear and gently sucked her earlobe. He heard her sigh quietly as he ran his tongue along the edge of her ear. He softly kissed just beside it.

"Kasey." He whispered as his hard cock pulled almost all the way out of her. The head of his penis was stretching the entrance to her vagina.

"Yes?" she whispered back, heart pounding. Dave's thick, rigid manhood suddenly eased back inside her aching pussy. The sensitive inner walls of her cunt could feel every inch of him as he penetrated her. "Ohhhhh..." she moaned, closing her eyes and smiling.

"I love you." Dave whispered as the last of his cock slipped into her body.

Kasey's heart soared and she turned to him, lips searching. They kissed passionately, tongues immediately darting into each other's mouths. She wrapped her smooth, naked legs around him and held him deep inside her, squeezing him tight as they kissed. He was in her so deep! She realized that her body was once again crying out for this man's seed. Her legs loosened and he began to make love to her again, using shorter strokes. He was pulling just a couple of inches of his organ out of her before sliding it back inside her.

"Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!" she moaned into his mouth, the tingling in her pussy growing more intense. She raised her feet up into the air as she took him inside her again and again. They broke the kiss.

Dave was starting to see Kasey beneath him. It must be close to six-thirty after all, because some sunlight was sneaking in through the blinds. He could tell that her eyebrows were raised as she moaned. He held himself up on his arms, fucking her a little harder. He could see in the dim light that her beautiful tits were bouncing up and down to the rhythm. Her hot, tight pussy was practically pulling him back inside her again and again.

"Oh gawd, yes!" Kasey moaned. She could feel an orgasm rising up inside her. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" Her sexy voice cried out as her lover drilled his penis into her harder. The tingles inside her were rising, growing very intense. "UNGH!" she grunted, face wincing and muscles tensing as a violent orgasm washed over her. Wave after wave hit her and she stretched her legs out as her pussy convulsed around him. "Ohh..." she gasped, trying to recover. Her heart was pounding. He felt so good! She was having trouble breathing.

Dave was looking down at her. Looking into her eyes as he pistoned in and out of her body. Kasey's pussy was so hot and tight that he could feel his balls start to heat up already. He could see the desire in her beautiful eyes, as the dim light in the room grew a little brighter. She reached up and put a hand on the back of his head.

"Kiss me." She gasped, her hand urging him down to her. His wonderful cock felt amazing -- her sensitive vagina would not stop buzzing!

He could feel her fingers in his hair as he kissed her. Kasey opened her mouth immediately and the two lovers breathlessly exchanged tongues. She broke the kiss but gave his mouth little pecks. The room was filled with the sounds of their heavy breathing and their lips smacking. She was looking into his eyes as he entered her body over and over again, his nose touching hers.

"I love you too." She breathed, feeling it with all her heart.

Dave lost it. He passed the point of no return.

Kasey brought both hands to either side of his face, holding him there. They looked deep into each other's eyes as he rapidly slid his rigid cock into her needy womanhood a few more times. The lovers were breathing laboriously out of their mouths, which were almost touching. She could feel his breath on her mouth and he could feel her breath on his.

Kasey knew that Dave was going to cum. She wanted to tell him to cum inside her, but she was lost in his eyes. She was lost in the pure ecstasy of his hard cock entering her body over and over again, his hips thrusting between her open thighs and his groin slamming against her over and over. He seemed to be getting even harder inside her. Their lips were almost touching. All she could see was his eyes. She could feel his breath on her lips.

Kasey suddenly felt Dave's penis slide deeper inside her vagina than ever before and this time he held it there. Her heart soared again and her legs wrapped around his waist, holding him. His breath was suddenly shaking and she felt him swell up inside her. Then she felt his member spasm inside her rapidly, and she knew that he was releasing his seed into her. She could feel Dave's cock pulsate inside her, splashing his hot cum off the back of her hungry pussy. He was looking into her eyes, shuddering as his dick expanded and contracted, expanded and contracted inside her.

Her legs squeezed him tight. Her beautiful brown eyes held his gaze as blasted load after load of his potent semen into her womb. Kasey rubbed her pussy against his crotch, trying to milk every drop that he had to give. She could not believe that she was still feeling him twitching inside her after what must have been thirty seconds of ejaculation. Her heart filled with love at the thought that every time her sensitive vagina felt Dave expand and contract, he was shooting another wad of his seed into her body. She felt him pulsate one more time inside her and she sighed, her hands still holding his face an inch from hers.

As the last of his semen dripped inside her, Kasey leaned up and gently kissed his lips. They were still trying to catch their breath as they kissed over and over again. They hugged, holding each other tight as he softened inside her.

A few minutes later, he finally rolled off of her, slipping out of her. They slept with big smiles on their faces.

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